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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Staino Tooth Stain Eraser.

  • STAIN-REMOVING TECHNOLOGY Staino s micro-fine stain removing aluminum oxide abrasive is mixed within the rubber, enabling this dental hygiene aid to clean stains in between teeth while at the same time removing food particles & plaque.
  • HOME & PROFESSIONAL USE The very same stain removing polishing tips that dentist have been using for years are now offered in the house with this convenient dental tool.
  • DUAL USE Two distinct shaped tips on each eraser: one side has a bullet shape for flat surface areas, and the other has a pointed shape to get in between teeth.
  • ALL TOOTH SURFACE AREAS Soft flexible rubber makes sure effective efficiency on all tooth surface areas without the requirement for paste.
  • ADJUSTABLE REACH The caps are stackable, so you can change just how much reach you require depending upon how far back you wish to clean.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Staino Tooth Stain Eraser.
Product DescriptionDeveloped collectively with Dedeco, the market s leading maker of dental abrasive polishers, Staino has been able to mix ultra-fine white aluminum oxide abrasive particles in all theirproducts These cover everything from prophy cups to floss to interdental brushes to stain erasers. This technology helps Staino stand above the remainder of the market, and guarantees their products are state-of-the-art that anybody can guarantee. Staino s rubber polishing tooth stain eraser brings professional dental equipment home to you. This is the very same technology that dental professionals have been using in their workplaces for years, and it s now yours for at-home or travel use. The eraser has two distinct rubber tips, each mixed with Staino s micro-fine aluminum oxide abrasion particles. One tip is bullet shaped for flat surface areas, and the other is pointed for in between teeth. With this convenient tool, you can safely remove stains for your teeth even without the requirement for paste.Manufacturer Contact Informationna

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Staino Tooth Stain Eraser.

Question Question 1

Does It Work Effectively On Tobacco Stains?

Yes.It will remove a tobacco stain. Nevertheless, it will not alter totally dis colored teeth back to white.It is exceptional on surface area stains.Including tobacco.

Question Question 2

Would This Work On A Stain In Between Our Front Teeth? Likewise, Exists Any Sensitivity When/After Using?

It can get rather in between teeth depending upon how you navigate it. And we had no level of sensitivities after use. It essentially simply removes surface area stains. we were a little anxious after we utilized it. we were so surprised by the results that not even whitening had attained that we believed we needed to have harmed the enamel. went for our It can get rather in between teeth depending upon how you navigate it. And we had no level of sensitivities after use. It essentially simply removes surface area stains. we were a little anxious after we utilized it. we were so surprised by the results that not even whitening had attained that we believed we needed to have harmed the enamel. went for our 6 month see dentist saw absolutely nothing incorrect.

Question Question 3

Can This Be Utilized To Whiten The Entire Surface Area? Our Poor 10 Years Of Age Brushes, Flosses And Utilizes A Water Pick However Has Great Deals Of Plaque And Yellow Teeth.?

This product is meant for use on extrinsic (i.e. surface area) stains frequently triggered by tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, soda and the like. This product does not deal with intrinsic (i.e. internal) stains. It is recommended to consult your dentist/pedodontist (pediatric dentist).

Question Question 4

What Makes The Stain Come Off, Do You Use Your Normal Toothpaste Or Exists An Unique Something On The Tips?

we have no concept about the science … You simply rub the proper tip versus your tooth, no toothpaste needed, and the stain disappears. It isn’t abrasive, it’s more like a Magic Eraser for your teeth

Question Question 5

Where Will This Be Shipped From?

However this IS a Chinese product. (Based upon composing on back of bundle.)

Question Question 6

Will This Work On Vaneers?

It s like fine sandpaper.we put on t believe we would risk it

Question Question 7

The Two Tips Have A A Little Different Forming. Anybody Has An Idea Why?

The smaller sized one is to get in between, and the other is to use on tooth surface.Works fantastic.we were doubtful till we utilized it.

Question Question 8

Use Battery?

There is no battery.

Question Question 9

Does This Turn Or Vibrate?We Bought One That Vibrates Up And Down And It Doesn’T Work, Hoping This One Is The Turning Kind.?

This product is designed for manual use. It does not turn or vibrate.

Question Question 10

How Does This Product Run, With Batteries?

No batteries. Simply rub it on stained part of tooth. we do not use it much however it does work if you keep at it

Question Question 11

Can You Purchuse New Tips?

No. The tips are not exchangeable.

Question Question 12

Is It Obligatory To Spit Out The Residue Of The Rubber Eraser When Completed? Essential For An Autistic Kid Who May Not Comprehend.?

The eraser isn’t rubber, however we didn’t spit out any residue. Hope this helps.

Question Question 13

What Are Those Two Extra White Plastic Tubes (?) For?

Oxygenated caps so the rubber tips dry when covered after use.

Question Question 14

Is It As Irreversible As Stains Are?

It does not work.

Question Question 15

What Is The Active Component In This?

There is no ingredients))) It resembles sanding paper wich essentially eliminate the stains. It’s not gon na change you the dantist. However it’s great and it’s working.

Question Question 16

Can You Use This On Dentures?

It does not work.

Question Question 17

How Numerous Utilizes Is Each Tip Helpful For? Users Report It Liquifying On Contact With Wetness … Are Your Teeth Expected To Be Dry?

It was a waste of cash. Would help we think if your teeth were dry. May be difficult to do.

Question Question 18

Can You Use This On Tooth Bonding?

Yes you can, we have tooth bonding and observed a distinction when using the stain eraser on both the front and behind of the each tooth.

Question Question 19

Does It Remove Tarter And Plaque?

we have utilized this product more as a stain remover, and have been delighted with the results, nevertheless, perhaps with regular use on issue locations it might have a helpful effect on tarter and plaque … best of luck.

Question Question 20

Will This Work Oncrowns?

we presume so. we do not have crowns ourself. However if crowns are stained, this will work. Keep in mind that this little gadget needs work. It requires time and watchfulness for this staino thing to work. It’s all manual work. Lol

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Staino Tooth Stain Eraser, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is fantastic. Think me, as everything in life you simply need to come in handy. If you’re not convenient, simply go to the hygienist. This isn’t a powered tool, you need to take your time, however with persistence it works as explained. The only drawback is that the point shape to reach inside the teeth will disappear quickly, however what can you ask for such a little cash? buy more than one if you need to do a more major task. We will inform you, this thing will get the task done, no matter how bad your stains are, once again, it simply takes more time and persistence. This is a moderate abrasive device (method better and much safer than the fast super abrasive tools your hygienist use), that will offer you amazing results. You can still using this tool till there isn’t any more abrasive surface area, it always works well at the very same intensity. Once again, obviously, the shape will not be the very same, so if you require to clean a lot in between teeth, you need to buy more thanone While you use it, you need to rinse you mouth and the stain eraser continuously, due to the fact that the residue of the abrasive material might puzzle you with your genuine stains. We will buy this once again. Our front bottom teeth in the within were black and unpolished, a mix of tobacco use and colorant from ice pops, tea and so on Now our teeth are totally white and smooth. We will buy it once again for sure. For the record, we weren’t so cautious while using it, and we sort of scratched a bit our gums, however absolutely nothing to stress. Simply take care when you’re reaching down by the gums.

We were desperate for a solution to extreme black stains on our lower front teeth. Three years ago we invested 12 thousand dollars to have a bridge made for our upper teeth however when our smile includes the dirty looking lower teeth, the general effect was a waste. We have our teeth cleaned up at the dentist’s office every 4 to 6 months and feared we would be pushed into paying $95 every 6 weeks if we could not find a solution. The cause is unidentified however most likely associated to an autoimmune disease we have been detected with called sjogen’s syndrome, where saliva production is badly depressed. Whitening strips and hydrogen peroxide pencils were worthless. We checked out the staino tooth eraser and the rate was definitely affordable. We studied the customer evaluations and was impressed by one that mentioned” it took more than an hour’s work’ to produce pleasing results. We wanted to put in the time however feared the product may hurt our tooth’s enamel. We envisioned it would resemble an emery board for teeth and if so, we would simply toss it. We were eased to find that the eraser is simply a hard rubber tip that appeared not likely to trigger damage to our teeth. Quickly we saw proof that the black stains were raising, however to where? no point in simply moving the black from one tooth to another; an extra issue we had was that dental work can present germs into the body. So we started to wipe the eraser every 10 seconds onto a paper towel. A perfect solution as we might track our progress by the lots of dark areas on the white towel. Lastly, we felt in control of the process. Yes, it takes significant time and effort to accomplish results however we are enjoyed find what, imho, is a safe technique to lift undesirable stains off our teeth. The staino tooth eraser might be improved if the maker would design this into an electric or rechargeable battery ran tool to reduce the time required to produce results. We likewise concur with other customers in preferring a thinner tip on one end to enable access to stains situated in between the teeth. We would happily pay $50 to $100 for an electric eraser that includes a narrow tip to use in between teeth. For the time being we are very pleased customer who is grateful to own this affordable eraser as we no longer require to smile behind the cover of our hand.

Wow, we can’t think this small stain eraser worked. We do not consume coffee or soda however for some factor chocolate stains our teeth. Yeah. Strange. Anyways, we purchased some stainless-steel dental choices, which work fine however we stumbled upon this product by chance and chose to offer it a shot. It works fantastic. We only needed to rub a specific location a few times and the stain was gone. Amazingthis stain eraser is small, the size of a cigarette lighter. The rate is greatarrived in two days through prime.

We have been using this staino product for years, and it definitely removes shallow stains (coffee, tea, et al). We get our teeth professionally cleaned up every 6 monthsz and we use the staino eraser on noticeable teeth (generally our bottom front teeth) in the interim. Certainly, it will not remove stains on composite fillings, nor will it whiten teeth yellowed by age. It is strictly for area stains triggered by food and drinks, and for that it has worked for us.

This got rid of all the stains from our teeth. Yes it’s little and brief that makes it easy to use. We would certainly suggest this product. Well worth every cent. It got our teeth whiter than any dentist ever has.

Functions on stains from beverages. Will not deal with much deeper stainings, which is why we believe some folks are dissatisfied. However if your stains are from drinking liquids– a great hand out is that they exist mostly along edges of cuspids and neighboring teeth (i. E. Less most likely along the front which isn’t where liquids gather)– then these work fantastic. We want there were more released information on safety/ enamel effects though. We are reluctant to use it anywhere near as regular as recommended (two times a week).

We were doubtful, however for the rate, we chose to offer this product a shot. We consume a great deal of coffee, and as an outcome we tend to get coffee stains on our teeth in between cleansings. We dislike the method these stains look, and using a sonicare toothbrush and elegant toothpaste wasn’t effective in removing them. We got this product in the mail and instantly put it to the test. Simply put, it works. The one or more significant stains we concentrated on were totally eliminated. We were a little surprised to be honest. However, it worked as marketed. This thing quickly removes surface area stains from teeth. Absolutely suggest it if you are big coffee drinker or cigarette smoker.

More like scrubbing the tub than eliminating a pencil mistake. This tool enables you to scrub at the gum line w/o inflammation or damage to your gums. Assisted to polish our teeth likewise. Use with a teeth whiting product and be consistent.

We were suspicious previous to the purchase, however for less than $10, we believed we would offer it a shot. We were very happily stunned with how quickly it worked. These in the house dental tools need to not change regular dentist sees, however in some cases you simply needa area cleaning here and there, specifically for heavy tobacco or coffee stains. Best $10 we invested.

Love this. We have narrow areas in between some of our teeth. And, we consume a great deal of tea. We wound up with a stain in between two teeth that the dental hygienist can’t get to, and we definitely have not been able to reach. Whitening strips deal with the front of your teeth – we have attempted cutting them into areas to ‘cover’ the two teeth with stains however believe me, it turned out to be a relatively impracticable concept. We likewise attempted a whitening pen. Either we could not follow the very easy instructions properly or it was never ever indicated to use in between teeth due to the fact that it flat out was a waste of effort. This, nevertheless, rubbed the stains off in seconds. We will never ever lackone The only thing we can’t appear to do with it is to remove the stains on the back of the two teeth at the gum line; we in some way can’t master keeping our mouth open broad enough, enough time to figure out how to angle the eraser to best reach the two areas.

We have never ever composed an evaluation in our life. However we have attempted all sort of whitening strips, mouthwashes, tooth pastes and none have operated at all. And the majority of them are severe on your teeth. Specifically if you have damaged enamel which we do. Which is why we get stains quickly. This thing instantly eliminated our stains. We had one tooth in specific that we were uneasy of that we utilized it on very first and within a minute it was white once again. We smile brilliantly once again. We will definitely continue to use this and buy this over and over once again. It has made us very happy.

Yes, it works. We were shocked, in fact, lol, as we had not found anything to remove some major stains, and this sufficed, and quickly.

We have utilized these a number of times and all we can state is that they work. Simply a bit tough to handle and reach the back of your front teeth however as you get utilized to navigate everything ends up being simpler in the cleaning and polishing process. Be careful, this is not for everyday use as it can harm the natural enamel of your teeth.

We utilized to dislike cigarettes now we have been smoking cigarettes for about 12 years and was extremely distressed that smoking cigarettes had compromised our smile. We are vain individual and have ended up being self mindful about the tar stains on our teeth. Just recently we have attempted the whitening products which lightened up everything other than the tar stains. We are skeptic about everything. We believed the only method to eliminate tar stains was by going to a dentist. This product has made us a follower. It worked completely for us, tar stains pursued one use. We will be suggesting this product to every cigarette smoker we understand. Exceptionally happy customer.

This is an amazing little tool. It truly does work. We were surprised at the results for removing coffee stains. Will buy once again. Dream they had the very same product to get in between teeth. This does exceptional on the general front and back.

Wow We have attempted everything. Tooth polishers of numerous types, tooth pastes, etc. Squandered a great deal of cash when this little product will do. Takes some time to deliver, however it deserves the wait. Takes a little diligence for the rough stains, however simply keep at it and use routinely.

We were doubtful as we are with almost all products we acquire. Nevertheless, this product genuinely works. We had stains on our bottom teeth near the gum line for lots of several years. We have attempted a lot of stain/whitening products with no results. This product safely and quickly got rid of the stains from our bottom teeth within seconds of very first use. It works. It genuinely does.

We do not know how it works, however it works like an appeal. We are giving up smoking cigarettes, and it worked for us – thank you. Easy to use and it does make a distinction.

This product was flat incredible. We had ignored our teeth after moving while ‘dentist shopping’. We believed two or three of our front lower teeth were completely stained by coffee, etc. Bought this with a little uneasiness.Wow It didn’t take more than 15-20 minutes of cautious work to eliminate the stains. One of the better functions is the eraser has a ‘narrow’ point (for surface areas near ‘in between’ teeth) and a stubby end for the front surface areas of teeth. We extremely suggest this product and mean to buy numerous more for the future.

We truthfully believed this would be a waste of cash specifically offered the combined evaluations, however we figured it deserved a shot considering that we always get tea stains on our front teeth numerous months before our next dentist see. We were very happily shocked by how well this worked. Whatever abrasive they use is perfect for removing stains that have been resting on teeth even for extended periods of time. We presume the unfavorable customers might have been anticipating this to whiten their teeth. This certainly does refrain from doing that, however we believe it’s affordable to not anticipate it to do that. Extremely recommended.

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