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What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening

If you want professional results from your teeth whitening program, we suggest using a specialist. In particular, a cosmetic dentist who is more specialized and knowledgeable focused on their craft. Specialists tend to keep up with ongoing trends and stay on top of things in their highly specialized field.

As you can probably imagine, cosmetic dentists are a little more expensive than regular dentists. When money is no object, the old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true. The results are often better simply because you are working with someone who knows their job well.

Always seek a cosmetic dentist who is accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA) and has been educated in higher learning from well known, prestigious dental colleges in the nation.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Your cosmetic dentist will whiten your teeth in the safest and highest degree possible. It begins by getting a thorough teeth cleaning removing all existing plaque and surface material along the gums. After rinsing with a mouth wash, a special peroxide gel is applied to each of your teeth by a very highly trained dental technician. The gel is a bleaching agent that penetrates into the enamel and removes stains in the dentin.

Professionals use a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel in the 20-40% range. Care must be taken not to get on lips, inside mouth, and on the gums as it can result in irritation. The gel is allowed to sit on the teeth as it oxidizes and bleaches for about 15 minutes. If at any time you feel a burning sensation, let the dentist know so she can correct immediately.

Professional Teeth Laser Whitening

If you so opt, the application of laser light is then applied. This is usually a halogen or LED light that is directed at the peroxide gel to stimulate a high energy reaction. To prevent any damage to the inside of your mouth, the gums will be lined with a plastic protector. In addition, the cheeks will be protected by a plastic mouth retractor that also helps keep it open during the procedure.

Sensitivity can be experienced at this stage. The choice of which type of laser light is used has effects on people. The sensitivity comes and goes after the procedure (usually gone after a day). To reduce the feeling, one should take aspirin or ibuprofen to alleviate.

Professional Teeth Whitening For Fast Results

So now that you know what professional teeth whitening is, why should you use it?

Very simply, it’s fast and effective. You will in the hands of a licensed professional who stays up on his craft. The dentist office will be supplied with highly trained staff who will do everything to make sure you visit is comfortable and performed without any problems. You will be experiencing the use of state of the art hi technology equipment that accelerates what could take months of treatment.

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