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Rembrandt Complete Teeth Whitening Collection with Toothbrush

Rembrandt Complete Teeth Whitening Collection with Toothbrush

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Here are a few main benefits of Rembrandt Complete Teeth Whitening Collection with Toothbrush.

  • Whitening begins on Day 1, 8x Whiter teeth in 5 days
  • Includes: 1 Whitening Toothbrush + 2 Brush Heads, 28 Custom-Fit Whitening Strips, 1 Whitening Toothpaste
  • Whitening toothbrush removes 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush and 30 x more stain removal from noticeable areas in between teeth
  • Intense Stain whitening toothpaste is specially created with micro-polishers to remove surface area stains and whiten teeth
  • 1 Week Whitening Kit utilizes the very same enamel-safe ingredients that dental professionals use to remove deep stains

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Care for the smile you love with the Complete Whitening Collection fromRembrandt This distinct kit has everything you require to whiten your teeth in your home with clinically designed products motivated by dental professionals. Beginning with the Rembrandt Whitening Toothbrush and Intense Stain toothpaste, you will observe whiter teeth in simply 5 days and remove as much as 30 x more stains than you would using a manual toothbrush. For an even whiter smile, the Rembrandt 1 Week Whitening Kit is the perfect solution. Using the very same enamel-safe ingredients utilized by dental professionals, these teeth whitening strips offer 14 day treatment leads to only 7 days. Conserve yourself a costly journey to the dentist and unwind in your home with the Rembrandt Complete Whitening Collection.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Rembrandt Complete Teeth Whitening Collection with Toothbrush, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Gotten this as a gift and liked the complete whitening kit that included a rechargeable toothbrush, toothpaste and two hour whitening kit. Our dentist had recommended that if we didn’t wish to pay for whitening in the dentist office, a rechargeable toothbrush integrated with a whitening kit would work better at whitening our teeth than a whitening toothpaste alone. It works.

What an amazing value for a whole, premium whitening kit. We purchased for our child for a back to school when she left for college – she likes it.

Amazing value. Everything we require to keep a healthy white smile everyday with a kit for us to use for extra whitening for an unique celebration.

This rembrandt complete teeth whitening “collection” is generally simply a couple tooth whitening approaches bundled together to help whiten your teeth in a brief time period. Rembrandt states it simply takes 5 days to see a noticeable distinction, and we would state that has to do with right. It does take longer than that to get noticeable results, however we can verify that the whitening strips and toothpaste do work. The kit comes with 28 whitening strips, for top and bottom teeth, which you use two times a day for 7 days. You simply use them for about 30 minutes each time and these speed up the whitening process compared to simply using the toothpaste alone. It does not harmed or anything and the strips are easy to use. The toothbrush resembles a sonicare or oral-b toothbrush with the round head. The kit comes with 2 brush heads that seem the very same and the toothbrush works well, and in fact makes this kit an excellent value due to the fact that you can continue to use this kit well after the strips and whitening toothpaste have been utilized. If you continue to use a whitening toothpaste, your teeth will gradually get whiter gradually, or a minimum of not get more stained. In general, this kit is good and it’s a very easy method to whiten your teeth and likewise have a great toothbrush to use to keep your teeth looking excellent gradually. It might appear a little pricey, however the expense of the toothbrush alone is most likely worth 40 to 50 dollars, and the product does work. We will keep using the toothpaste, although the strips have all been utilized. Our teeth do appear whiter and so we would state it was relatively effective.

This set is in general an excellent solution for teeth whitening andcleaning It includes: 1 whitening toothbrush, 2 brush heads, 28 custom-fit whitening strips, and 1 whitening toothpaste. We have had our teeth professionally cleaned up. The business declares the whitening kit utilizes the very same enamel-safe ingredients that dental professionals use to remove deep stains, and only requires 1 week to do it. We had a 2 week strategy for the dentist version with molds of our teeth. We believe the dentist system worked better, however this is method more affordable. There are few things that require enhancement. Initially, the toothbrush vibrates too strongly at the greatest setting. You require to keep it on low to safeguard your gums. Second, the bristles are pretty hard. Once again that can harm your gums. We like a soft bristle, even if it suggests replacing toothbrushes more frequently. Third the whitening strips are so thick that they are tough to remain in put on your teeth. We like crest whitening strips better.

This whitening system absolutely has its pluses and minuses. On the plus side, the toothpaste tasted fantastic and didn’t make the within our mouth slough off like the crest pro-health line does, there’s two settings so if your teeth are sensitive you can use the low setting and we valued the red caution light that let us know when we were brushing too hard. Thr last action in the program is the whitening strips which we found easy to apply and remained in location well as long as we didn’t speak. We didn’t like the truth that both brushes that came with the system had the very same color bands (our sonicare brushes have different color bands so brush heads are easy to differentiate which is necessary with a family), the develop quality wasn’t as excellent as our sonicare, the brush bristles appeared stiffer than our sonicare and the head vibrated alot which we found loud and annoying. The system worked alright however not also the crest 3d white 2 action brilliance system in eliminating tea stains along our gum line and in between our teeth although it did an excellent task of removing stains from the large flat tooth surface areas. We are going to stick with crest 3d white and the periodic dentist whitening tray and prescription gel. We do not find the trays to be an inconvenience because we only use them as soon as every 3-4 months.

This is a great bundled kit to provide you a whiter, brighter smile. The kit comes with a toothbrush, whitening strips and toothpaste. The toothbrush has the small rounded head we like – others might choose a longer style head. The toothpaste has a minty taste to it and the white strips are to be utilized 30 minutes at a time. It requires time however with regular use it does work. And after you have consumed the strips and toothpaste you still have a great toothbrush to use. Though the cost might at first appear high, it is much less than paying a dentist and a bright smile is invaluable.

Well, we like the toothbrush from this kit, however we have never ever utilized an electric toothbrush before. The whitening strips trigger a little gum recession on a tooth in the front, so we stopped using the strips. We believe our teeth are little whiter from the toothpaste and toothbrush combination, however we can’t be particular. Although, we had been using another whitening toothbrush and mouth rinse. We will continue using the brush, due to the fact that we like it that well. The strips are no go for our gum line. The toothpaste will be utilized up until it’s gone.

The toothbrush does an excellent task with the tooth paste to considerably whiten teeth, with simply these two products the teeth are whiter, the clean feel lasts longer, and the paste is refreshing and long-term. Have not had a requirement for the strips yet due to the fact that the brush and paste did an excellent enhancement.

We love our coffee and our tea. Those beverages do stain teeth however. We asked our dentist about the rembrandt products and he informed us to go for it, although he warned that the results might not be as dramatic as those from professional whiteners. Why we like this product: * the rechargeable toothbrush. This came at the perfect time because our oral b one bit the dust. We have been using these kinds of toothbrushes for years because they clean our teeth better and remove plaquebetter We specifically like the shape of the brush, with a little imprint in the middle, which is better for cleaning teeth. * the toothpaste. It has a very enjoyable, minty taste and didn’t hold on to our toothbrush like a great deal of crest product do. The toothpaste likewise has fluoride, which is a great reward. * the whitening strips. You use them for 30 minutes two times a day for 7 days. Like other customers have mentioned, they do not adhere in addition to crest strips, so it is a little uncomfortable having them in our mouth. They did not aggravate our gums or make our teeth more sensitive, which has been an issue with other whitening strips. All- in-all, our teeth are noticeably whiter.

This rembrandt (rm) whitening kit has three parts — the rechargeable toothbrush which comes with two brush heads and a charging base/ac adapter, whitening toothpaste and 28 whitening strips. Rm is a brand we and the other adult in house know both from previous professional whitening treatments to more just recently using their replacement brush heads on our rechargeable oral-b (ob) toothbrush. The dentist recommended a rechargeable toothbrush due to the fact that they do a better task than manual brushing so we have utilized one for years. The two significant brand names are both excellent with personal choice a choosing aspect– we occur to like a smaller sized brush head like this one and choose rm s replacement heads due to the fact that of the small flexible cup in the center of the brush which does a better task removing coffee and tea stains so they do not have a chance to collect in between professional cleansings. Not only are the brush heads interchangeable in between these two brand names, however this rechargeable toothbrush has comparable functions to the ob which we value due to the fact that they have entered into our routine. These include a timed two-minute brushing cycle with a 30 second indication when it is time to transfer to the next quadrant along with an alert if pushing the brush too hard on versus the teeth. The brush heads reveal wear by the bristle color fading and they must be must be changed every 3 to 6 months when revealing indications of wear. Given that whitening strips and toothpaste do not lighten dental work, caps, veneers, etc. We utilized the system on the male in house. The whitening toothpaste with fluoride has an excellent peppermint flavor, not too strong or weak. A basic pea-size dollop suffices to do the task and there is a lot of foam. Very enjoyable to use however did not observe much whitening. The tube in the kit has an expiration date 19 months in the future, however that will differ. The whitening strips for the kit are utilized two times a day for 30 minutes at a time for 7 days. They are bigger than crest strips however did not adhere also, they walked around and required to be rearranged. Keeping teeth carefully secured down was needed to hold them in location. The issue with using them for 7 days in a row was that teeth sensitivity would take place which is an issue he had with a previous professional system with custom trays and gel gotten from the dentist s office. Luckily at the end of the 7 days that did not take place however alternatively the lightening was very little, at best two shades whiter. These are better results than he s gotten with crest strips where he discovered no lightening at all. Certainly reaction is going to differ from individual to individual based upon a range of aspects. And if preventing sensitivity is a substantial aspect it deserves attempting the strips and toothpaste. The whitening strips have an expiration date 18 months in the future, however this will differ. Conclusion: the electric toothbrush and brush heads are very first rate, the toothpaste consists of fluoride which is not always included in whitening formulas. The whitening strips did not adhere safely however did lighten the user s teeth a number of shades and triggered no pain or sensitivity concerns.

We got this for us to attempt. We smoked cigarettes from 1967 to 1987, from 2 to 3 packs a day. We stopped the day we had a cardiac arrest in june of 1987 (we extremely suggest cardiac arrest for stopping smoking cigarettes. If you do not pass away while doing so. It’s an excellent incentive. ). Even after 31 years our teeth are still revealing a minor yellow-colored tint. They have naturally gotten much better throughout the years than the day we stopped when they were rather yellow (do not ask why we didn’t appear to observe this at that time). We dislike dental professionals (well not dislike. More like am mortally horrified of) and we would never ever think about going to one for teeth whitening (and yes we have listened to she who needs to be complied with shout about this for years and years – however on this one point we are firmer than a wood bed mattress). For us dental professionals are for emergency situations only. Thankfully we still have the majority of our original teeth and they remain in respectable condition. When we saw this on vine we believed why not provide it a try. It may get swmbo off our back at long last. So we sent out for it and now that we have finished the week we can report that our teeth have gotten three shades whiter (our grand child recorded the process with our 4k electronic camera that began the iphone x the kids got us for christmas). It is exceptional that simply with an electric toothbrush some unique toothpaste and some whitening strips (enough for two times a day for 7 days – 28 strips) that our teeth must look that much better however they do. We recommended the system to our old pal next door who has comparable yellowing and he got him a kit and attempted it too. His results were less than mine he stated his teeth only brightened about one and a half shades (which is what it appears like to us too). So results differ, however continued use of the whitening system must offer him with better results. He’s motivated enough to buymore So am we and swmbo is delighted with our results, enough so that she’s been revealing us off in public to her buddies. So keeping in mind that results differ according to the user and that the kit consists of a very good electric toothbrush (comes with 2 heads) with charging stand etc and that future purchases will be restricted to the paste and more strips it deserves a shot. It beats the heck out of dentist costs. 5 star.

After using this kit as directed for a week our teeth are somewhat whiter, however not as considerably whiter as the marketing appears to suggest. We do not know if it’s possible for anybody to pass the “tissue test,” however we understand we can’t. Possibly there is no such thing as a dental product that can make our teeth anything other than the somewhat yellow off-white that they are. Putting the graphic together for this evaluation was tough, due to the fact that out of 6 images we took, only the numbers on the digital files might inform us what was a before and what was an after photo. That’s how little a distinction the treatmentmade (we took the images in the very same closed space in the very same lighting conditions each time, so we understand that wasn’t it.) we do believe our teeth are whiter in the gaps in between teeth? we think? perhaps? once again, we can’t inform. What we can inform you is that we needed to stop using the kit for a while when something made our gums bleed. We believe it was the brush, which is very, very powerful. Once again, we do not know, however it was absolutely something in the kit. Our gums do not usually bleed like that. The reason we are providing this 4 stars and not 3 is that we believe the issue is most likely with our teeth. Possibly this is simply their natural color? perhaps it’s not possible for them to get any whiter than they want thistreatment On the bright side, we do have naturally strong teeth. Possibly teeth that are naturally somewhat yellow are healthier than bright white ones. We do not know. So in the end, this kit should have 4-stars, which suggests a “like” not a “love” from me. We do hope you have better luck with it.

We were delighted to attempt out a new toothbrush plus get a whitening kit also. The teeth whitening worked somewhat on our teeth, however generally due to the fact that we might only use it as soon as a day rather of two times due to some gum sensitivity. The teeth whiteners were uncomfortable to place on and we found that doing it opposite what they inform you to do (start with bottom and then the top) worked out better for us, so beginning with the top teeth and going from there was much better and they remained on better also. As for the toothbrush, it only holds its charge for perhaps three total brushes so we normally simply kept it on its battery charger the whole time. And initially we liked that it had both a harder whitening speed and a normal speed up until we discovered that it didn’t do a better task than our one- speed oral-b (sorry, do not know the model offhand), so we simply returned to that toothbrush now and our teeth lookbetter For the cost of this, if you do not currently have an excellent electric toothbrush you currently like, we would provide it a pass, however it’s not a bad toothbrush set by any ways. Your mileage will differ.

This kit works. You will start to see the lead to about 3 to 4 days. The kit has two parts: one is a package of 28 whitening strips, you apply two times a day for 7 days, 1 strip each for upper and lower teeth, using early morning and night, so you will be using 4 strips a day. The strips wear t follow the teeth also, however they wear t come off quickly either. Beware, make certain the strips wear t touch the gums, or they can be aching for 23 days. The strips are for 7 days. After that extreme 7 days whitening stage, start using the rechargeable toothbrush and the toothpaste for your daily upkeep. We like this whitening kit, and it is a much less costly and a lot more convenient method to whiten your teeth in your home.

We liked everything about this kit. The whitening strips work well. Make sure you do not overdo it. We have dental work and stopped after about 3 days when our teeth matched the dental work. The tooth brush is an excellent rechargeable (no bells and whistles however works fantastic) and utilizes basic brush tips. We did not find the strips to be annoying. They are bigger and longer than most products, so cut them off on completions if they are too long to be comfortable for you. We have a big mouth:-RRB- so the extra size was welcome.

First, the excellent – the toothpaste tastes enjoyable, and we are happy with the level of whitening. The strips are thicker than other whitening strips we have utilized, and we find they remain in location better and do not move around as much. We are happy with those parts of the program. We are not so insane about the toothbrush. We choose a more typically shaped head since that appears to fit our mouthbetter This toothbrush is loud and vibrates wildly – we are simply not a fan. Your mileage might differ. The remainder of the system is enjoyable to use and works well.

The set is excellent, and works well. The whitening strips are thicker than normal, which for us suggests they do not remain in location also. You need to generally keep your mouth stationary or they pop off (a minimum of on one side). The toothpaste tastes excellent though.

(+) excellent value for cash(+) the stripes did make our teeth whiter, however then most strips do(-) teeth whitening works, however not as promoted.

Up until now it appears like excellent results, however we are not wowed by what we are seeing. This does not appear to offer quick results, however resembles it will be more impressive gradually.

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