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MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light - Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitening Gel and Tray

MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light – Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitening Gel and Tray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light – Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitening Gel and Tray.

  • DELUXE TEETH WHITENING KIT Our Deluxe Dental Grade Teeth Whitening Gel Pen with LED Light safely and effectively removes teeth stains from food, coffee, wine, soda, cigarette smoking and more.
  • 10 MINUTES FAST OUTCOME teeth whitening Our Teeth Whitening LED Light Accelerator makes your teeth whitening experience super-fast, simply 10 minutes each day. Most consumers experience 2 shades or more whitening results after the first application of MySmile.
  • TEETH WHITENING GEL PEN for SENSITIVE TEETH Our unique non-sensitive teeth whitening formula with carbamide peroxide makes it perfect for sensitive teeth, scientifically shown results with Millions HAPPY CUSTOMERS.
  • EASY TO USE with DENTIST SUGGESTION Our convenient sure-fire Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light can be safely utilized in the house, in office, and easy to bring while taking a trip.
  • HAPPILY MADE IN THE USA with 100% COMPLETE SATISFACTION WARRANTY Our company believe our products a lot that if you are not 100% pleased for any factor, refund will be released instantly, you got absolutely nothing to fret about and WE GOT YOUR BACK.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light – Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitening Gel and Tray.
Are Teeth Whitening Kits Safe? Yes, they are safe. We are producer that focuses exclusively on dentalproducts Our 100% attention is offered to our teeth whitening kits and the results and safety of your teeth.Our Gel complies with all FDA standards. All products are Made inUSA To supply the very best results, our teeth whitening kit likewise comes with advanced LED light with timer incorporated technology which immediately shuts off after 10 minutes.How Does a Teeth Whitening Kit Work? It is everything about the formula and Carbamide Peroxide, the active bleaching representative. Our years of experience and know-how as a leading producer in the dental products field, we understand the very best formula.The active representative removes shallow stains and deep staining by modifying their chemical structure. Ranked as one of the very best teeth whitening products, we make sure results with a safe and comfortable process.The powerful 5 LED lamp serve as a driver for rapid results supplying the most effective teeth whitening in the house system. Can Teeth Whitening Get Rid of Stains?Results do differ depending upon everyone. Your use of the teeth whitener, your hereditary makeup, how stained your teeth are and the reason for your teeth stains are big aspects on the level of results. Nevertheless, we are ranked as one of the very best teeth whitening products on the marketplace. Will Teeth Whitening Work on Crowns?Teeth whitening gels work only on your natural teeth and will not have any favorable effects on dental implants, crowns, dentures or fillings. Will Teeth Whitening Work Without the Light?The LED light included in the teeth whitening kit will speed up the whitening process, however you can still use the teeth whitening gel without the light.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light – Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitening Gel and Tray.

Question Question 1

What Occurs If The Syringe Completes?

You buy more.

Question Question 2

How Long The Effect Lasts?

Thank you a lot for your query. Usually, the majority of people only require to use a kit every 3-6 months, however the frequency depends upon the hereditary makeup of your teeth and how often/what sort of foods and beverages you take in that cause stain. You can safely use it as typically as you require to:-RRB- Thank you a lot for your query. Usually, the majority of people only require to use a kit every 3-6 months, however the frequency depends upon the hereditary makeup of your teeth and how often/what sort of foods and beverages you take in that cause stain. You can safely use it as typically as you require to:-RRB- Kind Regards, ourSmile Group

Question Question 3

Is It Work On Extension Teeth? We Mean Artificial Teeth Not Real One?

Synthetic teeth typically do not alter color, so we suggest whitening your natural teeth.

Question Question 4

How Do We Get This To Sit Versus Our Bottom Teeth?

Thank you for your question. we have a mouth tray, and please apply the gel on the wall of the tray. then it will sit versus your bottom teeth. if you have more question, please click “contact seller”

Question Question 5

How Lots Of Utilizes Do You Get Out Of One Syringe?

One syringe can last approximately 3 days, so in total, the kit should last you 9 days

Question Question 6

Crest White Strips Not Did Anything For United States, Is It Worth United States Attempting This?

we definitely love it. our teeth are so sparkly white and we are a passionate cigarette smoker and coffee drinker. However we have utilized crest noticeably white strips and they worked for us, however this works method much faster and more effective.

Question Question 7

How Lots Of Treatments Up Until The Light Battery Passes Away And Can The Battery Be Changed?

Excellent question.not sure, however we think you would get a year easy.LED lights draw very little power.we have run this 10 times. for both use and testing.It does not appear to have any affect at all on the batteries.plus you can change them.

Question Question 8

We Are Wondering If We Can Purchase Simply The Mouth Tray So We Can Share The Kit With Our Partner?

No, You should acquire ourSmile LED light, and another mouth tray, then you can share the kit with your partner.Thanks

Question Question 9

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

Hi Results do differ depending upon how you utilized the kit, your hereditary makeup, how stained your teeth are and what is triggering your stain.Most consumers get the outcome after 1-2treatment Hi Results do differ depending upon how you utilized the kit, your hereditary makeup, how stained your teeth are and what is triggering your stain.Most consumers get the outcome after 1-2treatment Thanks

Question Question 10

Will This Make Our Teeth Too White? We Don T Want Our Teeth To Look Fake.?

No, it s not going to make them too white.

Question Question 11

Are You Expected To Turn The Light Back On After It Turns Off?

No, the light remain on for 15 minutes, then once it shuts off, you are done with your teeth whitening treatment.

Question Question 12

Does It Fit Any Size Mouth?

It fits, however our teeth put on t rest versus the mouth tray so we are hesitant the gel is even touching it.

Question Question 13

Is This Ada Approved?

ourSmile FDA Approved 44% CP 3ML Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe

Question Question 14

Can You Use This With Braces?

we wouldn t suggest it due to the fact that as soon as you get your braces off you ll have odd looking stains from the whitener.

Question Question 15

Ideal For 16 Year Old?

we would state so. It s uncomplicated to use with no extreme chemicals.

Question Question 16

Should You Put The Liquid On Your Teeth Or The Mouthpiece?

Hi Thank you for publishing question in here. the gel must be placed on the mouthpiece.

Question Question 17

Will It Lighten Stained Bridges Or Caps?


Question Question 18

If We Do A 20 Or 30 Minutes Treatment Do We Reapply More Gel In The Tray?

we do 20 minutes and we do not reapply more gel. we simply got the button once again for another 10 minutes.

Question Question 19

How Long Should The Treatment Last, 15 Minutes, 30, 45?

It depends upon the length of time you desire … the light turns off after 10 minutes … we either do 10 or 20 minutes

Question Question 20

Can You Use With Fillings?

we have fillings, and we still use this and it works simply fine.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light – Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitening Gel and Tray, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This kit comes with a 9 day supply of whitening gel although the guidelines state to do this for 7 days. We wound up doing the complete 9 days, however we will describe how we did it at the end. There s a technique to this and we want we would have figured it out before day 3, however better late than never ever, right? it worked for us personally, however might not promote the exact same results for everybody. We would likewise like to include that we have healthy teeth that whiten well. Hope this helps. ** before treatment ** we gently brush our teeth with charcoal (3-5 minutes). We have a jar of it that we purchased here on for like $4 and it lasts forever. Charcoal helps removes stains from your teeth and removing the stains before will help the gel permeate more effectively. Ta-da. Rinse your mouth to remove the charcoal (we use warm water due to the fact that we are restless) and follow that with a great flossing. ** time to deal with ** seriously simply follow the guidelines. They are easy to comprehend and it takes no time at all at all. Oh and get a little towel due to the fact that if you re like us you ll get slobbery a few minutes before the light shuts off and it will seem like eternity. Ha. ** after treatment ** brush your teeth with your preferred toothpaste and you re done. We use an ultra soft toothbrush when we do this due to the fact that of the quantity of brushing. We divided the treatment up a bit due to the fact that our gums and teeth began to end up being sensitive around day 6, which is normal for us, so we waited a few days before beginning the last 3 treatments. Next time we will do a 5 and 4 split, however obviously you can personalize it to fit you. Ridiculous us forgot to take a before photo, however we have had lots of compliments. We began at solid 5 on the tooth chart they supply you, however we have to do with a 2 or 3 now. That truthfully depends upon the lighting. We have checked out a great deal of evaluations that the light gave up working, however we sanctuary t had that issue yet. We will find out in a few months when we do this all over once again. In general, we put on t think that we would have accomplished the results that we did if we hadn t of taken the extra steps, however we would most likely state the exact same for any other whitening gel service provider. This one was on sale when we bought it, however still affordable at normal rate. Alone it would have most likely gotten us 1 shade, nevertheless, using the charcoal technique alone would have only gotten 1 and that one we understand for a reality (that s why we have the charcoal in the very first location). The 2 techniques together truly made the distinction.

We hardly got the kit the other day, up until now we have utilized it two times, as soon as during the night and the second time in the early morning. We need to state we are very pleased. In the beginning we were fretted this product would get our teeth stained however up until now so great. We have been able to see the distinction and this is why we are providing it 5 stars. We are attempting to be very constant with it and we are intending to reveal results after a week.

We have been using this product for 5 days up until now. The very first three days we were only using it approximately the timer as soon as which our company believe is 10 minutes. Zero sensitivity. We have connected pictures of where our teeth were and how they looked 3 days later on simply 10 minutes each day. Now on day 5 our teeth are even whiter. We have been getting compliments throughout the day. We have currently recommended 10 individuals tobuy Absolutely suggest this product. Possibly tomorrow if we have time we will publish day 6 teeth. We personally apply the gel to our teeth then we placed on the mouth piece with light accessory. We suggest placing on chapstick before putting in the mouth piece. Day 4 we left it on for 15 minutes and day 5 for 20 minutes truly see a substantial distinction with 20 minutes. We have bought refills and recommended several individuals to acquire this brand. Low sensitivity, high quality, terrific results. Our buddies are enjoying it also.

Our other half had purchased this initially and after simply 2 days of him using it as soon as a night we might see a substantial modification in whiteness of his teeth (and he didn’t have yellow teeth to start with), we understood we required to attempt this. Now, we are usually pretty careful of teeth whiteing products due to the fact that we have had an issue with sensitivity in the past however we have been using this every night (with the exception of one night) because recieving it about a week earlier. We have smoked for over 5 years and as an outcome our teeth have yellowed. We remain in the process of giving up and as inspiration we wished to whiten our teeth. Our teeth in less than a weeks time have altered in a minimum of 3 shades and we have gotten compliments on our teeth because simply the 3rd day. And the very best part: no sensitivity. We extremely suggest this product to anybody wishing to whiten their teeth in the house effectively, even if you have sensitivity issues. Oh, and it does not harm that you can get a free refill if you send out a photo of the code to the business within a week of getting your kit.

Today was our third time using our smile. We utilized it according to the included instructions, which suggested 30 minutes. We didn’t see much of a distinction after our very first use and now there is a substantial distinction in between our front teeth and our back teeth that aren’t noticeable anyhow. It is available in a good box that is terrific for saving the mouth tray and gel syringes. We likewise like the timer function on led accelerator light. Comparing our teeth to the levels on the included chart, we would state that we were in between a 9 and 10 before very first use and now around a 5 or 6. The tray is comfortable, the gel is easy to rinse our teeth, and we have not experienced a little bit of sensitivity. We have attempted numerous pricey whitening products that were unpleasant and hardly made a little bit of distinction. We simply can’t overcome that this was only $23 99 or the truth that it genuinely works.

Update: we have utilized this about every two weeks for almost three months. And now it quit working. After only 3 months. Inadequately made product. Update once again: we got a new kit from the business along with a hand composed note about how they’re attempting to fix the problem that we recommended in our previous evaluation. We are very pleased with their level of customer support and how they simply sent us a new kit without us asking. Excellent service. We purchased this a week ago and could not be better. We love how they figured out how to make our teeth not sensitive for 2 days after we whiten them. We would suggest this product to everybody. We truly believe this is gon na be a winner.

We needed to make time for self care. We have 3 kids, a full-time task, and consume a lots of coffee. Our smile was not pretty any longer. Up until now, we have done 3 treatments in 3 days and our smile is one shade brighter (according to the shade guide included with our kit). We are so happy with our results – no pain or sensitivity at all. We have only utilized 1 of the syringes. We can wait to see what a complete set of treatments will do. 4 stars only due to the fact that we sanctuary t ended up the complete set of treatments.

Let us start by this is our very first evaluation in and we really put in the time to come back and compose something about this amazing product. In the beginning we didn’t think it would work however we simply purchased it to attempt it. We are very shocked by the lead to simply less than a week. Product works. First 3 days we didn’t see any noticeable results and didn’t think it would work. Today we feel amazing. Thank you.

So we weren’t sure about this gel to startwith After using the three tubes from the very first order our teeth were a bit brighter. The business sent us a second order, on their cent, with a good letter. We were truly shocked. So we have continued to use it, and our teeth look good.

We simply got our order the other day, and to state we were thrilled is an understatement. Due to the quantity of coffee we consume daily our teeth aren t as white as we would like them to be. We have attempted whitening toothpaste and whitening strips, however absolutely nothing appears to be providing us the results that we desire. Let us simply inform you however, this product is incredible. Last night was the very first time that we have utilized it, and we can currently see a distinction. We have never ever been too keen on our smile due to not being very white and our two front teeth a little over lapping. We seem like having whiter teeth may make the overlapping a little less noticeable and providing us more self-confidence in our smile. We are so fired up to see the results progress as we continue the treatments over the next few days.

We bought this kit on a friday and got it on wednesday. We have, up until now, only utilized it as soon as and we currently feel as though we are seeing enhancement. In the past we have utilized creat whitestrips and saw very little whitening. We have utilized charcoal powder, and that didn’t appear to work either. We are very excited to see how this kit pursues we use all of the treatments. The only thing that s a little unpleasant is the mouth piece due to the fact that you need to bite into it, our teeth in the back burn out and aching however it s excusable. Other than that, we truly am happy we got this.

Let us start by simply stating this product is simply amazing. Up until now so great. We got this product the other day so, up until now ive only done it 2 times. We have had yellow-colored teeth because we can keep in mind, and we had likewise always had an bright white area on our maxillary upper left main incisor. Which it wasnt noticible any longer due to the fact that of how stained our teeth were, well now its bright white once again and we did see our teeth lighten a shade lighter. The sensitivity exists however its not that bad. We will do a littlw upgrade one im genuinely done with the treatment.

We truly like this whitening kit. It works as it is expected to without making our teeth sensitive. We saw a distinction the very first time we utilized it which was unexpected. We will continue to use it routinely because we consume great deals of coffee daily;-RRB-.

This product is amazing. In simply one use we went from a 7 to a 5. As we anticipate the more we use it the whiter our teeth will get and we can t wait. It s two weeks before our wedding event and we understand this kit will have our teeth photo all set. Love it.

Good product. After 15 minutes, shining teeth. Better than crest that we ever utilized.

We believed we had bought the brand our buddies were informing us about due to the fact that their trademark name are very comparable. After it delivered we recognized this one was different, however turns out, it works simply as well as the popular brand they were raving about. We have been using this teeth whitening kit for about 5 days up until now and there is a noticeable distinction in the shade of our teeth, much whiter although we believe it’ll take more treatments to get them where we desire them to be. Similar to anything else, you need to do upkeep yourself, ensure you brush your teeth after coffee and meals, and do not simply believe it’s going to whiten thoroughly if you do not alter the practices that eliminated your white teeth. For ourself, we have reduced our caffeine uptake and cigarette smoking. That integrated with the easy use of this whitening kit has us sensation more confident and inspired to continue the maintenance. Extremely recommend attempting this oneout Likewise we have sensitive teeth so we utilized some desensitizing gel that we bought independently while we did our treatments.

Update: after our evaluation they sent us a handwritten note along with 28 whitening strips to attempt out and see if they work better for our whitening objectives. The customer support alone sufficed to make us alter our evaluation to 5 stars. It is outstanding. Very appreciative of the extra idea, gestures like that are what set sellers apart. We will continue to publish updates as soon as we have offered the strips a shot. Product came fast and well packaged with everything required. Other than that this product was a waste of $30 for us. We had reasonably white teeth to start with so this need to have operated at least a bit however we have been using this product for 1 week now and can inform zero distinction. Not even a bit. We truly desired this to work however we have utilized 1 tube currently and absolutely nothing has altered. Will upgrade this evaluation if we choose to continue using and see results.

We love this. We have exceptionally sensitive teeth and even need to use sensitive tooth paste so we made certain this would leave us in a little bit of pain however nope, absolutely nothing. After the very first use our teeth were noticeably 2-3 shades lighter and now that we have utilized it 5+ times, we feel terrific about our smile. Thank you oursmile.

We have utilized this 3 times and we are very shocked out well it works. We bought a bleach tray from our dentist about 2 years earlier. Paid $250 for it. We paid another $59 for the 3 pack bleach to charge the tray we bought from our dentist. And it does not work 1/2 as great as the my smile kit. We assure you will not be dissatisfied with this. Our teeth are bright white like they utilized to be. The only thing we did not like is the tray that enters your mouth is a bit large, so we took a knife and sufficed back a bit. Otherwise if you have much of a gag reflex, you may gag on it. Love it.

We liked that the guidelines were easy to follow and it really makes your teeth white.

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