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Mint Cosmetics produces the very best and natural teeth whitening product that removes all teeth issues like stain, yellow or broken teeth. It utilizes ingredients that are safe, effective to deal with teeth to make it white and bright.

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Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Product Evaluation

To keep one’s health and beauty is the desire of everyone. To whiten teeth totally needs great deals of upkeep. There are numerous causes that result in stained, yellow teeth like for example, smoking cigarettes, unclean food, drinking excess alcohol, inappropriate and irregular cleaning and brushing. Luckily, there are lots of teeth whitening products and systems in the market today. Some work and use the very best ever whitened teeth and some are simply making your teeth white without lasting results.

Luckily, there is a most current teeth whitening product made by MintCosmetics It uses a one- stop solution for teeth whitening. 30 minutes of using this gel a day will make lovely, white teeth. The whole set is offered with user friendly self-moulding fits and complete DVD user’s manual to guide you. It effectively treats your teeth and makes it ever white.

Just What Is Mint Cosmetics?

Mint Cosmetics Business produces one of the most professional and most desired teeth whitening gel in the market today. It is the very best at-home solution to whiten your teeth. It consists of elements that are safe and are whitening representatives. It removes stains and makes teeth brighter and whiter.

Contents Of A Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Kit

1. Mint Cosmetics gel: This is the most distinct teeth whitening gel that require to be used for 30 minutes daily to product the very best teeth whitening effect. The gel is 100% hydrogen peroxide-free. It is completely safe to use and is very effective.

2. Guideline Manual/ DVD: You will have a whole, obvious, interactive, multimedia DVD along with an in depth, full-length text manual. This user’s manual/ DVD guarantee you discover the action by action ways of using it in the easiest possible method and without leaving the comfort of your home.

3. Custom-made mouth guards: A personalized mouth tray helps to make sure that the whitening gel is at particular oral locations to best enhance the whitening impact. The tailored mouth guards or trays provided in Mint Cosmetics kits offer the very best value for the cash a minimum of expenses.

4. Applicator tip: This kind of applicator enables for precise and effective gel use.

How Precisely Does It Work?

Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening kits are peroxide free. The Sodium Bicarbonate is the active component that is pushed onto and throughout the teeth by utilizing a mouth mould. To comprise the tailored mould is a should to be specific that you get total protection together with the kit.

The mould is moulded soft in boiling water and as soon as positioned into the mouth will fit around the teeth and then set. This will permit oxygen to participate in the teeth and helps to remove all stains totally. The product quickly breaks down as soon as used to accelerate and hence enhance whitening results within 30 minutes of use. It likewise promotes healthy gums and teeth.


  • Makes use of maximum amount of hydrogen peroxide permitted by the FDA
  • Mouthpiece can be quickly moulded
  • Offers whitening pen, user’s manual and DVD
  • Uses free shipment of the product
  • Whitens teeth as numerous as 11 shades
  • Results will last for almost two years
  • Offers one time purchase


  • Users may experience burning feeling in the preliminary use.

Exist Undesirable Effects?

Mint Cosmetics made the teeth whitening product to be actually safe to use to deal with teeth issues. Nevertheless, the only genuine adverse effects you can see are only on the very first use of the product. With regular use these effects will vanish. You will get healthy teeth and gums if use the product as advised. In case you are allergic or conscious any ingredients in it, stop using it and check with your physician.

Customer Report

Mint Cosmetics is an exceptional business that makes the very best teeth whitening solution. They actually take excellent care on their customers. The results are actually to what they guarantee to work after regular use. There are around 48 application included in the teeth whitening kit. Mint Cosmetics kit likewise comes with an educational DVD. This product will help you to eliminate all teeth issues and triggers.

How Safe Will They Be?

Mint Cosmetics utilizes teeth whitening gels that are approved by the FDA. It is shown to be 100% safe and effective.

Mint Cosmetics– An Extremely Recommended Kit

The gel and whitening kit include 6% hydrogen peroxide that makes it an exceptional product today. It is extremely recommended to whiten teeth. The manufacturers of teeth whitening product warranty lighter, whiter teeth within 14 days of constant use. You require to dress it for 30 minutes daily. This is the most favored product than any other. It is actually the high quality product that works and makes teeth normal once again.

The Ultimate Decision

Mint Cosmetics is the very best teeth whitening kits that are made up of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide that whitens teeth sometimes quicker than those products which contains CarbamidePeroxide It is actually operating in dealing with all teeth problems. White your teeth with teeth whitening product from MintCosmetics It actually works.

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