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Prime Time Smile Fast and Easy Teeth Whitening Pens

Prime Time Smile Fast and Easy Teeth Whitening Pens

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Here are a few main benefits of Prime Time Smile Fast and Easy Teeth Whitening Pens.

  • Easy to use, convenient to bring, and takes simply seconds to apply
  • Medically tested safe and effective
  • 2 pens included

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The fast and easy teeth whitening pen will offer anybody sparkling white teeth in no time. Not everybody has hours or weeks to whiten their teeth. This super simple, affordable and convenient pre-filled pen lets you avoid those uneasy whitening trays and untidy strips. You can whiten your teeth even when you’re on the run. Bring it with you to use a couple times a day, whenever and anywhere you are. You need to see a distinction in your teeth after simply a few utilizes, and considerable whitening after 10 days. How it works the fast and easy teeth whitening pen includes ingredients that help the gel follow the teeth and whiten without the hassle and pain of strips and trays. The medically tested formula releases oxygen ions that enter the teeth through small pores in the enamel, and break down stains inside the teeth, leaving them looking whiter. The whitening ingredients safely permeate teeth and work quickly. There’s no better method to get white teeth in simply 10 days.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Prime Time Smile Fast and Easy Teeth Whitening Pens, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Love this product. So easy to use and great results. Gotten here quickly.

We need to confess we buy these over and over. They work. Teeth are noticeably whiter after simply a couple days. Very easy to use. Simply want each pen lasted longer.

This is a peroxide and alcohol mix in a clever brush-type dispenser. It’s challenging for us to state how much it whitens since we had our teeth cleaned up just recently so they weren’t regrettable when we began using this. Nevertheless, we were pleased that it did not aggravate our gums since they are typically rather sensitive. Before using this, we evaluated it for allergic reaction by brushing some on the within our elbow and leaving it overnight. Luckily we did not break out in a rash or perhaps noticeable soreness. So we felt it was safe to try out our teeth. Once again, no issue. We had revealed the bundle to our dental hygienist and she stated the ingredients need to work other than that the strength is not noted. Therefore it is difficult to compare this to the kind they cost the dentist’s office. We likewise attempted an off-label experiment. We brushed a few hairs of our hair with this about 5 minutes before shampooing. It did brighten the hairs so we would state that the peroxide works. By the method, the dispenser would be terrific as a hair-streaking device; it is so easy to use. The directions for teeth whitening are to leave the gel on for 30 minutes. We would state this is challenging since of saliva production. It appeared to increase, quickly watering down the gel. So we can’t offer this an unqualified suggestion.

This is a very cool little product. It is the size of a ball point pen. It will suit the pocket or handbag, so very portable. You remove the cap and twist the other end of the “pen” to advance the teeth cleaner to the little brush. You then “paint” the cleaner on your front teeth. You are not expected to disrupt the cleaner for 30 minutes, then you are done. One issue we have with this, is that we are we think, an over salivator. We questioned that, however it appeared not to make excessive distinction. In the past, using other teeth cleaners, the little plastic strips, they utilized to start cleaning out of our mouth in a few minutes. There are no strips here, so no issue with that. We have sensitivity to the other teeth cleaners, and they are really unpleasant. This obviously has a different chemical base, so that is not an issue, either. We would suggest a shot for this product if you want to attempt to whiten your teeth.

This product is easy to use and effective. Simply paint it on and go. We had our teeth professionally bleached (zoom) a couple years earlier, and we had no concept how unpleasant it was. We do not believe we might go that path once again. Over the last couple years our teeth have gotten a little stained (coffee and tea drinker), and we have found these teeth whitening pens do an excellent task of restoring them to the color we would accomplished at the dentist’s office. We discovered the greatest distinction in the very first couple treatments, however utilized it about half a lots times for best results.

Why have not we utilized these before?. They’re made like a brush pen an artist would use however rather of water or ink they consist of a pretty powerful tooth bleaching formula. All you do is paint it on your teeth a few times throughout the day, taking care to prevent your gums (it stings a little if you let it touch. ). Our teeth are not especially stained since we use whitening toothpaste, however there was an unique lightening to the color of our teeth noticeable as quickly as the next day. Wonderful.

We like this whitening pen, however require to use if longer to relatively rank it. We have observed that it is whitening our teethsome It’s easy toapply You turn the dial and the stuff is given and you brush it on your teeth. That has to do with as easy as it get. And after that you wait 30 minutes before consuming or consuming. It’s not a miracle employee, however we have seen a little whitening.

No after taste, easy to use and it works. You can see the distinction right away. Excellent product, will buy in store when we run out.

We offer the prime time smile fast teeth whitening pens a solid 4 stars. Initially, we do not have severely stained teeth however since we consume a great deal of tea and coffee they aren’t as white as we would like them to be. We would state that our teeth began out as a light yellow-colored color and so we provided these pens a shot. They did whiten our teeth about an excellent shade whiter, so that there’s a noticeable distinction, and absolutely in the white color classification. We used it when a day, rather than the two times a day as advised (and often we avoided a day since we forgot) rather ideal before bed time. You can not consume or consume anything for half an hour after using, so what we would do seeks brushing our teeth during the night (they suggest brushing teeth, however not flossing before application) we would apply the gel and then wait for 30- minutes while seeing the rest of our television programs and then after that was done, we might return to our nighttime routine of reading, which implies we keep up about an hour approximately after. We needed to do it by doing this since we always consume water while reading and prior to kipping down, so we could not do the pen at that time since we needed to make a mindful effort not to consume or consume anything. With the whitening strips from other brand names, because they’re covering your teeth throughout the process, you can’t consume or consume anything with them on, so it’s not that much of an effort, however with the prime-time show pens you only have the gel on your teeth, which seems like absolutely nothing, so it’s easy to forget and beverage or consume something. After using it to our teeth, which is relatively basic, you turn the bottom to expel the gel on to the applicator brush and apply to the teeth that are revealed when you smile, although you never ever seem like you get the dose rather ideal since you can turn excessive and that pumps more gel out, however if you do not turn enough some teeth will not get covered, so we believe the whitening strips are a lot easier in this regard. Anyhow, after using to the top and bottom of our teeth we seemed like we needed to keep our mouth and lips open (though it’s not advised to do so) since we didn’t desire the solution to be disrupted by our lips, plus we didn’t desire the within our lips to be in constant contact with the hydrogen peroxide, so we would keep them open for a minute approximately, which we make certain provided us a half-crazed expression. With the strips you do not need to stress over this because your mouth does not enter into contact with the gel. We didn’t experience any tooth or gum sensitivity after using prime-time show smile, so that’s a plus, and we didn’t get an unusual taste from it, however perhaps that’s since we kept our lips and mouth open with our teeth closed for a few minutes. It works however loses one star since of the concernsabove If you do it as directed, using the gel 2 x a day, it will take 10- days to a whiter smile. If you do it like me, figure about 20 days if you do it simply 1 x a day. Anyhow that need to offer you a concept of for how long it will take you to be photo all set for vacation images or unique celebrations.

Up until now so great? we have utilized whitening products in the past that worked a bit much faster, however the tradeoff was that your teeth ended up being exceptionally sensitive (breathing with your mouth open while outdoors? shooting discomforts. Plus random shooting discomforts even when there wasn’t air striking your teeth). We would state this is working gradually however certainly – no undesirable taste, very easy to use, method more so than fussing with a strip or a tray, and we would buy this once again. Two pens suffices for an early morning & night treatment for 10 days, so you are getting a reasonable little bit of use for your cash. To use, you brush your teeth (not floss, simply brush), twist the dial up until the gel shows up, brush it onto your front teeth (as far to the sides as appear when you smile), and then you do not consume or consume for half an hour. It’s that basic.

After having our teeth professionally bleached, our dentist provided us a “retouch” whitening pen that assisted keep our teeth light for an excellent 6 months after the original professional task. When it ran out, we asked to buy another from our dentist, however they only provided it with a $99 whitening treatment. We enjoyed to find that the prime-time show whitening pen works along with the product our dentist provided me. As long as we correspond about using it in the early morning and night, we have had great results with keeping our teeth white. We have had no sensitivity to the product, it tastes fine and is easy to use. We can’t talk about whether it would do an excellent task of whitening teeth if you had not formerly had a professionaltreatment We would suggest this one.

We have utilized the proffessional whitening kits supplied by our dentist. These are not a genuine replacement for that. These are excellent way to preserve whiteness, or perhaps remove some small staining. If you are aiming to remove years of tobacco and coffee stains, you need to conserve your cash for a professional task. If you simply desire a “tune up” on your whitening, this is a fantastic option. We didnt like the taste, however who would anticipate to? the pens are easy to use, easy to keep helpful, and do not make our teeth sensitive like the pro kits do.

This is the very first time we have attempted a tooth whitener. It is definitely easy to apply in the pen format. We utilized it when a day after we brushed our teeth to go to bed, to offer the goo the very best chance to invest some time on the tooth surface areas. We believe there was a subtle whitening; if you are looking for a dramatic modification, we would not suggest this product. If you desire simply a shade lighter, this product is one you can apply almost anywhere, very quickly.

We have always been rather doubtful of teeth whiteners. We always believed that it a) would not work, b) would in some way injure, trigger sensitivity, or c) make the user appear like ross from that regrettable episode of pals. Thankfully, none of those things took place when we utilized prime-time show smile fast and easy teeth whitening pens. While we can’t state that our teeth appeared like the image on package, they absolutely were whiter. Plus, we didn’t experience any sensitivity. The product was basic to use and had no unfavorable negative effects – so we would count this experience as a win.

This product is easy to use compared to other whitening tools – those untidy, dreadful strips, for circumstances. After about 10 days we can see a distinction. The taste isn’t regrettable and it’s basic to brush on the stuff and forget it.

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