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Tanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System.

  • Teeth are noticeably whiter after simply one 5-minute treatment and professionally whiter teeth in 5 days
  • Effectively eliminates germs, reduces tartar accumulation and battles halitosis
  • Whitens both front and back of all teeth at the exact same time
  • Supplies maximum whitening results without sensitivity or inflammation
  • System includes Pearl mouth-tray device, 20 Ionic whitening gel tubes, storage case, user manual and quick referral guide

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Tanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System.
Tanda Pearl is a new advanced teeth whitening system that utilizes patented ionic technology to provide noticeably whiter teeth in simply 5 minutes and professionally whiter teeth in 5 days. Enamel- safe and easy to use, the Pearl offers total-mouth whitening with no sensitivity or inflammation. Easy to use, hands-free mouth-tray device is soft and comfortable. Device lasts as much as 50 treatments, with extra booster kits of gel offered for a smile boost or regular smile upkeep. Leaves your mouth sensation fresh, cool and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System.

Question Question 1

We Simply Required Extra Gel Tubes?

You can buy simply the gel tubes. Make sure that’s what you’re getting.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Tanda 90300 Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are relatively particular our teeth (age 52) are whiter. The application process is very easy and non offensive. Perhaps we require another round? we consume coffee, however not red wine, for what that deserves.

Wonderful buy.

Functions like it states itdoes Worth the cash.

This is agreat product whiter teeth and no pain.

Functions as guaranteed and super simple. Can not stop working if you attempt this. Get more gel if you can. Worth every cent.

We hesitated to acquire it due to the fact that we have actually utilized whitening products that have actually not worked for our teeth that is grayish due to a previous root canal. To our surprise it improved the color to match our other teeth which will conserve us from veneers. We hope it will truly last as long as producer states. Only remark is that you consume a great deal of gel, however it deserves it.

We have actually simply finished treatment number 4. We do not believe we will do the 5th treatment due to the fact that we truthfully do not believe our teeth might be any whiter. It’s insane, we have like motion picture star white teeth. About 12 years back, we had a dentist make a mold of our teeth and have actually been using opalscene (may have spelled that incorrect). It worked well, however we might never ever keep the stuff on our teeth for more than a half hour due to the fact that of the sensitivity; we were even using the sensitive formula. That’s not the case with this stuff. Simply as they market, it’s no sensitivity. The only drawback to this is the rate. Let us simplify for you and conserve you the mathematics of just how much it truly costs. This is something to think of due to the fact that the device has a minimal use of 50 treatments (simply put, it’s 50 5 minute treatments). That minimal use, our company believe, is because of the battery not be exchangeable. One 5 minute treatment = $1190 So each time you put this in your mouth, it costs you $11 90 presuming you use the whole 50 treatments it can. This is figuring the $195 for the device with 20 gel tubes then figuring $50 for 8 more gel kits (10 tubes in a kit = 5 treatments). That would be a total of 50 treatments. You wind up investing a total of $595 as long as you use if for the 50 sessions it can. Because this product is so new, no one on the web broke down the mathematics for us before we purchased, however you truly require to in order to comprehend the real expense. Hope this helps.


We have actually attempted many of the teeth whitening makers out there and this is the very first one that truly works and does not trouble our teeth. Even our dentist was amazed. Love love love our tanda pearl.

Throughout the years, we have actually tried to use the whitening strips and have actually never ever been pleased with the results as they never ever appeared to get in between the teeth nor the back of the teeth. We check out some of the unfavorable evaluations and was likewise worried about this purchase, however, something made us get it anyhow. All we can state now is that i’m very happy we did. Our teeth are currently a minimum of 3 shades whiter and we are only on the fifth day. We likewise love the reality that it only takes 5 minutes.

A lot better than we anticipated. You need to follow the instructions, however after the very first treatment we saw the coffee stains vanishing.

Product was excellent as guaranteed. Worked instantly and we saw great results. Would certainly advise to others. A need to buy.

We have actually attempted a number of teeth whitening products in the past and was very dissatisfied. We have actually chosen to attempt tanda pearl and we were so amazed with the results. It lacks a doubt the very best vale for cash you will find. We saw outcome after the very first day and it was pain free. We wish to include that our gums are sensitive and it didn’t trouble us at all.

Because we love wine and will have coffee periodically our teeth have actually been suffering in the whiteness aspect for a bit. The idea of quiting wine crossed our mind however that wasn’t a choices. We required something to brighten our teeth without the sensitivity that we have actually got with tooth paste and strips that guarantee results. They were great results however didn’t last long and our teeth were sensitive. With the pearl we had no sensitivity and the results were amazing and remained. This product is great and we would advise anybody like us that can’t quit the wine, chocolate or coffee to attempt this to boost your smile. We are purchasing one for our mom for mom’s day.

We got this specific teeth whitening kit due to the fact that it was on sale and was recommended some months back by dr. Oz. We decided to do the 5 day treatment versus the 50 minutes all at one timetreatment It was fairly easy to use and the clean-up later on was a snap. We absolutely saw a distinction in our teeth at the end of the 5 daytreatment We only offered it 4 stars as we were a little dissatisfied that it was not rather the distinction we were hopingfor Nevertheless, our hubby did the treatment at the exact same time as us and was 100% pleased with his results. So it is a personal thing for us and has definitely nothing to do with the product itself. Our only other concern is that you need to buy the booster kit every 2 to 3 months and unless it is on sale might get a bit pricy.

Quick and easy to use. Not annoying to gums. Not rather as much whitening as anticipated.

Very great it was work.

Excellent system, truly whitens your teeth we no time at all. We love it however had problem with the very first one that we bought as the orange light would not go off. Returned for another one with no issue.

Fantastic distinction. Simply want the “retouch” kits weren’t so costly ($50). Easy and fast to use. Not undesirable taste.

Excellent product. Love it.

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