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Lumist New Advanced Next Generation Teeth Whitening Strips Non-Slip Comfort Fit Technology

Lumist New Advanced Next Generation Teeth Whitening Strips Non-Slip Comfort Fit Technology

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lumist New Advanced Next Generation Teeth Whitening Strips Non-Slip Comfort Fit Technology.

  • WHITENS YOUR TEETH APPROXIMATELY 5 SHADES IN SIMPLY 5 DAYS – No more waiting weeks to whiten your teeth with our gentle protective enamel safe formula.
  • LIGHT UP YOUR SMILE IN SIMPLY 5 TREATMENTS WITHOUT THE DENTIST – NEW ADVANCED NEXT GENERATION teeth whitening strips with Non-Slip Comfort Fit Technology that firmly uses to your top & bottom rows of teeth. Whitening your teeth in just days.
  • ONLY 10 WHITENING STRIPS WILL SUFFICE – Includes: 10 PackStrips Use them for either the top, bottom orboth Lumist Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips whitens in DAYS, not weeks, to see results.
  • 3X FASTER THAN OTHER BRANDS – SIMPLY 1-2 HOURS A DAY FOR 5 DAYS – That s it. 1) Remove from tray 2) Press to top/bottom surface area versus teeth 3) Fold under. 4) Leave on 1-2 hours. 5) Remove 6)Brush Its that EASY.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION OF WHITENING ACTIVE INGREDIENT WITH APPROXIMATELY ZERO SENSITIVITY – Lumist utilizes an unique formula mix and whitening active ingredient (20%) carbamide peroxide, which is more gentle than hydrogen peroxide or bleach, permitting faster teeth whitening in DAYS. New Advanced Next Generation in Teeth Whitening Strips Technology.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Lumist New Advanced Next Generation Teeth Whitening Strips Non-Slip Comfort Fit Technology.
BRIGHTER WHITER BRIGHTENED SMILEAfter whitening, you won t feel the requirement to SMILE with a closed mouth or conceal your teeth behind your hand when chuckling or talking. You can reveal your SMILE with self-confidence. Whiter teeth make you look and feel more youthful and we smile more when we like our SMILES. A SMILE is one of the very first things individuals use to make their evaluation of you and your character. 5 SHADES WHITER IN SIMPLY 5 DAYS. Lumist Next Generation Teeth Whitening Strips with Non-Slip Comfort Fit patented technology, provides quick results beginning from the very first application, increasing your confidence, boosting your look and most significantly Illuminating YourSmile Whether you re at work, offering a discussion, or out on the town with buddies, your brighter whiter sparkling teeth, will be tough to miss out on and those around you will be able to see and pick up the distinction. Lumist professional teeth whitening strips formula is the simplest and most effective method to whiten your teeth approximately 5 shades in simply 5 days, for a beautiful illuminating smile anytime, anywhere. Our freshly patented comfort fit technology makes using the strips easy and problem-free. Take your strip and press the top surface area versus your teeth and fold the remainder of the strip under. The strips mold comfortability to your teeth without moving around, falling off or dripping and they end up being likewise undetectable after 5 to 10 minutes. Leave them on for 1 to 2 hours and tackle your daily routine and you can consume, workout, work and yes even talk also. Ours are soft flexible and easy to use. Read more The Perfect Fit Action 1 Action 2 Action 3 Action 4 Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lumist New Advanced Next Generation Teeth Whitening Strips Non-Slip Comfort Fit Technology.

Question Question 1

Idioma Español?

We presently do not have Spanish guidelines at this time however its coming soon.Thank You

Question Question 2

What The Distinction In Between Regular Lumist Strips And The Lumist For HerStrips Are The Regular Strips More Powerful Which S Why There More Expensive?

Yes, Strips in classic is little more more powerful than Strips in For Her which was designed to offer more gentle process for whitening. Both of them have the exact same technology to allow you to whiten your teeth anytime and anywhere. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Question Question 3

Can Anybody Share The Ingredients?

Water, polyethyoxazoline, carbamide peroxide, alcohol, polyacrylic acid, sucralose, peppermint oil, potassium hydroxide.

Question Question 4

Is Product Made In America?

we are not specific if it is made in America.It is an exceptional product and we are specific you will be very happy with it.

Question Question 5

Whats The Distinction In Between This And The Men Version?

The product for usn includes strips that are bit larger, however both products work fantastic. Hope that helps.

Question Question 6

Exists An Expiration Date For The Product?

Yes. They do have end dates

Question Question 7

Do These Cover The Whole Front Of Top Teeth? And Bottom? Or Are They Brief?

They do not cover completely. The back molars aren’t covered however the strips are not brief. Likewise, they fold over the teeth so the back surface areas are bleached. we love that reality since we put on” t wish to bleach only the front of our teeth.

Question Question 8

How Long Do You Use These Each Day?

we used them for about 2 hrs a day. If it wasn’t convenient, we avoided the day and it didn’t appear to matter. The cumulative effect was the exact same.

Question Question 9

Do These Cover All Of The Teeth Top And Bottom?

You get one strip for the top and one for the bottom teeth.

Question Question 10

As Soon As You Do The Preliminary Treatment, How Frequently Do You Reapply To Keep The Results?

we have actually only utilized it when. One use sufficed for us to understand that Lumist is not for us.

Question Question 11

Is This Business Ruthlessness Free?

Yes, we are 100% ruthlessness free

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Lumist New Advanced Next Generation Teeth Whitening Strips Non-Slip Comfort Fit Technology, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

After using two boxes of crest 3d white luxe professional effects whitestrips dental whitening kit, two times a day, we and our family observed only a small modification. We then purchased this product, utilized it when a day for 5 days, and everybody in the house and the office notifications the considerable effect of the whitener. The only small disadvantage (which we feel didn’t necessitate a decrease of a star) is that the private bundles of strips is not the simplest to open. Often the strip would adhere to the removed top, and other times it remained in its container. The problem we had was that it was easy to accidentally flex the strip such that the sticky parts of a strip would fit together with the other end. The strips are pretty elastic, so when this occurred, we weren’t able to correct out the strip. Rather, we needed to cut the stuck part out and use the staying part of the strip. Nevertheless we extremely advise this product (simply be very mindful when you open the private bundle).

We are self-proclaimed, teeth bleaching pro. We have actually utilized them all. Professional made trays/opalescence, kits from, kits with the booster light, name brand strips, etc etc. We purchased lumist for our child and was so impressed by her results that we attempted them. Now we are purchased our second box. The strips are much thicker than other strips so they do not get “soaked” and fall off like other brand names. They follow the teeth much better for a lot longer. You can even consume with them on. They do not trigger any tooth sensitivity whatsoever. None. They do need to be used one to two hours versus 30 minutes with other brand names however they deserve it. The results after simply three applications, up until now, are amazing.

Fantastic product. Truly does a task. Leave my own in for 1. 5 hrs. Use one strip on top and one on bottom to start. Then use on the top only for next two times a few days apart. Then do the bottom when. There are very few in package. Possibly 4 days using top and bottom, however they are not required a lot on the bottom as they will whiten so as not to observe a perhaps one shade darker than the top. Dream the business might package a bigger number per order in package. Not extremely priced, simply require to be a bit smart about using to make them last.

Similar to the ones we purchased our dentist’s office for two times the expense.

It was easy to use and made a noticeable distinction. In action to our question, our dentist’s assistant stated that it would be fine to attempt a whitener however we might not be “an excellent prospect” for the process. She then included that it may make our teeth a shade or 2 lighter. This product made a distinction. Not prepared for hollywood yet however sufficient for now.

Im a coffee and tea drinker and we were seeing our smile was not as bright as it utilized to be. With this product we saw a distinction with the very first use. Our teeth are very healthy natural white now. Not that fake white. We will use this product once again.

These are fantastic. We saw results after two usages. Do not leave them on too long as they are gel and end up being tough to remove. Otherwise, fantastic product. We certainly will buy once again.

Up until now we have actually utilized this one and we can currently see a small distinction. We will upgrade after:-RRB-.

This kit is excellent. These lumist strips provided us a great touch-up that our teeth required for the cost. We likewise liked the good product packaging they offer. About a year ago we utilized the crest whitestrips and they did an excellent task however they were a bit uncomfortable to one tooth in specific, plus they are more expensive than what we paid forthese These lumist whitestrips strips were not uncomfortable at all. We did observe our teeth get a couple shades lighter. We purchased these as a touch-up treatment and it worked for that. We fully advise these lumist whitestrips.

Our yellow teeth have actually always triggered us insecurity, so we got these to help us with it. Thankful for these; our teeth are super white now. Yay.

Like you can use and beverage when the product remains in location.

Functions well.

On day 2 of this system and up until now so excellent. These are thick, quality strips that adhere well. We have actually utilized thinner strips before that do not remain on also. We have actually likewise had extreme sensitivity problems with previous whitening strips however these do not have any problems. One thing we didn’t understand is that you need to keep these on for 1-2 hours each time. We are not a fan of the peroxide taste at all so while we have these on, we need to spit every 10-15 minutes.

These whitening strips are three times better than other brand names we have actually attempted. It’s fast-acting, and we do not feel any pain considering that we have sensitive teeth and gums. Impressive.

Repeat purchaser.

These are good whitening strips. They remain on fantastic up until you remove them. We believe these are one of the very best out there.

We purchased these strips for our mother, who is a cigarette smoker considering that we were a kid, and she has dark yellow teeth. Now she smiles a lot to reveal her white teeth.

We observed a guaranteed distinction. Easy to use – we did both bottom and top teeth at the exact same time.

Stay in location. Does not turn gums white however whitens your teeth well.

We have actually been using this for our teeth, and they look bright. Our buddies stated that our smile looks gorgeous thanks to these teeth whitener.

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