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Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit.

  • Mobile White is the most recent development from Dr. Dorfman the leading dental expert in tooth whitening for over 30 years
  • Compatible with all mobile phones and USB ports
  • Mobile White Whitening Gel and LED Lite Tray will not harm your teeth or trigger sensitivity
  • Quick 20 minute whitening cycle with light & sound tip
  • Each kit comes with: Mobile White 16 LED Light Tray with USB Cable & Timer Button, 4 – 3 ml. Syringe Applicators with Mobile White Whitening Gel, Cheek Retractor and Mobile Device Adapters

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit.
Mobile White is the most recent development from Dr. Dorfman the leading dental expert in teeth whitening for over 30 years. Our Mobile White advanced teeth whitening kit has actually been designed to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home or on-the-go. The whitening process has actually been created to provide maximum lead to 6 applications, with each application being only 20 minutes. In contrast to other products in the market today, the Mobile White Teeth Whitening Lite Tray is Waterproof and BPA Free, ensuring safety when put in the mouth. Compared to the market basic 4-piece LED, our 16- Piece Blue LED System breaks down the whitening representatives much quicker and more effectively. Each kit comes with 4 x 3 ml. Syringe Applicators with Mobile White WhiteningGel With lead to as low as one treatment, Mobile White puts the power of teeth whitening right in the palm of your hand. Read more What remains in The Box? 1- Mobile White 16 LED Light Tray with USB Cable & Timer Button4 – 3 ml. Syringe Applicators with Mobile White Whitening GelCheek RetractorMobile Device Adapters (iOS Lightning, Micro-USB, Type- C and USB 3.0) Read more Benefits Of Using Mobile White BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM – With whiter teeth you will smile larger and more oftenGET A MORE COMPREHENSIVE WHITENING – Our Lite Tray is designed to apply the whitening gel more uniformly, offering you a more comprehensive whitening experienceNO DAMAGE & ZERO SENSITIVITY – Mobile White will not harm your teeth and supplies a zero sensitivity experience Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients?

here is a list of the ingredients. you can always email support@mobilewhite.com for any question you may have.GlycerinCarbopol here is a list of the ingredients. you can always email support@mobilewhite.com for any question you might have.GlycerinCarbopolMentholCarbamide Peroxide (25%) EDTA

Question Question 2

Where Can We Get Refills?

we put on t know. Sorry.

Question Question 3

We Have A Bad Gage Reflex; How Long Ago Does The Moth Piece Enter Into Your Mouth?

we put on t seem like it goes that far back. we counted the middle front tooth to the back of install piece and it covers 5 teeth on one side (upper) So 10 completely for upper and no doubt the exact samebelow we gag when we brush our teeth however didn’t have an issue with the mouth piece in for 20 minutes.

Question Question 4

We Can T Inform If The Mobile White Machine Is Going Or Not??

The blue LED light will be on and illuminating from the mouthpiece.

Question Question 5

Image Reveals 4 Syringe Applicators With Whitening Gel In Them, However Guidelines State Maximum Results In 6 Applications. Where S The Other 2 Syringes?

each syringe has 3 applications, its only 0.5 ml per upper and lower so you get 12 applications from the 4 syringes. the recommended is 6 days two times a day which is 12 times.

Question Question 6

What If The Blue Light Does Not Stay On And There Is No Noise Countdown?

The blue light implies it’s on.If it doesn t remain on the connection should not be tight. Most likely a business issue needingit changed. Thereis no noise as it times it s self.

Question Question 7

How Should We Spread Out The Whitening Material In The Plastic Device? Bottom/ Side?

You run a thin line the whole time the within edge of the plate. front. when you place it in your mouth it spreads out out to cover your teeth.

Question Question 8

Is The Tray One Size Fits All?


Question Question 9

With A Small Quantity Of Gel, Is It Expect To Cover Your Teeth Totally?

As the blue light process works it will cover all of the teeth within the tray, put on t over do the gel, it s not required and simply a waste of product. You will be very happy with this purchase, we were.

Question Question 10

What Is The Percentange Strength Of The Gel?

Gift for another individual. we have no concept.

Question Question 11

Does Using The Tray Benefit Down Affect The Results?

Not that we understand of. Both sides look the exact same.

Question Question 12

What Are The Ingredients In The Gel?

It doesn t state, simply that it is FDA approved and safe.

Question Question 13

Does It Work On Crowns And White Fillings?

Whitening gels DO NOT whiten crowns, veneers or composite (white) fillings. Whitening gels, no matter which kind, will only whiten natural teeth.

Question Question 14

We Have Porcelain Inlays On Our Front Teeth Will It Work On Them?

we are uncertain what an inlay is (?) however we have crowns on back teeth and 1 in the front incisor.Wow It actually does whiten natural teeth nevertheless it will not lighten synthetic teeth so take care when whitening and watch for the color match to your inlays

Question Question 15

How Lots Of Applications Do We Get With 1 Purchase?

Total is 12 applications. However they likewise supply free gel for life.

Question Question 16

Does The Unit Whiten Upper And Lower Teeth All At Once?

Yes it does.

Question Question 17

Do The Lights Bulbs Ever Stress Out?

its led, they last for ever:-RRB-

Question Question 18

If If We Purchase Mobile White From Do They Stand By The Free Gel For Life Advertisement?

yes. you go to https://club.mobilewhite.com and select the bundle you desire, you only pay shipping. its fantastic.

Question Question 19

Do You Need To Pierce The Cap Closing Off The Within The Syringe In Order To Press The Gel Through? We Can’T Seem To Press The Clog Out.?

The ends are twist off. Lefty loosey

Question Question 20

Does This Work With Iphones And Ipads?

Yes itdoes we utilized our apple iPad all the time so we might do our early morning routine of e-mail, weather condition, and so on to kill time. It comes with 2 other adapters if we wish to ever alter. It s automatic so you put on t need to set a timer

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We were so stired that mobile white comes with a usb type-c adapter. We did a great deal of research and it turns out they are the only one we might find on the marketplace that works with our phone.

We found this kit to be easy to use and it actually does whiten your teeth. Likewise, it only takes a few minutes to use and then your on your method vs. The teeth whitening movie that takes some time to work. We would absolutely use this product once again.

Noticeable distinction after very first use.

Got product with in 2 or 3 days, attempted it out and works fantastic with our iphone. In 3 days we saw our teeth end up being whiter. Functions fantastic and easy to use.

Love this whitening kit. The only grievance we might make, is that the mouthpiece does not fit in our mouth well. We have brief teeth so it rest on our gums and is unpleasant throughout the treatments.

Very happy with the results after only a couple times. Easy to use, love the capability to plug into the phone and we have a samsung 10+ android, offered the best connection for the usb. Not insane about the flavor, however that’s personal. You need to get utilized to having that in your mouth for the complete 20 minutes. Often we get excessive saliva and need to spit some out and re-insert mouth guard. We dislike swallowing that stuff. Otherwise, fantastic product, will continue to use.

We love this product. It is very easy to use and it is super convenient to simply plug it into your phone. The gel doesn t have any bad taste and is quickly eliminated by brushing your teeth like normal after. We have actually been using this product for about a month and will continue to do so.

Very pleased, we have actually attempted lots of whitening products, never ever seen any distinction. This has actually lightened our teeth in 2 days. We can’t wait to continue using it. We are 60 y/o and a cigarette smoker. Once again, very pleased.

Like the reality that it is genuinely mobile and you can basically use this anywhere. We would like bigger whitening gel containers, however replacements are easy enough to find.

Was looking for a teeth whitening system that was easy to use, compact, effective and particularly affordable. Happy to state that when we got mobile white, we were shocked at how quickly our teeth lightened. Gotten instant compliments and strategy to buy a few for vacation gifts.

Love this product and the reality that it only takes 20 minutes. We have actually observed a good distinction up until now and will absolutely keep going. The free refills for life are guaranteed reward.

Product came as explained and right on time.

We simply got our bought of mobile white teeth whitening system. We need to confess we were hesitant however believed we would offer it a shot. We are happily shocked that our teeth looked whiter after the very first application. We have actually used it three times now and our teeth are getting whiter with each application. We are wed to a dentist and our teeth look has actually always been very crucial. We simply reordered 12 more syringes so our teeth will always look beautiful. Don t think twice to acquire this product. We are very picky so when we state this, it needs to hold true. All the best.

This product works fantastic. There was a noticeable distinction immediately. Hooks approximately phone and takes a few minutes, then you have whiter teeth. Good.

Wow this product works fantastic. We are cigarette smoker and we never ever believed we can get our teeth to look normal and after attempting this product our teeth are cleaner than before. Extremely recommended and will inform our sibling who is likewise a cigarette smoker to buy this grest product.

Have actually attempted different whitening products, which provided excellent results however this one took the whitening to a new level. It is easy to use plus easy to use on the go. Very happy with the results.

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