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Sboly Electric toothbrushes

Sboly Electric toothbrushes

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Here are a few main benefits of Sboly Electric toothbrushes.

  • FAMILY ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH SET (4 PACK)- Comes with black & white electric toothbrush set and black & pink electric toothbrush set. The advanced sonic technology integrated in Sboly toothbrushes provides a high-speed vibration to effectively remove approximately 300% more stains, so you can clean your teeth as a dentist would advise! 5 modes of whiten, clean, sensitive, polish and massage to fulfill different oral requirements and best fit your brushing goals.
  • 2 MINUTES SMART TIMER & A LONG-TERM BATTERY LIFE – Integrated Timer with 2 minutes car shut-off and interval time out of advising to alter brushing locations every 30 s helps to provide you a total mouth clean, With this brush you will enhance your oral health quickly. Designed with USB fast charging system. Get a complete days use from only one 5 minute charge. Get over 30 days use from only one complete charge of 4 hours.
  • 8 BRUSHING HEADS WITH DUPONT NYLON BRISTLES & 2 POINTY SELECTS FOR EACH SET – A toothbrush set comes with 8 replacement heads, 16 brushes heads in total for 2 sets. “W” waved bristles and somewhat smaller sized heads to effectively and quickly clean more difficult to reach locations. The pointy pick is wonderful for cleaning in between the teeth. Dupont Nylon bristles are optimum for offering you the very best cleaning and they are soft for sensitive teeth and gums.
  • STREAMLINED LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN & IPX 7 WATERPROOF SCORE – These elegant toothbrushes are made for home or travel! It is very easy and convenient to pack them in your luggage with brush head protective covers included. With them being waterproof do not hesitate to use them in the shower.
  • WHAT WILL YOU GET- 2 electric toothbrush deals with, 8 toothbrush heads, 2 interdental brush heads, 2 bristle protective covers and 2 USB charging cable television. Charge head is not included.

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Here are some more information on Sboly Electric toothbrushes.
Clean As Dentist! 5 optional modes of white, clean, sensitive, polish and massage– Clean teeth professionally, you can select the appropriate setting based upon your oral conditions. Remove approximately 300% teeth stains than a manual toothbrush– Vibrates with sonic technology-40,000 strokes/min, it will provide a reasonal force control on teeth equably, avoiding teeth, enamels, gums from contusion and leaving your mouth sensation super clean. Smart Timer to motivate a great brushing habbit– Bad brushing habbits consisting of brushing teeth for too long or too brief time, scrubing teeth intensely will harm your oral health unwittingly, use our electric toothbrush and you can quickly establish a habbit of brushing teeth for 2 minutes as dentist advises. Travel with it! Lightweight, slim– 60 g in weight, 9 inch in length, with bristle protective cover- compact for your traval bag, easy to take! USB fast charge, long battery life– USB port offers you multi charging methods- linking with computer system, power bank, phone battery charger or automobile battery charger. 4 hours charge for a minimum of 30 days use (two times utilizes one day). Cost-effective Electric Toothbrush Set! 4 pcs, 16 brush heads and 4 pointy choices– 1 Pink, 1 white and 2 black electric toothbrushes, designed for family and pals. Medium soft Dupont Nylon bristles– Gentlely yet effectively clean teeth, minor smaller sized brush head makes a lot easier to reach those difficult locations like the backs of your teeth.

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