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Vitamin Bounty Carbonwhite Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Vitamin Bounty Carbonwhite Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Vitamin Bounty Carbonwhite Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening.

  • INTRODUCING CARBON WHITE, AN NATURAL TOOTH WHITNER: Carbon White is an incredible alternative to traditional teeth whiteningproducts Our formula whitens your teeth without using chemicals or bleach. Get rid of those damaging chemicals and attempt what individuals are stating is the most safe and simplest method to whiten teeth.
  • Beware opening the jar for the very first time – Product might move in transit and can be untidy.
  • BETTER FOR SENSITIVE TEETH THAN ANY OTHER WHITENING – Carbon White is designed with even the most sensitive teeth in mind. Whether you re dealing with years of coffee stains, or simply attempting to brighten your currently beautiful smile, Carbon White is an effective solution.
  • CLEANSES THE MOUTH – More than simply whitening your teeth, Carbon White will help combat cavities, remove plaque accumulation, eliminate germs, and avoid gingivitis.
  • CREATED BY DENTAL PROFESSIONALS IN THE USA – Carbon White is made from the first-rate ingredients in the USA, from Coconut charcoal, which is revealed to whiten better and be more effective than traditional hardwood charcoal.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Vitamin Bounty Carbonwhite Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening.
Teeth Whitening Redefined – Powerful Formula with 100% Natural Edible Ingredients Simple and Natural Ingredients Carbon White Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder is the very best method to whiten your teeth naturally. Ingredients are naturally drawn out from coconut charcoal and are safe to use on your teeth while being easy on your gums. Natural Whitening Formula Carefully Removes Surface Area Stains Most consumers see lead to just one use. Attempt the charcoal whitening transformation and see the results without the chemicals found in other whiteningproducts CarbonWhite Natural Teeth Whitener Whitens teeth – No bleach or severe chemicals, simply the natural power of activated charcoal which adsorbs the stains from coffee, wine, tea, and more Ultra fine texture – Made from pure coconut husk charcoal that’s gentle on your teeth and gums Removes stains – Simply brush like normal and see the stains vanish Made in the USA – Only the purest and greatest quality ingredients are utilized in our products

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Vitamin Bounty Carbonwhite Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening.

Question Question 1

Do You Put Toothpaste On Top Of This? Or Do You Use This Before/ After Brushing Your Teeth?

Brush your teeth with the charcoal, rinse your mouth excellent and then brush with tooth paste

Question Question 2

What Is The Rda- Abrasivity Screening?

Well obviously this age-old question depends upon other ecological elements such as water firmness and temperature (WHAT) and relative position of the moon and Saturn, however in months with 30 days that end on a Tuesday, substantial screening has actually seen RDA levels of anywhere from -3 to +20, as determined on the Briggs/Hopkins sc Well obviously this age-old question depends upon other ecological elements such as water firmness and temperature (WHAT) and relative position of the moon and Saturn, however in months with 30 days that end on a Tuesday, substantial screening has actually seen RDA levels of anywhere from -3 to +20, as determined on the Briggs/Hopkins scale (1978 modification 1). The rate of gold likewise appears to have a bearing on the results however this is not definitive. Seriously.we have no concept. It doesn t feel at all gritty throughout use, in reality the powder liquifies almost as quickly as it remains in your mouth. Based upon that, we state it is far less abrasive than toothpaste.With apologies for the saucy response above?

Question Question 3

Are You Expected To Brush Your Teeth After You Use The Teeth Whitener?

The guidelines stay quiet however we do brush later on, using Arm & Hammer toothpaste.After using both, it makes our teeth seem like we strolled out of the dentist office.The whitening process is not overnight, however we are seeing a lighter tone on our teeth every week.The carbon from coconuts are action above – we have a The guidelines stay quiet however we do brush later on, using Arm & Hammer toothpaste.After using both, it makes our teeth seem like we strolled out of the dentist office.The whitening process is not overnight, however we are seeing a lighter tone on our teeth every week.The carbon from coconuts are action above – we have an undersink water filter that utilizes crushed coconut carbon and the waters tastes much better.

Question Question 4

We Have Some Crowns And Bridge Work, We Know It Won’T Whiten Those Prosthetics However Will It Damage Or Stain Them?


Question Question 5

We Have Heard It’S Bad To Brush With A Charcoal Product Due To The Fact That It Can Wear Down TheEnamel Would This Work If We Simply Applied It, No Brushing?


Question Question 6

Is This Product Flavored?


Question Question 7

Does This Product Help With Whitening Veneers?

While we are not a dentist and we do not have veneers, our company believe veneers, depending upon the material they are made of, ought to be lightened by a dental professional. our experience with Carbonwhite, is our personal experience and ought to not by utilized to determine anyone else’s expectations.

Question Question 8

How Is This Expected To Whiten Teeth? Is It A Chemical Response Or Simply Scrubbing Stains Off?

Chemical response

Question Question 9

We Have An Irreversible Bridge Which Covers 3Teeth Will It Help Or Damage The Veneer Teeth? If It Does Can We Simply Brush Around Them?

It will help them, not damage them

Question Question 10

Is This Product Abrasive?


Question Question 11

What Does The Natural One Tastes Like?We Ordered, And Didn’T Pick A Favor.?

There’s truthfully no flavor.

Question Question 12

How Long For Results? We Have Been Using For 3 Weeks And Not Seen A Distinction?

U see modifications in 2-3 applications

Question Question 13

For How Long Do We Need To Use This Product? We Utilized It For 4 Weeks( When Per Day) Without Any ApparentResults Please Recommend?

we got it for our child. She has actually been using it for about 2 weeks. Provide or take. She stated she saw the distinction after a week approximately.

Question Question 14

Are Results Temporary Or Long-term?

The only tooth whitening process that we understand that is long-term is the professional one … Speak with your dentist

Question Question 15

We Don’T Like The Taste Of Coconut.How Strong Is The Coconut Taste In The Product?

we barely discover the coconut taste. our teeth have actually never ever felt cleaner given that we have actually been using this product. And it’s made in theUSA See out for some of these products being made in China.

Question Question 16

When Using Should You Brush With Toothpaste Very First Or After?


Question Question 17

This Product Appears To Make Our Gums Bleed Ans Make Them Truly Sensitive, Like We Are Brushing With Sand, Is That Normal?

It did the very same to me. we gave up using it:-(

Question Question 18

There Is NoMore What Choice Do We Have, Exists Any Alternative?

Regular toothpaste

Question Question 19

Does This Truly Work Don’T Wish to Buy Or Will They Send Out Asample?

Yes, it de-yellows the very first time you use it.

Question Question 20

Is This Safe For Braces?

You invested to much on Braces call your Dentist do not depend upon others make certain the Carbonwhite will not harm braces.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Vitamin Bounty Carbonwhite Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

When we opened the jar we were at very first stunned at the jet black powder, however followed the guidelines and within one week started seeing a distinction, gradually however definitely, in our teeth getting brighter. There is no bad taste at all. Yes, you will make a mess in the sink however it quickly washes down the drain. Use a different toothbrush than the one you brushwith The unexpected adverse effects was how smooth our teeth started feeling, as if we were at our 6 month cleaning at the dentist office.

Omg. Stop using those untidy harmful whitening strips and buy this currently. Like a great deal of others here, we consume coffee and sometimes red wine, so our teeth are rather stained. We are likewise a previous braces wearer so we have staining around where the braces were. After simply three (.) days using this with our sonicare toothbrush simply as soon as a day our teeth are not only significantly whiter, they correspond color. We did not take a before photo however the distinction is truly plain. It does a much better task than whiteners which (ime) whiten your teeth whiter in some areas and not in others. And no more gum sensitivity. Likewise the rate could not bebetter It is untidy- very untidy- so we use it in the shower to keep from making it appear like somebody got insane with black paint in the restroom.

We simply got this stuff recently, so we truly do not know how well it really whitens your teeth. So far we have found is that a little goes a long method. Washing this stuff out of your mouth is untidy, be prepared to clean your sink when your through. We found that we needed to truly brush our tongue to get it off. Obviously if you do not mind the we simply consumed black licorice appearance, then do not trouble. Oh, do not get the jar with damp hands. Charcoal dust is a beeatch to tidy up. Update: we have actually been using this for a number of months now. Our company believe it is working, since we are coffee drinker and they appear noticeably whiter. We only use it as soon as a day, and use it after brushing our teeth.

Considering that we consume coffee every early morning and tea sometimes, we have concerns with our teeth. We use arm & hammer whitening toothpaste, however given that our dentist was making some remarks, we believed possibly we ought to check out. Our other problem is that we have sensitive teeth and did not desire anything severe to offer us problem. We selected carbonwhite natural. The very first time we utilized it, we kinda got charcoal all over the location and after using a few times, appear to have it under control, and (to me) it does not taste like anything nor undesirable. We bought a kid’s soft toothbrush and a little charcoal goes a long method (you do not need to use a lot). We do see a distinction after a few utilizes and will continue with it. It does what it expected to and am delighted with this purchase.

It’s untidy. Very, very untidy – however we are not ranking it on messiness since all of the charcoal tooth polishers we have actually attempted are similarly untidy. We are ranking this at 4 stars since of the rate. The original brand we bought from a supplier at a farmer’s market, had to do with 5 times more pricey than this stuff. The more pricey one was a lighter grey. This stuff is plain black. Dark as ink. We believe the lighter gray is because of more baking soda. Considering that sodium bicarbonate is low-cost and easy to include, we are not worried. The product ingredients expose the two are basically the very same product. So, we feel very happy with what we got. As far as what does it do to our teeth? our teeth do feel smoother, more polished, and perhaps whiter. We do miss out on, nevertheless, the minty fresh sensation that traditional toothpaste/gel develops. In spite of having mint as a component, we can’t inform if our breath appears fresher. In action, we continue to use regular toothpaste every other time we brush.

We have actually been desiring (requiring) to whiten our teeth for a while and chose to delve into the charcoal trend. We enjoy that we did. We fidgeted about the taste and texture. This product doesn t have a taste at all and the texture is smooth, not gritty. It is so basic, dip your toothbrush in the smooth powder and brush for 2 minutes. Method much easier and quicker than the whitening strips. We seemed like we might see a distinction in color after the very first use and might certainly see a distinction after 1 week. Not only do your teeth get whiter, our teeth likewise feel smoother/cleaner, similar to they feel after a dental go to.

We will inform you, if we did not see it with our own eyes. Our partner has actually severely stained teeth from stogies. Gross. We purchased it for him and we should confess, it works. We can see a distinction and it has actually only been a week. Thanks a lot. Now, our teeth are not “stained” and we use it every day we have actually not seen excessive distinction, however severe distinction on him. And mine are whiter, we anticipate with time, mine will bebetter However him, oh our it deals with the stains.

This product is very much raved about and we can see why. It has little to no flavor, it does ease a little breathe smell and it is easy to use. The cons to this product nevertheless, is that it can stain and splashed all over our hands when we initially opened it. We would truly value if the container had some sort of cover before opening the lid so this would not be a product so conscious spills. Furthermore, as it does stain your gums it is recommended to brush your teeth with regular toothpaste to remove any black residue. We extremely suggest this product if you do desire a bit of a natural whiter smile. This product is excellent for sensitive teeth and cleans surface area stains. Personally, using this product for almost 2 weeks we can see a sluggish and steady distinction.

We have actually been using this for a few weeks now and we certainly see a distinction. We simply completed our invisalign treatment and had some yellowing where the accessories were put in and we think simply from wearing the trays. We brush with this initially, rinse, and then brush with our regular toothpaste and from the very first couple utilizes, we might see the yellowing start to vanish. It will not make your teeth star white lol however we have actually been very delighted with the results and it feels safe enough for everyday use. It hasn’t triggered us any sensitivity concerns. We do intend on enhancing with something more powerful possibly as soon as every couple weeks approximately for that extra zing.

As everybody states, this is untidy in the beginning, however you master it and a technique that works best for you. We have actually been very happy with the results. We currently have white teeth, so it s not an extreme modification for us, however still rather noticeable. We are incredibly happy to ditch the chemical whitening products for a safe nontoxic product that works. It is very important to use a soft toothbrush, since it doesn t change normal brushing and you wear t wish to over-brush your teeth and gums. Likewise, it s a small container, however you use such a percentage each time, it will last rather a long period of time. Extremely suggest.

This whitener is the absolute best. We have actually attempted white strips and other whitening pastes that have actually not only been inefficient however likewise uneasy or a problem needing to leave on for minutes. We love that you only require to brush with it for 1-2 minutes so it is easy to include in our routine. We likewise like theflavor We got cinnamon and we like that it’s subtle. We generally do not believe it has any taste what so ever nevertheless often we do taste the cinnamon and it’s simply great and subtle. However most of all we love that it works. Our teeth were noticeably whiter after one brush and have actually only continued to enhance. The only drawback is that since charcoal is black you need to beware when spitting it out and washing so you do not make a black mess all over, not generally a problem tho.

We have actually been using whitening strips every year approximately for most likely 15 years. We have actually been questioning if there is any unfavorable long term effects and have actually checked out that there perhaps may be. When we found out about carbonwhite we believed we would attempt it. We have actually seen our teeth look brighter – and we feel excellent about doing it naturally. We do not believe we will return to the strips – the older we get the more worried we have to do with chemicals. Thanks for offering this natural alternative.

Unsure the photos of some are precise. We discovered a minor distinction however not extreme. You need to brush carefully otherwise you ll intensify your gums. Those suffering gum inflammation most likely scrubbed too tough. It s a gritty charcoal so respect your mouth when using. In general it works however it s very untidy. We would buy once again.

It does not work as fast as white strips however it does work with continued use and is natural and cheaper. Makes your mouth feel spick-and-span. Be ready since it can be untidy to use however cleans off quickly. We will certainly keep using it and suggest it to our family and buddies.

After using this product once/day for roughly 2 weeks, our company believe our teeth do look whiter than before. Ideally, they will continue to get whiter even more with time. We use regular toothpaste initially, rinse, then brush with the charcoal. The worst part of the process is the mess the charcoal makes in the sink, surrounding vanity & mirror. We attempt to be very mindful & not splatter, however undoubtedly, there are little black splash dots & dropped powder (falling off the toothbrush after dipping it in the container, despite the fact that toothbrush is damp) all over. A small rate to pay for white teeth, we suppose.;–RRB-.

We utilized it two times a week and saw a distinction within two weeks.

Have actually utilized this for 5 days and we are enjoying it. We can discriminate currently. Cant wait to publish pictures after a few weeks.

We love the sensation it leaves on our teeth: spick-and-span and smooth and leaves a very refreshing taste. We do not like the black water all over our sink however it cleans off and our company believe it deserves it.

We have actually utilized this product three times and currently seeing a great distinction. Thanks quite.

It’s easy to use. It does not have a bad taste and if you spill any its easy tidy up. It does not work in addition to we anticipated, however we have actually been using it for about 3 weeks and we do discover a distinction.

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