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Zero Peroxide
Zero Peroxide

Zero Peroxide is the latest, fastest, natural teeth whitening product that are highly demanded today. It is free of peroxide and any chemicals. It is composed highly of natural, best quality ingredients that are clinically tested effective and safe to use.

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Zero Peroxide – Best Teeth Whitening Product Today!

Teeth whitening are the major concern of the majority of the people today. It reflects entirely on their personality. White and sparkling teeth make a perfect and fantastic smile. Good care is a must to maintain healthy outlook and smile.

To keep one’s teeth totally white is quite tough nowadays. There are many factors that disfigure white teeth like yellow teeth, stained teeth, excessive smoking, poor brushing habits, unhygienic foods, old age etc. To treat these causes there are many teeth whitening methods and products today that is expensive and requires you to visit the dentist every time.

In this article, however, we put forward Zero Peroxide, the natural treatment therapy for teeth whitening. It is the perfect solution to achieve the most perfect smile. Zero Peroxide teeth whitening treats the yellow and stained teeth effectively. It is the best home whitening kit that is highly recommended by dentists for use.

As the name suggests, Zero Peroxide is free from the use of peroxide in it. It is very affordable and worth trying to make teeth become white. It effectively removes plaque, kills bacteria, prevents mouth ulcers and provides an all-round oral hygiene. It makes your teeth really free of any stain or coloured teeth.

What Exactly Is Zero Peroxide?

Zero Peroxide is the latest non-peroxide, natural and fast working teeth whitening product on the market today. It is the best at-home teeth treatment that works quickly within 20 minutes of use. It is peroxide-free and is free from any unwanted effects or irritations.

Zero Peroxide Ingredients

The ingredients used in Zero Peroxide have been tried and tested throughout research and development stages give the perfect combination of whitening formulae. It not only whitens teeth, but also helps to limit tooth decay and protect your precious tooth enamel.

The information below will identify each ingredient and analyse the reasons why it was used and the effect it has.

1. Sodium Bicarbonate

One of the key ingredients in zero peroxide is sodium bicarbonate, a clinically proven teeth whitener that can be naturally found in mineral springs around the world. This compound is often used in cleaning agents to help remove tough stains. It works by dynamically removing plaque and tough stains that reside deep in tooth crevasses.

Once mixed with liquid bicarbonate soda, it realises the true whitening potential by changing its chemical makeup slightly with enables it to penetrate stained tooth enamel to combat those yellow brown teeth stains while not harming the enamel itself.

So, if you’re asking yourself the question; does sodium bicarbonate work as a teeth whitener? The answer is yes! Scientifically and technically bicarbonate will whiten your teeth.

To add to this sodium bicarbonate will freshen breath, protect from decay and eradicate plaque, making this a very powerful ingredient to the Zero Peroxide product.

2. Sodium Fluoride

Zero peroxide has introduced this ingredient into their teeth whitener, as it is a multi-functional oral treatment found in all major brands of toothpaste and mouthwash.

Without going into too much scientific jargon, in short, sodium fluoride is used to enhance strength of the teeth by forming Fluor apatite (the organic occurring element of tooth enamel). This strengthens and enhances your teeth and prevents cavities from forming.

Sodium fluoride is recommended by the British Dentist Association, where they claim that the use of sodium fluoride limits decay by as much as 60%. So it seems as though zero peroxide will not only whiten your teeth but also provide a solid framework to give long lasting results.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera as most of us know, is remarkable organic product that is known to sooth anything from burns to indigestion. Most other teeth whiteners in the market don’t take into account the presence and importance of all round oral health specifically gum health.

Zero Peroxide is the first teeth whitening product we have seen that takes this into account. The feeling of mouth ulcers, damaged or irritated gums is awful, so a blend of neutral ingredients together with Aloe Vera makes a great combination to avoid irritation at all costs while proactively improving the health of your entire oral region.

4. Pomegranate

Pomegranate gets classified as one of the so called “super foods” and in terms of dental hygiene, it’s a sure warrior that combats plaque and stunts its growth.

5. Chamomile

6. Vitamin D

How Does Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening Work?

Zero Peroxide is amongst the most sophisticated at home teeth whitening products available to buy on the market at this moment in time. Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening’s principal active component which gets the results is sodium bicarbonate, the very same element which is often put into the majority of whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes that you can see on the shelf at your local grocery store or chemist.

Having said that, the main issue with all of these toothpastes products is they just include a really small quantity of Sodium Bicarbonate and this is insufficient for them to have any real noticeable effects on the whiteness and brightness of your teeth.

This is why; these teeth whitening toothpastes are a waste of time and will not give you the great smile you have always wanted when you buy Zero Peroxide.

The Clinical Tests done with sodium bicarbonate have found that, in order to get the very best possible teeth whitening results, Sodium Bicarbonate needs to be used with strength of 35%. Therefore, this is exactly what Zero Peroxide has put in to get.

Because Zero Peroxide is Non-Peroxide based product, people with sensitive teeth do not have to worry about any nasty side-effect which can be encountered with chemical based products.

This is also the exactly correct amount of Sodium Bicarbonate need to give you the whiter in colour smile. This is done by breaking down the actual proteins that can cause unsightly stains and also discoloration via an oxygenation process in which has been shown to get the job done.

Zero Peroxide has also added in a number of other effective extras to the formulation. These include, Sodium Fluoride which in turn fortifies tooth enamel which will help to keep the smile brighter for a longer time as well as Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and the added benefit of Vitamin D that will vastly enhance and also accelerate the results from this kit. To sum it up, the Zero Peroxide Ingredients are the very best out there.

On top of that, the final results of Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening kits will also be guaranteed thanks to the 30 day cash-back offer which has been included. For those of you out there who want whiter teeth, a brighter, better smile and healthier teeth and gums, Zero Peroxide is kit of choice and one which knows you will be glad you tried.

Zero Peroxide Benefits

The main aim of teeth whitening are to improve colour of your teeth which will result the user of the products feeling a lot happier with themselves as the reason for hiding their smile is gone.

Let’s look more closely at the benefits Zero Peroxide and other kits containing no peroxide teeth whiteners have to offer.

Price – compared with going to a clinic to get your teeth whitened by laser or controlled chemicals, home teeth whitening kits are a very economical alternative without breaking the bank.

Convenience – The name of the kit says it all. Home teeth whitening kits can provide fantastic results at home without the need to seek specialist help. This makes the process of getting the desired smile achievable even for the busiest of people.

Relaxing – Stress from the usual trip to dentists or clinics are removed. Relax, put your feet up, read a book or watch TV and 20 minutes later you’re a step closer to you desired shade of white.

Portability – Take the kit anywhere you like. To work, to your parents or even on holiday, the kits can be transported anywhere you like inside the Zero Peroxide travel bag.

Availability – The product can be ordered online from anywhere and delivered right to your front door no matter where you are in the world.

100% Safe – The fact this kit contains no peroxide eliminates any negative side effects often associated with older peroxide products.

Ingredients – Ingredients have been carefully selected not only whiten teeth but also strengthen your teeth and leave your mouth feeling fresh!

Directions Of Good Use

Zero peroxide teeth whitening gel is simple and easy to use. It is the best gel in the market today. It is comprised of 3 easy steps with 20 minutes duration.

  • Firstly, apply the gel in to the mouth tray and then put the mouth tray into the mouth area.
  • Secondly, you need to use it with LED light for 20 minutes.
  • Thirdly, Remove the tray and rinse it thoroughly.

What Is Included In This Zero Peroxide Kit?

Zero Peroxide provides its use two different kits i.e. basic and advance ones.

Zero Peroxide Basic Kit

Basic kit comes with three different components. These are Whitening gel pen, luxury mouth tray and something 10 ml gel.

1. Stylishly Fashioned Zero Peroxide Teeth whitening pens

These Teeth Whitening pens possess a highly effective variance of the highly effective Zero Peroxide teeth whitening formula to provide you with the ability to immediately touch up your teeth whitening routine, get rid of unsightly stains, as well as lighten up the smile regardless of where you’re going or precisely what you are doing at the time. This is great for taking into the office, using pen a lunch break or taking on holiday with you.

2. Luxury Mouth Tray

Great thought has gone into the mouth tray, and although you may feel this is irrelevant it is an important part of the whitening experience. You could be wearing it up to twice a day for 20 minutes per session so it needs to be comfortable.

3. 10ml Gel

The Gel is also enhanced with other natural ingredients such as camomile, pomegranate and vitamin B, which not only improve the whitening experience but also consolidates all round oral health.

The gels come in ready to use 10ml packs which conveniently allows you to take them with you on holiday or travelling overseas.

Zero Peroxide Advance Kit Components

Advance kit is sold with 7 components viz. led accelerator, two 10 ml gels, luxury mouth tray, mouth tray holder, travel bag, whitening gel pen and tooth shade guide. Some of the uses of components are explained briefly below:

1. Your LED Accelerator Light Accelerates Teeth Whitening

The comprehensive package has the tremendously heralded LED accelerator light that can help increase the speed of and also improve your final results. Making use of patented technological innovation the accelerator which you get in this set sends out a unique risk-free Ultra Violet light that’s been proven to speed up and greatly enhance whitening teeth by up to 50% now, that’s a result you need to take notice of.

This is the reason LED whitening is a # 1 choice of dental practitioners. Because of the useful portable LED accelerator light, now you can obtain dental professional quality whitening within the convenience of your own house (and also at a small fraction of the price also!), in the office, without the need to visit the dentist for regular treatments.

2. A Really Comfort Mouth Tray For Teeth Whitening

Zero Peroxide are at the time of writing this review, the lone home teeth whitening package that offer LED mouth trays. Their competition is still utilizing the out-of-date warm and form mouth teeth whitening trays produced from hard silicone.

They are dirty and harmful since you need to boil water, melt your whitening tray, and then position the hot tray inside your mouth to create a mold of your teeth.

It’s very easy to burn the mouth area or even damage the mouth whitening tray before the whole teeth whitening has commenced, and also should you be able to get that right, they’re uncomfortable and unpleasant to use on a regular basis.

3. Comfort Mouth Tray Holder For Safer, Hygienic Whitening

With regards to placing objects directly into the mouth area we all know that health, safety and personal hygiene are the major considerations. For this reason the Zero Peroxide complete package includes a hygienic mouth tray holder to offer the users of this kit safe storage of the products.

Once you’ve done the whitening procedure, just wash the mouth teeth whitening trays and then put it in the holder and shut the lid and store the tray for the next time you need to use it. It will not just make it possible to avoid any harmful bacteria or germs setting up in between use, however, it will even make sure there isn’t any mess in the bathroom cabinets.

4. Waterproof Travel Bag

I totally understand that as soon as you’ve purchased the tooth whitening package you will need to always keep this safe. Regardless of where you decide to go; like work trips, weekends away or extended vacations. Because of this, the Zero Peroxide complete kit comes with a water-resistant PVC travel bag which provides a safe storage space answer.

Due to the fact our own teeth whitening gel will come in 10ml sizes, it’s also within the United Kingdom liquid allocation for air flights so that you can conveniently take the kit to another country without fear of having it taken away from you by airport security.

5. Simple To Follow Instructions & Teeth Shade Guide

Absolutely no teeth whitening system could be 100 % safe without having comprehensive guidelines and thus that’s precisely what you will get together with a Zero Peroxide teeth whitening kit. Your instructions are extremely clear and simple-to-follow. So much so, that you could be brightening your teeth in a few minutes of getting the kit delivered in the post.

They also offer to you a handy tooth shade guideline to help you discover exactly what degree of whiteness that you are at right now, and exactly what degree you are at once you have finished your Zero Peroxide treatment plan.

All these components can be bought separately or in one set. It’s up to you to choose which is best for you.

How Zero Peroxide Must Be Used?

Prior to using any home teeth whitening kit, it is important that you properly clean up your teeth (with a toothpaste) in order to make sure that the whitening gel has clean teeth to work with.

Now, put a thin Zero Peroxide gel layer into the mouth tray, followed by safely placing the mouth tray over the teeth. Unlike the traditional mouth trays, the ones available with Zero Peroxide kit are manufactured with super soft silicone. Hence, they are highly flexible and fit properly into place without the need of preparing them in advance through a heating and shaping process.

The mouth tray must be kept inside the mouth for a period of at least 30 min. However, you can see visible results in as less as 20 min. The zero peroxide home teeth whitening kit also features an LED blue light accelerator that enhances the oxidizing process, thereby contributing to the whitening ability of the gel.

It can be easily used even when the mouth tray is in place. Furthermore, silicone trays are far better in comparison to other trays as silicone is more transparent.

You can track your progress easily by making use of the teeth colour chart provided in the kit. The mouth tray case and the handy travel bag will help you keep all the components fresh for your next treatment.

Zero Peroxide FAQ

It’s imperative that you do your own research when deciding whether or not to buy any home teeth whitening kit. We have listed the most common questions and answers that we get asked about Zero Peroxide and other kits on the market. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any more specific questions you have in regards to this or any other whitening product.

1. How does Zero Peroxide work?

The unique formula contains a mixture of ingredients that work hand in hand to combat teeth discolouration and penetrate deeper stains to remove and whiten teeth. The main dynamic ingredient in the formula is Sodium bicarbonate. Most of you have probably heard of this as its presence is available in any top branded whitening tooth paste in the market.

However, when looked at in more detail the minimal amounts existing in these whitening toothpastes vs. the amount of contact time with teeth, brands this ingredient almost useless in those other whitening products.

When carrying out clinical trials throughout the research and development stages of the product and taking into account other scientific studies carried on sodium bicarbonate, it was discovered the optimum amount present should be 35% in order to achieve the desired whitening level.

Due to the studies carried out, the level of Sodium bicarbonate in zero peroxide is 35%, the prime level to remove everything that needs to be removed in order to whiten teeth and give that confident smile you’ve desired.

Not only this, but several other prominently effective ingredients have been added in order to aid whitening, protect gums, strengthen teeth and freshen breath. These ingredients include, Sodium fluoride, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Pomegranate and Vitamin D. The Zero peroxide team are so confident about their product that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee if results are not shown.

Another important part of the kit is the LED accelerator which, as its name suggest accelerates by reacting with the unique formulae to quicken and intensify results. To see a more thorough analysis of ingredients and what they do please visit our page analysing zero peroxide ingredients.

2. What level of whiteness can I expect?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to teeth whitening products, but unfortunately, there is no text book answer. There are so many variables to consider, but the predominant factors are; how white/stained your teeth already are along with how often you use the product to treat your teeth.

Zero Peroxide states that on average consumer’s teeth will be 5- 10 shades whiter after using their teeth whitener between 3-4 weeks, which is very impressive considering their 30 day money back guarantee. The LED light accelerator that is included when you buy the teeth whitener kit will also dramatically improve results.

3. Are teeth whitening kits safe?

The answer to the generic question, “are teeth whiteners safe”? The answer is it varies from product to product. However, more specifically to the product in review, the answer is Yes Zero peroxide is absolutely safe. It has been proven to be completely safe and more importantly it is doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Up until recently, the majority of teeth whitening kits contained Peroxide, are harsh chemical known to irritate skin with a burning and itching sensation. This comes as no surprise, as peroxide is the main chemical used in bleach and hair dye, so applying this to a more sensitive area such as teeth and gums often leaves users feeling irritated and uncomfortable.

Luckily, enough new EU regulation changes have now banned peroxide based teeth whiteners for sale and only qualified dentists can use the chemical.

Zero peroxide contains no peroxide and as mentioned before is a completely safe whitening kit to use at home without jeopardising results that the peroxide based formulas used to offer.

4. How will my item be shipped?

Items are packaged discreetly, so clues as to what the product is are displayed on the packaging. The item itself will generally be dispatched within 3 days of receiving your order. The order is transported using a fully tracked courier service from the distribution warehouse. As an added bonus, shipping on every order is ENTIRELY FREE.

5. Are research, development and testing methods ethical?

The company state they make sure everything is ethical, and emphasise their strong views on animal testing. No animals were involved in the testing of the product and they firmly believe that animals should never be tested on any cosmetic products.

Together with the above, all ingredients are carefully sourced and are all vegetarian friendly and fully Kosher.

6. What does it taste like?

Even though results can be achieved in 20 minutes, 20 minutes with a gel in your mouth can become very unpleasant if it doesn’t taste good. A chemically taste would be off-putting for anyone and would prevent people using it.

Zero Peroxide Gel is described as being fresh and minty, so rest assured the teeth whitening process will be far from uncomfortable.

7. I have a lengthy dentil history including numerous filings, some crowns and various other work can I still use the product?

Yes, the ingredients contain no harmful chemicals or anything that is going to react with anything work you currently have or have has in the past. However before you buy, if you are worried about anything, it’s always advised to check with a dentist to make yourself feel sure.

8. How long will my teeth remain white?

Unfortunately, as with most things in life, nothing remains clean forever. No teeth whitening products will keep teeth white forever, even private dentil treatment that costs thousands of pounds. We eat and drink foods that will inevitable stain our teeth, even if you avoid the worst culprits such as coffee red wine and cigarettes almost every food source will aid discolouration.

Depending on how you look after your teeth and of course your diet and lifestyle, it’s possible to keep teeth white for up to 2 years after a full course has been complete. Without revealing too much the key to this is the sodium fluoride.

When the sodium bicarbonate has penetrated the teeth, removed stains the sodium fluoride strengths tooth enamel to lock in the newly whitened teeth and stop stains and discolouration re-occurring.

If you do notice any stains starting to come back you have included in your kit, a portable touch up pen to carry with you wherever you go to keep that smile white when you need it most.

9. How long before I see results?

First results can be seen in around 20 minutes which is considerably faster than most other teeth whiteners on the market. The significant factor in quickening the whitening process is the use of the LED light combined with the luxury zero peroxide mouth kit. These work hand in hand with the unique gel to intensify and maximise whitening.

For obvious reason if your teeth are already relatively white, a few more sessions may be required to see effects. To see peak results and increase the duration of your new white smile, it’s recommended a full course of between 3 or 4 weeks be used.

10. Is Zero Peroxide suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. 100% vegetarian friendly and Kosher

11. What are the advantages of a home teeth whitening kits over cosmetic teeth whitening at the dentist?

Until recently, there was only one option if you wanted whiter teeth, and that was to take a day off work, haul yourself to the dentist and read outdate magazines for most of the day in reception until your called for the next part of your treatment.

Lastly, but by no means least, the prices of cosmetic teeth whitening in the western world excessive (some would argue ridiculously overpriced).

Where Can I Buy Zero Peroxide How Much Does It Cost?

Besides amazing whitening results that this revolutionary whitening kit provides, it is also fairly priced, so everyone can achieve that white-glowing smile.

The complete kit can be obtained at a discounted price of just $79.99. That makes Zero Peroxide one of the most affordable whitening kits currently available.

In other words, you need to achieve and maintain that attractive smile you deserve. Zero Peroxide home teeth whitening kit is available only from the official website.

Moreover, every Zero Peroxide order is covered by massive 30-days full money back guarantee, so there is zero risk in trying this exceptional product. Once you won’t be satisfied with the results, you can have your money returned. This, however, won’t happen because Zero Peroxide simply works.

Final Verdict

Get rid of stained, dirty, yellow teeth completely with Zero Peroxide. It is natural, safe and effective to use on teeth. It guarantees results within short period of time.

Zero Peroxide is an effective non-peroxide teeth whitening kit. It has satisfied many users worldwide. It obviously will work wonders on your teeth as well. Have a try and have wonderful, bright, and white; stain free teeth once and for all. It really works.

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