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Opalescence 35% PF MINT REFILL KIT

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Opalescence 35% PF MINT REFILL KIT.

  • Do not use if you have sensitive teeth.
  • Use: 30 minutes daily. For use with custom trays only.
  • High viscosity gels make the most of efficiency
  • One treatment per syringe (approximate)
  • 1.2 mL of gel per syringe

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Opalescence 35% PF MINT REFILL KIT.

Question Question 1

How Frequently Can You Use It?

DFW Dental Materials only sent us 2 syringes. Mike stated he would not send our other 2 till we removed an unfavorable evaluation. Unfair.

Question Question 2

Whats The Distinction In Between 20% And 35 %?

we believe the lower strength needs to remain on for a longer amount of time. When we initially began wiih this we kept the trays on for hours and the 35% only remains on for 1/2 hour

Question Question 3

We Have A Diy Mouthguard That We Made From AMold Could We Use That For The Mouth Trays Or Should We Buy New Trays?

You possibly able to use it as long as there is space for the gel in the tray.

Question Question 4

How Long Do You Leave It On?

we been leave it over night, and according to our dentist that was the reason for our gum damages.35% it s excessive, we should not use more than 15% and even better to be 10%

Question Question 5

Whats The Expiration On These?

The ones we purchased about a year ago wear t end till 3/31/2020

Question Question 6

Why Did You Cheat Our Order?


Question Question 7

Why Do You Only Send Out 2 Syringes, When It’S Marketed For 4????

2 per pack, 2 packs

Question Question 8

How Lots Of 1.2 Ml Tubes Remain In This Refill Kit?

DFW Dental Materials only sent us 2 syringes. Mike stated he would not send our other 2 till we removed an unfavorable evaluation. Unfair.

Question Question 9

What Is A Refill Kit?

Simply the whitening gel

Question Question 10

Do You Get 4 Syringes In This For $2300?

Nope, DFW Dental Materials only sent us 2 syringes. Mike stated he would not send our other 2 till we removed an unfavorable evaluation. Unfair.

Question Question 11

Exists A Method To Know For Specific If This Is Genuine? We Dream There Was More Openness?

besides your basic check points of ensuring it s sealed, ensuring there are no misspelled words and examining expiration date, very little more openness.

Question Question 12

Is This 2 Or 4 Syringes?

It’s 4 syringes.

Question Question 13

Where Do We Find The Expiration Date? We Do Not See It Anywhere.?

the plans we have have the date right on the front. The name Opalescence and the strength underneath 35% and below that to the right is the lot # and the exp.date revealed as 2020.0331

Question Question 14

Does This Featured A Tray?

This is a refill kit.No trays

Question Question 15

As Soon As The Seringe Is Opened Does It Required Refrigeration, Or Should Entire Bundle Of 4 Be Cooled?

no, does not require refrigeration. Have been using this product for 5+ years.Works fantastic.

Question Question 16

How Lots Of Total Syringes Feature This Kit?

Nope, only sent us 2 syringes. DFW Dental Materials will not send our other 2 till we remove unfavorable remark.

Question Question 17

Where Do We Find The Expiration Date On This Product?

On syringe by plungerCodedExample is D038 On syringe by plungerCodedExample is D038 D for batch03 is month8Year like 2008

Question Question 18

We Idea This Was Only Readily Available From A Dentist.Is This The Real Offer Or A Knock-Off?

It is the exact same and works the exact same. Exact same brand we purchased from our dentist in Boca Raton and likewise our dentist in Jacksonville for $45 In jax it was for only 2 tubes. Make sure you get to 35%.

Question Question 19

Does This Product Remove Stains, Or Does It Bleach Your Teeth?

we think it doesboth It is the specific very same brand, size and portion of peroxide 35% we were purchasing from our dentist in Boca Raton, Fl. we have been using this product for over 10 years and continue to buy it. we have attempted others however we like this one the very best.

Question Question 20

If We Order Today What’S The Expiration Date Of Them?

The expatriation date is: 03/31/21

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Opalescence 35% PF MINT REFILL KIT, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

After reading remarks about individuals declaring these were not the exact same quality as the dental office, we had our good friend, a dental hygienist, examine themout They are the specific like the ones she offered me, product packaging and all. She states they offer them for $15 a syringe since the dentist office rates are always pumped up. If they are burning your gums then you require to put less on the retainer, like the tiniest quantity. You can likewise apply baking soda with a q tip if it gets on your gums. Good deal and very effective.

35% is expensive for us and makes our gums white and inflamed. We need to remain 20% and that portion does fantastic for us.

We utilized to pay our dentist more than this expense me, and that was not this 35% greater strength of bleach for teeth from the dentist. We are so pleased we believed to browse if had this product, as it conserved us entering our dentist’s office for this frequently. Thank yall for providing us with our preferred teeth whitener. We are sparkling once again.

Amazing whitening product. After finding out about opalescence through our dentist we sanctuary t utilized anything else s. Our dentist would charge us $15 per syringe however we found that offered them for $30- ish and even less for a pack of 4 we were astonished. We were fretted it wouldn t work since individuals and our dentist stated it was fake opalescence on. However after purchasing the product we have understood even if it s fake or not it works amazing. We will rather pay $6-ish dollars per syringe and get the exact same results. 35% has worked for us. Our dentist recommended 30 minutes however we use mine for 1 hour and we get the results we were looking for after 3 times doing it. Later on we have been doing 1 hour application on our teeth every 6 months for retouch. Functions marvels. Our existing teeth shade is a1 we never ever believed our teeth would be this white however after treating them with whitening and regular healths it worked. No requirement for $10 k veneers any longer.

We operated in the dental office for years. This is what we utilized in office. We likewise offered this to our clients. It offers for lower online on than at a dental office. Our old employer was shocked that this really offered online, however we are okay with it. It is genuine and it works similar to the bleach in dentistry.

Amazing seriously.

Simply got them today. Was concerned from older evaluations that they may not work however then we inspected and every current evaluation this year has fantastic evaluations. They certainly operate in a brief time duration. We used it for about 60 minutes. Great deals of white areas on our teeth. We believe those will disappear however we are delighted that they are more powerful (and we can inform they are) then the 20% we were using. Getting a great deal of dental work done next week and wish to whiten our smile as much as possible before getting some crowns.:-RRB-.

We use these all the time for our bleaching trays. Wayyy less expensive than getting bleach from dental office. Good deal.

Currently have our whitening trays in, and we can feel the burn in an excellent way. This concentration is way more powerful than the 20%. We recommend beginning with 15%, then relocate to 20%, then to 35% when you aren’t seeing results with the 20%. Product was fresh and ends in 2021, we are not exactly sure why there are evaluations mentioning this is fake since it is certainly genuine.

This product works fantastic for getting your teeth back to white once again. We use after brushing our teeth and leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse with water and likewise use a toothbrush to get the residue off.

Great product show up on time thanks.

Very happy with this purchase. Precisely the exact same product that we got from our dentist.

Functions. More affordable, and the exact same thing our dentist was going to offer us for two times as much:-RRB-.

Our dentist recommended this and it worked. If you desire chicklet teeth use it more typically and be prepared for sensitive teeth (normal).

Order showed up on time as guaranteed. We like these better than the strips. We have sensitive gums and these didn’t worsen them at all.


Excellent product and an excellent rate.

Excellent quality and fantastic rate.

Xlnt product – exact same product our dentist offers.

Our dentist utilizesthese They are okay however generic work too.

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