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LUXX Premium At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Kit

LUXX Premium At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LUXX Premium At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Kit.

  • LEADING TEETH WHITENING KIT WITHOUT ANY SENSITIVITY- Our premium, USA made whitening gel uses the very best results, fast. With its elite mix of 12% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel comparable to 36% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, this clear formula is double the efficiency of any other gels you will see on the marketplace. Plus, our gel formula consists of a desensitizing active ingredient that is a nerve blocker for whitening with no sensitivity.
  • EVERYTHING YOU REQUIREMENT IN 1 KIT – Made with your benefit in mind, our kit includes a mirrored and lighted gel vial for whitening anywhere (50+ applications), a powerful 6X LED light for fast whitening, a shade guide to track your results, bring pouch and an extra, reward, complete size, dual sided teeth whitening pen with whitening gel on one side of pen & an enamel booster on the other. The blue remineralizing enamel enhancing side in fact seals the pores of the teeth avoiding new stains.
  • PORTABLE, EASY TO USE TOOTH WHITENING KIT – This streamlined vial has an integrated mirror and LED light so you can basically use the kit anywhere. The 6X LED light speeds up the whitening process enabling your beautiful smile to shine through. Let your self-esteem radiate. Teeth whitener compared to Hismile teeth whitening kit
  • NOTICEABLE RESULTS – Your results will be cumulative as your teeth whiten each time it is utilized. See a distinction as fast as 2-3 days. You can use it as much as 5-7 days in a row if wanted. Then, maintenance with your reward double sided pen which both whitens or preserves your white teeth along with seals the enamel pores to avoid more stains from coffee, wine, tea, soda or smoking cigarettes. It has 25+ applications per side.
  • FULFILLMENT ENSURED – Happily made in the USA, our teeth whitening products are professional grade. If for some factor you are not happy with your purchase, we will supply you with a complete refund for your tooth whitener – no questionsasked What have you got to lose besides yellow teeth?

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LUXX Premium At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Kit.
Size: LED Kit Seeking to eliminate yellow teeth? Look no more, LUXX has got you covered. They state a smile can immediately brighten somebody s day. Regrettably, tarnished teeth are avoiding you from wearing your best smile. You have attempted lots of natural home remedy and have gone through a selection of difficult to use strips and trays, however have no noticeable results to reveal for it. You have thought about going to the dentist for help, however you neither have the time nor the budget plan to complete thetreatment The Teeth Whitening Kit by LUXX offers effective whitening at an incredibly affordable cost. Lastly, a natural home remedy that in fact works. Using a powerful mix of 12% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel comparable to 36% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, our advanced formula effectively whitens your teeth, fast. Plus, it has a desensitizer in the gel formula that secures you from enamel sensitivity. It is portable, too. Quickly capture application into your stressful schedule and easily and painlessly see your teeth whitening through. Our kit uses real value for your cash. The mirrored and lighted vial lasts as much as 50+ applications and the whitening pen can be consumed to 25 times on each side. We have included a powerful 6X LED light to more speed up the whitening process, so you get noticeable lead to less time. Do not simply take our word for it– use the included a shade guide to track your progress. Get prepared to turn heads and impress with your restored, white smile. Make it your next excellent gift concept– you will be providing individuals you love the gift of self-confidence and a beautiful smile. Here are more factors to love our teeth whitening kit: Cool, minty flavor Reinforces your enamel, so your teeth can be as healthy as they look Cruelty-free, gluten-free, and kosher Glamorous product packaging Time to restore your winning smile. Include the Teeth Whitening Kit by LUXX to your cart TODAY.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LUXX Premium At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Kit.

Question Question 1

What Are The Steps When Using This Product, Do You Use All Three, Whiting Gel, Enamel Gel An The Other Tube Before The Light?

1. Brush a thin layer of whitening get to each tooth2. Press the v-bite button to turn light on and place the light in between your lips and teeth for 20 minutes. 3. Brush your teeth to remove gel. 1. Brush a thin layer of whitening get to each tooth2. Press the v-bite button to turn light on and place the light in between your lips and teeth for 20 minutes. 3. Brush your teeth to remove gel. UseLUXX L.E.D. Teeth Whitening System, for 5-7 days up until wanted outcome is accomplished. Use every other week to preserve your results. The Dual Action Whitening and enamel enhancing pen.1. Smile broad, apply a thin layer of Whitening Gel to the teethAllow Whitening Gel to dry for 30 seconds. 3. Repeat stops with Enamel BoosterGel 4. No requirement to brush your tooth or rinse, simply apply and go.Pen can be utilized 2 to 3 times daily or as wanted.

Question Question 2

Is The Gel In The Mirrored Tube The Like The Dual Sided Whitening Gel?

The gel in the mirrored tube? we had one long tube in our kit, on one end it is clear and the other is a light blue-green blue. The blue is Enamel Booster to use after whitening and the clear is the whitening gel itself to use with the light. we are not exactly sure if this assisted, best of luck.

Question Question 3

Is This Safe To Use While Tanning?

Yes, you might use it while tanning.

Question Question 4

Can It Be Utilized On The Go After Supper And Red Wine Without A Light Or Will It Only Work If We Have The Light?

Yes, use the pen for on the go with sealant. No light required.

Question Question 5

Is The Actual Led Part That Enters Into Your Mouth Expected To Enter Into The Satin Bag With The Rest? We Presume That S Hygienic However We Are Asking To Make Sure?

Yes, clean the light well and took into the satin bag. Hope this helps.

Question Question 6

What Is The Little Tube With The Mirror For? Isn’T The Big Tube Of Gel For The Whitening With The Light For The 20 Minute Session?

The tube with mirror is the whitening gel too, you paint on each tooth. The whitening pen can be utilized too. It s enough gel for 100+ applications integrated.

Question Question 7

Are You Expected To Use This When A Day?

Yes, proper. When your at the wanted shade level you might use one or two times a week or as required to preserve your shade.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on LUXX Premium At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We were considering getting whitening strips however we are so delighted we got this kit rather. It s so easy to use and you hold the light versus your teeth/ in between your lips for only 20 minutes. We have been using it for a few days and currently notification some whitening. We are coffee drinker and our teeth aren t that stained however we truly desire a whiter and brighter smile. There s a gel to brush on-minty taste- before using the light. When you re done you simply brush your teeth. Up until now, we sanctuary t had any sensitivity issues.

Wonder intuitionally attempted the luxx teeth whitening kit for the cost however after we had no sensitivity concerns and it was easy to use a few times a day we chose that we are offered and will be purchasing once again. It tastes respectable compared to others we have utilized and we are see results after one day. We will upgrade as we continue however, up until now so excellent.

This product has been truly great. It is very easy to use and the plan comes with clear guidelines, which are easy to follow. As anticipated it doesn t operate in simply one path however you ll need to use it every when in a week or like us who utilized two times a week. It took us a month to see noticeable results and all the results are not truly long-term so you need to use it continually to preserve it. Once again this is very affordable for what we pay at the dentist. Please keep in mind, we do not smoke nor we do anything that stain our teeth. We only have a cup of coffee and our teeth are not truly stained as much so we believe it was simpler to use on our teeth.

We have never ever purchased a whitening kit before however this is an affordable method to make your teeth a few shades whiter. It is pretty easy to use and only takes about 20 minutes every day. The flavor tastes excellent and we didn’t have any issues with sensitive gums at all which is something we were fretted about. It likewise comes with an enamel booster which is incredible. Our glossy white teeth and us would advise.

Today is our fourth day in a row using this kit (it states you can use it for 5-7 days in a row to start with), and there is absolutely a whitening effect. It is steady, however our teeth were brighter even after the very first use. One of our preferred aspects of this kit is that it does not appear to make our teeth more sensitive. We have a very small chip in one of our front teeth that is a bit sensitive. We wished to whiten our teeth however wasn’t thinking about our teeth harming throughout the process, and this kit worked effectively for that (we have likewise begun using a stannous flouride gel. )we have a large taste buds (a big smile) so we whiten one side of our mouth at a time by using the gel on one side (from the center in front to the back), and using the led on that side, then duplicating on the other side. The led easy work fine on the very first day, the second day it kept shutting off on the left side of our mouth, so we needed to hold the button down. It did refrain from doing that on the other side. The third day the led in basic kept shutting off, flickering, and dimming out up until it shut off. We turned the led light upside-down (so that that on/off button is dealing with the floor) and that appeared to fix the issue. Today when we utilized the kit we simply held the led light upside down like we had before and had no issues with it this time. We believe it’s most likely simply an issue with the battery not being entirely protected, or something, so the connection in between the battery and the device might jerk loose. If you have this issue, we recommend doing the like we did and holding the device upside-down. Update: the seller sent us a new led light due to the fact that the other one was not working right and we have had zero issues with the new one, so we have raised the stars from 4 to 5. In general the kit has lightened our teeth to the level we desired and we are delighted we acquired this kit.

The whitening process takes place as quickly as you start to use it. Sounds gross however the yellow from coffee, (on our front teeth particularly) came straight off onto the little applicator brush. We continued to wait the 20 minutes and our teeth are 75% whiter from the very firsttreatment We are purchased more for pals.

After simply one use. Not a dramatic distinction however we believe with enough effort and time we will get it to where we desire. Ps you re going to drool like insane.

We got luxx quickly and am thrilled to use it, we are bit older (52) and have stains from being a very long time coffee and tea drinker. In the past we have use the whitening gel from the dentist and the gel made our teeth so sensitive, a pal recommended this and we have been using it for about a week and we feel it is making a distinction with no pain.

Love love loveeeeeee this whitening kit. It s so easy to use and it s amazing. It truly makes a distinction in the shade of your teeth( which is easy to inform due to the fact that they included a tooth chart. ). We likewise truly liked their on the go whitening pen, it s super convenient and tastes amazing. 10/10 product.

Quick shipment. We have done 2 treatments and currently see a distinction. It so easy to use and comes with an awesome little bring case. We extremely advise this product.

General we enjoyed this whitening kit. There is lots of gel for maximum utilizes, the light mouthpiece is comfortable and easy to keep in location, and they even include an extra double-sided whitening gel/strengthening gel combination. We have only been using a few times a week for 2 weeks and we are currently a minimum of 2 whole shades whiter.

We found in this manner simpler to use than previous efforts with otherproducts 1) the mouthpiece with the light you keep in your mouth for 20 minutes was smaller sized and didn’t have us gagging. 2) flavor wasn t awful. It s not pecan pie excellent, however once again, not gagging, burning or wishing to throw up. Pleasant enough we read our book the tub for 20 minutes and hardly discovered it.

We purchased this two days back, and it’s currently gotten here completely undamaged. We utilized it right away and it revealed results within the very first use. We utilized it a few more times with strong results. The flavor is super soft and minty. If you have sensative teeth it reinforces which is fantastic. It was 100% worth the cash. It’s likewise rather pretty and strong.

Easy to use. Taste excellent not slippery or as tough to use as strips. Dental consultation in one month to have caps out on so we desired white teeth on top and bottom. We are not a cigarette smoker however we are heavy tea drinker.

We liked how it came with everything you required and it was super easy to use. We have gotten lots of compliments on our white teeth and you can discriminate in our smile. We love this kit and would absolutely advise it to future consumers.

Got it provided one day after purchased. Steps are very easy to comprehend. Appears a lot less difficult than other teeth whitening kits we have seen. No pain up until now. And we can do anything we desire while it does it’s magic.

This is our very first time attempting led teeth whitening and we definitely love it. We saw results right away. We reccomend this product 10/10

We have some occasions turning up and we wished to have our teeth lightened, so we began searching for kits. We like that luxx didn’t have sensitivity concerns with our teeth, it wasn t untidy and we saw results quickly (because we put this off). Oh, and it didn’t taste gross – it has a light mint taste so that was excellent too. In general, we are pleased with this purchase and would advise.

We couldn’t think that we saw whiter teeth after simply 2 applications. We were doubtful when we purchased the product due to the fact that there were more costly products and we believed we may be simply squandering our cash however even our pals discovered a distinction in our teeth color. Easy to use.

Simply got this a week back been using it for a number of days now ser whitening on the teeth excellent product for the cost advise this product who is wanting to whiten there teeth.

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