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MayBeau Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Kit with Free Gifts

MayBeau Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Kit with Free Gifts

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MayBeau Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Kit with Free Gifts.

  • TEETH WHITENING PEN THAT TRULY WORKS. 2-Pack ‘- Included 5 pcs teeth wipes|Compact and portable whitening pen makes it simple and easy to whiten your teeth in the house or on-the-go. Simply twist the bottom of the pen to access the teeth whitening gel and paint onto each tooth to whiten in 30 minutes.
  • REMOVE YEARS OF STAINS ‘Our professional teeth whitening pen includes 35% Carbamide Peroxide, a safe kind of peroxide, to effectively and quickly remove years of stains brought on by coffee, tea, wine, cigarette smoking, soda andmore Its natural mint flavor will keep your mouth sensation fresh.
  • EASY TO USE ‘- Use the product in the personal privacy of your home and take pleasure in the simpleness of its use; no more driving to the dentist and costs countless dollars for comparable treatments; no whitening kits, strips, advanced led lights, bleaching, or trays required.
  • SAFETY AND USEFUL ‘- Safely permeates deep to whiten teeth completely, then liquifies easily away leaving you with a cool, refreshing mint aftertaste. Quickly prevents new stains from setting in so you can preserve your white healthy smile.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY & AFFORDABLE ‘- Our whitening pen is the perfect at-home solution for premium quality whitening with no sensitivity. There is no requirement to check out the dentist for costly and severe chemical whitening treatments.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MayBeau Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Kit with Free Gifts.
Do you have the exact same issue? Black teeth? Yellow teeth? Tooth stains? Plaque? Smoked teeth? Tooth decay? Tea stains? 1.After brushing your teeth, dry the tooth surface area to start with 2. Pull out the cap and turn the tail clockwise to squeeze the rice size of the gel. 3.The density of the smear has to do with 1MM, please prevent the gums, do not consume within 30 minutes, rinse with water after 30 minutes. Better use for more than 1 week. MayBeau Teeth Whitening Pen State hi to a new you, with brighter smile. If you have actually attempted other teeth whitening techniques, you know how tedious and unpleasant it might be. This ingenious teeth whitening pen will put a duration to your search for a perfect tooth whitening solution. No waiting time, no mess. Simply paint your teeth with the gel and go for your day. Bid farewell to stains from years of coffee, alcohol, cigarette, wine, and whatever else you delighted in. 2 *Teeth Whitening Pens 5 *Teeth Wipes 1 * User manual Men & Women Middle-aged Read more 5 *Cleaning Teeth Wipes We likewise send you extra 5 pieces of wipes. What can you do with it? After you have actually cleaned your teeth, you can wipe your teeth with wipe and apply a gel. After 30 minutes, then wipe off the gel and rinse your mouth. Separately packaged for easy carrying, put in the carry-on bag and use it to prevent some awkward moments. 2 *Teeth Whitening Pens MayBeau teeth whitening kit consisting of two gel pens( 2 * 3ml). With safe 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, 20+ Utilizes. Our whitening gel appropriates for men, women and middle-aged individuals. Only require to apply to teeth for 30 minutes, you can have a confident smile. Effective, painless, no sensitivity, travel-friendly, easy to use. How to Use? If you have the following dental issues, pick this will not fail. Black teeth. Yellow teeth. Tooth stains.Plaque Smoked teeth. Tooth decay. Tea stains. Do not attempt to laugh? Dating intimacy was turned down? Declined by buddies and associates? Inability? We wish to provide the right products for you. Simple and convenient, you do not require a led light to work. Not as unpleasant as powder. And the effect will be better than the strips. If you are still thinking twice, we will inform you about our strong after-sales support. If our products are not ideal for your teeth, or you simply do not like, we have a genuine refund policy. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MayBeau Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Kit with Free Gifts.

Question Question 1

Does This Pen Contain Any Bleach?

It includes carbamide peroxide. Safe and insensitive

Question Question 2

Is It Convenient To Use?

Anyhow, whenever we loosen the lid, we squeeze the gel and apply it on our teeth.

Question Question 3

Required To Use A Tray?

we do not use the tray, the pen has a soft brush can help to reach to every tooth

Question Question 4

Does This Help For Brown Area On Teeth?

It works to whiten the teeth so it should help with the brown area

Question Question 5

We Simply Got To 2 Boxes And Every Single One Of The Whitening Pens Does Not Work? Please …Help What Am We Doing Wrong?Twisting Clockwise?

we took us rather a few twists initially, however it did ultimately comeout Then the next time you will not need to turn as frequently.

Question Question 6

How Long Does It Take For Your Teeth To Turn White?

we believe it differs from person.normally, our teeth will work after one week of constant use.

Question Question 7

After Or Before Using This Teeth Whitening Pen, Do You Required To Rinse Your Mouth After A Minute?

No, not needed. It works incredibly, we simply let it on before consume or consume anything, easy to use.

Question Question 8

Is One Pen Simply One Application Or Do You Get Numerous Applications From One Pen?

You get several applications

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See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on MayBeau Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Kit with Free Gifts, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually utilized whitening strips before and didn’t see much distinction. Which this pen we are seeing whiter teeth after using as soon as a day for over a week. And still using very first pen. Great value.

Whitens teeth like it states.

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