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Moody Zook Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Moody Zook Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Moody Zook Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder.

  • 100% NATURAL HIGH BLEND INDONESIAN COCONUT ACTIVATED CHARCOAL-made from premium quality Indonesian coconuts without consisting of any harmful products, our upper concern is customer safety
  • COMPLETELY WHITENING EFFECT WITHOUT DAMAGE TEETH ENAMEL-The charcoal powder has a considerable effect on your teeth color with no damage on teeth enamel specifically for those with Persistent routines like cigarette smoking and drinking coffee, tea, or wine
  • GREAT OPTION FOR SENSITIVE TEETH-the charcoal powder is so soft that it will not aggravate your gums, it does not scratch the gum and teeth rather of only removing surface area stains from coffee, tea, and other tooth-staining beverages
  • 100% REFUND ENSURE ASSURANCE WITHIN 30 DAYS-Full refund for any quality issue and easy to reach (7 *24 standby) client service support
  • TIPS-1. Beware when opening the jar for the very first time. 2.Use the activated charcoal powder throughout shower or keep water running in faucet, do wash off and wipe off black areas on the mirror completely. 3.Rinse your mouth a lot up until it is clear. 4. carefully brush teeth for 1 ~ 2 minutes, then rinse completely, it would be better with continued use( 2 ~ 3 times each week)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Moody Zook Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder.
MOODY ZOOK ACTIVATED CHARCOAL WITH SAGE Win the battle versus unpleasant tooth stains and undesirable mouth smells. Start every day with a brighter smile and fresher breath by brushing your teeth with Moody Zook Activated Charcoal with Sage TeethPowder Simply include a pinch of this amazing teeth whitening powder to your toothbrush as a toothpaste alternative 2 to 3 times a week and you will see the terrific results almost quickly. You’ll get whiter teeth, fresher breath, and a completely improved oral health that will impress even your dentist. LESS CHECK OUT TO THE DENTIST Your dentist will certainly see the distinction in your healthier looking gums, whiter teeth, and fresher breath when you start using this activated charcoal teeth whitening powder frequently. CHEMICAL FREE ALTERNATIVE TOOTHPASTE Stop your mouth s direct exposure to chemical-based tooth pastes by utilizing this 100% natural activated charcoal powder with Sage to have a genuinely healthier oral care routine. TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE BENEFITS OF ORGANIC SAGE Battle gum infections with the amazing anti-inflammatory home of organic Sage which effectively reduces gum swelling and bleeding triggered by gingivitis and plaque accumulation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Moody Zook Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder.

Question Question 1

Is This Helpful For Whitening Underarms?

Hi Poonam. Thank you for your question. This product is particularly made for teeth whitening and oral health, You might wish to examine out our Moody Zook raw activated charcoal powder which is likewise for skin care. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Question Question 2

How Much Is Available In A Jar?

Carter, About (6ozs.) It will last you for more than 6 months, You only use a pinch of powder, it’s actually fine. And you use it every other day replacing for toothpaste. The rate perhaps greater than the others (natural ingred.) Only has the charcoal & sage which helps gums and breathe. we extremely advise it, you’ll s Carter, About (6ozs.) It will last you for more than 6 months, You only use a pinch of powder, it’s actually fine. And you use it every other day replacing for toothpaste. The rate perhaps greater than the others (natural ingred.) Only has the charcoal & sage which helps gums and breathe. we extremely advise it, you’ll see the distinction with very first time use. we likewise acquired toothbrushes (black bristles) Since the charcoal is black, the color is actually focused. we put the pinch of powder on one hand and damp toothbrush a little then go using as we brush. You do not wish to get powder in jar damp since the humidity will destroy this powder.Know you didn’t ask all this however believed it might be helpful

Question Question 3

We Know It States To Use 2-3 Times A Week. However Would It Be Bad If We Utilized It More Than That?

Hey Tucker. Thank you for your question. As encouraged for your teeth whitening, it ought to be utilized 2-3 times to see results. Likewise it is by doing this to secure your tooth enamel.

Question Question 4

Do We Mix This Water To Get A Paste? Approximately We Simply Sprinkle It On Our Toothbrush?

Deedee, No blending with water as the charcoal is very fine-tuned, what we do we put about 1/4 teaspoon on our palm and damp our toothbrush shake a little then press versus the powder (tip of brush) Then apply to teeth as your own saliva will help disperse the powder and we work this in areas like front, sides, upper and lo Deedee, No blending with water as the charcoal is very fine-tuned, what we do we put about 1/4 teaspoon on our palm and damp our toothbrush shake a little then press versus the powder (tip of brush) Then apply to teeth as your own saliva will help disperse the powder and we work this in areas like front, sides, upper and decreases aND evendors brush tounge the black from tounge wIl cone off do not stress … CARE ** Do not use your your clothing( top) on as this might be untidy when powder drops some we use our bathrobe after showering. Simply offering you a concept as you will do your own thing … HOPE THIS HELPS YOU

Question Question 5

How Long Do The Whiteness Results Last?

im on our second week of using so we are uncertain – we prepare to continue to use it so we are presuming our teeth will always be white.we can absolutely see the results already.fywe – it is very very untidy however fun to use and has no bad taste …

Question Question 6

Does It Work?

Worked for us.

Question Question 7

Does It Fix Cavitys?

Thank you for your question. This Activated charcoal teeth powder is for cleaning out stain and whitening your teeth. It likewise helps in oral health however if you currently have cavities, you will require to seek advice from a health professional for it. Thanks.

Question Question 8

Is It Gritty Like Fine Sand??

Thank you for your question. This activated charcoal powder is non-gritty and is super fine in texture that makes it terrific for brushing and sensitive teeth. This is much finer compared to sand. Hope this helps.

Question Question 9

Can We Use Mouthwash After Using It?

You can. You can wash your mouth with mouthwash when the application of charcoal is done

Question Question 10

Where Can We Buy That Mouth Rinse Stuff?

Hey Lindsay. Thank you for your question. What specific mouth rinse stuff are you looking for? We only have this Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder with organic sage. Thanks. You can likewise message us for your questions by means of our seller profile page.

Question Question 11

Does It Feature Toothbrush?

Thank you for your question. Sorry, it does not come with a toothbrush simply the activated charcoal teeth powder. Thanks.

Question Question 12

We Just Recently Bought This Product And It Came Currently Opened, Inside Seal Broken. Undoubtedly You Don’T Offer Utilized Products Do You?.?

They pay individuals to compose evaluations for them you never ever know what they’re sending out to be honest.

Question Question 13

Where Is It Made?

The product is made is china

Question Question 14

Can You Use This With Electric Tootbrush?

Hey Karoline. Thank you for your question. We guidance that you use a regular tooth brush when using activated charcoal powder, a devoted toothbrush for this function. You will have better control when using a regular toothbrush. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Question Question 15

Where Is This Made?

On the bundle it states made in China.

Question Question 16

Does It Taste Bad?

It does not taste like anything. So no it does not taste bad at all

Question Question 17

Does It Whiten Your Teeth?

Hey Dawna. Thank you for your question. With constant and continued use this activated charcoal teeth powder removes stains and whitens your teeth. What’s terrific about it is that it is all natural and enhances total oral health consisting of gums and teeth. Hope this helps Thanks.

Question Question 18

Is The Charcoal Bad For You?

Activated charcoal is safe to use.

Question Question 19

Can We Use This Very first And After That A Whitening Mouthwash After For Faster Results?

we would state use the mouthwash initially to help loosen up any staining then brush with this. Simply our viewpoint.

Question Question 20

Is This Fda Approved?

we do not think in the fda when it pertains to our health.we do what works for us and this works for us … most likely why it might not be approved by fda. we have never ever asked or cared to examine – fda does not earn money on anything that might be a solution they earn money on keeping issues going.we digress

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Moody Zook Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Our relative and we wished to attempt this. So we did. When we got the bundle we tore it open in our cooking area, started strolling towards our restroom with the container, thrilled to brush. When we loosened the top the sealed plastic thingy blew up with a loud pop. Our very first idea was that we purchased a gag gift our doubt was that being shipping by means of plane most likely altered the atmospheric pressure in this little jar. In either case, we were covered, and actually everything within 7 feet of me, with a fine black powder. Now when we state fine black powder we wear t indicate like grains of salt, we indicate like powdered sugar that was powdered two times, then sent out to the keebler fairy tree to have them powder it some more with the elfin magic. It s the finest powder in the history of contemporary powder making. It s finer than the powder that farts are consisted of. Unvacuumable, undiscoverable, generally it s how we think of radioactive fallout would seek all of the world s nukes were detonated in the very same area. It remained in our nose, mouth, eyes, and ears (actually, ears? this stuff actually needed to turn a corner in midair to enter our ears), carpet, in the grout in between the tiles, under shoe, this stuff actually is wonderful as it was all over. We have no concept if this stuff whitens teeth, however it has prospective as one of the world s biggest gag gifts. Spray a little of this on one of those snakes in a pringles can and you might be defriended on facebook. We are hoping that elfin magic helps our teeth as much as it s assisted us discover just how much misfortune we can endure without eliminating anybody.

We have actually attempted every teeth whitener in the book, and truthfully we are getting so fed up with putting chemicals on our teeth. White teeth are terrific however at what cost?so this charcoal whitener has actually been an absolute lifesaver. It is a natural product that you do not need to even fret about whether it is safe while likewise being super effective. This is available in a powder, in which 2-3 times a week you simply put a pinch on your toothbrush and brush typically. It sort of tastes like sage, one of the ingredients, and that has to do with it. It’s easy to rinse, easy to use, and works well. What else could you ask for? this product is distinct because it has actually included sage which offers the charcoal a small fresh and herby taste. Not strong, simply a small addition. Charcoal does not actually have a flavor to start with, so the fresh taste was a surprise to me. This can make a little bit of a mess, simply wipe up anything or it might possibly stain your regular restroom surface areas. What is best about this is that you hardly require any to get terrific results. So it looks like this container will last you for rather some time with no problems.

This stuff is amazing. It does not taste bad it does not smell bad everything’s excellent, however in reality absolutely nothing’s perfect. The only downside is the mess after you rinse your mouth however it is an easy clean-up. 5 star all the method. We saw a considerable distinction in our teeth.

Two notes; one, this stuff will get all over, so be all set to do a great quantity of clean-up. Two, you require to brush for like 15 minutes each time you use it, which is a long period of time. Our gums ached by the end, so perhaps a soft-bristled brush would be more suitable. Nevertheless, we believe our teeth are whiter. Inspect out the photos and see for yourself.

You wont regret it. We chew snuff daily and this removes stains and leaves mouth very fresh. We use it before toothpaste. The charcoal is very black and brushing after helps eliminate remaining coal. No flavor actually none.

We get compliments from many individuals about how white our teeth are. This and whitening toothpaste is all we use. No tricks, no extreme whiting strips, no bleaching session. We keep a screen shot of this on our phone since we have actually had many individuals ask us about it.

Up until now so excellent, however often the little bits of charcoal get under your gumline and require to be flossedout Buy a high quality floss if you are going to do charcoal whitening with any brand. Brush your teeth with excellent toothpaste after using this and your mouth will feel terrific. And get a teeny small 1/4 teaspoon to apply it to your toothbrush with.

Love the method it makes our teeth look. Not extreme at all. Considering including some to a mix of coconut oil in a mason jar.

This is a wonderful product, we have no concept how this hasn’t been launched faster than now. We smoke and consume coffee daily and we saw instant results. The only useful criticism we might provide would be to be sure you rinse completely residue will remain the frame of your teeth. 100% amazing product.

A little untidy however discover a distinction.

This lasts forever. We purchased mind over a year ago and we sanctuary t even utilized half the container. Functions very well, likewise. However we would advise using this before brushing your teeth.

You simply have too be super mindful opening and handling, works well though.

Our teeth.

It s great however absolutely not to use typically, it made our teeth conscious everything.

This product takes simply a bit to see results similar to mostproducts A customer stated she didn’t see any results. It’s not going to be sparkling glossy white. Our company believe and its recommended to keep using your regular toothpaste with it and use this product on alternate days. This is not to be utilized everyday. Being a natural product requires time and consistency. We simply got surface with the rejection gos to and did not desire the fluoride treatment, it’s not natural. If your teeth are healthy and you take care of them along with regular brushing with or without fluoride you will have that clean sensation and a healthy mouth. The big failure is its untidy. So take your time and leave a small opening and dip you brush half method or less. A little goes along method. If you have actually yellow teeth or coffee stain, we can’t state if this product is for you. However you can always find something else.

We like the sage since you can’t actually taste it. It works actually well and we can currently inform a distinction in our teeth.

Outstanding whiting for your teeth excellent rate.

We have actually been wishing to whiten our teeth for at some point however the whitening kits make our teeth sensitive. We had actually declined charcoal up until we browsed teeth whitening on. What a surprise. We have actually utilized it three days straight and we are absolutely seeing results. It’s super subtle, however that’s ok. We ask forgiveness ahead of time that you need to see our unsightly mouth and teeth however we believed it worth sharing. We guarantee the photo we connected was not customized in anyhow. We simply took it at different times of the day so the lighting is a bit off. We can guarantee you our teeth are noticeably whiter. No question this powder is a mess. It will find crevices you did not know existed in your sink. However it’s still worth the inconvenience. We find this to be tasteless although it specifies it has a sage additive. It taste like absolutely nothing– okay nor excellent– simply absolutely nothing. We use this before we brush our teeth in the early morning since the black will settle in between your gumline. Otherwise this is an excellent replacement to the gel kit. We are fan.

We delight in how the texture and flavor of this product, and it does appear to brighten our smile.

Functions as far as we can inform. Makes our teeth feel flexible.

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