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POP MODERN.C Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Charcoal Coconut

POP MODERN.C Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Charcoal Coconut

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of POP MODERN.C Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Charcoal Coconut.

  • NATURAL TEETH WHITENING INGREDIENTS Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder is a natural whitening treatment that slowly removes surface area stains without severe chemicals.Using coconut charcoal and other all-natural ingredients to improved oral health and is 100% safe for useing.
  • EFFECTIVE STAIN & PLAQUE REMOVAL – Picture removing years of coffee-stains, wine, tea cigarettes, and more – all without using bleach. It make your teeth clean & smooth in two minutes like you simply return from a cleaning at the dentist office.Keep using two times a day and your teeth will be noticeably smoother, brighter & whiter.
  • SMILE WITH SELF-CONFIDENCE- How about a fresh mint breath all day? This product makes your teeth sparkling white and provides you a fresh mint breath that enhances your public self-confidence all-day long.
  • PERKS WITH BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH & FLOSS( VALUE:$ 9.99): With toothbrush & floss, this teeth whitening kit will provide your teeth deeply cleaning in conveniently.With the perfect mix, this teeth whitening kit is perfect ORAL CARE GIFT for your family & pals.
  • FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS GIFT CONCEPT: Superior quality combined with beautiful discussion, it s the perfect terrific gift concepts for your partner, other half, mom, child, pals or your liked ones.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on POP MODERN.C Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Charcoal Coconut.
Design: MINT POWERFUL AND BOUNS WITH EFFECTIVE BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH & TEETH FLOSS KIT( VALUE $9.99) PREMIUM QUALITY BAMBOO TEETHBRUSH: This charcoal infused toothbrush includes its ultra soft bristles to conserve your enamel and secure your gums. It’s a best match to the charcoal teeth whitening powder to safely whiten and care your teeth. DUAL-PURPOSE FLOSS: POP MODERN.C Teeth FLOSS is more quickly in tight areas in between your teeth to provide you a comprehensive clean. You would use it after you brush the teeth with charcoal powder. RENEW YOUR BEAUTIFUL SMILE WITH THIS ALL-NATURAL TEETH WHITENER THAT ALSO HELPS FRESHEN YOUR BREATH AND REDUCE STAINING. Our product has actually been FDA checked and has actually been shown to be safe for teeth enamel. It is steam activated for the perfect grain size and porosity. This makes it more effective when it pertains to soaking up toxic substances from your mouth. You can use this whitening formula to remove persistent dental stains, detox, and whiten your teeth so you can REVEAL that sparkling white smile once again. 2-3 MONTH SUPPLY: Depending upon use, this natural teeth whitener jar will last 2-3 months (110 utilizes approx.) Use with the charcoal teeth whitening powder and the bamboo toothbrush to make your teeths shine bright. POP MODERN.C Special formula whitens your teeth in time, and helps romove stains from a variety of cauces: Coffee Stain Wine Stain Beverage Stain Tea Stain Smoke Stain & More PLAN CONTAIN: 1 x 2.1 oz Teeth Whitening Powder 1 x Bamboo Teethbrush 1 x Mint Waxed Teeth Floss

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on POP MODERN.C Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Charcoal Coconut.

Question Question 1

How S It Taste?

it taste great and fresh. we typically get some water and it is easy to brush. BTW, it smells like mint, refreshing. Excellent teeth whitening charcoal powder.

Question Question 2

Does It Remove Coffee Stains?

Yes, we utilized to consume a great deal of coffee and our teeth ended up being very dark. They are almost all pursued using this 3 weeks.

Question Question 3

How Long Does One Container Last?

we have actually had mine for almost 2 month with daily use and not near done with it. You only actually require a little bit given that it is pretty fine powder.

Question Question 4

How Long Can We See The Outcome?

Perhaps for some days or a month, we are uncertain. we have actually simply gotten the teeth charcoal whitening powder for a week and it is the third day of use. we feel very fresh and clean after use.

Question Question 5

What Odor Of The Product?

The activated charcoal powder smells like mint, very fresh. It is comfortable and refreshing to use. After using this powder, we use our own toothpaste to brush once again, feel spick-and-span.

Question Question 6

Do You Mix It With Your Toothpaste Or Do You Do It Before Or After Brushing?

You do not blend it. You damp the brush and then put the charcoal on it and brush your teeth. After you are done, you’ll rinse your mouth out and then brush your teeth.

Question Question 7

How Lots Of Times Do You Brush Your Teeth With This Product?

Any day we have time to and am not in a rush. Before an event typically, or before or after we consumed tea, soda, etc. Perhaps 2 times each week is okay for you.

Question Question 8

Can This Truly Whiten Your Teeth? Is The Outcome Noticeable?

we have actually been using it for almost three weeks, we did observed the outcome of teeth whitening, though it not so obvious.But it remove the stains on the teeth certainly. Simply keep using.

Question Question 9

Do You Truly Required The Toothbrush? Or Can We Simply Use Our Own?

Yes, you might use your own, however the charcoal powder will black your own toothbrush.Better to use the toothbrush that comes with it, only to keep your daily one cleaner.

Question Question 10

We Wish To Know What Type Of Brush Would Work Better With This Powder? An Electric One Or An Regular One?

we would suggest using a different soft bristle toothbrush. It will leave a stain behind on the brush. Makes it look dirty. You most likely will not desire this power spinning around in your mouth either. It might make it simpler to breathe in which you do not wish to do. Results are great though. Worth the second toothbrush.

Question Question 11

Can You Use This If You Have Braces?

we are not a professional in dentistry or orthodontia however we would not suggest using whiteners of any sort with braces as there will be unwhitened areas underneath the brackets.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on POP MODERN.C Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Charcoal Coconut, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

It actually works. We have actually only utilized it a few times throughout the week, and we currently see results. Did not anticipate it to come with a lot product, it will last a while given that you put on t use quite. You can use your own toothbrush however we actually like the softness of the bamboo toothbrush it comeswith We were doubtful initially, specially about the taste or texture?. However texture is not strange at all and the flavor is simply mint.

Wow, we need to state we are actually happy with this product. The very first time we utilized it, our teeth were whiter. We didn’t believe it was possible however it was aesthetically whiter. The more we continue to use it, the more we see a distinction. Likewise we love how it is minty so it keeps our breath fresh while whitening. We extremely suggest getting this kit specifically given that it is natural.

We are still using the powder and we are happy it came with its own brush and all. We see gradually however definitely some results. We will absolutely keep using it.

Up until now we like it. Tastes great. Will upgrade after we see the whitening ability of it.

Very fascinating product. We can feel and see a distinction in our teeth. Even our 7 year old is using it.

Easy to use, taste excellent.

Love this product utilized it a few times and currently seeing results.

It was fun to use it. We love the mint flavor of this charcoal power, it makes our breath fresh after using it. We will continue to use it to see if it actually works.

Excellent product. We would buy once again.

Initially we kinda doubtful about this product. Our company believe activated charcoal deals with your skin however not in your teeth, however the very first time we attempted this we completely see a very little modifications. Our teeth got a bit whiter understanding we have actually stained teeth due to consuming a great deal of coffee and other colored beverages. We will continue using this and modify our evaluation to let you people know our last idea. Btw we love that they currently included a brand new toothbrush with it.

We utilized this product for a few weeks and we might inform a distinction in the whiteness of our teeth. This stuff wasn’t severe or didn’t make our teeth feel sensitive at all. It is a little untidy however tidies up quickly. In general we actually liked it.


Functions excellent.

We got this to attempt given that we smoke and it works excellent love it thank you.

So we simply had this provided today and believed that we would attempt itout We utilized a very percentage (like the bundle advised to do) and brushed for 3 minutes. As soon as we washed, we might currently see whitening on our teeth. Likewise our teeth were so smooth it actually seems like we simply left the dentist office after a greatcleaning There is basically no plaque delegated mention. We are going to have our kids start using this also to help with their teeth given that their brushing practices are still an operate in progress. Plus it is kinda fun to have the black mouth that comes with using the charcoal =-RRB-. Would absolutely suggest.

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