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Pei Mei Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit - Waterproof Black Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

Pei Mei Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit – Waterproof Black Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

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SAGANO ACTIVATED CHARCOAL WITH CINNAMON POWDER Do you suffer from undesirable tooth stains that rob you of your dazzling smile? Let Sagano bring your teeths back in one easy action. Just simply brush your teeth with the Sagano Activated Charcoal plus Cinnamon teeth whitening powder to get whiter teeth, fresher breath, and healthier mouth. Use this all-natural activated carbon teeth whitening powder two times a week and you will definitely see the distinction in your total oral health. STOP TEETH DISCOLORATIONS You wear t requirement to reduce coffee, tea, and wine even if they trigger undesirable tooth stains. Sagano s Activated Carbon with Organic Cinnamon teeth whitening powder can offer your teeth 10 times lighter shade with regular use. FRESH CINNAMON TASTE This 100% natural activated charcoal powder leaves no bitter aftertaste when your brush your teeth. Rather, you get a tasty spicy-sweet cinnamon burst that leaves your breath smelling and sensation fresher, longer. BATTLE GUM DISEASE Stop gum issues before they start. This activated charcoal powder effectively prevents tartar and plaque accumulation, halitosis, and gum disease to keep you smiling with confidence with whiter teeth and healthier mouth all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pei Mei Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit – Waterproof Black Smooth Liquid Eyeliner.

Question Question 1

We Simply Purchased.We Have Actually Utilized It Two Times Now However We Cant Get The Black Off OurGums Why Is That?

Thank you for your question. How did you use the product? We have not experienced this before. Generally, you only let the the powder remain in your teeth for 2 minutes or less and it cleans off entirely. Others, brush with their toothpaste after using the activated charcoal powder. A suggestion too to usethe powd Thank you for your question. How did you use the product? We have not experienced this before. Generally, you only let the the powder remain in your teeth for 2 minutes or less and it cleans off entirely. Others, brush with their toothpaste after using the activated charcoal powder. A suggestion too to usethe powder 2-3 times a week. Can you please message us through our seller profile page to offer us the specifics of your experience? Thanks.

Question Question 2

Where Is This Product Made? (Native Land )?

Hello Mee. Thank you for your question. Our activated charcoal teeth powder comes from the premium coconut shells of Indonesia. Then it will go through cautious heating into activated charcoal in the Guangzhou province of China. To guarantee premium quality, it passes an extensive assessment and screening. Hope this help. Thanks.

Question Question 3

How Does This Particularly Work For Whitening The Teeth?

Thank you for your question. Activated charcoal is a purifying representative. It can remove toxic substances from our body and skin consisting of pesky stains and plaques from our teeth. On top of that, it can likewise help alter the pH and total health of the mouth to avoid cavities and to eliminate bad germs that trigger dental caries and gingivitis.

Question Question 4

Is It Great On Crowns And Veneers?

Yes. no response

Question Question 5

How Long Must We Use It Before We Will Get Genuine Results?

we got results within a week and that was only since of constant everyday use. we have actually gotten excellent results with our skin and teeth too.

Question Question 6

Does This Exist In Different Tastes Or Only Cinnamon?

HiCoco Thank you for your question. Sagano only have teeth powder in cinnamon currently.

Question Question 7

How Does Your Product Effect Plaque Removal?

Thank you for your question. This activated charcoal powder begins by cleaning up the surface area of your teeth from plaque develop with the real brushing. Then activated charcoal goes even more by trapping or binding with plaque and other stains in your teeth effecting a whiter teeth.

Question Question 8

Is This In Replace Of Tooth Paste Totally? Or Do You Still Required To Brush Once Again With Tooth Paste?

Hello Brittany. Thanks for your question. According to direction, you use this natural whitening and oral care powder two times a week. You can use it alone as replacement for toothpaste. Others likewise use this very first then brush once again with toothpaste as part of their rinsing.

Question Question 9

Can We Use It With Our Existing Toothpaste … Possibly Dip Our Brush With Our Toothpaste In The Powder?

Hello Richard. Thanks for your question. Yes, you can use this activated charcoal teeth powder together with your regular toothpaste. You can dip or get a pinch of the powder and spray on your toothpaste. Hope this helps.

Question Question 10

How Lots Of Ounzes In A Jar?

Hello Suzanne. Thanks for your question. This jar includes 77 grams of powder.

Question Question 11

Is This Checked On Animals?

Hello Megan. Thanks for your question.This is checked to people and ensured to remove stains and whiten teeth with constant use.

Question Question 12

Does This Expire?

There is no expiration date on the plan, however that does not suggest that it does not end.

Question Question 13

Was It Expected To Come With A Seal Around It?


Question Question 14

Is This An Everyday Product? As soon as A Day? 3 Times?

Thanks for your question. This activated charcoal teeth powder ought to be utilized 2-3 times a week.

Question Question 15

Is It Checked On Animals To Make Sure Safety For Human beings? Simply put, Is It Vegan?

Hello Amber. Thanks for your question. This was not checked on Animals.

Question Question 16

Will We Use It Alone? Or Combine with The Toothpaste?

we use it alone it makes your whole mouth black. Beware opening it. After using it we then use Crest pro health whitning toothpaste. we consume a great deal of coffee.

Question Question 17

There Was A Seal On The Inside However Existed Expected To Be A Seal Or Plastic Wrap Around The Beyond The Bottle/Lid?

we are thinking no. Mine didn’t have an external seal. Simply within.

Question Question 18

Is This Meant To Be Applied To Teeth Or Are You Expected To Brush Your Teeth With It?

Hello Breyanna. Thank you for your question. To use this activated charcoal teeth powder, put a pinch of the powder in your damp toothbrush and brush with it in about 2 minutes. Then rinse completely. Hope this help. Thanks.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Pei Mei Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit – Waterproof Black Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We value that it is a natural and organic product, and we believe it s actually cool that it utilizes ingredients from around the globe. Because the recommended quantity is only a pinch of powder, one container might most likely last well over a year, which implies it s a fantastic value for what you re paying. It s not a lengthy experience like other whiteningproducts Rather of devoting 20-30 minutes of our time every day, it only takes 2-3 times a week while brushing our teeth to get results. Lastly, the area that white strips can cover in your mouth can be rather restricting; often the teeth in the back get disregarded. Rather, with this product, the only limitation is your toothbrush, which implies you can practically cover every tooth, and even get in the small areas in between. Simply take a little bit of care, as there can be a minor mess included if you’re not cautious with the powder.

We love almost everything about this powder. Okay so seeing black teeth was rather a shock the very first few times we search in the mirror while brushing. We suggest your expected to be whitening them, right? anyhow, we overcame that after simply a few utilizes. We got the sagano natural activated charcoal teeth whitening powder at no charge in order to examine it and we are genuinely liking using this powder for numerous factors. It states there is organic cinnamon in this, however truthfully, we have actually only tasted a minor tip a few times. It is not an overwhelming cinnamon taste at all. It has very little taste, cinnamon or otherwise. That is so amazing since we can’t stand the taste of toothpaste. We have actually always needed to beware with toothpaste since there is something about it that can impact our gag reflex. No such issues with this powder. We do not like numerous features of toothepaste. The odor, the taste, the chemicals, the sweetening agents (?), flouride, the after taste and effects. This powder does not have any of the important things that make toothpaste so undesirable. There is very little flavor, it does not smell, there are no unpronouncable chemicals, absolutely nothing synthetic, no flouride and there is definitely no sickening aftertaste and we can consume and consume right after brushing without our taste being modified for a minimum of an hour later on. It takes only a little of this for each use. We have actually been the only one using our jar, so we damp our brush somewhat and dip the bristles into the powder. If you had other relative using it, you might spoon some powder into small storage bowls with covers so each would have their own to dip their brush into. It does need a little care not to get black sprays all over. You can absolutely make a mess if you’re not cautious. However the exact same can be stated about toothpaste. And much like with toothepaste there can be little spatters on the counter and mirror. Only they are black rather of white. They wipe right up with a damp washcloth or paper towel. We have actually not had any problems with the charcoal staining our counters, clothing or the washcloth. We do generally rinse the washcloth out under running water after cleaning any powder or splatters. So about the black teeth. Yes it is very stunning the very first time, heck the very first few times, you see it. It appears to run contrary to what we are taught is “normal” about brushing our teeth. After researching how the charcoal works to bind to the stuff triggering stains, and that it needed a few minutes for the process to work. We altered how we brush. We brush in small circles to get the surface areas of each tooth, front top and back, much like with toothpaste. Then we let it rest on our teeth for an extra minute or 2 while we rinse our brush. When we are all set to rinse, we spit out the charcoal and swish water over our teeth and spit itout We then drink a little more water and brush our over our teeth once again to get any charcoal out of the areas. We likewise have a long-term retainer that has some the dental cement so we brush over that excellent to get it all off. So it does take us a little longer than brushing with toothpaste. Is it worth it? yes. We were so delighted when the powder got here that we completely forgot to get a ‘before” shot of our teeth, however we can see a distinction in them. And we love brushing with this before bedtime and not awakening with halitosis in the early morning. It does take a smidgeon more time than toothpaste and a little care not to make a mess, however we love everything about using this powder to clean our teeth.

Wasn’t sure what to anticipate using charcoal as toothpaste, however what we did find was that our teeth end up being numerous shades lighter fast. We were likewise happy that our sensitive teeth did not harmed at the same time like they do whenever we have actually utilized any sort of paste other than sensodyne. We now use this product, along with a clay based powder to brushwith We found another excellent use for the charcoal powder for a face mask (not the elmer’s glue kind). By including a spoonful to clay powder, combined with apple cider vinegar it functions as an effective face mask.

Functions excellent. Instant whitening results and for a lot less cash that you might see other comparable products promotedfor (we had actually bought a different brand for a lot more cash after seeing a clever advertisement on a popular social networks platform. Sound judgment then took control of and we found this product for considerably less cash. ).

This product right here is amazing. It helps with sensitivity and whitens excellent. We recommended it to a great deal of individuals currently. Our spouse even stated his teeth are getting whiter and some of his sensitivity is gone. We simply want there was a much easier method to get it on the toothbrush rather than spraying it with our fingers.

In the beginning it might appear counter user-friendly for a whitening product to be black, however it undoubtedly does the technique. You use it like any other toothpaste. We have only had it for a week and discovered a noticeable distinction. For its value, it’ll last you weeks so absolutely worth offering a shot.

Outstanding product. Has no taste. Functions excellent on whitening teeth. When you spit in the sink, spit gradually. When you spit, it splashes quickly. It’s easy to tidy up however its simply a pain to have a black sink lol.

This product actually does work, and does not have the weird taste that come of the other charcoal whitening powders do. We saw a distinction in teeth shade after one use, with dramatic results seen after a week of use. Will absolutely be purchasing once again.

We more than happy with the activated charcoal tooth powder. Our teeth do look whiter and it has extra usages which we have not attempted yet. It’s a great thing to keep in the medication cabinet for digestion problems etcbe cautious when you brush your teeth, as we drooled some on our t-shirt??.

We liked this charcoal product as it was 100% natural with no preservatives or chemicals. As a heavy coffee and tea drinker every day, our teeth had actually darkened and yellowed. We utilized this product two times a day in the early morning and night about 2 minutes each time and followed with our regular whitening toothpaste. There was not an instant whitening effect, however at the end of 7 days, we discovered our teeth had to do with 2 shades lighter and no longer as dark. Our teeth were spotless and our mouth and tongue felt extra clean and revitalized after last brushing and rinse of toothpaste. We will continue to use this product a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week to see if there are any more benefits or if we can get the preferred shade we would like.

Noticeable distinction after each use. Does not trigger cancor sores like other teeth whiteners, nor gum sensitivity.

It’s taken a few weeks for us to see a distinction in whiteness. We have had numerous individuals point out how white our teeth are looking though:-RRB-.

Showed up quickly & in perfect condition. We have not utilized it enough time to know if it is going to enhance the whiteness of our teeth, however we have no grievances. Be conscious when you open it, that it’s a very fine black powder. Go gradually and efficiently.

No damage too tooth enamel. Our teeth are fresh and white. What a find. Who understood this stuff would work so well???????????.

Grit to survive in between cleansings.

Did an excellent task at whitening teeth. Have actually only utilized it a few times, turns everything black it falls on or touches.

Excellent whiten your teeth saw in a, few week our teeth got a little whiter.

We feel as if we got an immediately noticeable outcome after using this product. Our teeth has a very light yellow tint to them and after using this product, they seemed cleaner, brighter, and closer to a white look. The cinnamon is not very noticeable as far as taste however you do get like a tip of it so you no its there. We love it, and advise this product if you are wanting to enhance your dental health and whiten your teeth. The second image seeks product use. The last image is before.

Outstanding product. Simply be patient and use frequently. It works.

Appears to be working however not very fast.

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