Nu White

NuWhite is another popular home teeth whitening kit that uses a long-term teeth whitening system. Like the Dental White kits, the NuWhite gel likewise includes Carbamide Peroxide and is available in three different strengths, therefore providing you the choice to select the suitable gel strength for your teeth.

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NuWhite declares to offer one of the greatest qualities whitening gel which contains only pure dental grade ingredients, free from any kind of hazardous and undesirable fillers. It likewise declares to offer the specific very same quality teeth whitening formula that the dental practitioners around the world advise.

The NuWhite kit includes three 3ml syringes of pure dental grade Carbamide Peroxide gel of your selected strength, three ‘warm and type’ type trays and one tube of their unique after-care gel to demineralise your teeth.

This after-care gel will help in reducing the teeth sensitivity, which generally increases after the whiteningtreatment

Why NuWhite?

1. Approved Ingredients:

NuWhite utilizes only high grade, premium quality ingredients which are approved and certified by the authorities. The Carbamide Peroxide utilized in the gel has actually likewise been medically checked and approved by the FDA.

2. Three Strengths:

NuWhite deal three kinds of home teeth whitening gels– Moderate, Regular andStrong The Moderate gel is recommended for sensitive teeth while the Strong version is recommended for those with less sensitive teeth and desires a fast acting teeth whitening gel.

3. Removes Deep Stains:

NuWhite, particularly with the Regular and Strong gels, can remove even deep stains brought on by regular direct exposure of teeth to tobacco. It can likewise effectively remove teeth stains brought on by hereditary conditions or aging.

4. Lasting Results:

NuWhite guarantees long term results. When you have actually utilized it for a complete treatment course, you will be able to preserve your whiter teeth for years. And with periodic top-ups every 6 months or two, your teeth will stay white completely.

5. No Quibble Warranty:

NuWhite uses a “No Quibble” one week cash back assurance with basic to comprehend terms and conditions. Use it and in the worst case, if it does not work for you, you can ask for a complete refund within one week.


The NuWhite teeth whitening gel is offered in both moderate along with strong variations. This provides you the choice to select the best gel strength, based upon how sensitive your teeth are. NuWhite guarantees long term whitening results, comes with a complete one week cash back assurance and is one of our top ranked home teeth whiteningproducts

Last update on 2021-08-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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