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Southern Dental Industries PolaZing 35% Whitening Gel

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Southern Dental Industries PolaZing 35% Whitening Gel.

  • Fluoride launching
  • Desensitising representatives
  • Neutral pH
  • Natural soother and conditioner
  • High water material

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Southern Dental Industries PolaZing 35% Whitening Gel.
A dive start 35% carbamide peroxide system to speed up the take home tooth whitening treatment. Apply Pola Zing to the patient s trays the exact same method a take home system is used. They can use it for 30 minutes in the waiting space before they go home. Most clients see their teeth alter 3 or 4 shades. After seeing the results from this 30 minute session, clients start to see simply how effective tooth whitening can be, before they start their in your home treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Southern Dental Industries PolaZing 35% Whitening Gel.

Question Question 1

How Do The Mouth Trays Mold To Your Teeth?

Trays did not come with what we bought, only the whitening gel. we currently had trays from our dentist. You will most likely need to purchase trays in addition to this product. There are numerous types offered.

Question Question 2

How Much Product Does Each Syringe Contain? The.?

1.3 g

Question Question 3

Do We Required The Light With This Product?


Question Question 4

What Is The Expiration Date?


Question Question 5

How Much Percent Of Hydrogen Peroxide?

35% Carbamide peroxide; 40% Water; 0.5% Flavour; 24.5% Thickening agents.Hope that helps.

Question Question 6

When Does This Specific Polanight End?


Question Question 7

Is This Product To Be Applied At The Center Or At Home?

This is to be used in your home.

Question Question 8

How Lots Of Treatments It Includes?

Lots Of:-RRB-

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Southern Dental Industries PolaZing 35% Whitening Gel, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We love this version of pola whiteningproducts It’s a “dive starter” for us. We have a silicone all in one tray that you bite or chew on rather of a custome made (more expense effective and better if your teeth shift gradually). We will conserve the rest after the very first tube is gone for more times when extreme and rapid results are preferred. We utilized half a syringe for 30 minutes and observe a big distinction in the color of our teeth. Make sure to check out online about the diff variations of pola. This is simply a kick starter suggested to be utilized no more than 30 minutes max, recommended 15 max for very first session to assess sensitivity and possible results. Poladay is one style of gel suggested to be utilized 30 min/day in one sitting, or 2 15 minutes sessions. Polanight can be put in a tray and used while sleeping. The variations are made different and have different viscosity. Likewise been available in diff strengths. Take care not to go too strong or your teeth handle an odd “bluish” shade. A great guideline is your teeth need to never ever be whiter than the whites of your eyes. Likewise, while doing sessions be very cautious to inspect your teeth daily by “tapping” your fingernail to the enamel. If you do not hear the solid “clicking” noise that indicates the enamel might be softening due to the strength of the gel. If that occurs, stop for a while or you’ll be very dissatisfied. We advise the act bring back mouthwash utilized daily while whitening to help prevent this too.:) we love this product, it’s ease of use, results, and simpleness. Suggest to anybody. Another tip: do not consume coffee, dark sodas, or smoke while treatment cycle is going with any pola product. We have one buddy that had actually done a number of days and it was going fantastic, till she returned to cigarette smoking. It was awful and stained almost instantly and even worse than before she began. We never ever have actually gotten them back to what we were headed for.

It whitens very fast.

Got the job done and was easy to do.

Functions better than any other whitener we have actually utilized – likewise more affordable than crest whitestrips, lasts longer, more gentle, and works quicker.

Second time we have actually bought.

++ as explained.

Made us teeth much brighter and whiter in a week.

Better than most whiteners from dentist. The best that we have actually discovered.


Excellent product.

This is a great product. Only require to use for 15 minutes.


Terrific product and will continue to use. Fast delivery and easy to use. Extremely advise for anyone wanting to whiten their teeth on a spending plan.

We believe one of the 4 tubes had air pockets in it which did not please me. Otherwise we have actually been using this product for years and like it.

A terrific product and it showed up early.

This is the second time we have actually bought this product and extremely advise it. Our teeth look fantastic and our teeth cleansings go much quicker. Plus the product packaging works well and keeps the unused gels prepared to go.

Better than the pola product we got from the dentist–and cost a lot less.

Precisely what we desired, not a surprises or frustrations. Product remains in perfect shape does the task meant to do. Happy.

Have actually been using this product for a number of years however getting it from our dentist and paying 4 times as much for it. We might kick ourself for not examining for it on line faster. We use it one or two times in between cleansings and have bright white teeth. At 62 this is a genuine achievement. Our dental hygienist always talks about how white our teeth are. The provider provided on time and the product works fantastic.

Well, do not we seem like a fool. We simply invested $110 at our dentist for this product. Never ever thought of till after we had the trays made and paid the dentist. Live and find out. We will buy the refills online through amazon. There is absolutely a noticeable distinction in our teeth after 4 treatments. We did initially for 30 minutes. Oops– great deals of sensitivity on gums, not always teeth. Did a second treatment the next day, then waited two more days, then did back to back days for closer to 45 minutes to hour. Our kit had no instructions as far as timing or period oftreatment Our teeth are not naturally a super white, so they will never ever get to the white we would love, however up until now they have actually gotten much brighter. You require very little gel in the teeth tray; if it displaces excessive, your gums will burn. You need to get two treatments (top and bottom) out of each syringe. We believe we will attempt the 22% next time.

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