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Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Kit

Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Kit.

  • 1 Week Teeth Whitening Kit whitens teeth for professional-grade results
  • Noticeably whitens front and back of teeth in 1 week of treatment
  • Fast- acting formula supplies 14 days of whitening in simply 7 days
  • Custom- fit strips designed to stay easily in location
  • Very same enamel-safe active ingredient utilized by dental experts to remove deep stains

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Kit.
Style Call: 1 WeekTrust Rembrandt’s 1 Week Teeth Whitening Kit to offer your smile professional-grade whitening results. You’ll get noticeably whiter teeth in simply one week of treatments. In reality, our fast-acting formula provides the power of 2 weeks of whitening in simply 7 days. Our formula likewise utilizes the very same enamel-safe active ingredient utilized by dental experts to remove deep stains, so you can feel great that it’s both effective and safe. Our custom-fit whitening strips are designed to stay easily in location while whitening both the front and back of teeth. The 1 Week Teeth Whitening Kit includes 28 whitening strips. Established by cosmetic dentist and whitening leader, Dr. Robert Ibsen, Rembrandt was the first-ever whitening toothpaste on the marketplace. While the whitening classification has actually grown for many years, Rembrandt unlike other whitening brand names stays exclusively fixated teeth whitening. Prepare your best smile with the complete suite of Rembrandt products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Kit.

Question Question 1

Does This Product Have Saccharine In It?

Yes it has, sodium saccharin in the active ingredient list

Question Question 2

Are These Strips Like The Old Ones That Utilized To Be Made From Wax?

No, these strips abide by your teeth very well.we like them since they cover more teeth than the Crest Whitestrips

Question Question 3

Can You Cut The Strips To Avoid Missing Teeth/ Bridgework? If So, Can You Use The Extra Pieces Later On?

we believe you might cut them to prevent your bridgework, however we put on t believe you might use the extra later on.

Question Question 4

Does The Srips Work If We Have A Porcelain Crown In One Of Our Upper Front Tooth?

The strips will not alter the color of your crown.For us they lighten the teeth on either side of the crown keeping the color constant.

Question Question 5

Does It Whiten False Teeth?

Hey – if you have dental work, Rembrandt mentions to please speak with with your dentist before using. Rembrandt 1 Week Kit will only whiten natural teeth. It will NOT whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings, bridges or dentures. Ideally this is helpful.Thank you.

Question Question 6

What Is The Expiration Date For These Strips?

24 months

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Fantastic product. Been using this for almost a week now, and we have actually been actually thrilled about the results. Saw a noticeable distinction in shading after a couple days, and it simply kept improving from there. And most importantly, no sensitivity or pain. We have actually sensitive teeth, so we were worried about using this whitening product. However actually happy to report, it’s been pain-free.

These whitening strips work actually well. We have actually attempted other brand names and have either had difficulty with sensitivity or with efficiency. With the rembrandt kit, we didn’t have either of these issues. They went on easy, supplied excellent protection on our teeth, and made a noticeable distinction in the whiteness of our teeth – with no sensitivity. Will certainly buy once again.

Wow what a distinction the rembrandt 1 week whitening did for our teeth/smile. We have actually utilized crest strips sometimes at two times the expense which didn’t whitening our teeth almost as excellent as the rembrandt. There was a considerable distinction in the before and after whitening our teeth with the rembrandt. Exceptional whitening strip particularly for $25, a fantastic value.

We love having white teeth, nevertheless we can simply hardly endure the majority of the off the rack alternatives. Then we found these by means of our walmart beauty box (shout out to that beauty box. ). Love them. Initially, they operate in revealing a noticeable instant enhancement. Second, our teeth do not seem like they’re being tortured and our gums do not wind up bleeding and aching for days. Extremely recommended.

We like the method these adhere to your teeth compared to some of the other brand names, they were certainly noticeably whiter too. We were simply using them as soon as a day, however for the very best results certainly follow the guidelines and do them two times a day. In some cases our teeth get a little sensitive so we were attempting to provide a break. We do believe we would have had better results had we did them two times a day. However we believe these will be our new white strips from here on out.

We are stressed over sensitivity, so we have actually only been using these as soon as a day, and we can currently see the results. We have a little difficulty getting the bottom strips on, we actually require to extend our mouth, we divided our lip the very first day, so we ensure we have actually utilized blistex before beginning now. We are uncertain why, however they advise using the bottom strip initially, and we have actually checked out other evaluations where individuals have actually stated that they didn’t follow those guidelines initially and then found it simpler to apply when they did follow those guidelines. Even with the preliminary problem we had using the bottom strip, we still provide 5 stars for their whitening power.

We like it a lot that we are so scared if no one purchases it the manufacture gon na stop making it. That s why we are composing this evaluation. Please overlook the insane pic however it s is without a doubt the very best strip (much better than crest) we have actually ever utilized. We cut each one into three strips, and only put it on our front top surface area. We put on t cover our teeth with it since that will make it super aching. Simply prevent the gums and you will have sparkling white happy smile after 3 usages.

This is one of the better whitening kits we have actually ever utilized – and very affordable compared to going to the dentist for whitening. The very first thing we observed was that the strips are bigger than other strips we have actually attempted in the past. We actually liked how these strips covered a lot of our teeth. Even better was that we might discover our teeth being whiter after only 3-4 days of use. There are a lot of strips in package we chose to stop after a few days and conserve the rest for the next time our teeth require to a boost of whitening. We extremely advise offering these strips a shot.

Love it. Very easy to use – remain on your teeth while whitening. Very easy to use. Saw a distinction in simply the very first number of days – our teeth are whiter. Likewise, using the rembrandt sonic toothbrush too – it’s amazing.

We actually like this product. We have actually utilized a few other whitening products and this one is the very best up until now. Easy to use however wipe your teeth dry before placing. Press down. Great for 30 minutes. We personally needed to stop a day in between and use some sensodyne toothpaste to ease the sensitivity however that s all. Our teeth are actually tough to whiten and this worked rather well.

We didnt wish to invest the expensive cash for crest white strips and selected these up rather. We love how they fit our teeth a lot better than crest, and likewise we value that they do not make our teeth as sensitive as the crest strips do.

It appears like it works coz our partner stated our teeth look much whiter. We could not do top and bottom teeth at very same time — one strip would keep slipping off. So we put strips on at staggered times. We discover a little teeth sensitivity however very little. Do it.

We were a little hesitant on if this would actually work, however we were happily shocked that we can actually see a distinction. The strips were a little challenging to place on the very first time, however one you do it, it was no issue. Love this.

We utilized the trays in the past and was not happy they were no longer readily available. However these worked simply as well.

Fantastic design. Fits very quickly when teeth are dry. You can even consume while wearing them. We normally use for 1hour. Never ever believed they would work along with they performed in such a brief time 6-10 days. We had noticeable results after 4 days. Will certainly purchase once again. This kit conserves lots of cash.

Our teeth weren’t considerably whiter however there was a noticeable different. We purchased another pack to keep going.

For our children braces after removal we have actually heard a great deal of matches from brace users by utilizing this system rather of offering another arm to have another dentist do it.

We love this product, we put on t use it very typically simply when we require to revitalize our teeth it s perfect and doesn t trigger any sensitivity problems.

We have actually seen enhancement however the texture sneaks us out so we dislike brushing it off, it feels super gooey and sticky.

Rather satisfied. This works terrific. Will continue using it.

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