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OrthoBands & Dharma Tooth Polisher

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Main Benefits:

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  • 14 cups of professional strength polishing paste – This is the EXACT exact same paste utilized by dental experts to clean your teeth
  • Polish tastes include: Mint Parfait, Concord Grape, Raspberry Jam, Bubble Gum, Valencia Orange, and Cherry Tart
  • 5 Long Lasting Polishing Cups -Each Polishing Cup will provide you 100 polishes
  • 2 AA Batteries Included
  • Rotary Tooth Polishing

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More Info:

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This kit is likewise a perfect use in between check outs to your dentist to carefully and effectively remove tough/ugly surface area stains from smoking cigarettes, coffee, tea, wine and food that normal brushing does not remove. It likewise leaves your teeth with that good, shiny smooth sensation you get after a professional tooth polishing. Includes Battery Run Electric Tooth Polisher 10 cups of professional strength polishing paste 5 Long Lasting Polishing Cups 2 AA Batteries Included INSTRUCTIONS: Top place a percentage of the tooth polish in rubber cup. When prepared to polish hold the dental polisher upright in your hand with your forefinger near the On switch and a free finger on your chin for simpler control of polishing Before turning the turn on. Use the rubber tip to spread out a little of the tooth polish over the teeth you will be polishing. Then with the rubber tip simply making contact with the tooth surface area trigger the power by pushing the switch and continue to polish the teeth. Do not use pressure. The gentle turning cup will provide your teeth that polished brightness and shining smile. To set up batteries to dental polisher, simply loosen the handle from polisher head then drop the batteries into the base ensuring that the favorable (+) end of the batteries are dealing with up. Screw base and top firmly together. Never ever immerse in water. After every use remove the cup and clean with water. wipe exterior with a soft fabric or tissue. Not recommended for use by kids 12 years old or more youthful. Care handle might fume if utilized for a prolonged time period. Description of Tooth Polish: The polish is made by Dharma Research, here in the United States. The are the makers of the whole Lapiss line of whiteningproducts It is medium grit with flouride for maximum efficiency. A blended variety of tastes will be delivered at random (two of each flavor ensured). ** images of polish bigger to reveal detail Inspect out my other whitening products

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on OrthoBands & Dharma Tooth Polisher.

Question Question 1

Can You Buy Extra Tips?

Tips we do not know, however the unit is to big for the behind of the teeth. ourself we would not suggest it unless you install a tip on a spinbrush toothbrush as we did

Question Question 2

Exist Any Replacement Silicone Heads For This Product?

Dont waste your cash. inexpensivelymade unworthy 2 dollars.

Our Insights:

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The device itself doesn t appear like much. More than simply a little pressure versus teeth and the motor concerns a hault. We presume that s an advantage, by design or not, it prevents removing tooth enamel. Provided how fast the polish worked, we presume damage to tooth enamel might be a possibilty if you were able to simply bone up at your teeth with this thing. Coffee drinker/ex cigarette smoker had significant gross dark stain on lower front tooth and in between surrounding teeth. Only method to eliminate it was professeional dental cleaning with dentist grumbling about just how much longer it took and providing us a big lecture. Fell off the wagon and returned to smoking cigarettes for a year, right back with big awful dark stain. Was too ashamed about smoking cigarettes once again to return to dentist so we believed we would see what we might find to reduce stain initially. Attempted pricey max strength whitening strips almost 80 dollars for the bundle of 3, 1 hour treatments. They lightened teeth around stain however not did anything to remove the significant stain on and in between surrounding tooth explainedabove Likewise charred our gums a little. Attempted this, believing it would be a bust however worth a shot. Wow, color us surprised. Very first use consuming simply one of the little polish tubs and all the stains were gone. It worked so well and so fast we believe it best to not use more than periodic upkeep retouch. We presume the polish is 90% of what is working. It s only great for the front of your teeth. You may be able to use it on the back of front few lower teeth if you angle it perfect, however put on t depend on it. It s too big to fit inside your mouth. We put on t know the length of time the device will last however to us if we only get back at a few utilizes out ot it, it was cash well invested. At 25 bucks it was more affordable than the whitening strips, instant results, and is as reusable as the motor will last. Now lets hope this is the last time we gave up smoking cigarettes. We seem like teeth are clean and tobacco stain free so we can return to regular 6 month examination at the dentist without all the judgy finger wagging from the tooth jockey.

We actually didn’t seem like this thing was doing anything when we were using it. It made our gums exceptionally sensitive and we are unsure if it was the vibration or the polish. This was our very first time using it. We filled the cup for each tooth and did each one for 30-60 sec. We were type of bummed since we seemed like it was a waste of cash. Then we compared the photo we took 30 minutes ago to the one we took recently after one use. Its a keeper.

For the cash, this is a fantastic purchase, however only for the “front view” of your smile. Appears it is a bit too large to fit inside the mouth to polish the interiors. There are polishers that will do that however they remain in the series of $150 (at some point in the future). All stated, if you smoke or consume a great deal of tea, this is a fantastic tool to use regularly in between professional cleansings.

We love this thing. Did the job. The truth that its not strong is incredible, you put on t wish to destroy your enamel because you are not a dental professional.

With a little perseverance, we got fantastic results. We consume profane quantities of coffee and always get stains even consuming through a straw. We didn’t get dentist office polishing, shining white, however this certainly removed most of the large stains (which are even worse than the before photos revealed). Exact same lighting, after 15 minutes of polishing. It took half a cup of paste. We would certainly suggest with sensible expectations for the cost, and it s not a 30 second process.

Wonderful tooth polisher and they provide you different tastes to polish your teethwith Actually takes the stains off your teeth, we were surprised and leaves them feeling good and smooth as if you went to the dentist.

As a pipeline cigarette smoker we were looking for an easy fix for our stained teeth. This is fantastic. Similar to going to the dental hygienist for acleaning Very delighted.

Great. Simply what we required.

Coffeee stains entered a matter of seconds. Exceptionally easy to use with great deals of tastes and extra polisher heads.

Functions greatgreat valueflavors goodjust too big to clean the back of our front teeth.


We would have liked it if they offered a brush along with the cup.

This polisher worked fantastic. It cleaned up all the stains off our front teeth – bottom and top. We are very happy with this purchase.

Have actually been looking for this polisher for month was super happy when we found it. This is one of the very best tools to use to keep trip teeth looking great even after your regular dental check outs.

Bought this with exceptionally low expectations. Much to our surprise it worked. Gotten rid of the stain from our tooth and conserved us a journey to the dentist.

Actually cleans teeth.

Amazing tool, a bit difficult to use on yourself however its worth it.

Functions well.

Precisely what we were looking for.

Fast delivery and works as promoted.

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