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The Original AutoBrush V3 Automatic Whole Mouth Toothbrush

The Original AutoBrush V3 Automatic Whole Mouth Toothbrush

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of The Original AutoBrush V3 Automatic Whole Mouth Toothbrush.

  • 360 ULTRASONIC CLEANING: The Autobrush uses a whole mouth cleaning experience that only takes 30 seconds to effectively brush all locations. Although it s not completely hands free, for a much deeper clean simply move the autobrush to the left and right to get to the difficult to reach locations and conserve time on your early morning routine.
  • DENTAL GRADE BLUE WHITENING LIGHT: Autobrush speeds up the whitening of your teeth while you brush with a dentist grade LED blue light. With the new Autobrush V3 the light is 5x brighter for an even more effective whitening no matter which speed setting you use.
  • PLAQUE REMOVAL THROUGH BASS STRATEGY: The Bass Strategy removes germs, plaque, and disease through high vibrational frequencies and is approved by the ADA. On top of that, the Autobrush has 3 speed settings for nevertheless sensitive your teeth may be.
  • WATERPROOF DESIGN: Don t fret about getting the Autobrush V3 damp while you brush or rinse the head. With our waterproof design there s no requirement to tension about rust or electrical failure.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING AND BATTERY SIGN: We ve made charging easy. Simply put the Autobrush on the wireless charging dock and ignore it till you require to brush once again. The V3 likewise comes with a four-light battery sign that will let you know when it s time to charge once again.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on The Original AutoBrush V3 Automatic Whole Mouth Toothbrush.
What’s new in AutoBrush V3? It resembles having a robotic dentist you can pop in your mouth, so you can experience automatic professional cleaning and whitening daily – without needing to do any of the work yourself. Subtle vibrations in the electronic Brush Head carefully brush the silicone bristles throughout all angles of your teeth, effectively eliminating damaging germs assaulting your teeth and gums. The dental grade LED blue light whitens your teeth while you clean. Simply spit and rinse as typical once the AutoBrush has actually effectively cleaned up all your teeth and gums and decontaminated your breath after as low as 30 SECONDS, and you’re all set for your next round of automatic dental health. Basic as that. It’s waterproof to avoid the battery adapters from rusting.It includes a battery sign light so you know just how much charge is staying.LED blue light remain on for 10 minutes and is 5X brighter for extra whitening power.Higher frequency of vibrations to eliminate even more plaque and bacteria.Completely wireless charging so it looks terrific in the restroom and likewise extends the life of theAutoBrush The BASS Strategy More Effective: Traditional toothbrushes clean only in addition to your brushing method and discipline are. Even with excellent method, there are always areas you can not reach, simply due to the fact that of the geometry of your manual/electric toothbrush. AutoBrush, on the other hand, attacks all surface area areas from every angle. It utilizes the BASS Strategy: high vibrational frequencies to effectively remove 99.8% of germs. What’s Included: One (1) AutoBrush V3 One (1) AutoBrush Brush Head One (1) AutoBrush Charging Base One (1) USB Charging Cable Television Read more HOW TO USE AUTOBRUSH 1) Apply Include 4 dots of our AB Toothpaste along the top & bottom of the brush head. 2) Press Location it in your mouth & pick your preferred ultrasonic vibration setting. 3) Grip and Move Grip and move the AutoBrush back and forth for a much deeper clean. 4) Rinse and Clean Spit and rinse as typical. Use warm or warm water to rinse the brush head. Read more OUR CAUSE A big part of that is likewise returning to dental care for youth. Approximately 5% of all of our profits are contributed to the ADA Structure’s Offer Kids A Smile program to offer kids around the nation with quality dental care. Offer Kids A Smile assistants more than 5.5 million underserved kids get access to free oral health services. You are assisting to support the oral health of kids around the globe with each purchase from AutoBrush.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on The Original AutoBrush V3 Automatic Whole Mouth Toothbrush, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased another brand that was less expensive and we didn’t recognize it wasn’t the real automobile brush however thankfully we got to return it. We saw this one on sale on and chose to go for it because the name brand is generally better than a knock-off.

Child enjoys it.

Does not come with toothpaste.

Just recently we acquired the autobrush and in the beginning was a little doubtful. We have actually always utilized an electric toothbrush however was burning out of needing to stand in one location and holding the brush. This is why we acquired the autobrush, which enables us to now quickly get things done while we are preparing yourself for work. It might be a bit different than your regular toothbrush however this thing is gentle and truly cleans our gums (which is another factor we purchased this). It likewise does an excellent task cleaning our teeth, specifically the back location. Simply remember it s not the like brushing your teeth with a brush, the vibration will get the job done simply offer it time and you will observed the distinction. Extra tip: if we feel our teeth are very dirty from consuming unhealthy, we will run it two times or longer in our mouth.

In the beginning we were doubtful going from a handheld brush to the automobile brush, however it made us a follower. We have actually seen an increase in whiteness from constant use. We would suggest to both good friends and family.

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