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Your smile is probably one of the most noticeable aspects of your face. The corners of your mouth reveal so much about you, as well as your teeth. Perhaps, that’s the reason why so many people are trying to figure out the absolute best method for whitening their teeth. The answer of course is to find the best teeth whitening gels available on the market!

If you are one of those who are not yet equipped with the right knowledge about teeth whitening, then this is the right article for you. Do yourself a favour and educate yourself with all of the important facts before making a decision to whiten your smile. You’ll certainly be glad you did!

There are so many techniques to make your teeth lighter through the use of teeth whitening gels. The most innovative is called laser bleaching or power bleaching. In this method, light energy is focused on the teeth structure in order to hasten the bleaching process in dental clinics.

Argon lasers are preferred in this method for safety reasons, as it does not emit ultraviolet rays like the regular arc lamp. Heat-induced sensitivity is also not a problem with argon lasers, but they can be pricier than the conventional methods.

A more traditional whitening technique is the use of teeth whitening toothpaste. This works through the combination of mechanical brushing and polishing agents that remove stains rather than whiten your teeth. Therefore it is not designed to really make your teeth white and won’t rank highly among the other top brands of teeth whitening gels.

Another course of action to make your teeth whiter is with the use of whitening strips. These products can be found in many drug stores, readily available in areas near you. They are easy to use and inexpensive, but they require a very long period to take effect. In addition, the end results are nowhere near as good as teeth whitening gels specifically built for home use.

You can also receive treatment from an actual dentist visit, but typically these appointments take an hour or more each and require several additional visits for further applications.

The most excellent method of all may be attributed to finding the best teeth whitening gels. They are worn overnight or a few hours each day, and can be applied times throughout the week. But those are just two weeks of waiting, unlike whitening strips which may require longer than that for desired results. They contain hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent. You can also purchase this from your dentist or drug store, so it’s also easy to find and affordable as well.

What would you get from using these teeth whitening gels? Well, first it enhances your total appearance by improving the look of your teeth. Second, it reaches the areas of your teeth that a standard toothbrush can’t. In the end, you may find that your teeth are about seven shades lighter. Of course this result won’t happen overnight, but will certainly take place after the specified duration of the applicants is completed.

As for the best teeth whitening gels, it’s up to you. There are a number of brands out there. Try looking for the one which perfectly fits your budget as well as matches up with your desired shade of white.

The Truth About Teeth Whitener Gel

Certain teeth whitener gels can produce chemical burns if an oxidizing agent of high-concentration comes into contact with tissues which are unprotected. This can result in discoloured membranes. The most common cause of this are the trays not fitting properly around areas of the mouth, letting it leak out and cause burns. This can be quite painful and leave scarring.

Your teeth may also become sensitive to the touch. This is one of the most unfortunate and painful side effects that can happen as a result of whitening. Not being able to eat food properly due to pain and sensitivity is not a fun thing to experience.

Another risk is over bleaching your teeth, a self explanatory affliction known by dentists and teeth care professionals as “over white teeth“. Studies have shown that the whiteness gained by gels can go away after a few weeks after the treatment and sometimes the shades can retract back to a darker shade than originally. This is a major concern as you’d be paying to get your smile brightened and might wind up with the exact opposite effect.

One of the most common and feared side effects is your teeth losing their whiteness, a symptom referred to as “rebound” by industry professionals. Certain studies have shown that sometimes your teeth indeed darken up to an amount of 4 shades after a 30 day period has passed.

Studies have also shown that home bleaching treatments, such as an at home tooth whitener gel package can slightly reduce the enamel on your teeth. However, long term studies have shown this reduction to be of an insignificant amount. So don’t worry, your enamel is safe with these home procedures.

The most frequent risks involved with these processes are sensitivity in the tooth as well as an increase in irritability in the gums, more frequently occurring in the beginning stages of the procedure. Believe it or not, the culprit isn’t the dreaded agent who bleaches your teeth; it’s an improperly fitted mouth piece tray which spreads the tooth whitener gel. These symptoms usually ease up and completely cease bothering patients after one to three days.

Teeth whitener gel is not recommended for anyone under the age of 17, due to the nerves in the teeth not being completely developed. It would be unfortunate if your child received stunted teeth growth due to something that might be deemed unnecessary for her age bracket. Pregnant women who are currently lactating should also consider waiting before bleaching their teeth.

Wonders Of Teeth Whitening Gel

Before choosing the best teeth whitening gel for yourself, it is always better to do some kind of research on it. Are your teeth yellow and brown or you just need a slight touch up? Have you experienced any kind of pains in your gums or you just not happy with the colour of your teeth? If you are in search of the best whitening gel for your teeth, then you must answers the above mentioned queries.

Home Kits

Most of the teeth whitening gels contain hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Normally home kits in tooth whitening gels are considered to be the most effective choices since they include everything you need to whiten your teeth. You do not need to keep running after any medical store to get your stuff. Most importantly home kits are much cheaper than teeth whitening at cosmetic dentistry since the latter will cost you thousands.

Whitening Gels for teeth

Teeth Whitening are responsible for some of the quickest results. The good part about these gels is that you can use it continuously. There is absolutely no side-effect. Repeated usage of these gels will help you maintain your teeth white even the initial blast of whiteness.

However, it is extremely important for you to know that even if you use the best tooth whiteners, it will not benefit you if you continue to eat, smoke, and drink stuff that puts stains on your teeth.

Gel Pen

The teeth whitening gel are also available in cool gel pens. These Gel pens are easy, quick, and discreet. They gives you some quick whitening and can carry them anywhere and use them everywhere you like as you simply need a quick touch up. Click Here For Our Exclusive Review Of The Top 5 Teeth Whitening These gel pens cannot do any wonder. They simply cover up your stains. By using a gel pen, you can stop the normal stains from settling into your teeth especially after having a cup of coffee or tea.

Buying The Best Teeth Whiteners

So if you are sick and tired of teeth stain and longing for white teeth and a brighter smile, then go for the best teeth whitening products. If you follow the instruction properly, teeth whitening gel will do wonder and you won’t have to spent dollars in dental clinics.

How to Use a Teeth whitening Gel

Teeth whitening are a very simple process and can be done from the comfort of your home. You need to acquire trays that can be fitted to your mouth while using the teeth bleaching gel.

The home whitening products comes with a set of instructions and guidelines that need to be follow which making the solution of the car amide peroxide and further added to your trays. Then the solution is kept for about 20 minutes. You will notice the big difference in the teeth colour only after repeated usage.

Teeth Whitening has never been so easier and it is quite reasonable if done at the luxury of your home. It can be done at home rather than visiting a dentist. However, you need to be a little bit careful with the bleach. Bleaches if kept for a longer period may cause burn.

Can a Teeth Whitening Gel Really Make Your Teeth White?

Gel whiteners are made from a compound called carbamide peroxide. The active ingredient in carbamide peroxide is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful bleaching agent.

Hydrogen peroxide helps to remove stains within your teeth enamel. It is commonly used in cosmetic dentistry to “bleach” teeth. The whiteness of your teeth after using a carbamide peroxide whitener will be based on the gel’s concentration and how long you leave the gel on your teeth.

Most gels have a concentration between 10 percent and 35 percent. Products with higher concentrations of carbamide peroxide have a higher risk of bad side effects (e.g. chemical burns).

So yes the gel can be effective in whitening teeth and is also used by many dentists in their whitening procedures.

What is a Good Gel Based Product?

Many home whitening products have a low concentration of carbamide peroxide. These home teeth whitening products can still give you the results you desire with less chance of negative side effects for example, sensitive teeth or sore gums.

A pen is a common gel based product. You dispense the gel from the pen and apply it to your teeth with the small brush at the tip. It is easy to ensure all your teeth get covered. It is very convenient to use and doesn’t take long to apply.

Typically, the gel is flavoured so it doesn’t taste unpleasant or leave a bad taste in your mouth. Once applied to the teeth, it takes around 30 seconds to dry.

In a pen, the gel flow can also be controlled easily so there is less mess compared to other common home whitening products such as trays, strips or powders.

How Long Will it Take to Whiten Your Teeth with a Gel?

Results will depend on the extent of the staining on your teeth as well as your lifestyle. For example, stains from smoking and dark coloured liquids such as red wine and coffee can take longer to remove. These factors will also contribute to how long your teeth stay white.

Do Whitening Gels Make Your Teeth Sensitive?

Whitening your teeth is considered to be a cosmetic experience used solely to improve your physical appearance. It would be completely useless if on the way to receiving whiter teeth, you wound up with overly sensitive teeth which affected necessary and routine tasks like eating and drinking your favourite foods. Fortunately, it is a very uncommon side effect to have such sensitive teeth that you can no longer eat your preferred foods.

While it is unlikely to have to completely stop eating certain foods due to pain and sensitivity, it is not out of the ballpark that you will have more sensitive teeth after a whitening experience. This is a very common side effect and in most cases your teeth will be extra sensitive to certain degrees of hot and cold. However, in general this extra sensitivity will only continue throughout one or two days after you apply a gel applicants to your teeth. It is rare for the pain to be unbearable or severe and it’s usually only a minor annoyance, and as stated earlier, it will go away after a day or two.

It is important to note that every method of whitening your teeth with gels will cause a certain extent of tooth sensitivity and you will be wasting your time if you go on a quest to find the perfect gel which does not. While sensitivity perks up when you attempt to eat certain foods which are very hot are very cold, sometimes your teeth can be bothered by air itself. If this occurs, do not be alarmed as this is incredibly standard and most users of teeth whitening gel will experience this affliction to some extent.

If you are overly concerned about experiencing tooth sensitivity and you will be happy to know that certain brands of whitening gel claim to contain an additional chemical agent which is said to relieve any sensitivity in subsequent stress caused by this feeling. Although, this sounds like a must have to avoid any sensitivity issues, some users state that they did not notice a difference in the levels of sensitivity between a normal whitening gel and a gel which contained the special stress relieving chemicals.

If you are considering whitening your teeth with special gels, but are becoming more and more concerned with the issue of sensitivity in the teeth, you needn’t be alarmed. As stated above, the minor pain will go away within 1 to 2 days after you stop using the gel. If you are also concerned about your whitening results being negatively affected by taking a day or two off to relieve the pain, you shouldn’t as this is also not an issue. Your whining results will not be affected by a break in whitening consistency, they will just take longer to achieve.

In conclusion, slight sensitivity in the teeth due to applying whitening gels is something to be expected no matter what brand or type you are using. Whether you are using over the counter white strips or are going to a dentist to undergo whitening your teeth with a laser, tooth sensitivity will likely occur. It is important to understand this and to realize that it is a necessary annoyance to endure in order to receive your desired results of a brighter smile.

Facts About Teeth Whitening Gels

The Teeth Whitening Gels generally contain carbamide peroxide, sodium per carbonate and hydrogen peroxide as ingredients. These ingredients serve the function of removing stains and plague from your teeth. The gels are usually incorporated with trays which can be fitted easily in the upper and lower jaws. However, some people may feel a bit irritated with the presence of these trays.

If you are searching for the best one for you, then try to initialize your research with the first option. The Teeth Whitening Gels are also available in the form of gel pens. Gel pens are the quick as well as discrete pens which provide you with the quick whitening of teeth and you can carry these pens with you i.e. they are easily portable.

Opalescence gels for the purpose of teeth whitening is the most efficacious solution which assists you to get the dazzling smile. These gels have been verified by the top most dentists. But be careful, that you need to store all these gels at the cooler place to get the better results for your teeth. The Opalescence gels perform the function of enhancing the level of enamel which is vital for strengthening your teeth.

Although the whitening of your teeth can be accomplished by various methods like visiting your family dentist or undergoing a laser surgery for your teeth, but the Teeth Whitening Gels are the easier and the cheapest alternative in this context. These gels can be applied to your teeth with ease, just like applying paints to your walls.

We generally place lots of values with our external appearances. Having white teeth is just the necessity nowadays. Having white teeth can be advantageous in several ways: be it the job interview, meeting with the new people or even on the date.

Proceed with Caution While Using Teeth Whitening Gels

A pleasant and elegant whitening gel helps in setting up the foundation of every teeth treatment. The Teeth Whitening Gels contain peroxide as one of the ingredients which is responsible for initializing the whitening treatment for your teeth. The gel is composed and formulated in the way, so that it can stick to your teeth for the longer intervals.

These gels are available in mainly two styles i.e. over-the-counter and the professional gels. Both are user friendly and are available at the affordable prices, but the latter is highly preferred as compared to the former, because the former contains the less concentration of peroxide.

The Risks Involved with Teeth Whitening Gels

The effectiveness of Teeth Whitening Gels depends significantly on the discoloration of your teeth. The higher the percentage of peroxide in the whitening gel, the more effective it will be against the discoloration. Studies have shown that, there are some gels which contain certain abrasives which results in the thinning of enamel.

Benefits of Teeth Gel for a Whiter Smile

If you are dissatisfied with the colour of your teeth you have thought about getting your teeth whitened. While many toothpastes claim to be “whitening” they are not changing the colour of your teeth, only cleaning minor stains and debris.

For true whitening you will need to use a teeth gel. If you go to your dentist’s office, he will use such a gel to bleach your teeth. This gel contains a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, in high concentrations. This method is the most successful and quickest method for whitening teeth.

However, teeth bleaching treatments in your dentist’s office are expensive. An easy to use way to whiten your teeth could be an at home kit utilizing a teeth gel. When looking at the options for teeth whitening, an at home kit is less costly and sometimes just as effective and there are many options to choose from.

One such method using teeth gel is an at home kit that you have to wear a mouth piece for a period of time. The mouth piece is used to protect your gums and to hold the gel on for the required period of time. You may be required to use this method several times to get the best effect, but in the end this method usually achieves the most results. Even though the amount of the bleaching agent is not the same concentration as you would get during dental whitening, it is still higher than any other method.

There are gels that only require you to put them on in the morning and at night and not leave them on for a period of time. However, these are much less effective and intended to maintain already whitened teeth.

If you are looking for a quick fix, there is a teeth gel that you can apply through the day, such as after meals or drinks. However, these will be less effective as they do not remain long enough to take care of the deep set in stains that may have gone as deep as the dentin core.

If you do decide to use an at home kit, one thing you need to consider is how white you want your teeth to appear. If you have any type of restoration you may not want to go too white as your natural teeth and your restored teeth could end up with blatantly different colouring, also referred to as “Technicolor teeth”. This will influence your decision as to how long the teeth gel remains on your teeth as well as how strong you want the gel to be.

While you can shop for teeth gel kits online, many do not work as advertised. It would be best to do some research before spending too much money on a kit that does not do the job you want. You can also ask your family and friends. Teeth whitening have become a regular occurrence in today’s world, so you should have no shortage of suggestions.

Tips for Selecting the Best Teeth Whitening Gels

Like any product, you have multiple companies trying to cash in on the trend, which in turn creates more products to choose from. Having multiple products to choose from is great for your pocket, as you can save some money due to competition, but you’re likely to be lost trying to figure out what is good for you and your teeth. Let’s face it; there are hundreds if not thousands of dental whitening products on the market. It really is about finding out what works and what doesn’t quickly.

Here are some good tips to help you in making your decision:

  • Never pay more than 8 dollars for any kind of teeth whitening gel! You can get some really good quality whitening gels online, they offer 14 day trials prior so you can test the product, many people have gone this route and had great success with whitening their teeth from home.
  • Getting the Free Trials online is great and can save you up to 300-400 dollars from going to your local dentist for whitening.
  • Make sure whatever product you are interested in going with has a 60 day money back guarantee; this will help you weed out the products which are least likely to be confident with their products results. This gives you a safety zone to have; it ensures you will have no regrets with the product and its results.

In most cases you only pay a shipping and handling fee for the shipping on the Free Trials. This shipping and handling fee is typically a few dollars, this is why people are opting out of in-office dental whitening, the price is way too high for something they can ultimately do from their own home for a fraction of the cost.

  • Make sure you look for the 60 day guarantee and make sure they have some terms and conditions so you know you are dealing with a real company and not some fly by night company.
  • Be patient with your goals, do not expect to see bright white teeth overnight as some systems rely on a 2 week period for them to start working, remember these gels contains high levels of peroxide this is why you are only putting them on for set amount of times, in a lot of cases this is why you will not see the effects until weeks later. So if you see a whitening gel that claims your teeth will be 8 shades whiter in 24 hours, it is clearly a product that does not work.

Stay Away

Do not rush into buying any kind of Teeth Whitening gel, take your time and make your decision and read some reviews or feedback from other customers who have used the product. Learn more about the products to finding a successful system.

So there you have it, those were some pretty basic steps to helping you find the proper teeth whitening product that is right for your specific dental needs. If you are still having trouble finding the proper product because you have sensitive teeth or other teeth problems, I would then suggest you bring up your concerns at your next dental appointment. Your dentist can always give you great tips and suggestions for help with your oral health!

Using Teeth Whitening Gel With Receding Gums

Many people are afflicted with certain dental problems that prevent them from receiving certain types of cosmetic enhancements, disallowing them to undergo certain procedures which would enable them to positively change their appearance.

When it comes to whitening your teeth, the many different factors which can prevent you from receiving the full benefits of the procedure, as well as preventing you from enjoying the enhancement as much as you possibly can. While using whitening gels with sensitive teeth is one of the more common problems, another major one that people always have questions about is using whitening gels with receding gums.

A receding gum line of a is one of the more common periodontal problems, affecting many people throughout the world and putting doubts into their mind as to how white their teeth can get with special whitening agents. By far, the most likely problem you are set to encounter with this type of affliction is tooth’s sensitivity due to the periodontal problem. This is something that many people have to deal with one where another when whitening teeth, whether it be caused by a pre existing condition, or something natural such as a receding gum line.

You should not worry or fret if you do have are receding gum line and want whiter teeth as there are many different things you can do to help fight the symptoms that you will likely be afflicted by. For instance, if you swish your mouth out with ACT fluoride, which you can buy from standard pharmacies, for several weeks beforehand, you can make the roots in your mouth much stronger than normal. This will prepare your mouth and gum line for the oncoming whitening procedure, allowing you to experience much less pain than you otherwise would caused by sensitive teeth. To get the most out of this preventative measure, it is recommended that when you are swishing your mouth with a fluoride, you do this for at least 5 minutes each time. For maximum of fact, you should undergo this measure at least twice a day for the entire duration of their route strengthening procedure, allowing your roots, as well as your teeth, to toughen up and get stronger in an effort to fight the tooth’s sensitivity. This is a much better alternative then simply using standard mouthwash.

Another method to avoid causing pain to your teeth to do receding gum lines is going to a professional dentist and having them sculpt out exact fitting molds for your teeth in an effort to avoid the gum line which is wide out in the open.

When you use a custom fitting whitening tray, the gel is specifically targeted to the exact areas in your mouth that you want the agent to have an effect on. With a properly fitting custom trade, you can safely a void the parts of your gum that you do not want to get bleach or carbamide peroxide on, effectively avoiding any type of sensitivity issues.

For the best opinion on this subject, or to purchase the best product for you to use for teeth whitening with receding gums, it is highly recommended that you make an in-house a visit to your local dentist immediately. They will be much better suited to give you an accurate estimate and informed opinion than anyone else as they can take a look at your teeth and have a much better description of the problem you are likely to face.

Is Tooth Whitening Gel For You?

There are many considerations to take before deciding on whether or not you should use a professional tooth whitening gel. With rewards come risks and you must decide if you’d like to take the chance. I have outlined the major risks and concerns in my other posts, so feel free to brush up on them before reading the rest of this entry.

How bad do you want whiter teeth? Are you willing to put up with a gel mouth tray that might not fit all the way onto your mouth resulting in slight burns to your gum line? This can result in scarred and tainted membrane colours. This is definitely not a very common problem with tooth whitening gels but cases have been reported and you definitely should know what CAN happen, despite how unlikely the chances are it may occur.

Are you comfortable putting the sensitivity of your teeth on the line in exchange for their overall physical appearance? Which would you rather have, a nice set of teeth which are pretty to look at or the chance that they MAY become sensitive. It’s certainly possible that eating your favourite foods might cause slight discomfort. Beauty has a price when using tooth whitening gels.

It’s also possible that even if you do get that bright, white smile that you’ve always dreamed about it will fade away. Yep, certain studies conducted have displayed that some treatments for bleaching at home can make your teeth darken after 30 days have gone past. That’s right, results are not guaranteed to be permanent and you could easily lose the glow on your pearly whites even with the aid of a tooth whitening gel.

Not only can your smile reduce in white glow, but the enamel coating your choppers might also be weakened. It’s not a common side effect and studies over long periods have proven that it’s not a significant amount.

How old are you? If you aren’t 18 or older, these procedures probably aren’t for you. Children’s teeth still have undeveloped nerves which need to fully grow and mature before being tampered with by a professional tooth whitening gel.

Are you currently carrying a baby? Pregnant mothers are also not recommended for this process. Mothers who are also still lactating may be at extra risk as well. Please talk to a doctor before committing to any course of action.

These are all considerations that you need to heavily weigh before deciding on whitening your teeth. I highly suggest that you do all of your research before using any type of tooth whitening gel.

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