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Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit 5 Large 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gels

Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit 5 Large 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gels

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit 5 Large 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gels.

  • COMPLETE IN THE HOUSE TEETH WHITENING SOLUTION – Our gel will start making a distinction in simply a few minutes.
  • Enough gel for 25 in your home treatments.
  • BASIC and CONVENIENT – Kind the trays to fit your teeth in a few minutes and simply include gel for a basic and convenient smile make over. You will start seeing results after the very first treatment.
  • REMOVES COFFEE, FOOD, AND BEVERAGE STAINS – Get rid of those ugly stains for a bright smile.
  • FANTASTIC VALUE – 5 (5) Large 5ml High Quality Gel Tubes (25 treatments) – Two (2) DIY Mouth Trays (1 Set) – Directions Manual – Shade Guide (to keep an eye on progress)

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Here are some more information on Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit 5 Large 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gels.
Lumeeno At Home Teeth Whitening Kit: Complete Set with Enough Gel for 25 Treatments FANTASTIC VALUE: Our kit comes with 5 large syringes of gel (25 ml – enough for 25 treatments).Moldable trays -Shade guide – Comprehensive Directions – ALL INCLUDED SIMPLE: Our easy to follow directions will reveal you how to tailor your trays in simply a few minutes. Include the gel and you will start seeing lead to less than 15 minutes. EFFECTIVE: Using our professional strength 44% Carbamide Peroxide gel, you will remove soda, food, coffee, and tea stains. FAST RESULTS: Our teeth whitening gel begins working as quickly as it touches your teeth. You will start seeing results after your very first session. Best results followed a few sessions. Our tooth whitening kit gets your teeth whiter in less time (in simply 15 minutes) with almost no mess.COMPARE OUR PRODUCT WITH OTHERS AND CONSERVE.Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit offers the most effective whitening power to remove teeth stains,, If you are not happy with our teeth whitening kit for any factor, please ask for a FULL REFUND. DELIGHT IN.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit 5 Large 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gels.

Question Question 1

How Frequently Do We Need To Use This? I.E. 2X/Day For A Week, As Soon As A Day For Three Days, Etc.?

we use it when a day before bed. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes. If youexperience sensitivity to the solution then use it every other day. Simply pass how your teeth feels. There’s no incorrect or ideal method. Hope that helps.

Question Question 2

Will This Damage Crowns Or Caps?


Question Question 3

Can We Use This With Led Blue Teeth Whitening Machine?

we were puzzled about the products with LED lights.There was never ever any particular information about what the lights do, other than “activation”. So we googled “Do Teeth Whitening LED easy work?” we encountered a minimum of 4 clinical research studies, using different popular Teeth Whitening brand names, that state THE LED LIGHTS DO we were puzzled about the products with LED lights.There was never ever any particular information about what the lights do, other than “activation”. So we googled “Do Teeth Whitening LED easy work?” we encountered a minimum of 4 clinical research studies, using different popular Teeth Whitening brand names, that state THE LED LIGHTS DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING > So essentially these products include an LED light since it appears “attractive” and high tech, however it’s all baloney.The gels themselves DO work, without LED.

Question Question 4

How Do We Get The Top Off The Gel?

Screw the tough cap off and change with the screw on nozzle tip included in product packaging.

Question Question 5

Is This Great For Sensitive Teeth?

we are not 100% sure, however today when we utilized them the product type of scorched our gums in a number of areas. It had not done that before, so possibly it was a one time thing … however the product often harms our teeth every now and then, so if you have sensitive teeth, you most likely should not get this. On a favorable note, we are not 100% sure, however today when we utilized them the product type of scorched our gums in a number of areas. It had not done that before, so possibly it was a one time thing … however the product often harms our teeth every now and then, so if you have sensitive teeth, you most likely should not get this. On a favorable note, we will state that our teeth have actually revealed to be substantially whiter, so that’s terrific.

Question Question 6

Where Is This Made In? Is It Fda Approved?

Lumeeno is FDA certified and made by Polaris Bright in New Jersey-USA

Question Question 7

Can This Be Utilized On Finger Nails From Nicotine Stains?

Hi Fl Deborah, we are not exactly sure however for the rate you can always use it on your teeth if it does not deal with nails.

Question Question 8

Does This Actually Work?

Yes. It works.we are so happy with the results. our idea To those who have burning on your lips, you need to be placing on Chapstick or something of the sort to safeguard your lips.

Question Question 9

How Numerous Treatments Do We Required Before There Is A Noticable Distinction. We Have Done It Two Times Now And Cant Inform A Distinction.?

its essential to follow the instructions and not consume or consume for 30 minutes after whitening. we saw an impressive distinction and only use a portion of the gel due to sensitive teeth

Question Question 10

We Have One Tooth Implant, Will It Whiten That Also?

we can’t state favorably, however whitening products do normally encourage that they will not deal with implants and dental coverings.

Question Question 11

Is Each Syringe 25 Ml Or Is The Entire Kit An Amount Of 25 Ml?

Each syringe

Question Question 12

Exists Anytging Incorrect If We Use The Led Light?

Not that we understand. we use the light when a week and trays almost daily

Question Question 13


we are not exactly sure. It s a TERRIFIC PRODUCT and better for environment than whitestrips. Please publish if you discover it s checked on animals. That s an excellent question

Question Question 14

Do You Brush Your Teeth Before Or After Using This?

we brush after.

Question Question 15

Will This Work On Venneers?

Well we tried out our tooth with crown so it was okay

Question Question 16

How Long Do These Last? Bought It About 3 Years Ago, They Got Put In A Box And Didn’T Find It Till Now, Is It Still Great? Never ever Opened?

If it was cooled we are believing ok. If not, call the producer

Question Question 17

Are You Expected To Brush Your Teeth Before Or After?

You brush them before you apply the gel. Make certain not to get the gel on your gums.

Question Question 18

How Frequently Can You Use This Product Without Damaging Your Teeth?

we use these about every few months no damage yet.

Question Question 19

Does It Work On Veneers?

It deals with mine

Question Question 20

We Were A Cigarette Smoker Doe A Long Time, Will It Work On Hard Stains?

Yes it will we still smoke and our teeth are super white they are even whiter than our good friends who do not smoke. Find whatever you can with the greatest hydrogen peroxide material that is the whitening ingredients

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Kit 5 Large 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gels, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Excellent value. Everybody needs to absolutely think about purchasing these rather than getting name-brand whitening strips and even dollar store teeth whiteners. Those are normally weaker hydrogen peroxide based whiteners, so it takes more whitening sessions to attain the very same results. These carbamide peroxide ones are without a doubt the most effective at the fairest rate. Simply take care using it to your teeth particularly if you have cavities/crowns, or it can trigger damage. A dentist recommended it to me, however stated that if anybody has any cavities (consisting of filled) to attempt to prevent getting it on that location near the crevasses and to restrict whitening those locations to when each month. We have actually had small problems with sensitivity simply when after using it three times in a week, however in general we have only good ideas to state and we extremely suggest it to anybody who desires quick results. Please click useful if this assisted.

This is a fantastic product. And we understand from previous experience. No matter the number of different kinds of teeth whitening products we formerly attempted, we can truthfully state that absolutely nothing worked like this kit. There is a great deal of whitening gel that comes with the kit and the trays are included too. We followed the instructions and began with much shorter applications, since they alert you about the gel and you need to see how you handle the strong formula. We were able to increase to 30 minute applications with no issues however the directions state maximum 15 minutes. We were bewaring by refraining from doing the treatment everyday. We chose to leave 2 days in between applications. We can t be sure about the very first few times since they were actually brief ones, like less than 5-6 minutes however our teeth began whitening by the end of fifth time – for sure. It was very noticeable, can t miss out on the distinction. We were reluctant to use the 44 formula however we check out that we might put a little bit of vaseline on our gums simply to safeguard them from the gel and we were able to prevent any type of burn or inflammation. Vaseline worked terrific to safeguard our gums frombleaching This kit worked pretty well for us, and we want they blogged about the vaseline tip in the directions. Individuals can use that. If you like our evaluation, please vote it useful.

We have actually utilized this product 4 times considering that we got it the other day *. We only did this since we experienced zero unfavorable effects from the very first time. Each session we kept the trays in for 15-20 minutes. Once again, this is not recommended to do numerous times a day. We found the directions that were included to not be very comprehensive. From what we have actually experienced we have a few tips. Initially, we have actually utilized this for 4 applications (on top and bottom respectively). This kit came with 5 5ml syrignges. With 4 complete mouth applications we have actually only utilized 1. 5ml hence, one does not require much gel per tooth. We are accustomed to fitting and using altheletic mouth pieces. Which are certainly substantially thicker thanthese We ruined and had the water too hot and they simply melted together. The sides collapsed in on each other and stuck. Fortunately, we were able to unstick and smooth the sides out before attempting once again – our fault. Lolso, watch out for using water that is too hot. Other than our goof, the mouth pieces have actually been terrific and comfortable. Likewise, do not hesitate to remold them if you ever feel they’re too loose. As you can see, our teeth are rather jagged on bottom, we were able to press and mold the mouth piece to each tooth however found that if we put a small dot of gel on our real tooth rather of on the matching tooth indention on the mouth piece it was more effective (see the bottom teeth that look more stained than the rest in images). Personally, we did not buy a light or demineralizing gel to use with this kit. We do not feel we require the light after seeing the progress from only 4 treatments and rather of purchasing demineralizing gel we use coconut oil and it works completely. The progress of our whitening is regardless of us disregarding the idea of preventing drinking teeth staining as mentioned by the directions (coffee, tea, green tea and soda). We are likewise a cigarette smoker and still am getting amazing whitening results. We have actually not yet gotten our teeth to the shade that we desire and we will upgrade when we do. Till then, for the rate of the kit we are very, very happy to be using this for our very first experience with teeth whitening. * please follow the offered instructions and do not use as frequently as we did.

We are one of those who generally do not compose any evaluations however this time we chose share our experience since what we checked out actually assisted me, so we are doing our part. Beginning with the very apparent question: yes, this stuff actually works. We chose to go for the gel and tray type of kit since we the strips did not actually provide the results we desired. And we were kinda in a rush to get our teeth white in 2 weeks or less. And we wished to provide this specific kit a shot since of the expense, the reality that this is a complete kit with everything we required and the good ideas individuals composed. We do have sensitive teeth and we didn’t desire a product that will trigger us any pain. The how water moldable mouth-trays were okay, you require to bear in mind not to use boiling water – it requires to be hot however not that hot. When you get them soft in water, you simply push them versus your teeth and draw the air out, forming them to your teeth. You make the shape so that you can put the gel in. You will likewise require to cutting the trays a bit so that they put on t push into your gums – well might be you have big teeth – idk. Because, we are bit tired about our sensitive teeth, we didn’t leave the gel on more than 15 minutes. However we believe we would be okay with 20-25 minutes. Doing this every other day, 15 minutes was long enough our teeth white. To ensure we put on t get any gel on our gums, we made sure to use simply a bit of drop in the front of the tray, a drop per each tooth. When your tooth touches the gel drop, it spreads out all over the tooth. No requirement to overflow the gel since you need to prevent getting the gel on your gums. Unless you desire unpleasant gums for a day or more. It burns and turns your gums a bit white. Now that we are extra cautious about the gel burning our gums we attempted putting a little vaseline on our gums before we placed on the trays. The vaseline resembles a protector. We were able to get our teeth white in less than 10 days. And we still have a lots of gel left. This was an excellent offer and we more than happy with our results. Ideally, this helps others who are thinking of purchasing a teeth whitening product.

We attempted a few different peroxide systems to whiten teeth throughout the years. This whitening kit has no flavor, some we attempted in past have a fake lemon taste and gritty. Worked fine, however the gritty part turned us off. This has no flavor, simpler to keep in mouth longer, other type we attempted made us drool when in mouth. There isn’t rather as much product in these like the others we attempted, however appears much better quality. Our mouth can handle strong peroxide, however some might get white areas. Typically they disappear after a hour. This is the one to get if you desire no other tastes included and no gritty texture. Functions like the other strong peroxide whitening systems.

This kit worked terrific for us – we can absolutely suggest it. Simply read our ideas. First off, take care not to leave the gel on your teeth for too long. They permit max 15 minutes. We didn’t take that seriously and now we discovered our lesson. And, put on t get the gel rest on your gums for too long. If you get it on your gums, wipe it. Or put on t use excessive gel and it won t get anywhere however your teeth. Honestly, we are delighted with how fast this kit worked; the gel appears to be very strong like a dentist grade product. Since of this strength, we had some aching areas on our gums where we let the gel on our gums and we slouched to wipe it away. And one more error, we left the gel on a bit too long. When they state 15 minutes max, they indicate it. This is unworthy discussing however since we are very happy with our teeth now. Which was our fault for not following the instructions. Aching areas and teeth sensitivity disappeared in a day approximately. Trays were not tough to shape and kind. We simply utilized some water in a mug – microwave for 2 minutes. That s hot enough to make the trays soft. This product worked fast and the rate is ideal. You get a lots of gel, we hardly utilized 2 syringes up until now, and we more than happy with our teeth. We will keep the other syringes for touch-ups insummer If you liked our evaluation, please state so:-RRB-.

Our very first time using carbamide peroxide and it didn’t aggravate our teeth or gums. We thoroughly used it with a qtip and left on for fifteen minutes. We are using clear aligneners to correct our teeth and they worked completely for the whitening trays. The initially two sessions we didn’t see a distinction. The third and 4th session the next day, we saw a big distinction. After using we brushed with a clean toothbrush to remove the gel and we utilized a remineralizationtreatment Our partner saw our whiter teeth and now he s attempting it for himself. The rate and the results deserve it.

We found that this kit is easy to use and it is an excellent value. We are a devoted coffee drinker and we have actually always required teeth whitening. We went to our dentist before and just recently we took a chance on this lumeeno brand kit. We are very happy it. The kit came with 5 large gel syringes. These gel syringes are much bigger than the ones we got from our dentist. The kit came with a pair of mouth trays, however we did not use them since we currently had our own custom trays from the dentist, which cost us about $300 with two little tubes of gel. According to the directions, the trays can be formed with warm water. We put the gel in our tray, like one drop per tooth impressive. We might likewise attempt to put the gel on our teeth with a q tip. The whitening gel works much better than what we have actually seen before. There was a big noticable distinction, after only two applications. Our very first application resembled 5 minutes and we continued the gel for about 15-20 minutes for the second application. Everything is fine, and our teeth look terrific.

We chose to buy this teeth whitener kit since we were kinda fed up with feeling almost shy to reveal our teeth, even for a quick smile. We actually liked this kit, since it worked. Initially, we were kinda worried to attempt the teeth whitening kit since we weren t sure if it works. There are combined viewpoints on here however the rate sufficed to attempt. Now, we can state that we are one of the happy that we chose to attempt it. The instructions or as they state the directions were easy to follow. It s easy, you get the gel on your teeth and wait. You use trays to keep the gel in location, and you form the trays for your very first use with warm water. Hot water makes them soft and you form them to your teeth. If you can t get them right, you duplicate the warm water steps and do it once again. When you lastly mold the trays right, they will fit your teeth well. We took our time with the trays and it actually assisted us through all our whitening applications. Our trays remain on well while we have the gel on. We saw that you only require a very percentage of gel. It s not even a drop. You put on t attempt to fill the trays, since when you use them you require the gel not to come out of the trays. Thinking about how little product you require, we have actually seen that each gel syringe will last a minimum of 5-6 utilized. There are 5 syringes in the kit, that s like 30 utilizes. That appears like a fantastic value. When we utilized it for the very first time, we saw some modification. And we kept using the gel, our teeth kept getting whiter. There was a distinction after each use. We put on t feel much sensitivity so, we began with 5-10 minutes now we use the trays for like 25-30 minutes. However we believe 15 minutes would be great for most users. What we found out along the method is that, if you taste gel – you should have put excessive in the trays. We are actually happy that this kit lightened our teeth with no bleaching pain.

Very strong and effective. We choose these kinds of trays where you mold them to your own teeth. No factor to invest any more than this. Incredible product. Doesn t taste that terrific, however you re not actually expected to need to taste it. Take care around the gums. This stuff is super strong and will injure if you do it thoughtlessly like we simply did.

Bought since we had a tooth staining from a dental injury that gets blemished. Prosclear directions, all required products includednice that the tooth trays can be formed to fit teeth quickly, which we had not seen beforesyringes are easy and mess free, and help keep opened product functional for another applicationworks with repeat applicationsconsit is strong, however that great so it works, nevertheless it implies you need to follow the application instructions or you do wind up with light tender gums for a day or tworecommend, as explained, as imagined, complete system.

We worked as a dental assistant for several years. And we were operating at a luxury personal cosmetic center particularly whitening teeth. Now that we are in between tasks and we wished to whiten our own teeth, we didn’t wish to pay the cash that our office charged individuals. So, we purchased this product on since we understand for a truth that this is the precise very same whitening gel product that we utilized in the office. And we need to confess that they shamelessly charge460 00 for the small take home kit. Well naturally that includes the chair time and our lease, labor, etc. However if you wish to do it in your home, this is your response. This simply works as it should. Our teeth are as white as they were when we were at the office. We need to keep our teeth white so that the customers will believe we are using the product that we offer them. That s business right – sorry. We can provide you a few ideas, you put on t requirement to overfill the teeth trays. There is no requirement to lose gel. You can simply use a que-tip and put the gel on your teeth straight. When you get the gel cover your teeth (simply the fronts naturally) you place on the trays. That s your protection guard. No requirement to lose the gel and no requirement to burn your gums. And you need to be using sensodyne kind of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. It will help with teeth sensitivity.

The gentleness of lumeeno’s 44% whitening gel was extraordinary. At first, we believed that we would been scammed since the edges of our gums were not sensitive (burning) like they did when using the 34% from another service provider. Minutes later on persistent stains were raising from our teeth. The accuracy tip of the applicator allowed simply the correct amount of product throughout our personalized tray. One session with lumeeno’s 44% accomplished more whitening on our very sensitive teeth than 5 sessions of a rival’s product – and with gentleness.

This product is amazing. The instructions are clear to follow, and when utilized properly you will see results after the very first use. The gel is fast performing and works much like it is promoted. We would suggest this to anybody who desires bright, white teeth. Although the product states the gel will injure your gums, we have actually had no issues up until now. We will for sure be using this product for the future.

The 44% is a lot quicker at whitening than any of the lower options (i. E. 10%, and so on) that we attempted. We keep the product in the plastic bag it was available in and store it in the fridge. We utilized the product daily for the very first few days and now use it when a week and leave it on for about 60 minutes (the directions state to leave it on for 15 minutes however our gums aren’t conscious the excess time) and am entirely happy with the results. Simply put, our teeth utilized to be yellow and now they’re not.

We have actually utilized rather a few different in home whitening products and this was one of our preferred gels. The trays were easy to mold, following directions. The whitening gel, itself, was very effective. We have actually purchased other products where the gel was not almost as effective. We want this product would likewise include a blue uv light and desensitizing gel, that is why we ranked it 4 rather of 5 stars.

We are completely impressed. It works magnificently. For the very first application they suggest simply two minutes. We were a cigarette smoker for 50 years and we consume quarts of coffee. Individuals asked if we had actually gone to the dentist. We extremely suggest this product. It’s cheaper than the crest or colgate strips when they’re on sale. We believe we will be purchased this as s membership. Thanks for a fantastic product. Ps. It’s simpler to keep in your mouth for the whole treatment if you put it in prior to you get in the shower. You’re hectic enough to not simply be questioning how much longer.

We had actually been bleaching our teeth with the 22% solution offered by our dentist and works slowly. We saw a big modification the very first time we utilized this strength. Take care not to over do since they get white fast.

We like this product, great directions. We simply attempted the other day for 2 minutes (as they guidance in the directions) and we might currently see our teeth more white. Absolutely an inexpensive whitening choice, nevertheless ensure you do not put any product on your gum, those are still products you require to use thoroughly.

This is the only teeth whitening kit ive attempted that actually works, we hope they will restoremore We believe we got the last one lol. Next time we will purchase a few kits. Take a look at our teeth beautiful.

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