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Tetyana naturals Teeth Whitening Pen

Tetyana naturals Teeth Whitening Pen

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tetyana naturals Teeth Whitening Pen.

  • Notification: We are altering the color of the pen to transparent since lots of consumers need to know just how much gel remains in the pen. Please know that you might still get the blue/puple pen since there are still some stock in storage facility which can not be separated now.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Tetyana naturals Teeth Whitening Pen.
Read more Product Description Bid farewell to stains from years of coffee, alcohol, cigarette, wine, and whatever else you enjoyed. State hey there to a new you, with brighter smile. If you have attempted other teeth whitening approaches, you know how tiring and untidy it might be. This ingenious teeth whitening pen will put a duration to your search for a perfect tooth whitening solution. No waiting time, no mess. Simply paint your teeth with the gel and tackle your day. Our teeth whitening pen is so gentle that after successive use you won t experience any sensitivity. And yet its effect can be seen after the very first few days. Get prepared to flaunt your teeth, a few shades whiter. The pen determines 5 and has a streamlined tube design so it fits all over. The flexible brush tip makes it easy to paint the whitening gel inside crevices and throughout the surface area of the teeth. This design likewise permits you to whiten simply specific teeth with persistent stains. Read more Twist till the gel come out Functions: Removes Years of StainsSafe & Gentle Teeth WhiteningCompact DesignTravel-FriendlyFast ResultsEasy to UseAffordableNo Sensitivity Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tetyana naturals Teeth Whitening Pen.

Question Question 1

What Nation Is This Manufactured In And What Nation Are The Source Of The Ingredients?

According to package, it is made in China. The source of the ingredients is not specified.

Question Question 2

Does It Whiten Unevenly On Chip Fixes?

we likewise have a chip repair, we were informed by our dentist that whiteners won t deal with the material they use for chip repair work. Mine is not that noticeable on our front tooth, we still whiten like normal

Question Question 3

List Of Ingredients?

Sorry, we wear t know

Question Question 4

How Long Does It Last?

we have utilized it about 4 days and we love it, easy and quick. Much better than the trays our dentist provided us and no sensitivity at all. we use early morning and night.

Question Question 5

Does It Make Your Teeth Sensitive?

No. It is taking longer than anticipated however we are older. Crest White Strips work excellent. After 3 days you see considerable enhancement.

Question Question 6

How Long Does It Last On Your Teeth?

How long does the whitening last? we have not utilized it considering that recently and our teeth are still shiney and good and we are going to reboot the treatment once again this evening. It is an excellent product

Question Question 7

Does It Have A Minty Taste?

It does not taste minty – in truth, there is truly no taste at all.

Question Question 8

So What Takes Place When You Brush?

Brush your teeth initially before using.

Question Question 9

Can This Be Utilized With The Uv Light?

we would presume so however we are not exactly sure if would impact the quality of the product.

Question Question 10

Does It Last Forever?

we make certain it won t

Question Question 11

Where Is This Product Made?

Made in China. Dispersed from New York.

Question Question 12

What Are The Ingredients?

Peroxide and another things

Question Question 13

What Strength Peroxide?

we do not know

Question Question 14

Does Anybody Know If It Can Work On Veneers?

our company believe it will on them

Question Question 15

The Plan Does Not State Whether Or Not You Should Rinse Gel Off Your Teeth After 30 Minutes?

After 30 minutes you should rinse your teeth off

Question Question 16

Is This Easy To Use?

Yes. Very easy to use you simply need to make certain your teeth are clean and flossed before using the gel.

Question Question 17

How Numerous Applications Remain In One Pen?

we sanctuary t utilized daily however we wagered an excellent month. Excellent product.

Question Question 18

Do You Rinse Out?

Yes, you require rinse out after 30 minutes. Do not consume or consume throughout the 30 minutes

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Tetyana naturals Teeth Whitening Pen, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Easy process excellent results. We have been using the pen for 5 days we use it right after we brush our teeth in the early morning and during the night. After we have brushed it on we generally hold our mouth open for 60 seconds approximately to let it dry a little. We have had no sensitivity which always occurs with other whiting solutions and our teeth are atleast currently two shades whiter we have had lots of compliments.

We have begun using this product over a month now and we can inform you this is the very best one we have use up until now it has whiten our teeth we could not think that this product has work we have attempt numerous other products on the marketplace however buy far this is the very best one you get results am now a fan of this one now.

We purchased these pens rather of our typical, pricey teeth whitening trays. We discovered after a few days that our teeth were whiter and the stains are quickly vanishing. We will absolutely purchase once again. These are easy to take a trip with and easy to use.

After 2 days we are currently seeing whiter teeth, and no sensitivity at all. Extremely suggest.

We were doubtful about how well this would work. We were using crest white strips and got our teeth as white as we could. Simply after 3 applications of this product we discovered a big distinction. Will be reordered more.

This pen is a lot simpler to use than the teeth whitening strips for two factors (1) you can paint it on as lots of teeth as you desire and (2) it s method more portable. We can use it on our commute to work and no one has any concept. Our teeth are noticeably whiter.

We have been happily shocked with this. The pen is exceptionally easy to use. The taste of the gel is pretty neutral. However simply a few twists of the bottom of the pen and you brush it on your teeth. We have been using our retainers to cover the teeth once the gel is on, however it isn’t needed. The whitening is steady, however noticeable.

It works.

Typically, we have a tough time with whitening strips since our gums are so sensitive, and our mouth would frequently harm for days later on. The application process for this gel is easy and a lot better for individuals with sensitive teeth and gums. You can select precisely which locations to concentrate on. We have not observed any pain from using this, and am a big fan of how our teeth have been growing whiter. This is excellent for eliminating tea and coffee stains.

This product works excellent. We saw instant results.

We utilized as directed for 4 days. We did not take before and afters however feel as though our teeth do look noticeably whiter.

We simply began using the product to whiten our teeth and can currently see a distinction. It does not taste chemically like other products we have utilized. We are pleased and will continue to use the product.

1 outcome) yes, it works. That’s the most essential thing however it is weaker than other whitening product. We were using gel w tray+ blue light and this pen type reveals less outcome. Nevertheless, this has less negative effects( like pain and numb.) and likewise can use two times a day as its manual. 2 easy to use) this is very easy to use and bring. We brought this to take a trip and utilized a number of times. 3 tips) it is more difficult to keep your teeth been dried. We cut cotton pads and put in between teeth and lips so the product can staybetter 4 gift discount coupon) the plan comes w gift coopon for two more of the very same product. It consumed rather quickly so that’s advantage.

Our teeth were turning yellow truly bad. So bad that we didn’t wish to smile any longer. We took a chance and purchased the brite white and simply as it states it will alter the color of our teeth. Our teeth are lot better than they were. Do not get us incorrect you need to stay with it and brush two times a day and whiten your teeth later. We likewise contributed to our teeth brightening objective; walmart brings bright on, its a whitening light that the dentist use. We purchased simply the light for $1699 They likewise have readily available the whitening he’ll and the light together for an obnoxious rate. It does work it you put the effort into it.

This pen is so easy to use and we can see a distinction after simply 3 usages. We likewise love how easy it easy to pack when we take a trip.

This tooth whitening gel is the only thing that deals with our teeth. We have always had a hard time with keeping our teeth white. It never ever mattered the number of times a day we brushed them, or if we prevented coffee and soda. It always looked like we had yellow teeth. Our mommy recommended this product to us and we swear it is the very best thing for yellow teeth. We have been using it for a few months now, however it began working almost quickly. We saw a distinction in our teeth within 5 days of use. It has been one of the very best purchases we havemade The taste is the only downer. It does not taste excellent, however the product works so we can surpass that. If you require something to keep your teeth white, this is it.

Product really works we have only utilized it 4 times and our teeth are really a lot whiter, we wished to something that was going to whitening our teeth and not harm our anamol or make them sensitive. This whitening pen did everything perfect no sensitivity and bleached our teeth. Very extremely recommended.

This product has to do with as quick and easy as can be for a whitening product. Does a fantastic task brightening your smile. It does not deal with dental work fyi, however it never ever declared to so it gets the 5 star.

It appears to be working all right. We have been using it for about a week and have observed a minor distinction. Ideally with continued use we will get better results.

We are coffee drinker so we have some surface area stains on our teeth. This product far surpassed our expectations simply after 1 use and it continues to whiten our teeth even more with each application. The highlight, no tooth sensitivity which we have dealt with in the past with gels/trays. We will absolutely be a repeat purchaser.

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