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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Perfecta Bravo.

  • 4 Syringes with tips – 3cc each (Complete 14- day treatment)
  • 9% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Directions
  • Use Time: 30 Minutes, When a Day
  • Professional Tooth Whitening Gel

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Perfecta Bravo.
This treatment removes most tobacco, food, drink and aging stains. Staining from medication, minerals, injury or disease might not react as well.Shorter wear time – 30 minutes, as soon as a dayProven quicker results1 for improved compliancePatented water-based 9% hydrogen peroxide gel84% less wear time for two-week treatment Superior whitening, prevents sensitivity

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Perfecta Bravo.

Question Question 1

How Do We Connect The Tip? We Got 2 Tubes From Our Dentist And No Directions. He Utilized Another Brand In The Previous With Tips Connected. Thanks?

Take the white complement and plastic tip fits to tube.

Question Question 2

The Most Recent Version Is White Product Packaging, Is That What We Will Get?

You get a whiteone The genuine one is blue line on the photo. we have simply gotten it we hope it works the very same

Question Question 3

Does This Contain Fluoride?

The only active ingredient noted on television is 9% hydrogen peroxide.

Question Question 4

Does The Device Include The Bundle?

no.just the whitening gel.

Question Question 5

Am We Doing Something Incorrect, We Seemed like This Hasn’T Whitened Our Teeth At All And Have Been Using For 5 Days?

That isn’t a question that we can address. All we can inform you is that we utilized it for 30 minutes, three days in a row and it made our teeth incredibly sensitive. we are talking the type of sensitive that afraid me. Our teeth are very essential, so we have actually chosen to attempt only products that our dentist suggests.

Question Question 6

What Is The Expiration Date?

we do not believe we would stress over it. It’s hydrogen peroxide. They simply put that date on there so you keep purchasing more.

Question Question 7

What Is The Expiration Date?

it’s hydrogen peroxide sealed in a plastic container. there is no expiration date– it can’t deteriorate.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Perfecta Bravo, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Very same product as our dentist’s however more affordable. Beware if you have sensitive teeth, however. (ice, hot liquids & ice cream trouble you.) when we informed our dentist about this concern, he advised us to keep it on for 15-20 minutes rather of 30 and not to use it every day. We can only use it as soon as every 3 days at most. We are not going to knock it for being too strong, though. That simply goes to demonstrate how effective it is. As soon as you get your teeth to the optimum white, you only require to use it as soon as a week to preserve. Update: the last batch we got does not operate at all. Crazy. We believe this product might differ from seller to seller. We think it s not the genuine thing that you get with your dentist. Numerous products are not genuine on this website. Would rather pay a little more and buy from our dentist.

We had professional custom-fitted teeth-whitening trays developed for us by our dentist. He offered us the teeth whitening gel. However then we figured out that we might get the specific very same teeth whitening gel from for a portion of the cost charged by our dentist. This teeth-whitening gel corresponds what our dentist offered me, however for a third of the cost. We extremely suggest for somebody who has custom-fitted whitening trays. Do not leave gel/trays in mouth for too long, because it will ultimately aggravate your gums, as all these professional-grade hydrogen peroxide-based gels will do. We can’t endure more than 50 minutes; then we should remove from mouth, and instant rinse mouth of all gel residue. We are robert, and this is a genuine evaluation by a genuine user. Cheers to your new, whiter smile.:–RRB-.

The only whitening we use. The dentist charged us triple of what we pay here on for this specific product. We have actually been purchasing this for three years now. Functions terrific keeps teeth so elegant and white. We have custom trays we use with it.

Great quality teeth cleaning for a sensible cost. Our dentist utilized to offer us these for two times as much till we found these online. We suggest.

This is precisely what we were getting from our dentist however it’s 15$ more affordable on even with 2 day shipping. Product is amazing as always. Brightens much better then any whiten strips you can buy nonprescription. Conserve ingredients however much more focused so you get whiter brighter teeth much quicker.

Product works well however does come on strong in the start which we weren t anticipating, as we have actually utilized a 6% in the past. Terrific outcome tho.

Great buy.

We have the bravo kit a required more whitening gel. Our dental practitioners office charges $25 per syringe, this is a wonderful offer. Product showed up without delay and quicker than anticipated. Will certainly buy from here once again.

This product is the best. We love it. You do not need to use it for hours in order to observe the distinction in the shade of your teeth. We love tea, and require to brighten a minimum of as soon as a week and we rely greatly on this.

Been using this for years. Follow instructions for effectively whitening teeth. A bit goes a long method. For upkeep we use, every 2 weeks simply 30 minutes.

This is not the blue one product like on photo. They send out a white product rather, hope it works as great as blue.

Very same product we have actually been purchasing from our dental practitioners office.

We have not been using it for too long, only a week, however am seeing a distinction and am pleased up until now. Hope this helps.

This bleached our teeth extremely well. Much better than carbide peroxide. We asked our dentist, and she verified hydrogen peroxide has more whitening poweer, however more problems with sensitivity.

We have actually been using bravo tooth whitener for a lots years at the suggestion of our dentist after he at first bleached our teeth. We usually use bravo after a dental cleaning 4 times each year. Up until our current purchase on, we purchased bravo from our dentist; nevertheless, it’s less problematic purchasing by means of the web as the product and expense equal.

Paid $30 for one at our dentist.

Seller was prompt. Produc came as explained.

Very same product we formerly purchased from our dentist. Terrific cost savings.

Terrific product. Terrific service.

Terrific results. Easy to use. Simply follow instructions and you will be surprised. We had braces and after braces off. We utilized bravo. We have beautiful white teeth and a fantastic smile. It deserves every cent. We always get compliments.

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