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Smile Titan Teeth Whitening Kit – Teeth Whitening Gel

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Smile Titan Teeth Whitening Kit – Teeth Whitening Gel.

  • SMILE TITAN TEETH WHITENING KIT Smile Titan is the ultimate teeth whitening kit which comes with everything you require to help remove stains and get your teeth glowing white once again! This fast-acting formula, made in the USA, offers you as smile as much as 8 shades whiter in simply 7 days
  • EFFECTIVE REMOVAL OF VARIOUS STAINS this teeth whitening kit is of premium quality and remarkable to whitening strips, pens and toothpaste. Use for simply 10 minutes each day to see effective removal of stains brought on by tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes and more
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE the universal shape of the mouth tray is comfortable to use and ideal for sensitive teeth too. Smile Titan teeth whitening gel is made in the USA and is produced fresh for ultimate efficiency in the stain removal process
  • INCLUDED IN YOUR KIT included in the Smile Titan teeth whitening kit you will get 3 teeth whitening gel syringes, each pre-filled with 3ml of teeth whitening gel which consists of 35% carbamide peroxide, universal fit teeth whitening trays and a 5 x LED accelerator light. Our teeth whitener is easy to assemble and use and easy to clean too
  • ADVANCED FUNCTIONS this teeth whitener has actually been designed with a powerful LED accelerator light which speeds up the whitening process. The accelerator light consists of 5 bulbs for more power and the incorporated timer has a beeper so you can quickly track your whitening session time

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Smile Titan Teeth Whitening Kit – Teeth Whitening Gel.
Effective teeth whitening gel with fast results

The Smile Titan teeth whitening kit effectively whitens your teeth using our powerful formula which whitens teeth using the mix of carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel and LED light. The mouth guard is a universal fit, comfortable to use and easy to clean after each use. Teeth whitening kit for fast results!

Our happy consumers have actually observed exceptional results within simply one week of use. We advise that you use your teeth whitening gel daily for 7 days to start seeing results of as much as 8 shades whiter and feel great in your smile once again! All- inclusive teeth whitening kit

Everything you require to start straightaway is included in your teeth whitening kit. You will get 3 x teeth whitening gel syringes which are filled with our clinically created whitening gel which consists of 35% carbamide peroxide. Made in the USA, our teeth whitening gel appropriates to use on sensitive teeth. The mouth tray with incorporated LED light is designed so you can whiten both your top and bottom teeth all at once decreasing your treatment time every day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Smile Titan Teeth Whitening Kit – Teeth Whitening Gel.

Question Question 1

What Type Of Battery Does This Use?

It’s the circular battery. A Lithium Battery CR 2450 3V.:-RRB-

Question Question 2

Do You Put The Gel On Both Sides? Top And Bottom?

Apply it to both sides of mouth guard where it touches the teeth. Ive likewise found it much easier to apply straight to teeth that require whitening than place the guard.

Question Question 3

Does This Work On Crowns?

No teeth whitening products will deal with crowns or fillings, sadly. Your dentist matches the color of your teeth at the time the crown is put. Since the crown is not made of enamel, it can not soak up the bleaching product. we have a number of fillings that are going to make our teeth look polka dotted. Lol we pl No teeth whitening products will deal with crowns or fillings, sadly. Your dentist matches the color of your teeth at the time the crown is put. Since the crown is not made of enamel, it can not soak up the bleaching product. we have a number of fillings that are going to make our teeth look polka dotted. Lol we intend on asking our dentist to cover then with a thin layer of lighter porcelain or ceramic or whatever they use now. Uncertain if she can do it, however we would rather have mainly white teeth than the terrible yellow ones we have today.

Question Question 4

How Numerous Times Can You Use This?

According to the instructions included in the plan, you might use it as much as when a day. They advise using about 1ml of gel each time. There are 3 syringes included in package, each with 3 ml of gel.

Question Question 5

Do You Keep The Gel In The Fridge?

No simply in the cabinet it s cool enough

Question Question 6

Can You Use This With An Irreversible Retainer? It’S At The Back Of Our Bottom Row. Does It Respond With The Metal?

we have a long-term retainer and we have not observed any distinction with it. we still prevented getting any gel on it, however it shouldnt respond with it at all

Question Question 7

Every Time We Use This, The Gel Sprays Out Even With The Most Gentle Pressing. How Do We Avoid This?

The syringe is sticky needing a little bit of pressure to get it to plunge. we comprehend your question, as minor pressure on it can burst out a large dose of gel. If you re able to see just how much came out, use the included brush to proclaim the mouth guard. While we have actually not attempted this ourself yet, possibly run some hot wat The syringe is sticky needing a little bit of pressure to get it to plunge. we comprehend your question, as minor pressure on it can burst out a large dose of gel. If you re able to see just how much came out, use the included brush to proclaim the mouth guard. While we have actually not attempted this ourself yet, possibly run some warm water from the sink s tap over the syringe s tank where the plunger s gasket is to see if that loosens it up before distributing the gel.

Question Question 8

The Light Stopped Working After Two Weeks. Exists A Method To Contact The Seller To See If We Can Get A Replacement? We Can T Return As Gel Has Been Utilized.?

Yes, through the grievances area.

Question Question 9

We Have Two Crowns In The Front Of OurTeeth Will This Product Damage Them?


Question Question 10

How Long Do The Results Last?

we have actually been using it for three days now. we can see a small distinction, let s wait.

Question Question 11

Can You Use It On A Lower Lingual Holding Arch?

It covers the top and bottom teeth

Question Question 12

Is The Dental Tray Bpa Free? Is The Tray Personalized/Moldable To Our Teeth?

we are unsure if it is BPA free. The tray appears like a common sports mouth guard. Very flexible, however not moldable to your teeth.

Question Question 13

Is Each Syringe Single Use For One Application?

No. You only use 1ml per application. There are total of 3ml per syringe.

Question Question 14

We Lost Our Directions. Can Somebody Post Them?

Apply a think layer of gel to the within the mouthpiece. Use about 1 ml or less. Take into mouth and turn on the LED light. Wait 10 minutes. Then rinse your mouth with water. Repeat as much as when a day as required.

Question Question 15

We Have Actually Not Seen The List Of Ingredients Anywhere. What Are They?

Carbamide peroxide 35% is the main component. Uncertain of the others

Question Question 16

Do You Need To Buy A New Kit Every Time? Or Can You Simply Buy The Gel Syringes?

You can simply buy gel syringes. When you buy they will have their business information connected to package that it be available in. If you look they provide gel syringes beside the kit.

Question Question 17

How Typically Should We Use This?

we utilized it when a day for almost a week. Do not consume or consume anything later on. we did it at bedtime. we never ever had any sensitivity to hot/cold like we did with other products.

Question Question 18

Anybody Else Get It With Dead Batteries? Ugh.?

You need to take the batteriesout There s a plastic movie in between them that requires to be eliminated before use.

Question Question 19

Can This Be Utilized With Porcelain Veneers?

we wear t see why not, however we would get in touch with the Business directory site on thatone They are incredibly kind and very practical. They will inform you the reality.

Question Question 20

Can A 12 Y/Ouse It?

our 12 year olddid use it. She is accountable and followed the instructions.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Smile Titan Teeth Whitening Kit – Teeth Whitening Gel, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We normally use crest whitening strips, however was discovering that the strips were making our teeth actually sensitive. So we browsed for a different whitening product and arrived on this one here. Based upon other evaluations, we felt great that this was going to provide us the results we desired without the sensitivity. We utilized the product for three days now. Day one we included the gel to the mouth guard per the guidelines that came with the product and kept it in for 10 minutes. Good reward. The light on the mouth guard will turn off when the 10 minutes is complete. After the very first use, we discovered white areas on our front teeth. The areas began to fade by night. The second day, we chose to use the little brush that can be found in the kit to apply the gel straight to our teeth rather of putting it in the mouth guard. The results after using the light for 10 minutes were noticeable. Third day, we chose to paint the product once again and we were incredibly happy with the results. We believe we will use one more treatment, then stop for some time up until required once again (we love coffee and red wine). Oh and no sensitivity (so happy to report that).

We definitely love this product. We utilized to use white strips however we ran out so we wished to get an inexpensive alternative to use because our teeth were ending up being yellow (we hadn t utilized a strip in most likely half a year.) after simply two times of using it (which is when we took the photo), our teeth have actually ended up being so white. We advise using the little brush that comes with it to paint it on your teeth. We likewise leave mine in for 30 minutes rather of 10 minutes and we experience definitely no sensitivity which is great. Plus it s super inexpensive and completely worth it.

Sooo delighted we chose this whitening product? lets solve to the information. If you re somebody like us checking out 100 s of evaluations taking hours to pick the perfect product then read this evaluation. When it comes down to it. This deserves every cent? First photo reveals results simply using smile titan & it actually does work with almost zero sensitivity. We are individual that has actually had our teeth submitted for cosmetic functions & paid 100 s of dollars formerly on whitening treatments leaving our enamel weak. Pros: it works, zero sensitivity & it s cheapcons: will take more than the 3 tubes supplied to get preferred results, squirts out tough (leaving you more in the trays than you require), trays are to big (so you need to use more gel for it to effectively cover your teethsolutions: we bought venus visage whitening pen to apply to our teeth initially then without rinsing apply the smile titan gel and rather of leaving on for 10 minutes we do 30 minutes a day. Photo 3 is completion outcome. Likewise an excellent tip is floss your teeth initially however do not brush and wear t brush for a minimum of 30 minutes after whitening. If you experience any sensitivity from this approach use desensitizing gel. If you found this practical please strike the practical button and thank you. Happy whitening.

We simply got this about an hour back. It was easy to establish. And after simply the very first 10 minute use, we see a small distinction. We love it. Child wasn t a big fan, however we are. The mouth piece if super comfortable.

Our buddy was feeling self-conscience about her dull, nasty, gross, crusty yellow, cigarette smoker’s teeth. We wished to cheer her up, however had no idea how to help. As a vegan, who consumes über healthy, & does not smoke, consume, etc. We had no recommendations for her. Then we saw the holy grail. Smile titan to the rescue. Their product was easy for our preferred lung-cancer patient in-waiting, buddy to camouflage her raggedy, yuck-yuck teeth into sparkling white dazzlers. If she can get dramatic lightning white results with those things, so can you. We extremely advise it. Ps. We hope she never ever begins. Please keep this in between us.??.

We saw this was not as costly as some alternatives and questioned how well it would work. Simply gotten and have actually utilized when, with noticeable results. It’s even and not blotchy or fake looking. Will continue to use the entire product after seeing results with the very first use.

This kit consists of everything you require to whiten your teeth at a very economical rate. Why pay more when you can get a premium made mouthpiece, light and three dosages of whitening gel for this rate. The whitening formula seems the like formula that cost 5 to 7 times more cash. Excellent viral marketing strategy seems made in usa.

Our teeth are a lot whiter. We want we had before and after images. Greatbuy Order yours now.

This product was well developed since it supplied an ingenious method to make our teeth whiter within minutes. We took pleasure in using this teeth whitening kit and we will be overwhelmed with pleasure to buy another one of smile titan’s products.

We simply utilized this for the very first time and there is absolutely an instant outcome, from this rad little device. The blue light has a timer on it, so no requirement to track time. The mouthpiece can be eliminated and included the dishwashing machine, which is fantastic if more than one individual is meaning to use. You are provided with 9 ml of the bleach throughout three syringes. This is more than enough for 9 to 10 treatments. For the rate, that’s less than $1 pertreatment Buy this today; you will not regret it tomorrow.

We have actually utilized this kit 4 times up until now and we are currently seeing great results with zero sensitivity. The whitening strips we utilized to use would have currently had our teeth very sensitive by now. The mouth piece is comfortable and the easy work fantastic. We love that it has a timer so we can simply use it and tackle our business without needing to continuously inspect the clock or set an alarm. We check out in another evaluation to brush the gel into our teeth rather than putting the gel in the mouth piece and it has actually worked well. The only thing is the very first time we utilized it we went to capture out a little of the gel and it was difficult so we lost alot of product however we quickly discovered what not to do haha fantastic by and we have currently recomit to damily and good friends looking for a brighter whiter smile.

We were fretted about buying this whitening kit since we weren’t sure it was going to work for us. We have persistent stains from drinking coffee, and the natural color of our teeth have actually never ever actually been white. We have actually been using this kit everyday for the previous 8 days. We check out some evaluates stating they left it in for 30 minutes. We attempted that out, nevertheless we would not advise doing that if you have very sensitive teeth like me. We have actually been using it 10 minutes. Everyday and it’s been working fantastic. No pain or sensitivity. Our teeth have actually lightened a couple shades, which we are very thrilled about since most gels and tooth pastes we have actually attempted have not actually worked. We will be buying this product to continue our progress and get back at better results. And we have some tips for you. Put cotton pads or balls under your tongue, and set flat when using it. We found that we drool a lot when the tray remains in our mouth, and doing that has actually assisted us a lot. Likewise, use the small brush to paint the gel onto your teeth preventing your gums. We find that it guarantees a more even application. Hydrate your lips before putting it in your mouth since the tray will extend them out a little bit, and it’s unpleasant if your lips are dry. Delight in.

It followed day. Very professionally packaged and appears like its going to work well.

Excellent product. We want to start by stating that we have actually smoked greatly and have actually consumed coffee and tea for the better part of twenty years. We have likewise never ever had our teeth lightened at the dentist. The only other product we have actually attempted were those crest white strips, however we do not seem like they worked in addition to they need to have for the expense. We have actually been using this product for the previous 9 or 10 days. Here’s what we do. We will start by actually drying our teeth off well with some toilet tissue or paper towel. When our teeth are dry we will put a little bit of the whitening gel on our top and bottom teeth. We find that we can quickly get three applications out of one syringe. Then we will use the little brush that it comes with and sort of paint everything over our front teeth, attempting to prevent our gums and lips. A bit always gets on your gums and lips and every now and once again it may sting for 5 or 10 seconds, however then it’s fine and does not injure any longer. Then we will put the led tray in and set a timer on our phone for 15 minutes. At the end of the 15 minutes we will take out the led tray and rinse our mouth out actually well. There is a bit of an aftertaste however it’s fine actually, we would not let that hinder you from attempting this. We didn’t actually have high hopes of this product working well, simply from our previous experience with teeth whitening. However we actually want we had actually taken a before photo. We can truthfully state our teeth do work to be a number of shades whiter. We will attempt and upload our after photo here online with our evaluation. It’s worked actually well towards the edges of our teeth. However method up high by the gum line there is still some staining. So we are preparing yourself to buy a refill pack of the gel and do this for another week or more. In general we are entirely pleased what this whitening kit. We absolutely advise offering it a shot.

We were looking for a low-cost teeth whitening solution, and we came across this. We were hesitant to buy in the beginning, and now that we have it. We love it. It comes with guidelines and it is so easy to setup and use. Likewise comes with three syringes with gel included, a little brush to move the gel around the guard, and batteries. We got the plan about 30 minutes back, and it is truthfully the very best. We can currently see a distinction after simply one use. The taste is not the very best when you spit it out, however who cares. It absolutely whitens your teeth. We will absolutely buy more when our syringes complete.

Carries out actually well. Saw a distinction after 1 use. After 5 they are looking fantastic. Simply take care when using the syringe for the very first time. It s secured location and shot out a lot of product when it lastly provided. Pull the plunger back to loosen up initially. Lesson discovered.

We checked out a great deal of evaluations before buying this, however we are general happy with it. We have actually always wished to attempt a whitening kit with an led light however numerous out there are way too costly. We utilized the brush to put the product on the mouth piece and utilized the staying straight on our teeth. We likewise attempted what some others recommended in doing it longer than 10 minutes (we attempted 10, 20, and 30). We absolutely discovered that our smile was looking brighter, however we wished to provide it a few attempts before composing this evaluation. The modification for us has actually been pretty subtle with time, however we didn’t require that much deal with our teeth, actually simply surface area stain for us. Offer it a shot if you’re thinking of it.

We purchased this whitening kit and instantly went to attempt it when it got provided. It has actually been 5 days now and we can inform it’s assisting our teeth to look brighter and whiter. Our other half grumbled since we didn’t buy one for him, whoops. Lol. We use the device in the early morning and during the night too. No sensitivity at all. We would advise purchasing the re-fills also, the kit comes with three however if you resemble us and wish to use this twice or perhaps three times a day, you might requiremore Happy whitening.

We utilized to use your typical teeth whitening strips which led to mediocre results and sensitive teeth. Thank goodness we provided these a shot. We have actually utilized it for the recommended 10 minutes (it s on a timer) for the last 3 days. Results we can see and no sensitivity. This is great too since you wear t need to use trays or mold anything to your teeth. It s a rubber tray that you connect to the lighting system, super easy clean-up and you wear t need to use much of the gel. We find spreading it equally with the included brush helps. We found out this is a small family owned business and that makes us even more happy to support. Buy this, you won t remorse it.

We wished to whiten our teeth without paying a large quantity of cash. We understood of other products such as ismile, crest 3d, colgate advanced, smile direct club, etc however did not wish to start investing a large piece of modification in case the product did not work (the previously mentioned teeth whitening kits cost around $60 to120 )we found this on and was captivated by the quantity of favorable evaluations it got, so we chose to attempt itout We were thrilled after checking out the favorable evaluations and utilized the product not long after we got it in the mail. Impressions: easy to setup and use, comfortable fit in mouth, whitening product is bearable- no bad taste, advises us of a journey to the dentistwe will upgrade our evaluation as we do more applicationsfirst application: we discovered a small modification in tooth shade after one use. While it s not a substantial distinction we enjoy to see any modification in shade after simply one use.

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