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Zero Peroxide is the most recent, fastest, natural teeth whitening product that are extremely required today. It is without peroxide and any chemicals. It is made up extremely of natural, highest quality ingredients that are scientifically checked effective and safe to use.

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Zero Glow Teeth Whitening Kit Carbamide Peroxide Syringes, LED Light
  • Zero Glow teeth whitening kit comes with: 3x syringes of teeth whitening gel (3ml), trays and accelerator LED light.
  • WHITEN TEETH AT HOME: Have snow white teeth with our tooth whitening kit that you can do at the comfort of your own home.
  • QUICK AND RELIABLE: Experience whiter teeth in no time as this teeth whitener is easy to use | Pop the tray with the gel in your mouth, along with the LED light and you're set.
  • GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE: Our teeth whitening kits are proven effective to remove the stains of coffee, tea and smoking with our carbamide peroxide formula in 7 days and will make you say Hi Smile!
  • Teeth whitening gel made fresh in the USA.
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Cali White Natural Teeth Whitening Gel Refills, Zero Peroxide, Botanical Formula, Vegan, Organic Whitener for Sensitive Smile, Gels Made in USA, 3X 5mL Syringes, Use with UV or LED Light & Trays
107 Customer Reviews
Cali White Natural Teeth Whitening Gel Refills, Zero Peroxide, Botanical Formula, Vegan, Organic Whitener for Sensitive Smile, Gels Made in USA, 3X 5mL Syringes, Use with UV or LED Light & Trays
  • 🌴 CALI REFILL Includes: 3X 5mL Syringes - USE WITH ANY WHITENING KIT but perfect for Cali White Botanical Kit - LED LIGHT AND TRAY SOLD SEPARATELY
  • 👄 MADE FOR THE SENSITIVE SMILE - PEROXIDE FREE - This is the answer to all the people who could not use the traditional harsh peroxide based whitening methods but want the same results. We teamed up with Mother Nature and the top Hollywood Dentists to formulate our Botanical Whitening System with you in mind. We also added Xylitol and Organic Peppermint Oil as a natural antiseptic and tastes better than traditional gels.
  • 🏆 SUPERIOR TO WHITENING STRIPS, PENS, AND TOOTHPASTES - Our patented Universal Comfort fit Tray and BONUS Custom Thermoform trays provide full upper and lower bite coverage. The Cali White System allows gel to fill crevices between teeth as well as whitening molars giving a uniform whitening effect on all teeth.
  • 🤗 🇺🇸 FULL SMILE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - We do not like fake smiles so if you are not fully happy with your product please let us and we will offer a full refund. We are a California based company so we have our local Smile Team take care of you.

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Zero Peroxide– Best Teeth Whitening Product Today!

Teeth whitening are the significant issue of the bulk of individuals today. It shows completely on their character. White and sparkling teeth make a perfect and wonderful smile. Great care is a should to keep healthy outlook and smile.

To keep one’s teeth absolutely white is rather difficult nowadays. There are numerous elements that damage white teeth like yellow teeth, stained teeth, extreme cigarette smoking, bad brushing routines, unclean foods, old age etc. To deal with these triggers there are numerous teeth whitening approaches and products today that is pricey and needs you to check out the dentist whenever.

In this short article, nevertheless, we advanced Zero Peroxide, the natural treatment therapy for teeth whitening. It is the perfect solution to accomplish the most perfect smile. Zero Peroxide teeth whitening deals with the yellow and stained teeth effectively. It is the very best home whitening kit that is extremely recommended by dental professionals for use.

As the name recommends, Zero Peroxide is free from using peroxide in it. It is very affordable and worth attempting to make teeth end up being white. It effectively removes plaque, eliminates germs, prevents mouth ulcers and offers an overall oral hygiene. It makes your teeth actually without any stain or coloured teeth.

Just What Is Zero Peroxide?

Zero Peroxide is the most recent non-peroxide, natural and fast working teeth whitening product on the marketplace today. It is the very best at-home teeth treatment that works quickly within 20 minutes of use. It is peroxide-free and is free from any undesirable effects or inflammations.

Zero Peroxide Ingredients

The ingredients utilized in Zero Peroxide have actually been attempted and checked throughout research and advancement phases offer the perfect mix of whitening solutions. It not only whitens teeth, however likewise helps to restrict dental caries and safeguard your valuable tooth enamel.

The information below will recognize each component and evaluate the reasons it was utilized and the effect it has.

1. Sodium Bicarbonate

One of the crucial ingredients in zero peroxide is sodium bicarbonate, a medically tested teeth whitener that can be naturally found in mineral springs worldwide. This substance is typically utilized in cleaning representatives to help remove difficult stains. It works by dynamically removing plaque and difficult stains that live deep in tooth crevasses.

When combined with liquid bicarbonate soda, it understands the real whitening capacity by altering its chemical makeup a little with allows it to permeate stained tooth enamel to fight those yellow brown teeth stains while not hurting the enamel itself.

So, if you’re asking yourself the question; does sodium bicarbonate work as a teeth whitener? The response is yes! Clinically and technically bicarbonate will whiten your teeth.

To contribute to this sodium bicarbonate will refresh breath, safeguard from decay and eliminate plaque, making this a very powerful component to the Zero Peroxide product.

2. Sodium Fluoride

Zero peroxide has actually presented this component into their teeth whitener, as it is a multi-functional oral treatment found in all significant brand names of toothpaste and mouthwash.

Without entering into excessive clinical lingo, simply put, sodium fluoride is utilized to enhance strength of the teeth by forming Fluor apatite (the organic taking place element of tooth enamel). This enhances and boosts your teeth and prevents cavities from forming.

Sodium fluoride is recommended by the British Dentist Association, where they declare that using sodium fluoride limitations decay by as much as 60%. So it appears as though zero peroxide will not only whiten your teeth however likewise supply a solid structure to offer long-term results.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera as the majority of us know, is exceptional organic product that is understood to sooth anything from burns to indigestion. Most other teeth whiteners in the market don’t take into consideration the existence and significance of all round oral health particularly gum health.

Zero Peroxide is the very first teeth whitening product we have actually seen that takes this into account. The sensation of mouth ulcers, harmed or inflamed gums is dreadful, so a mix of neutral ingredients together with Aloe Vera makes an excellent mix to prevent inflammation at all expenses while proactively enhancing the health of your whole oral area.

4. Pomegranate

Pomegranate gets categorized as one of the so called “super foods” and in regards to dental hygiene, it’s a sure warrior that fights plaque and stunts its development.

5. Chamomile

6. Vitamin D

How Does Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening Work?

Zero Peroxide is among the most advanced in the house teeth whitening products offered to buy on the marketplace at this minute in time. Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening’s primary active part which gets the results is sodium bicarbonate, the very exact same element which is typically taken into most of whitening tooth pastes and mouthwashes that you can see on the rack at your regional supermarket or chemist.

Having stated that, the main concern with all of these tooth pastes products is they simply include a truly small amount of Sodium Bicarbonate and this is inadequate for them to have any genuine noticeable effects on the whiteness and brightness of your teeth.

This is why; these teeth whitening tooth pastes are a wild-goose chase and will not offer you the terrific smile you have actually always desired when you buy ZeroPeroxide

The Medical Tests done with sodium bicarbonate have found that, in order to get the best possible teeth whitening results, Sodium Bicarbonate requires to be utilized with strength of 35%. For that reason, this is precisely what Zero Peroxide has actually put in to get.

Since Zero Peroxide is Non-Peroxide based product, individuals with sensitive teeth do not need to stress over any nasty side-effect which can be experienced with chemical basedproducts

This is likewise the precisely proper quantity of Sodium Bicarbonate requirement to offer you the whiter in colour smile. This is done by breaking down the real proteins that can trigger unattractive stains and likewise staining by means of an oxygenation process in which has actually been revealed to do the job.

Zero Peroxide has actually likewise included a variety of other effective additionals to the formula. These include, Sodium Fluoride which in turn strengthens tooth enamel which will help to keep the smile brighter for a longer time in addition to Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and the included advantage of Vitamin D that will greatly enhance and likewise speed up the results from this kit. To sum it up, the Zero Peroxide Ingredients are the best out there.

On top of that, the outcomes of Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening kits will likewise be ensured thanks to the 30 day cash-back deal which has actually been included. For those of you out there who desire whiter teeth, a brighter, better smile and healthier teeth and gums, Zero Peroxide is kit of option and one which understands you will be happy you attempted.

Zero Peroxide Benefits

The main goal of teeth whitening are to enhance colour of your teeth which will result the user of the products feeling a lot better with themselves as the factor for concealing their smile is gone.

Let’s look more carefully at the benefits Zero Peroxide and other kits consisting of no peroxide teeth whiteners need to use.

Rate– compared with going to a center to get your teeth lightened by laser or regulated chemicals, home teeth whitening kits are a very cost-effective alternative without breaking the bank.

Convenience– The name of the kit states all of it. Home teeth whitening kits can supply wonderful results in the house without the requirement to look for expert help. This makes the process of getting the wanted smile possible even for the busiest of individuals.

Unwinding– Tension from the typical journey to dental professionals or centers are gotten rid of. Unwind, put your feet up, check out a book or view TELEVISION and 20 minutes later on you’re an action better to you wanted shade of white.

Mobility– Take the kit anywhere you like. To work, to your moms and dads and even on vacation, the kits can be carried anywhere you like inside the Zero Peroxide luggage.

Accessibility– The product can be bought online from anywhere and provided right to your front door no matter where you remain in the world.

100% Safe– The reality this kit includes no peroxide gets rid of any unfavorable negative effects typically associated with older peroxideproducts

Ingredients– Ingredients have actually been thoroughly picked not only whiten teeth however likewise strengthen your teeth and leave your mouth sensation fresh!

Instructions Of Great Use

Zero peroxide teeth whitening gel is basic and easy to use. It is the very best gel in the market today. It is consisted of 3 easy steps with 20 minutes period.

  • First Of All, apply the gel in to the mouth tray and then put the mouth tray into the mouth location.
  • Second Of All, you require to use it with LED light for 20 minutes.
  • Finally, Remove the tray and rinse it completely.

What Is Included In This Zero Peroxide Kit?

Zero Peroxide offers its use two different kits i.e. basic and advance ones.

Zero Peroxide Basic Kit

Basic kit comes with three different elements. These are Whitening gel pen, high-end mouth tray and something 10 ml gel.

1. Stylishly Made Zero Peroxide Teeth whitening pens

These Teeth Whitening pens have an extremely effective variation of the extremely effective Zero Peroxide teeth whitening formula to supply you with the capability to instantly retouch your teeth whitening routine, eliminate unattractive stains, in addition to brighten up the smile no matter where you’re going or exactly what you are doing at the time. This is terrific for taking into the office, using pen a lunch break or handling vacation with you.

2. High-end Mouth Tray

Terrific idea has actually entered into the mouth tray, and although you might feel this is unimportant it is a fundamental part of the whitening experience. You might be wearing it approximately two times a day for 20 minutes per session so it requires to be comfortable.

3. 10 ml Gel

The Gel is likewise boosted with other natural ingredients such as camomile, pomegranate and vitamin B, which not only enhance the whitening experience however likewise combines all round oral health.

The gels can be found in all set to use 10 ml packs which easily permits you to take them with you on vacation or taking a trip overseas.

Zero Peroxide Advance Kit Parts

Advance kit is offered with 7 elements viz. led accelerator, two 10 ml gels, high-end mouth tray, mouth tray holder, luggage, whitening gel pen and tooth shade guide. A few of making uses of elements are discussed briefly below:.

1. Your LED Accelerator Light Speeds Up Teeth Whitening

The thorough bundle has actually the significantly declared LED accelerator light that can help increase the speed of and likewise enhance your outcomes. Utilizing patented technological development the accelerator which you get in this set sends out out a special safe Ultra Violet light that’s been shown to accelerate and significantly enhance whitening teeth by approximately 50% now, that’s an outcome you require to pay attention to.

This is the factor LED whitening is a # 1 option of dental specialists. Since of the beneficial portable LED accelerator light, now you can acquire dental professional quality whitening within the benefit of your own home (and likewise at a small portion of the cost likewise!), in the office, without the requirement to check out the dentist for regular treatments.

2. An Actually Comfort Mouth Tray For Teeth Whitening

Zero Peroxide are at the time of composing this evaluation, the lone home teeth whitening bundle that use LED mouth trays. Their competitors is still making use of the out- of-date warm and type mouth teeth whitening trays produced from difficult silicone.

They are dirty and damaging considering that you require to boil water, melt your whitening tray, and then place the hot tray inside your mouth to develop a mold of your teeth.

It’s very easy to burn the mouth location and even harm the mouth whitening tray before the entire teeth whitening has actually started, and likewise need to you be able to get that right, they’re unpleasant and undesirable to use regularly.

3. Comfort Mouth Tray Holder For Much Safer, Sanitary Whitening

With concerns to positioning things straight into the mouth location all of us know that health, safety and personal hygiene are the significant factors to consider. For this factor the Zero Peroxide complete bundle includes a sanitary mouth tray holder to use the users of this kit safe storage of theproducts

When you have actually done the whitening treatment, simply wash the mouth teeth whitening trays and then put it in the holder and shut the lid and store the tray for the next time you require to use it. It will not simply make it possible to prevent any damaging germs or bacteria establishing in between use, nevertheless, it will even make certain there isn’t any mess in the restroom cabinets.

4. Waterproof Luggage

I absolutely comprehend that as quickly as you have actually acquired the tooth whitening bundle you will require to always keep this safe. No matter where you choose to go; like work journeys, weekends away or extended trips. Since of this, the Zero Peroxide complete kit comes with a waterproof PVC luggage which offers a safe storage area response.

Due to the reality our own teeth whitening gel will can be found in 10 ml sizes, it’s likewise within the UK liquid allotment for air flights so that you can easily take the kit to another nation without worry of having it removed from you by airport security.

5. Basic To Follow Recommendations & & Teeth Shade Guide

Definitely no teeth whitening system might be 100 % safe without having thorough standards and hence that’s exactly what you will get together with a Zero Peroxide teeth whitening kit. Your guidelines are very clear and simple-to-follow. A lot so, that you might be brightening your teeth in a few minutes of getting the kit provided in the post.

They likewise use to you a convenient tooth shade standard to help you find precisely what degree of whiteness that you are at today, and precisely what degree you are at as soon as you have actually completed your Zero Peroxide treatment strategy.

All these elements can be purchased individually or in one set. It depends on you to pick which is best for you.

How Zero Peroxide Must Be Utilized?

Prior to using any home teeth whitening kit, it is essential that you correctly tidy up your teeth (with a toothpaste) in order to make certain that the whitening gel has clean teeth to workwith

Now, put a thin Zero Peroxide gel layer into the mouth tray, followed by safely positioning the mouth tray over the teeth. Unlike the traditional mouth trays, the ones offered with Zero Peroxide kit are made with super soft silicone. For this reason, they are extremely flexible and fit correctly into location without the requirement of preparing them ahead of time through a heating and shaping process.

The mouth tray should be kept inside the mouth for a duration of a minimum of 30 minutes. Nevertheless, you can see noticeable lead to as less as 20 minutes. The zero peroxide home teeth whitening kit likewise includes an LED blue light accelerator that boosts the oxidizing process, consequently adding to the whitening capability of the gel.

It can be quickly utilized even when the mouth tray remains in location. Moreover, silicone trays are far better in contrast to other trays as silicone is more transparent.

You can track your progress quickly by using the teeth colour chart supplied in the kit. The mouth tray case and the convenient luggage will help you keep all the elements fresh for your nexttreatment

Zero Peroxide Frequently Asked Question

It’s crucial that you do your own research when choosing whether to buy any home teeth whitening kit. We have actually noted the most typical questions and answers that we get asked about Zero Peroxide and other kits on the marketplace. Please do not think twice to call us for any more particular questions you have in concerns to this or any other whitening product.

1. How does Zero Peroxide work?

The distinct formula includes a mix of ingredients that work hand in hand to fight teeth discolouration and permeate much deeper stains to remove and whiten teeth. The main dynamic component in the formula is Sodium bicarbonate. Most of you have actually most likely become aware of this as its existence is offered in any top branded whitening tooth paste in the market.

Nevertheless, when taken a look at in more detail the very little quantities existing in these whitening tooth pastes vs. the quantity of contact time with teeth, brand names this component almost worthless in those other whiteningproducts

When bring out scientific trials throughout the research and advancement phases of the product and taking into consideration other clinical research studies continued sodium bicarbonate, it was found the optimal quantity present ought to be 35% in order to accomplish the wanted whitening level.

Due to the research studies brought out, the level of Sodium bicarbonate in zero peroxide is 35%, the prime level to remove everything that requires to be gotten rid of in order to whiten teeth and consider that confident smile you have actually wanted.

Not only this, however a number of other plainly effective ingredients have actually been included order to aid whitening, safeguard gums, strengthen teeth and freshen breath. These ingredients include, Sodium fluoride, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Pomegranate and Vitamin D. The Zero peroxide group are so confident about their product that they use a 30 day refund ensure if results are disappointed.

Another fundamental part of the kit is the LED accelerator which, as its name recommend speeds up by responding with the distinct solutions to accelerate and heighten results. To see a more extensive analysis of ingredients and what they do please visit our page evaluating zero peroxide ingredients.

2. What level of whiteness can I anticipate?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it pertains to teeth whitening products, however regrettably, there is no text book response. There are numerous variables to think about, however the primary elements are; how white/stained your teeth currently are along with how typically you use the product to treat your teeth.

Zero Peroxide specifies that usually customer’s teeth will be 5- 10 shades whiter after using their teeth whitener in between 3-4 weeks, which is very impressive considering their 30 day refund assurance. The LED light accelerator that is included when you buy the teeth whitener kit will likewise significantly enhance results.

3. Are teeth whitening kits safe?

The response to the generic question, “are teeth whiteners safe”? The response is it differs from product to product. Nevertheless, more particularly to the product in evaluation, the response is Yes Zero peroxide is definitely safe. It has actually been shown to be entirely safe and more significantly it is does not consist of any damaging chemicals.

Up till just recently, most of teeth whitening kits consisted of Peroxide, are severe chemical understood to aggravate skin with a burning and itching feeling. This comes as not a surprise, as peroxide is the main chemical utilized in bleach and hair color, so using this to a more sensitive location such as teeth and gums typically leaves users feeling inflamed and unpleasant.

Thankfully, enough new EU policy modifications have actually now prohibited peroxide based teeth whiteners for sale and only certified dental professionals can use the chemical.

Zero peroxide includes no peroxide and as discussed before is an entirely safe whitening kit to use in the house without jeopardising results that the peroxide based formulas utilized to use.

4. How will my product be delivered?

Products are packaged inconspicuously, so ideas regarding what the product is are shown on the product packaging. The product itself will usually be dispatched within 3 days of getting your order. The order is carried using a fully tracked carrier service from the circulation storage facility. As an included reward, shipping on every order is TOTALLY FREE.

5. Are research, advancement and screening approaches ethical?

The business state they make certain everything is ethical, and stress their strong views on animal screening. No animals were associated with the screening of the product and they securely think that animals need to never ever be checked on any cosmeticproducts

Together with the above, all ingredients are thoroughly sourced and are all vegetarian friendly and fully Kosher.

6. What does it taste like?

Although results can be accomplished in 20 minutes, 20 minutes with a gel in your mouth can end up being very undesirable if it does not taste great. A chemically taste would be off-putting for anybody and would avoid individuals using it.

Zero Peroxide Gel is referred to as being fresh and minty, so felt confident the teeth whitening process will be far from unpleasant.

7. I have a prolonged dentil history consisting of many filings, some crowns and numerous other work can I still use the product?

Yes, the ingredients consist of no damaging chemicals or anything that is going to respond with anything work you presently have or have has in the past. Nevertheless before you buy, if you are stressed over anything, it’s always recommended to inspect with a dentist to make yourself feel sure.

8. How long will my teeth stay white?

Sadly, as with most things in life, absolutely nothing stays clean forever. No teeth whitening products will keep teeth white forever, even personal dentil treatment that costs countless pounds. We consume and consume foods that will unavoidable stain our teeth, even if you prevent the worst offenders such as coffee red wine and cigarettes almost every food source will aid discolouration.

Depending upon how you take care of your teeth and naturally your diet plan and lifestyle, it’s possible to keep teeth white for approximately 2 years after a complete course has actually been complete. Without exposing excessive the secret to this is the sodium fluoride.

When the sodium bicarbonate has actually permeated the teeth, got rid of stains the sodium fluoride strengths tooth enamel to secure the recently lightened teeth and stop stains and discolouration re-occurring.

If you do see any stains beginning to come back you have actually included in your kit, a portable retouch pen to bring with you any place you go to keep that smile white when you require it most.

9. How long before I see results?

Very first results can be seen in around 20 minutes which is substantially much faster than most other teeth whiteners on the marketplace. The substantial consider speeding up the whitening process is using the LED light integrated with the high-end zero peroxide mouth kit. These work hand in hand with the distinct gel to heighten and increase whitening.

For apparent factor if your teeth are currently fairly white, a few more sessions might be needed to see effects. To see peak results and increase the period of your new white smile, it’s recommended a complete course of in between 3 or 4 weeks be utilized.

10 Is Zero Peroxide appropriate for vegetarians?

Yes. 100% vegetarian friendly and Kosher.

11 What are the benefits of a home teeth whitening kits over cosmetic teeth whitening at the dentist?

Up until just recently, there was only one alternative if you desired whiter teeth, and that was to take a day of rest work, haul yourself to the dentist and check out outdate publications for the majority of the day in reception till your called for the next part of yourtreatment

Finally, however by no methods least, the rates of cosmetic teeth whitening in the western world extreme (some would argue unbelievably expensive).

Where Can I Buy Zero Peroxide How Much Does It Expense?

Besides amazing whitening results that this innovative whitening kit offers, it is likewise relatively priced, so everybody can accomplish that white-glowing smile.

The complete kit can be gotten at an affordable cost of simply $7999 That makes Zero Peroxide one of the most affordable whitening kits presently offered.

To put it simply, you require to accomplish and keep that appealing smile you are worthy of. Zero Peroxide home teeth whitening kit is offered only from the main site.

Additionally, every Zero Peroxide order is covered by huge 30- days complete refund assurance, so there is zero danger in attempting this extraordinary product. When you will not be pleased with the results, you can have your cash returned. This, nevertheless, will not take place due to the fact that Zero Peroxide simply works.

Last Decision

Get rid of stained, dirty, yellow teeth entirely with ZeroPeroxide It is natural, safe and effective to use on teeth. It ensures results within brief amount of time.

Zero Peroxide is an effective non-peroxide teeth whitening kit. It has actually pleased numerous users worldwide. It undoubtedly will work marvels on your teeth too. Undertake and have fantastic, bright, and white; stain free teeth as soon as and for all. It actually works.

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