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ULTRADENT Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ULTRADENT Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel.

  • Professional Quality
  • Pleasant Flavor
  • Fast Performing (30 – 60 Minutes)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ULTRADENT Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel.
For use with personalized take-home whitening trays, Opalescence PF uses lots of choices for clients. With its easy syringe shipment, Opalescence PF is quickly adjustable for each patient s specific circumstance. The gel consists of 20% water to avoid dehydration, and the sticky, thick formula helps keep the gel and tray in location. Opalescence tooth whitening gel consists of PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) and created to avoid dehydration and shade regression.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ULTRADENT Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel.

Question Question 1

How Do You Store After Opening?Refrigerate?

we have actually not cooled mine, however we keep in a dry location.

Question Question 2

How Can You Warranty Getting Fresh Product? At some point It Functions And In Some Cases It’S Very Weak?

Keep unused product in the fridge up until use.

Question Question 3

If Bought Today, What Expiration Date Will We Recieve?

Mine have always depended on a year expiration

Question Question 4

Does This Feature That Trays Or No?

No however we have actually seen some sellers that do offer them with the whitening gel. It will always reveal and list trays if included.

Question Question 5

What Is Expirations Date?

Excellent question. All of TCW Circulation Existing stock of Opalescence from Ultradent is excellent up until Spring 2020

Question Question 6

Is This Pf?

What is pf?

Question Question 7

What Will Occur If We Use The Opalescence Longer Than Advised?

Will make teeth super sensitive. 15% can use as much as 8 hours 35% no longer than 30 minutes. Hope this helps. we have actually been using for 3 years now.

Question Question 8

What Is The Expiration Date.?

Mine have always depended on a year

Question Question 9

Should You Do Upper And Lower Teeth At The Exact Same Time?

we feel you should. we likewise feel you get the very best results when you put the gel on both front and rear ends of the teeth.Be sure not to over fill the tray since the gel will burn the gum tissue. If gums are sensitive, you can always use a Q-tip & apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the gum tissue prior to putting white we feel you should. we likewise feel you get the very best results when you put the gel on both front and rear ends of the teeth.Be sure not to over fill the tray since the gel will burn the gum tissue. If gums are sensitive, you can always use a Q-tip & apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the gum tissue prior to putting whitening trays with gel in the mouth.Opalescence is an excellent product, and we love the 35% Melon, however use it with good sense. All The Best with your results.

Question Question 10

Please, Can You Help United States We Desired Only OneSyringe Can We Buy Only One?

we have actually seen songs offered before, might need to browse for songs.

Question Question 11

How Frequently Should This Be Utilized? Weekly? Regular monthly?

Weekly or perhaps daily simply requires on how sensitive your teeth are. we use daily til sensitive then relocate to weekly and then regular monthly to keep share we desire.

Question Question 12

Is This The Pf Formula?

Yes. Opalescence PF 35% Melon

Question Question 13

What Is The Expiration Date Of ThisProduct It Truly Ought To Be On Description For Others To View. Thank U?

Regrettably there is no date printed on the container or specific syringe.

Question Question 14

Existing Expiration Date?


Question Question 15

How Much Is The Actual Perioxide % In This Product?

States on page. melon color pkg. 35%

Question Question 16

We Live In Nigeria When We Choose To Buy It. Should It Required Cold Chain For The Transport?

Not precisely sure what you suggest, however it does not require to be cooled.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on ULTRADENT Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This whitening gel is fantastic. It works even better than the ones we got with our molds from the dentist and it’s a lot more affordable. We have seenareal enhancement in whitening in our teeth. Though others declared it troubled their gums, we had no issue whatsoever with that. We evenfell asleep using it and had them on for almost 40 minutes. Without any issue. We believe the one time doing it was fine, however it advises for younot to go beyond the 15 minutes & we concur. It has a high quantity of peroxide in it and we believe it would definitely aggravate your gums if you madea routine of wearing it too long. We extremely suggest this product.

These work fantastic in the trays we got from our dentist a few years back. They will likewise work with uv kits. One application for two hours took our teeth from brown (up until just recently, our mouth bled basically all the time every day from lupus – so gross) to very nice. Doing it that method does not leave our teeth too sensitive if we follow it up with sensodyne toothpaste in the trays for about half an hour.

This product truly lightened with one use. We formerly had our teeth professionally lightened at the dentist and had moldsmade This is the exact same brand that we purchased later on for retouch. Purchasing the exact same product from is easy and a lot more affordable that purchasing one application from the dentist. We have sensitive teeth however this does not aggravate our gums or trigger pain. We use it every two weeks and wear for an hour while we are preparing. The flavor is incredible too. We would extremely suggest if you desire noticeably whitening results. We will certainly reorder when required.

We have actually utilized these lot of times for many years and the flavoring makes whitening a lot simpler. This whitener keeps the coffee and cigarette stains at bay. This time we are seeing if we get more whitening power using the blue light. If you have not attempted these before, it may be simpler beginning with the lower peroxide mix initially.

Our dentist recommended to us and let us inform you. It truly works, our teeth are very very white exceptionally happy with the product. You will require a tray made by the dentist so the gel will stay precisely on your teeth and not all over your mouth. Make sure you put very little gel otherwise it may go to your gum and start to burn, if that occurs get a q-tip and clean your gum. We were a little doubtful at the start however after 4 weeks of application every day for about 40 minutes our teeth are almost like white paper. And we are 52 yearsold We began to understand that this gel truly works after 3/ 4 applications. So be patient and keep using the gel every day. We completely suggest it, we love it.

Love, currently have the trays from 30 years back, however still work fantastic. Dentist at that time was charging $20 00/ tube? so, fantastic rate. Likewise, no damage at all to our teeth enamel, so a terrific whitening product. New, dentist wished to charge us $250 00, simply for a whitening product? unfortunate, since, we went to a federally moneyed dental location? for individuals with no earnings to little earnings? the rates they are charging far more than going to simply a regular dental practice. Simply, fyi. Not surprising that no other clients where ther, in this new office complex, that the federal government for ya ??? thank you for the fantastic, product and rate.

We have actually been using this product for years however would always buy at the dentist. We purchased it on this time and it’s the precise very same stuff and quality. It works so well and quickly. This whitens teeth exceptionally. The expiration date was years away and product tingles when used much like it’s expected to. We will buy once again when we require it.

Very best we have actually ever utilized noticeable after one time was not annoying at all would certainly acquire this once again from this seller.

Fast shipping. We love this product. It works fantastic. The only teeth whiting we will use.

We got our teeth whitener gel and it works incredibly. It came as guaranteed and would purchase once again.

Very same product we got from the dentist however initially more affordable rate. Functions fantastic.

Functions so well. Our teeth were whiter after one application.

So easy to use. Our teeth where completely white right before our wedding event.

This gel truly works fantastic. Teeth are whiter in the very first application.

Amazing brand. We have actually been using it for years and have actually never ever been dissatisfied in its quality and capability to do the task. Would certainly buy once again.

We are dental hygienist and have actually attempted a number of different whitening systems. Terrific results with opalescence.

Better than the dentist.

We utilized this product from our dentist for the previous a number of years and was delighted to know you might acquire it on fantastic fantastic product.

Functions fantastic and doesn t harmed as much as other whiteners.

We have actually utilized opalescent for yearsthe 35% truly fantastic for bleaching you teeth.

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