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Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth Whitening Methods

Methods of Teeth Whitening

Whether your teeth are stained from coffee or tea, smoking or discoloured due to natural pigmentation or antibiotics – there are various teeth whitening methods you can do at home or at your dentist’s office to bring back that bright smile. Since a smile is an important part of your appearance and teeth can become stained over time, teeth whitening or bleaching has become more popular in recent years and a normal part of dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth Whitening methods normally involve an oxidizing agent to bleach the enamel, and needs to be done every several months to keep the smile maintained. The enamel will resume absorbing of foods and beverages since the enamel normally becomes more porous after whitening.

Of course, there are all kinds of teeth whitening toothpaste on the market today for day-to-day use, but those may do little to reverse noticeable discoloration– although some are a bit stronger than others, and usually contain a slight peroxide type agent or abrasives. There are also over-the-counter teeth whitening systems which are stronger than the paste, and often involve a type of teeth bleaching process. That is normally done over a period of time, until desired results are achieved.

There are paint-on types of bleach and there are now whitening strips, to make it easier. Some home teeth whitening methods involve a mouth guard type tray that is used a few hours per day. The duration is normally anywhere from a week to three weeks or longer, and one disadvantage of the home systems is that the bleaching tray is not custom fit, so uneven whitening can occur or enamel near the gum line does not get bleached, resulting in a distinct line.

There is a gel-based method, where the gel is applied and a laser light activates the gel to produce bleaching. A cosmetic dentist can also make custom, at-home bleaching trays and systems that need to be under the dentist’s care and can be monitored. This is especially important for patients with sensitive teeth, as bleaching can make them more sensitive to hot and cold. In addition, it is possible to cause damage to the enamel of the teeth from over-bleaching, so a cosmetic dentist is able to monitor any damage.

Different Teeth Whitening Methods

Our diet plan can impact the colour of our teeth. Foods and beverages like tea and espresso can trigger teeth discoloration in the long run. Having an unhealthy lifestyle can also ruin the look of your teeth. To remedy the scenario and deliver back again the natural white glory of your teeth, there are a lot of methods you can consider. We can categorize them into three:

a) Natural remedies,

b) More than-the-counter whitening options, and

c) Professional teeth whitening methods.

Below are short descriptions and examples of each.

All-natural teeth whiteners refer to food and beverages we can easily put together at home. Extracted juice from green apples, for one, contains malic acid that is recognized to whiten teeth. Carrots and celery are also amongst the usual natural whiteners – munching on such crispy fruits and vegetables can serve as an efficient and natural toothbrush simply because of their natural abrasiveness.

Raisins are also suggested as natural mouth solution as they help produce saliva that can help rinse plaque from mouth. Strawberries, on the other hand, are not just well-liked fruit desserts they can also act as natural bleaching brokers simply because of the Vitamin C and astringent that they include.

Apart from food and beverages, you can also discover natural whitening solutions out of common products you can see at home. Baking soda is a recognized teeth cleaner and whitener. You can also use it in combination with hydrogen peroxide to make your own mouthwash.

As for the more than-the-counter whitening solutions, you can discover a myriad of options on teeth whitening goods in the market. There are advanced whitening strips, mouth gel, mouthwash, toothpaste, as nicely as treatment pens, amongst others.

The prices of each differ and will generally rely on their effectiveness and whitening results. These products are also well-liked options to professional whitening options simply because they are relatively less expensive. However, it is important to use them for fairly a long time in accordance to instructions until you see successful results.

Expert teeth whitening solutions are provided by numerous cosmetic dental clinics today. Simply because of the confirmed effectiveness, anticipate spending fairly a high price for the dental bleaching service. Zoom whitening service, for occasion, can cost up to $900.

Regardless of the cost, much more and much more individuals are choosing this choice more than other much less expensive ones simply because of its immediate whitening results. Some clinics even consist of upkeep goods and at-home kits in the zoom whitening deals that they provide.

Each of these three teeth whitening categories has their own discuss of advantages and downsides. When choosing a dental bleaching choice, make it a stage to assess where you can benefit the most in phrases of successful results and the cash you’ll invest on it.

Quick Teeth Whitening Methods

There are a few affordable quick methods of teeth whitening listed below:-

Teeth Whitening Tooth Paste:

A tooth paste is probably the cheapest and the simplest way of turning the teeth white. Since it is cheap, it is understandable that the results won’t be quick. It can take some time before a person notices some improvement. The reason is that it doesn’t contain any hydrogen peroxide, but most of the tooth pastes do contain baking soda, aluminium oxide and calcium phosphate which help in removing the stains.

Teeth Whitening Instruments:

To remove stains, there are tools that are used almost like an eraser for teeth. These tools will remove stains without damaging the teeth, usually work best when used with a teeth whitening toothpaste, and are especially good for use after eating or drinking anything that can stain.

Teeth Whitening Film whitening:

There is also a method that consists of a film of bleaching agents that is placed on the teeth. It sticks and is virtually invisible. While it works well, it can take weeks to achieve results, and again, the gums should be well protected.

Teeth Whitening Home Kits:

While many of the kits do it yourself “are promoted as exactly like that dentists use for teeth whitening treatments, you must be careful because although you use the same ingredients, peroxide, There are some differences.

First, the active agent is sold in a standard size, beyond what is needed in your particular case. In addition, there are chances that the peroxide goes where no teeth, and if you have sensitive disease, such as gums, it could get worse. Indeed, these treatments are much less expensive than those of dentists, but also that there is greater opportunity to encounter some problems, which, without being controlled could be worse.

The price range of alternative treatment with peroxide ranges from $ 30 to $ 175 for the full treatment, which lasts approximately two to four weeks in which teeth whitening and can get the expected results.

Teeth Whitening Peroxide and baking soda:

Many people say that mix peroxide and baking soda to give your smile a nice touch. While this works, the time is too abrasive to the gums and teeth themselves.

In these cases, a dentist should always control how the bleaching done by yourself, besides teaching him how. In general, every night, for three to four weeks, you should rinse your mouth with this bleaching agent.

Teeth Whitening Strips:

These are teeth whitening kits which are widely available over the internet. The supply for them is usually between two to six weeks. Once applied to the teeth, they need to be in the mouth for 20 minutes at least. It can look a bit difficult in the start, but it is easy to get used to it.

The amount of hydrogen peroxide in this method is low as well, about 10%, which reduces the risk of irritation in the gums. The results are not very quick. Some people have reported whiter teeth, some reported there was little improvement and some said there was no effect at all.

Teeth Whitening Bleach At Home:

Bleaching your teeth can be a very effective way to remove stains and get your teeth pearly white. It is not expensive, but does take some time through a disciplined regimen over several months. You should expect to have 3-6 shades of yellow removed. You can have your teeth bleached at home or at the dentist office.

In home bleaching basically involves taking plastic denture trays and applying peroxide gel into it. The tray is then applied to your teeth and you wear them for about 30 minutes.

Teeth whitening kits can be purchased directly from your dentist or over the counter. A month supply of trays and peroxide gel can run about $100 making this a practical cost effective approach. Dental trays and mouth guards can be custom made and purchased in bulk to cut down on expenses.

Professional in office teeth whitening can also be performed. Typically a higher concentration of peroxide is applied by the dental specialist. This procedure is commonly called power bleaching that generally results in results shown immediately. The cost of in office teeth whitening is more expensive and can run anywhere between $250-$750 dollars.

If you have sensitive gums or teeth, you should get approval from your dentist before going through high levels of peroxide use.

Laser Teeth Whitening:

Finally, the most effective means for whitening your teeth is via laser treatment. Though the most costly, the results can be phenomenal. Patients who had laser whitening claim that up to 10 shades of yellow can be taken off their dingy teeth. The process begins with a hydrogen peroxide bleach mixture applied to the surface of your teeth. An expensive laser equipment device is used to send laser pulses to stimulate the bleach on your teeth. Plaque build-up is immediately removed leaving your teeth very white. Your appointment should take about an hour.

This method cannot be done at home. A person has to visit the dentist and this method can be quite expensive. The dentist uses light energy to increase the method of bleaching. It usually takes 15-20 minutes for the treatment to end. The best thing about going to the dentist is that there are less chances of getting a chemical burn and the results are 100%. People say it is the best teeth whitening treatment out there, however, the most expensive as well.

You Can Have Whiter Teeth By Trying These Methods!

With more and more people concerned about physical appearance, whitening of the teeth is becoming a regular beauty ritual for some people. However, there are some precautions that need to be taken and things to consider before you decide which of the many options the best is for you. This article provides you with some useful advice. This is usually much safer than other whitening teeth products in the market.

Rinse your mouth with a little hydrogen peroxide while you are in the shower, just remember never to swallow. Once or twice a week should be enough to keep your teeth white.

Try to stay away from coffee, cigarettes, and most certainly wine. If you don’t want to quit your coffee and cigarette habits, brush your teeth every time you finish smoking or drinking. There are also mini finger brushes that you can carry around with you. They are slightly abrasive and can give you an on-the-go tooth cleaning. The abrasive on them is what gets your teeth clean.

After you eat a meal or drink a beverage, you should immediately use water to rinse out your mouth. If you rinse your mouth after you eat, you can keep your teeth whiter. This will avoid deep set stains in your teeth.

Teeth should be brushed and flossed at least two times a day. Flossing should be done with special care before bedtime. You want to remove the day’s plaque so it doesn’t set overnight.

Brushing your teeth after each meal you eat is a great way to keep your teeth white. Cleaning your teeth after a meal is very important in order to remove stains from the various foods and drinks you just consumed. Coffee has especially strong staining properties, so it’s definitely important you clean your teeth after drinking a cup.

Your dentist will be able to recommend the safest and most effective home whitening of the teeth kits. Don’t waste your time and money trying out every home whitening product. Relying on your dentist’s expertise is a far more efficient means of finding the product that works best for you.

Use peroxide and baking soda to whiten your teeth. Brush your teeth with this for 5 to 10 minutes. Do so gently, as excess pressure can harm your gums.

Regular cleanings are effective in maintaining a white smile. The professional cleaning will remove a good bit of the tarter and stains that have built up over time. This can help prevent gum disease and cavities as well as making your teeth whiter.

Eat cheese to improve the strength of your tooth enamel. It’s been proven that the calcium found in cheese helps build back enamel on teeth.

Some examples are apples, broccoli, cucumber, and carrots. Make sure to eat these fruits and vegetables raw to get the best effect.

If you smoke and you’d like whiter teeth, quit smoking. It is pointless to spend money on whitening of the teeth products if you continue smoking. The whiter smile you create will be completely undone by the cigarette smoking.

Talk to your dentist about products that can whiten your teeth without damaging your gums.

Drinking water following dark drinks, like coffee and tea, can help prevent the pigments from staining your teeth. Straws can also lessen the staining issue, as well as using milk with a higher fat content mixed into your coffee or tea.

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Method

Nearly everyone has hydrogen peroxide in their medicine cabinet and most of us have heard that you can bleach hair with it, but did you also know you can whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide? In fact, it’s one of the main active ingredients in most teeth whiteners.

While there are many tips and tricks to whiten your own teeth, many are shocked to find that a simple ingredient in that resides in their medicine cabinet can whiten their teeth. You’ve probably heard of lemon juice or baking soda, and you may have tried mashing up strawberries and brushing with that. You may have even tried one of those teeth whitening pastes. But the truth is hydrogen peroxide is one of the best ways to whiten your teeth.

When you think about your hair, your nails and teeth, you will recognize that they all have many of the same components. Thus, it only makes sense that hydrogen peroxide will whiten your teeth; after all, it also lightens skin and hair.

The truth is, professional teeth whitening that is done in your dentist office, often uses a hydrogen peroxide base. Combined with carbamide peroxide, the two solutions are the main ingredients in the dental whitening procedures. They are also used in the grocery store and pharmacy products you buy.

While it’s so simple, many haven’t even considered doing it themselves at home for a fraction of the cost. It’s safest to buy a readymade solution or gel, that way you’ll know you’ve got the right amounts and that they’re just as effective as they should be. All of the formulas are very similar and very effective to whiten your teeth.

The basic rule is to put the solution on your teeth, wait the appropriate amount of time and then brush the solution off or rinse it off. It’s quick and easy. You can press plastic gel strips on your tooth or apply it in a mouth guard type tray. Either way, it’s quick and easy. Follow the direction (most say to do it twice per day) and within a few short weeks you’ll have a whiter brighter smile.

You can also elect to use a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash that should help as well. Many claims this doesn’t work as well however so it’s all up to the user and what they feel is the best way to go about it. Also, it’s not good to swallow this mouthwash it can cause vomiting and other health issues.

Hydrogen peroxide whitening products are reasonably priced and available just about anywhere. When you consider the expensive alternatives, it’s no wonder many are going this route to have a healthier, brighter and whiter smile.

The Best Teeth Whitening Methods And How They Work

Cosmetic dentistry in general, and teeth whitening in particular, has never been more popular among those looking to restore the whiteness of their teeth after years of smoking and coffee drinking. In fact, Americans now spend in excess of one billion dollars annually on a combination of do-it-yourself home teeth whitening products and professional whitening treatments performed by a dentist.

Many individuals today want nicer smiles and an improved appearance, and laser teeth whitening is a popular choice for achieving this. Laser whitening, as the name implies, involves using laser light in combination with a peroxide whitening gel in order to yield exceptional results.

Laser whitening is performed by a dental health professional in a dentist’s office and is a closely monitored procedure, making it the preferred treatment option for those with highly sensitive teeth. It is among the most effective of whitening techniques and in some cases teeth are whitened by as many as ten shades.

To make sure the whitening process is as effective as it can be, the procedure begins with a cleaning of the patient’s teeth to clear the surface of the teeth of materials like plaque. After this the dentist will apply the whitening gel.

A laser light is then applied to the gel in order to activate it. This increases the speed of the whitening process, as well as its effectiveness. The activation process works like this: crystals within the bleaching gel absorb the light’s energy, increasing its penetration of the teeth’s enamel and its teeth whitening power.

For most people, just one treatment will be necessary to achieve the desired degree of whitening, making laser whitening the treatment option of choice for those who can afford it. This is not always the case, however, and in some instances additional treatments may be required.

Are there any disadvantages to laser teeth whitening? A few. One is the price, which runs as much as $1000 per treatment, making it much more costly than other teeth whitening options. Another disadvantage is that occasionally teeth and gum soreness and pain results from the procedure, although it is typically only minor and relatively short lived.

Professional treatment in a dentist’s office is not the only option you have. There are many at home teeth whitening methods that employ a host of products available at your local pharmacy or supermarket. Among these products are teeth whitening strips, trays and toothpastes.

The best at home teeth whitening results are obtained by using whitening trays, but they are not easy to use. Toothpastes, as you would imagine, are very easy to use, but yield lousy results. Whitening strips are a popular choice, because they are easier to use than trays, and yield better results than toothpastes. Unfortunately, though, whitening strips cannot completely whiten an entire tooth, so the whitening they provide is often uneven.

Teeth whitening strips are designed to be used on either your bottom teeth or your top teeth, not both. They are made of plastic that have been coated beforehand with hydrogen peroxide, which serves as the whitening compound.

The teeth whitening strips are used by pressing them firmly into place on the teeth, which applies the peroxide bleaching agent to the teeth. Typically, they are to remain in place for about 30 minutes and are to be used twice a day for about two weeks in order for the desired results to be achieved.

Can Fruit Service As An At Home Teeth Whitening Method?

If someone doesn’t want to use harsh chemicals on their teeth, then using fruit as an at home teeth whitening method sounds ideal. Mash some strawberries and brush your teeth with them. Rub lemon peel across your teeth, to make them whiter. What could be better than going all natural like this? The problem is that as teeth whitening system, even using these natural elements may ultimately do more harm than good to the teeth.

Citric acid does have some effect as a natural, at home teeth whitening method. But before this is taken as proof that using lemons or oranges is the best means of creating whiter teeth, it should be noted that this acid produces the effect, in part, by leeching calcium from the tooth enamel. Calcium produces a darker colour, so removing it will have an automatic teeth bleaching effect. Yet removing the calcium thins the enamel, ultimately making the teeth weaker. So there’s a dark side to whitening the teeth with citric acid.

Do strawberries fare better as a homemade teeth whitening method? Not really. The seeds are abrasive and can scrape and damage the teeth, and the acid can have a similar effect to that in lemons.

In fact, the acid in strawberries softens the enamel. This is why people advise that someone should wait twenty minutes after eating these berries before brushing the teeth, to give the saliva a chance to replenish the minerals in the enamel. Using strawberries themselves to brush the teeth, certainly on a regular basis, is probably not the best means of making the teeth white.

There’s an irony involved in using at home teeth whitening methods that make tooth enamel thinner and weaker. For the most part, the yellowish colour of teeth comes from the dentin inside, and the colour shows through the enamel, which is translucent. So if that enamel gradually becomes thinner, this yellowish colour will eventually become more prominent.

A tooth whitener designed to remove yellow may ultimately make it more pronounced instead. It would seem that even though they sound healthier, using strawberries or lemons don’t serve the purpose of whitening teeth very well.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Teeth Whitening Method

Once you’ve decided that you want to undergo teeth whitening treatment you’re left to choose a particular whitening method. There are a variety of methods available. Some are drastically better than others in performance, but are costly. Others are affordable but have been known to cause tooth sensitivity. This article is going to address the five most important factors to consider when choosing which teeth whitening method is best for you.

1. Cost

This is probably the most critical factor, if not most important. The price of whitening treatments ranges from a one dollar pack of whitening gum (which doesn’t do much whitening) to a $1,000 professional whitening session (which can have your teeth glowing like the moon). There are dozens of options in between and finding the one that is an acceptable price for you should be the goal. Weighing the cost against the other 4 factors is also important to be sure that the product will work and isn’t just the least expensive.

2. Effectiveness

How well the product works is just as important as how much it costs. There’s no sense in searching for a bargain on a treatment that doesn’t work. Finding a happy medium between the best price and most effective product is your best bet. Some treatments will quickly whiten your teeth 4 or 5 shades (or more). Those are also the most expensive methods. If that type of treatment is in your budget, then by all means go for it. But for many people, successful tooth whitening relies on finding a product that works well and is affordable.

3. Time

You don’t want to have to re-whiten your teeth every month or even every couple months. Be careful of treatments that require you to continuously apply them. It’s not healthy for your teeth or your wallet. The ideal treatment should whiten your teeth a few shades and keep them that way (provided you continue to take care of them properly) for 6-8 months at least.

4. Intrusion

How uncomfortable is the treatment? Are you able to multitask or do you having to sit still? Some professional methods require you to sit in a dentist’s chair for up to an hour at a time for a few appointments. That’s fine if you’d rather have the treatment be applied by a dentist. Many home methods require you to wear a mouthpiece around the house which can be bothersome, but also lets you do the dishes or watch TV while whitening. There is no right or wrong answer.

5. Risk

This factor is last not because it’s least important, but because most methods are considered safe. While some home remedies can damage your teeth, buying a whitening product from a reputable brand is usually a safe choice. Similarly, having your dentist whiten your teeth can put your mind at ease. Many methods do cause some sensitivity, but usually it’s nothing to worry about. Prolonged discomfort is uncommon and should be checked out by a dentist.

Taking these five factors into consideration before you decide on a method can save you a lot of time and money. Read reviews of the product before you buy and beware of the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ products. What works for someone else might not be what’s best for you, so use these five factors to decide exactly what type of product you’re looking for, and then go from there.

Choosing a Teeth Whitening Method

Whilst some home remedies can hurt your teeth, purchasing a whitening product from a credible brand is mostly a safe choice.

Popular Teeth Whitening Options

Whichever method of teeth whitening you prefer; you should always consult with your dentist before choosing any products and use all products according to their instructions.

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