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Polar Teeth Whitening Professional Single LED Light speeds up The Teeth whitening Process

Polar Teeth Whitening Professional Single LED Light speeds up The Teeth whitening Process

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Polar Teeth Whitening Professional Single LED Light speeds up The Teeth whitening Process.

  • Simple, hands free, and easy to use
  • Instructions: Open battery compartment and remove the plastic tab situated under the batteries. Change batteries and start.
  • LED whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home without the high dentist expenses.
  • For use with our teeth whitening gels, kits, or pens
  • Comes with a warranty.no others do

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Polar Teeth Whitening Professional Single LED Light speeds up The Teeth whitening Process.
Amazing Results When You Use Polar’s LED Accelerator Light with Your Favorite Teeth Whitening Gel Functions With Any Peroxide Based Teeth Whitening Gel Whitening Strips Whitening Pens Whitening Gel

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Polar Teeth Whitening Professional Single LED Light speeds up The Teeth whitening Process.

Question Question 1

Does It Include Batteries?

Yes, batteries are included.Be sure to remove the clear plastic disc from beneath the batteries before starting.

Question Question 2

Does This Likewise Include A Gel Suplement?

This is for the LED light only.Gels are offered independently. Browse Polar Teeth Whitening in to see our choice.

Question Question 3

Este Producto Es Desechable O No?

Las baterías se pueden cambiar y reutilizar.

Question Question 4

If We Have Whitening Strips Do We Use This While Wearing The Strips Or Before Or After? Likewise Exists Any Uv Light Originating From This?

You will use your LED light while wearing the whitening strips.It will increase the oxidation and whitening efficiency of the whitening strips.Our light does NOT release UV light.UV lights are harming to your skin and are not recommended for use.

Question Question 5

Does It Work On Veneers?

this light will not deal with veneers or any dental work. It does work wonderful on original teeth in mix with crest white strips. we had fantastic results however it will not whiten or alter the color of any dental work. Hope that helps.

Question Question 6

Can You Use This Product By Itself Simply With A Gel Whitening? We Have The Gel Pen And Other WhiteningProducts No Guarantee Came.?

our company believe you could, we use it with mouth trays.

Question Question 7

How Numerous Lights/ Diodes Remain In This Product? The Description States “Single” Led, Yet In The Image There Seems 5.?

Mine has one LED with a reflector background. Maybe the image is revealing reflections.

Question Question 8

Do You Use The Whitening Strips And After That Location This Over The Strips?

You can do either. if your teeth are super sensitive we would not use the strips. However for best results it’s the one we use

Question Question 9

Does It Have A Timer?

This model does not have a time. Our 5 and 7 LED accelerator does have a timer

Question Question 10

Can You Use This Light With Other Bleaching Gels Besides Polar Gel?

Yes the Polar Single LED light can be utilized to speed up the whitening of other teeth bleaching gels which contain peroxide.We do advise Polar Gels as we understand 100% the quality of the gel so you are ensured a terrific whitening experience or your cash back. Other gels might be old or not excellent quality ingredients.

Question Question 11

Does This Work With Toothpaste?

Not unless you are using hydrogen peroxide for toothpaste.It is for use when you put peroxide gel on your teeth, in a transparent bite guard.

Question Question 12

Can It Be Utilized With Crest Whitening Strips?

Yes it will speed up the whitening of crest white strips

Question Question 13

How Long Is The Battery Life And Can We Buy Batteries Separately?

The batteries will last a month of whitening treatments.Batteries are the very same as found in a watch and can be acquired independently.

Question Question 14

Can You Use This On It S Own?

It is a whitening accelerator.It will speed the whitening process when utilized with Polar teeth whitening gel.

Question Question 15

Can Be Sensitives Our Teeth After The Process?

Never, we our case we simply feel our teeth super clean. However, we believe the sensitive depends upon the product you use not in theLED For us this work so perfect.

Question Question 16

How Long Do Leave The Led Light On Each Time?

It depends upon the strength of whitening gel utilized with the led light.Stronger gels only take 10 minutes and weaker gels as much as 30 minutes.

Question Question 17

How Numerous Lights/ Diodes Exist In This Product?

This is our single or one led light. You might browse polar teeth whitening to find our 5, 7, and 16 led designs also.

Question Question 18

Do You Use The Light For The Entire 10 Minutes The Light Is Immediately On, Or Use For More/ Less Time?

Your whitening kit has a recommended whitening time. Use your LED the whole whitening time as much as 60 minutes.

Question Question 19

Can This Be Utilized With Strips Aside From Crest White Stips?

Yes. This light speeds up the whitening process of any peroxide based whitening gel, pen, strip.

Question Question 20

Can This Be Utilized With Baking Soda Paste And Not The Gel?

Polar LED lights are designed to speed up or accelerate the whitening process of peroxide in the teeth whitening gels.We advise using the Polar Pen for a very thin specifically used layer of gel on your teeth with the LED for maximum whitening benefits.:D

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Polar Teeth Whitening Professional Single LED Light speeds up The Teeth whitening Process, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We purchased this due to the fact that we simply required the led light. The one from colgate was way too costly and we currently had crest white strips and the pen. This worked out simply fantastic. Up until now after one use for some factor we see our teeth look a little lighter, not a substantial distinction tbh considering that it’s one use. The led was so easy to use, didnt cause burning or sensitivity to our gums or teeth. Would however once again, however our issue was that it didn’t come packaged. It can be found in a zip lock bag and we didn’t see the guarantee slip for mine. Can somebody discuss that to me ?? we werehed it before using as everybody must trigger we were very suspicious about why it didn’t can be found in a box like revealed. We will continue using it this whole week.

We use this in combination with our white strips, and our god does it make a distinction. Get this.

White strips weren t getting our teeth white enough. With some research we found out about this light. Only 2 strips in with this and our teeth increased like 2 shades. Actually happy with the purchase. More affordable than the $50 kit. Only use the light for the last 10 minutes of the strip ***.

You require this little lamp to fast the process of the whiteness of your teeth. It truly speeds up the procces.

** upgrade: after publishing our evaluation, the seller reached out to us almost instantly to send us a new blue light free of charge. We are very happy with the client service and can’t wait to keep using this product as it was the brightest blue light we have purchased and so amazing for the cost. Utilized it when and worked fantastic. Nevertheless, after washing it off when, water entered into the battery part and instantly rusted and quit working. We only had it for perhaps 12 hours before it broke. Absolutely not waterproof like marketed. We would think about purchasing once again nevertheless due to the fact that it was the brightest blue light we have purchased.

It worked.

Exceptional client service. Our very first few led lights didn’t work and so we emailed customer support. They’re very fast and trustworthy. They repaired our issues more than two times. They did a wonderful task now we are enjoying our led. Thank you. You’ll get your cash’s worth.

We are thrilled to get this whitener. At a terrific cost and the business has been a pleasure to orderfrom Would certainly buy once again and work with them. We would likewise extremely recommend this product to buddies and family.

We utilized another brand’s whitening pen (asavea) for two weeks and we did not see any results. We began seeing results when we utilized this led light along with it. The only thing we would grumble about is that it does not totally cover both sets of our teeth, so we need to change it every now and then. As for our routine, we floss, brush our teeth with crest 3d white toothpaste, dry our teeth with a paper towel, then apply the teeth whitening gel pen. Instantly after, we placed on the led light. We leave it on for 30 minutes, and clean the led with a damp, clean paper towel. So happy with the product and the cost we paid for it.

Thank you for such a terrific value for the expense. We use these with whitening strips and they are currently working. Normally the strips take longer to work however with this light we have had quicker results.

This easy work so excellent specifically for the cost we were shocked by how bright and blue it is certainly stepped up the video game on the strips we were using. Make sure you only use it for the last 10 minutes however, we did see that it makes the strips foam up a lot while they re in your mouth.

Buy this. You can not beat this for the cost. Use the light with crest 3d whitening strips and you will see results the very first time.

We are surprised of how amazing this thing works. We integrated it with a whitening pen and in 2 utilizes our teeth look a lot whiter. Absolutely advise + an amazing cost.

We seem like whenever we use this it works and it does not harm our teeth.

Functions fantastic specifically with crest white strips. Extremely advise acquiring.

Not exactly sure we are seeing a great deal of advantage since a week.

It s cool. It s comfortable. And it makes your teeth white.

This was easy to use, very comfortable to use with mouth tray. You require to open the battery compartment, remove batteries and remove clear tab. Include batteries and use instantly.

Required a blue light for our gel teeth whitener that we have currently had. This is the perfect size and does not take a great deal of area to store. Can not wait to attempt this productout Thank you.

Utilized with crest white strips. Very easy and no sensitivity.

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