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Teeth Whitening Strips - Sheer White

Teeth Whitening Strips – Sheer White

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Teeth Whitening Strips – Sheer White.

Question Question 1

What Is The Experation Date On The Box?

04/2022 or later on

Question Question 2

Will This Still Work If Your Teeth Aren’T Completely Straight?

Im sure it would simply push it on your teeth after you apply it where you desire

Question Question 3

We Know This Product Is Expected To Cooled So How Do You Ship It?

Ionly buy them in the cooler months as we have had an issue in the past with them not sticking. right away released us a credit though.

Question Question 4

Are The Strips For The Bottom And Top Teeth?


Question Question 5

Is This A Double Pack?

One box consists of 5 trays.There are 2 strips per tray for upper and lower, therefore 5 nights of whitening Hope this helps.

Question Question 6

What Is The Experation Date On The Box?

Depends when you buy

Question Question 7

How Numerous Strips?

There are 5 sets of trays in the plan. Each set has 2 trays, one for upper and one for lower teeth

Question Question 8

Exists A Sweetner In This Product?

we do not believe so. All the ingredients state are peroxide. It does not taste bad however.

Question Question 9

How Numerous Days Do You Use This Product? We Have Two Boxes Of 5 Each So Do We Use Them Every Day For 10 Days?

we were informed by our dental hygienist to use them no more than 5 days as they will only whiten so much. Conserve the rest of them for retouch every number of weeks or two.

Question Question 10

How Long Do We Need To Wait After To Consume?

we recomend wearing strips 1 hour … Then after you take them off wipe off any excess and you are fine to consume

Question Question 11

How Numerous Strips Come Total And What Is The Expiration Date On The Box?

There is a total of 10 strips. they come two on each card so you have 5 days worth. we have some that we purchased a few months ago with an expiration date of April2022 Best to keep them cooled though.

Question Question 12

What Is The Expiration Date?

we presume it depends upon when you acquire the product. Much like with anything else that has an expiration date

Question Question 13

We Spoke With The Producer Of The GenuineProduct They Specified They Do Not Offer On Which These Are Fakes Or Knock-Offs. Is This Validated?

Odd, we got our very first kit From our dentist. we have been purchasing from for a number of years. Confined in our last order was a note stating we might buy direct from the producer. our company believe we gotten SheerWhite Who s selling to.

Question Question 14

Which Is More Effective: Hydrogen Peroxide Or Carbomide Peroxide?

Geez, we have no concept. Ask your dentist.

Question Question 15

How Is This Shipped?It’S A Cooled Product Isn’T It?

if you keep it cooled the product taste better

Question Question 16

Why Can We Buy These On When The Box States “Only Readily Available From Your Dentist”?

we have acquired from our dentistand Very same product however less expensive on

Question Question 17

When Is Expired?


Question Question 18

How Long Do You Need To Leave Them On?

The directions in the plan state to leave on for 1 – 2 hours however when we initially acquired them from our dentist, the hygienist informed us to leave them on overnight. we find that works best for us. If they come loose in the middle of the night, obviously, remove them.

Question Question 19

How Numerous Strips?

This product didn’t work for us.

Question Question 20

How Numerous Strips Exist?

5 per box

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Teeth Whitening Strips – Sheer White, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our dentist recommended these whitening strips to us after we informed her about our issues using whitening toothpaste, and they had to do with $30 less expensive online compared to purchasing them through the dentist. Per our dentist’s suggestion, we have been duplicating the 5-day treatment every 6 months till we get our wanted whiteness. We do not believe there is anything that will keep your teeth white forever, however the results of sheer white strips show up for a very long time. In our case, we have been using them for the previous two years and we have never ever been better with any other whitening strips or paste. Our mouth has ended up being sensitive, many whitening products have injured our teeth or inflamed our gums. Sheer white feels much more gentle, yet has a lot power. Throughout the 5-day treatment duration, we would leave them on about 60-90 minutes and observe the distinction after the second day. The application is pretty comparable to other strips; simply do not get excessive saliva on the whitening part or the strips will move around on your teeth and you’ll taste the product (which tastes no different from a regular toothpaste). Considering you have great dental hygiene, the results of sheer white will stay with you as much as – if not longer than – the second treatment, if you choose you desire more whitening. This is an excellent long-lasting whitening product and we do not have any problems; it works amazing on our sensitive teeth and now they have to do with 8 shades lighter. If you’re not sure about attempting them please ask your dentist initially if these strips would be ideal for you.

We continue to buy sheer white due to the fact that they do not trigger tooth or gum sensitivity for us. We can leave them on all the time with no problems & they follow our teeth extremely well. In order to keep our results going, we use them a minimum of as soon as a week. We have attempted other strips, however we can not use them long term. Sheer white works for us.

This appears to be a great product. It s the fourth product we have attempted for whitening our teeth and up until now the only one that has worked, a minimum of a good quantity. We believe anyhow?. Our teeth do appear brighter after the 5 days however still not as white as we are desiring. Howeverbetter We have tough teeth that put on t whiten quickly for some factor. The strips were easy to use and apply and we love that you can use them overnight- simply put them on at bedtime and forget them till early morning. We believe they state you shouldn t use them for more than 8 hours however what adult really gets more than 8 hours sleep, so that timeline was fine for us. They have an enjoyable mint taste, too. We did not have any sensitivity to them. We would attempt that once again at some indicate see if they might get our teeth even whiter.

We utilized package in a week and there is a noticeable whitening on our teeth, we are very happy with the result. Our good friend is a dentist and she recommended these and informed us to keep them on while we sleep considering that the peroxide has a working life of 7 hours so we did. The only disadvantage was we had strange dreams while using the strips.

Our good friend who is a dentist recommended we attempt this brand (which generally needs to be offered to you by a dentist). We have bought this product several times. The very first time we purchased it, we got lots of compliments from our good friends. The second time we purchased it, we got compliments on how white our smile was from complete strangers. Personally, we have not had any sensitivity with using the recommended time (2hours). This is certainly worth the cash.

These truly work. They stay with our teeth without moving, and the whitening is noticeable. We use them for 1 1/2 hours at a time. They do produce some saliva that we need to spit out every 15 minutes or two, however it’s not a big offer. We would not wish to sleep with them on, though (as some have stated in their evaluations), due to the fact that of that. We had utilized these and was happy, and then later on, offered a whitening charcoal powder a shot due to the fact that we wondered if it worked. Found the powder a problem and returned to the sheer white strips.

This is the precise product our dentist recommended. After going through a complete box to get to what we think about “white enough” teeth, we have preserved the color by utilizing a strip every two weeks. Aside from a little inflammation on the gums that the strip contacts, this product is wonderful.

Did a truly great task on our teeth. The strips have a truly great grip as soon as connected to the teeth. We dislike that it leave you with sensitive gums for a few days.

Whitens well. Easy to use. Put a strip on your teeth. We oversleep mine. Rinse in the early morning. Whiteness lasts for a number of months. Tastes like peroxide. For great factor.

Functions extremely well. Easy to use. We at first got these through our dentist. The wasame able to acquire them less expensive through.

Once we complete the teeth cleaning by a dentist we use these professional grade whitening strips after 1x ayear Excellent results dentist select this brand.

Purchased these for ourself, however we let our granddaughter use them. They worked so great for her. She only utilized 3 of the sets of strips. We would extremely advisethese Excellent seller.

They certainly whiten you re teeth however they are so tough to get to stick on your teeth to use. They appear to stay with everything else for some factor. Absolutely whiten your teeth however.

Recommended by dentist however was hesitant based upon rate and some of the evaluations. Gone beyond all expectations. Very noticeably improved the color of our teeth. Left in during the night for two hours and inadvertently fell oversleeped them on two of the nights. Very easy to use and had almost no sensitivity afterwords.

Our teeth look terrific. These are half of what our dentist charges.

This product really worked for us. The strips are thicker than normal whitening strips and they stay with your teeth truly well. You can talk usually and not seem like you re wearing them. We have utilized two packs and will purchase another to have helpful when we require them once again.

In general a very great product and was recommended by our dentist. In some cases, it leaves a white strip on our front teeth.

Teeth whitening strips do work.

These are amazing, generally only survived dental professionals however found them on. You can keep them on and they adhere terrific to your teeth and almost liquify. Not like others where they make you foam in the mouth and the stuff gets all over. They likewise have a high % of whitening.

These strips work better than the crest whitening. We got mine and they were dry however we still utilized them and they still worked.

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