The Best Teeth Whitening – ‘Smile 4 You’ Review

The Best Teeth Whitening - ‘Smile 4 You’
The Best Teeth Whitening – ‘Smile 4 You’

Smile 4 You give you an amazing choice for teeth whitening. It’s actually a gel and that you also get the trays to hold the gel that you put in your mouth. It’s very basic to use.

It is popular brand that many people want to know and try the unbelievable effect of the Smile 4 You teeth whitening kits.

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The Best Teeth Whitening - ‘Smile 4 You’
Good Rating
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USA + Some Others

We know that our smile is the one who greet people. Smile has a great impact on how people look at us. If we smile all the time, we leave them a friendly and warmth impression that we are the person that they should be friend.

This work on our advantage and that is why oral hygiene is very important to always have a likable personality and using a most effective teeth whitener really does wonder to have a personality change.

Teeth whitening methods could go extremely expensive and if we resort to home teeth whitening kit, you have to make sure that it could give the expectations to whiten your teeth.

We know you cannot always afford to have teeth whitening like Ultraviolet whitening action or other dental procedures because this procedure does not cover by your insurance due to this method is categorized as cosmetic.

Well, we leave you no choice but to go for budget wise teeth whitener product that could give you result that similar to dental treatment done by dentist.

There are many brands in the store that sells teeth whitening at home. Just to mention a few, white strip, whitening mouth wash, whitening toothpaste and whitening gel.

One of the best, inexpensive and effective teeth whitening Dr. George dental white of Smile 4 you is invented by renowned American Dentist Dr. George Madray. He understood that a lot of us couldn’t afford to have a dental treatment because the procedure itself is very costly.

Now Dr. George Dental White Smile 4 You has been recognized around the world by dentists and sold in the US for the past 20 years! Finally, Smile 4 You brings you and I to experience the teeth whitening that could give you a result like the way dentist whitens your teeth.

I would personally recommend Smile 4 You home teeth whitening kit. This will blow you away because of its capability to whiten your teeth like the way dentist whiten your teeth. They offer top quality teeth whitening kit at the best price possible for your needs!

Actually Teeth whitening should be costly. They assure you that with these great prices, the quality and reliability of the products are truly flawless.

Smile 4 you give you an amazing choice for teeth whitening. It is popular brand that it was featured in well-known magazines and many people want to know and try the unbelievable effect of the Smile 4 You teeth whitening kits.

Upon using this product, You now forget about your dark, stained past when you have yellow teeth because with the help of Smile 4 You, all your worries in the past will simply vanish. You will be transformed into your own celebrity, ready to take charge of your life with full confidence.

So What Is Smile 4 You?

It’s actually a gel and that you also get the trays to hold the gel that you put in your mouth. It’s very basic to use. All you have to do is just to put the gel in the trays and put the trays in your mouth.

The trays are supposed to sit snugly against your teeth, but they don’t always work like that so you may find yourself sucking on them to get them to stay close to the teeth, but it is still pretty hassle-free.

The gel really is the stuff the dentists use. It’s a Carbamide Peroxide gel, 16% Carbamide Peroxide to be exact, that’s fully FDA approved to help whiten your teeth.

The gel works to whiten the teeth by cleaning away stains and actually whitening the pores of each tooth. And that’s great because it will help the results last a lot longer than many of the treatments on the market today.

Ingredients Used In It

When it comes to ingredients, this has been a bit controversial because other brands do not conform to FDA guidelines and not to mention the booming China that producing teeth whitening with the ingredients that too strong that really could have a side effect on our oral condition.

It is common that teeth whitening used the Hydrogen Peroxide or better known also as Carbamide peroxide as active ingredient in removing the stain on our teeth. It has been known that Hydrogen peroxide molecules could penetrate on the deeper level of your teeth and that is why very effective.

Dr. George Dental White active ingredient uses Hydrogen Peroxide or 16% level equivalent to Carbamide peroxide as the potent teeth bleaching chemical. The brand is very particular with the safety of the user that it has to conform to FDA guidelines to make sure that they meet the standard set for home teeth whitening.

Smile 4 You are the only supplier of teeth whitening kits such as Dr. George Dental White that can display FDA certificate that truly and guarantee the what you get is in its best quality and safety.

Smile 4 You Benefits

Smile 4 You includes a whitening chemical called Carbamide Peroxide that when applied to the teeth enamel removes stains and makes teeth incredibly bright white. It’s hands down the best chemical to get white teeth that are super bright.

Smile 4 You has received the full approval of the FDA. The facility where the product is made has inspections every two years to ensure its maintaining the strict FDA requirements. Very few products can boast of this fact.

Smile 4 You is the only seller of this product. The whitening gel is absolutely the best whitening product you can buy. Once you buy it, Smile 4 You can be kept for two years so use it whenever you wish to brighten up your smile.

Smile 4 You offer a teeth whitening solution that is the best value and most effective product available – without costly return trips back to your dental clinic!

Does Smile 4 You Deliver On Its Guarantee?

You can check out their Website and you’ll see it say it’s the same solution dentists’ use but will cost you much less and help you avoid a trip to the dentist. You’ll see the quote “The thing is, the gel in our kits is actually sold to many dentists across the US and has been for almost 20 years.” The teeth whitening kit is easy to use that could guarantee you 11 shades lighter in 2 weeks. You could see visible result in 30 minutes. 4 TIMES MORE GEL than any other teeth whitening kit available on the Internet today for the same money.

Smile 4 You contains 120ml/cc of 16% Carbamide Peroxide gel which means no other branded teeth whitening kit can compete with the cost per treatment of our kits. The whitening gel has 2 years shell life. Totally zero waste! (That’s a best buy!)Dr. George Dental White of Smile 4 You is tested of 14 days.

Final Words

Luckily, there is a teeth whitening gel called Smile 4 You that’s as effective as a dental clinic cleanse but only a fraction of the cost! And you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule when you use Smile 4 You like you would for multiple dental cleaning visits. You can try a home teeth whitening kit Smile 4 You that works.


Smile4you is one of the most trusted home teeth whitening kits available in the market today and in this review article, we will try to find out why.

We also recommend you to read our reviews on NuWhite, Beaming White, Dental White and several other popular teeth whiteners so that you can decide which teeth whitening system will work best for you.

The Smile4you teeth whitening kit first appeared in the market in 1989 and in the past years, it has gained the trust of millions of users across the globe. It has been named the best home teeth whitening kit by the Daily Mail and has been featured on numerous other media publications as well.

Composition wise, Smile4you teeth whitening gel contains 16% Carbamide Peroxide as the primary bleaching ingredient. Carbamide Peroxide is the main ingredient responsible for the oxidation of stain molecules and thus helping the teeth to become whiter.

Smile4you can make your teeth 11 shades lighter within a matter of just 14 days. And this whitening effect usually last for over 2 years!

Why Smile4you?

Here are some more reasons why you can go for the Smile4you teeth whitening system.

Proven Product: The teeth whitening kit from Smile4you is a proven product that can make your teeth 11 shades lighter in just a matter of 14 days. It gives visible results in just one application of 30 minutes.

Value for Money: Compared to several other popular teeth whitening kits, Smile4you provides the best value for money as it offers 4 times more gel than any other top teeth whitening kits available in the market today.

2 Years Shelf Life: The Shelf Life of Smile4you teeth whitening gel is 2 years. That means it will not expire easily and you can use it for two whole years. Given the fact that it comes with enough gel for over 200 treatments, the 2 years shelf life is quite useful.

Trusted Brand: Smile4you is one of the most trusted brands in the home teeth whitening industry and it has been in the market for an incredible 22 years, since 1989. With over a million users worldwide, it surely is a brand you can trust.

14 Days Money Back: Smile4you teeth whitening kit offers a 14 days money refund promise. The idea is simple – if you are not happy with the teeth whitening result provided by the kit, you can ask for your money back within 14 days.

Components Of A Smile4you Kit

• Mouth trays

Prior to using these trays, you are required to soak them in water and then put them into your mouth. Bite the trays gently until they adapt to your dental formula.

• Dental gel

This gel has been made in a very professional manner. The active ingredient in this gel is carbamide peroxide, and it is this ingredient that bleaches your teeth.

• Remineralisation gels

If the enamel of your teeth has been depleted, these gels will help restore it. The remineralisation gels work through the process of crystallisation. After crystallisation occurs, the gel becomes Hydroxyapatite.

This compound is the one found on the outer part of your teeth and so once it forms, all your teeth cavities get filled and weak teeth recover their strength. This ingredient also relief teeth sensitivity is making smile4you the most ideal teeth whitening product for people with sensitive teeth.

• Blue laser light

This component is included in the smile4you kit in order to make the teeth whitening process faster. It helps produce UV light that speeds up the entire process by 50 per cent. This is what gives smile4you an edge over other teeth whitening products in the market.

• Product refills

You have an option to go back for refill of each ingredient mentioned above separately, instead of purchasing a new kit. This will save you 50 per cent of the original selling price.

Pros Of Smile4you

Smile4you has many advantages. First, this product works very fast. It has the potential to give you 11 shades within a very short duration of two weeks.

The ingredients used to manufacture this product have been approved by the FDA, and so the smile4you kit is FDA approved.

Kit has not only been approved by FDA, but it is also clinically proven. You only get quality and this product cannot do any harm to your health since it has passed all the relevant clinical tests.

Smile4you is economical. The gel has been packed specifically to guarantee you value for your money and so you can use it for the longest duration possible. A single smile4you kit can give you up to 200 teeth whitening treatments.

Some kits contain tooth gloss whitening booster to give you just the perfect smile you have been looking for. If you are lucky to get such a kit, you will never look for any other teeth whitening solution in the market.

How Does Teeth Whitening Kits Smile4you Express Whitening & Aftercare Work?

Teeth Whitening Kits Smile4you Express Whitening & Aftercare uses a 16% carbamide peroxide based whitening gel to lighten the color of teeth while removing surface stains.

What do you get when you buy Teeth Whitening Kits Smile4you Express Whitening & Aftercare?

The Teeth Whitening Kits Smile4you Express Whitening & Aftercare kit comes complete with two trays which can be warmed and then moulded to the teeth, an applicator, two aftercare gel syringes and one large Smile4You gel container which holds up to 200 treatment applications.

Where To Buy Smile4You Home Teeth Whitening Kit?

Buy Smile4You home teeth whitening kit only from its official website. A low price is also one of the key benefits of Smile4you whitening kit and one of the reasons of its popularity.


Smile4you home teeth whitening kit guarantees 11 shades whiter teeth and offers a 14 days money back guarantee. It is a trusted brand and has appeared on numerous media publications, including popular international magazines like the Brides, Health & Fitness, Love It! and GQ, just to name a few.

If you are looking for a home teeth whitening kit that really works and has a long proven track record, Smile4you is the one to go for. FREE Worldwide shipping also makes it very attractive.

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