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Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens

Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens.

  • Gets rid of stains triggered by food, coffee, cigarette smoking, soda, and so on
  • Peppermint flavor
  • Easy daily application, uses in seconds, can do it on the go.
  • Made in theUSA Orthodontist and DentistRecommended 100% refund complete satisfaction assurance
  • Provides professional level teeth whitening results. fast

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens.
Get professional tooth whitening results from home with the Smilebriter Teeth Whitening GelPens It is the system you have actually been waiting for to provide you a cruelty-free, natural dental cleaning, and tooth whiteningtreatment We use the greatest quality ingredients to make your smile glow and they are safe for sensitive teeth too. Peroxide and other extra strength ingredients safely whiten your teeth without the requirement for a caustic bleach. Your dazzling smile will radiate self-confidence. No more concealing your coffee stained and yellow teeth behind your hand when you speak. Unlike our rivals that are only a cosmetic treatment, our pens consist of Xylitol, a nonfermentable sugar, which helps avoid dental caries and reduces dry mouth. The peppermint oil will refresh your breath. Picture how excellent you will feel with your minty fresh bright white smile. Simply follow package guidelines and brush the gel on daily, for AM or PM use. The gel will stick on your teeth so the whitening is taking place long after you apply it. Get rid of the syringes that pump whitener and conserve hours on your oral care routine. The whole Smilebriter process only takes a minute or two. Tip: For very first time use, point the pen head towards the ground when giving and you will see the gel appear after around 10 to 20 twists. There is no factor to wait, no threat, so pick an established today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens.

Question Question 1

Does Anybody Know Where Thisis Made? We Check Out Whole Page Testimonials Composed In Very Poor English?

Smilebriter is based out of Connecticut and the pens are produced in Kenmore, New York. we are the owner and have spoken English because one or more years old;-RRB-

Question Question 2

Does Anybody Know If This Product Will Work On Teeth That Have Been Completely Stained From Tetracycline When They Were Toddlers Years Ago?

The product does not work. Attempt Go Smile or CrestWhitening we found them to adequately remove wine stains.

Question Question 3

Your Advertisement States 120 Day Supply However The Description States 60 Day Supply, So Which Is It?

Each box includes a 60 day supply, so this combination pack is a 120 day supply:-RRB-

Question Question 4

What Is The % Of Hydrogen Peroxide In Each Pen????

The description states “With 44 percent Carbamide Peroxide (the equivalent to 17 percent Hydrogen Peroxide)”, while in remarks the seller states 44% carbamide peroxide yields 14.6% hydrogen peroxide.

Question Question 5

How Numerous Ml In Each Pen?

Each pen includes 2mL (or.067 fl. oz) of whitening formula. So, in total, this box includes 8mL.

Question Question 6

After Your Teeth Are Currently Whitened Do You Required To Keep Using The Pens To Preserve Whiteness?

Yes, we had our teeth lightened butt does not last forever. You require to keep using whitening pens as coffee, wine, red food products willAffect your teeth and stain them.

Question Question 7

Can This Be Utilized With The Uv Light?

You can definitely attempt a UV light if you ‘d like nevertheless, it is not required.

Question Question 8

Does It Work On Crowns?

Hey Cassie, teeth whitening products usually do not have the very same affect on crowns as they do on teeth. We suggest you seek advice from with your dentist before attempting a teeth whitening product simply to be particular it’s proper for your crown.

Question Question 9

Does Return Policy/Guarantee Work?

we put on t know. we didn’t trouble with returning it.

Question Question 10

Does It Work On Composit Covered Teeth?

On natural enamel or your natural teeth, we put on t know on synthetic teeth.

Question Question 11

When Is The Expiration Date On These Pens?How Long Do We Need To Use Up The 4 Pens We Bought Before They End?

Hey There Aour, there is no main expiration date for the pens; nevertheless we would suggest you use them within 6 months of getting them.

Question Question 12

Can You Use It If You Have Braces?

Though you would not do any damage to the braces, it is most likely best to wait up until you have your braces gotten rid of. This will help prevent having different shades of whitening throughout the tooth when the braces are gotten rid of, because the location under the braces will not be lightened like the remainder of the tooth.

Question Question 13

Is This Product Approved By The American Dental Association?

Hey There Maureen, this product has actually not yet been assessed by the American Dental Association to date nevertheless; its ingredients correspond with other products that have actually been approved by the American Dental association. With that being stated, we make sure it would be approved or will be authorize din the future.

Question Question 14

Do You Need To Rinse After 20-30 Minutes Or Is This A Leave On?

Leave on

Question Question 15

How Numerous Pens Do You Receive?Picture Reveals 4, Which Would Be A 120 Day Supply.?

It is 4 pens. altered the title of the listing. You are best: it is a 120 day supply. we have actually been attempting to have the listing information remedied by. Thanks for the questions:-RRB-

Question Question 16

We Can Use That Everyday Or A Few Days Of Week?

we use everyday after we brush teeth in morning.At start, it takes about one week to see results if you use everyday.No requirement to use more than when each day however you can.You might experience a little sensitivity to start.FYI: Walgreens brings their own brand of pen for $9.99 each and they work excellent.

Question Question 17

How Numerous Applications? One Title States 120 The Description States 60?

For this specific listing, there are 120 total applications. Each pen includes a 30 applications. Given that this listing comes with 4 pens total, that’s 120 applications.

Question Question 18

Does It Work On Composit Covered Teeth?

Itdoes we have two teeth that have some composite work and you can t discriminate.

Question Question 19

Am We Expected To See The Whitener Showing Up Thru The Bristles? We Twisted The Cap Numerous Times However We See Or Feel Absolutely Nothing?

Yes.You do need to twist it numerous times in the beginning however ultimately you will see a clear paste like gel turned up through the bristles appear.we too was reluctant in the beginning however, it does come up.Once it does, wipe it throughout your teeth and then you can twist it once again and more gel will appear.It’s simply getting it began Yes.You do need to twist it numerous times in the beginning however ultimately you will see a clear paste like gel turned up through the bristles appear.we too was reluctant in the beginning however, it does come up.Once it does, wipe it throughout your teeth and then you can twist it once again and more gel will appear.It’s simply getting it began that takes numerous twistings is all.Fear not.It does work.:-RRB-

Question Question 20

Does This Make Our Teeth Sensitive?

we have not had any concerns with it. we have sensitive teeth anyhow. However it’s tough to address because everybody is different.Other whitners like crest white strips and luxury have made our teeth more sensitive. This works well, and quick. Great for a quick brightning

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually attempted a few products and have actually quit on them almost instantly however this product is different. It has actually only had to do with a week and we are seeing an instant distinction. We have actually taken progress images of our teeth and there is a noticeable modification, we will include the photo to our evaluation, the bottom photo is the most current. We love this product it is so easy to use and quick for early mornings to put it on and go. We would certainly buy it once again.

We purchased these wanting to anticipate even a small distinction in our teeth (we are heavy coffee drinker so our teeth are pretty stained) and we are currently stunned withthese After simply a few utilizes we see a fantastic distinction in our teeth color. Even our partner observed after those two days which is a plus. We extremely suggest these for individuals with substantial stains on their teeth that is looking for a quick and affordable fix. We will certainly be buying once again.

We have actually utilized these pens frequently throughout the years. Ready to ordermore We find it much easier to use the pens vs the bleach strips or the five-minute bleach gel. The strips move for us, which suggests we are consuming bleach (fragile tumour here) plus they put on t rather get bw teeth, and we can t handle a whole 5 minutes of the thick bleach gel, keeping our lips in a grimace. The bleach pens let us put the bleach solution on for a number of minutes and then rinse it out and it works a noticeable quantity. That stated, we get sensitive after a number of rounds. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth helps. And you require to shake the pen so the stuff goes to the tip. And it takes a few attempts to figure out just how much to twist so you put on t get excessive or insufficient. Total these are still the very best we found and at a great cost.

Love love love this product. We have actually utilized white strips a few times (which are pain since you need to leave the strips on for a particular amount of time) and got no whitening results at all. We saw results with smilebriter in one week. They are incredibly easy to use – no muss – no hassle. We suggest this product extremely.

This is doing a respectable task. We are having our teeth cleaned up quickly and we are waiting to see what a distinction this product will make without all that plaque. It did a very great task on a couple locations that are hard to clean. Locations in between teeth, a tooth that is broken. We have have no issues at all with the smilebriter teeth whitening gel pens – simply excellent results.

These people are excellent. The product works, it takes a while before you see the results however you certainly see an enhancement. The product tastes ok, it’s not too sharp and the gel remains on your teeth. However, most of all, we wish to suggest this business for how honest and devoted they are: we had an issue with the very first delivery and not only the returned to us instantly and resolved the issue immediately, however they likewise were super great to me, effective and honest. Last, however not the least, when fixing the concern, they never ever asked for an evaluation in exchange -which essentially everybodydoes We love the little note they put in their products and the method they reveal genuine dedication to excellent product and excellent customer support. Completely as yes.

This is excellent stuff. We consume a great deal of black tea snd attempt to remain on top of keeping our teeth great, so throughout the years, we have actually attempted all of the teeth whitening products and alternatives. Do not even squander your time with the whitening strips. Trays are trouble. The in-office treatments go too far and make individuals’s teeth look fake. After a week of using this pen when each day, our teeth are noticably whiter. Excellent product. Excellent cost. It got here instantly.

Been using these fo some time and they do appear to help on a day to day basis. We put on t have actually super stained teeth, and we see our dentist frequently, so we put on t know how this product would work if we didn’t otherwise care for our teeth. Product provided quickly.

We have actually utilized this product for only three nights (tonight was the 3rd and we sanctuary t utilized more than when a day). We have actually currently had someone ask us what we have actually been using since our teeth show up whiter. In the past we have had bad gum sensitivity with other products and, to be honest, it isn’t entirely gone with this product. However, with the control and ease of the brush-like tip, it s muchbetter Up until now we might not suggest this product more.

We have actually utilized this product in the past and it has actually worked excellent. The 4 pens in this order were not effective. They did not have the very same odor or taste as normal. Might have been old.

These work excellent. We still use strips however you can’t get in between your teeth with those. We simply do a quick swipe with this and off we go. Fast, basic and we do not require to find a location to get rid of a white strip.

Actually like this product. It was affordable, was loaded effectively, and shipping was short. The only small grievance we would have is actually simply a desire to let other purchasers know that the ingredients work, and most likely since the real whitening active ingredient itself is at a pretty high percent. It can aggravate gums, even triggering pain. Our guidance is to simply go gradually and thoroughly when using. Clean off of your gum location if it gets on them. Otherwise, delight in.

We checked out evaluations and saw this product had some unfavorable ones. Nevertheless, whitening pens have actually operated in the past for us. So we provided smilebrighter a shot and am pleased we did. They work within a few days making teeth noticably lighter. If you have sensitive gums like us you need to withdraw on the variety of times used. We are coffee and wine drinker and these pens are getting the job done of whiting. Only disadvantage is the pens appear to be out of solution rather quickly.

What we love about the smilebriter pen is not only does it work quicker than whitening gel strips, however it is more comfortable for us to simply brush the gel on our teeth and wait 30 seconds than attempting to hold strips in our mouth for 15-30 minutes. We saw lead to 3 days. There’s no mess and no fret about mistakenly touching the gel. We will certainly purchase once again and suggest to family and pals.

We always keep this on hand as it does enhance the whiteness of your teeth, however not 100%. It’s a great upkeep kind of treatment and enhances from what was. It’s easy to apply and since it does have some improvement after using, we will always keep it in stock. This is our second order through them.

These work excellent. We swear our teeth have actually gotten 3 shades whiter. Easy to use, does not take a great deal of time. Apply, bare your teeth for 30 seconds & do not consume anything for 20 minutes.

We utilized another brand of whitening pens that we liked, however we wished to attempt these, you get 4 & they’re more affordable. Been using about two weeks & there excellent, simply as excellent as the other ones we attempted. Our teeth are currently white, so we only use these when a day. Will definetely be purchasing once again. And fast shipment too.

This product is great. We use it before bedtime. It does not make teeth sensitive however it makes them super white. We get compliments all the time.

Wow this does work excellent.

Love this product. We seen a distinction in the color of our teeth within 5 days. We would extremely suggest this product. We provide this a 5 star.

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