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Lumeeno Professional Strength Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips

Lumeeno Professional Strength Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lumeeno Professional Strength Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips.

  • Sealed foil plan comes with 14 pouches of 2 strips (one for upper and one for lower teeth) Total of 28 strips, 2 weeks supply.
  • Lumeeno teeth whitening strips are easy to use. You can have a smile make-over in simply 14 days. No mouth trays to form, no gels tubes, no pens, simply easy to apply teeth whitening strips.
  • 100% enamel safe. Excellent results. Noticeably whiter teeth in 14 days or your cash back.
  • Includes 14 pouches and a free shade guide to track your progress. Each sealed pouch consists of 2 strips (a set). Use 1 set everyday for 2 weeks. You can bring the sealed pouches with you anywhere you go.
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide – Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips – Mint Flavor

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Lumeeno Professional Strength Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips.
Lumeeno double elastic gel teeth whitening strips are 100% enamel safe. To attain long-term results, prevent staining food and beverages for the period of the smile make -over. Each sealed pouch consists of 1 set for one day. Total of 14 pouches, 28 strips. You can bring the sealed pouches with you anywhere you go. Very easy toapply No requirement to brush your teeth before whitening, simply ensure your teeth are clean. Open the foil plan with dry hands, and attempt to dry your teeth with a napkin for better results. Action 1: Fit lower strip – apply gel side versus your teeth and fold over the rest to back of teeth. Action 2: Fit the upper strip. Action 3: Get rid of the strips after 15 minutes (maximum 30 minutes) and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Keeping the strips in a cool location will help. Do not freeze the strips and keep them away from direct heat sources.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lumeeno Professional Strength Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips.

Question Question 1

Can You Use These Strips Two Times A Day?

Yes. we utilized them one in the early morning and one in the afternoon. They provided fantastic results however in a few days the whitening faded.

Question Question 2

I’ Considering Purchasing These Strips However We Do See At The Bottom There Is A Bundle Of These Strips With An LedAccelerator Is It Recommended With This?

we believe the strips worked fantastic on their own.we know that there are other products that have the accelerator, however for the rate of these strips along with how fantastic they work – we believe these are fantastic deal.Hope this helps.

Question Question 3

Which Strip Side Is Expected To Touch The Teeth? The Strips Begin Top Of A Pad. Is The Pad Touching Side The Teeth Touching Side?

we had issues with the exact same thing. They wound up mangled in our mouth.:-(

Question Question 4

What Is The Distinction In Between The Red And Black Lumeeno? They Appear To Be The Very Same Cost?

Red box is the Peroxide Free formula for sensitive teeth and gums. The dark blue box is the Lumeeno Professional with the 6% Hydrogen Peroxide – more powerful whitening capability.

Question Question 5

After You Reach The Stage Of Whiteness You Desire, How Long Does It Last?

About an hour and a half, however if you use this two times a day it does not fade

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Lumeeno Professional Strength Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are one who has actually been looking for an excellent whitening product for a long time. We attempted crest whitening strips, nevertheless they made our teeth very sensitive. We likewise attempted 5 minute white, and a few whitening pens. We were very dissatisfied with these products as they provided us no results. We came across this product and we presumed it was new given that we had not seen it before. We saw a handful of evaluations and they all were favorable for one of the most part. We figured we would offer this a shot given that the rate is amazing. We have actually been using it for about a week and we believe its safe to state this is a winner.:-RRB- we saw results after the very first or second use. With all the whitening products out there, its tough picking which one to attempt given that all of us do not wish to squander cash. In our viewpoint, there isn’t much to lose with this product. Invest $10 approximately and offer it a shot, we do not believe you will regret it. We likewise wish to point out if you have an occasion or unique celebration and you desire a white smile quick, attempt this. Right after use, you will have a much whiter smile. (a minimum of we did). We observed, after a couple hours the effect uses down a little, however your smile will still be white. Perfect for unique celebration.

We purchased this due to the fact that crest white strips were too expensive. We have usages crest white strips in the previous so we are able to compare both of the strips. To start with, the application for these lumeeno strips is not so easy. They move a little to much so you need to ensure you wipe your teeth dry. After 15 minutes they start to slide and the excess gel begins to spillout It is kinda gross given that you can taste it however we simply attempt to wipe it off and keep them on longer. The removing of the strips is likewise gross given that the gel gets actually stuck on your teeth. We rinse our mouth quickly and attempt to carefully brush our teeth after with simply water. That being stated they work. Crest white strips have a a lot easier design and better application process however they likewise cost your 3-4 timesmore We can install with this big mess due to the fact that these strips whiten our teeth. They results are almost the like the results we got with crest white strips.

We actually got this product a couple hours ago and provided it a shot. We had the stripes on for 28 minutes. We are simply too restless to wait for the whole time needed that is30 We currently saw enhancement on our teeth. Upper teeth got a little lighter and the gaps in between our bottom teeth are likewise lighter. The only problem we have is that we got a headache as quickly as we put the stripes on. We will keep you published as we use them. The stripes to stay with your teeth very well. It is actually slippery once you put it on. We dried our teeth before putting it on and still did not remain in location the whole 30 minutes. We are on our fourth day today and we can certainly see results. Our teeth are whiter. However we see that after the 3rd day of use, white areas appeared on our upper teeth. They were pursued a few hours.

Ihad actually let our teeth go, consuming a lots of iced tea and sodas while cigarette smoking daily. Naturally this did a number on our teeth. So anyhow, we chose to whiten our teeth and we relied on. Anyhow, we found a 14 day whitening kit for14 99 which were simply plain old whitening strips like you get in the crest whitening kit, however for a 1/3rd of the expense. Then we bought the optic white toothpaste, and the optic white mouth rinse (red tube/red bottle) and the results remain in the image. Sorry for the grossness of images 1 and 2, however you need to see them too comprehend how remarkable image 3 is. Keep in mind, images 1 and 2 were taken within and image 3 was taken outside.

We have actually utilized a great deal of teeth whitening products in our life, as a coffee and wine fan, it is very important. Most whitening products make a hardly noticeable impact. These strips nevertheless, actually cheer up your smile. Our buddies have actually seen, and we can quickly inform in the mirror and in photos. We didn’t use all of them due to the fact that we observed some sensitivity establishing in our teeth (a threat with any whitening product), however we will keep the additionals for a whitening tune-up.

This product works pretty great for the rate. Easy to apply, it does not move off quickly while you’re waiting for the designated time to pass. The only factor we provided it 4 rather of 5 stars, was due to the fact that of the quantity of “residue” it left on our teeth in a big glob after removing the strips. We have actually utilized a few different brand names, and we have actually stumbled upon much even worse. However the residue was so thick in some locations, we needed to floss it out of some areas. All in all though? not a bad rate to pay for the 2 shades lighter we got from using this for 2 weeks.

These are some remarkable strips. We have actually utilized crest whitening strips and let us inform you, crest is trash compared to this. We are 30, do not have awfully yellow teeth, however some staining from coffee, and we can inform you that from the very first use you see your teeth will be much brighter and a shade or more lighter. These deserve every cent.

Now this product definitely works. Within simply a few utilizes we observed a dramatic distinction, and no tingling experience like much of the other products out there. Certainly worth the cash particularly if you have a current occasion turning up and require fast whitening. This is our second order, love this stuff.

We bought these about a year ago and liked them, and simply purchased them once again. They get the job done, like the popular teeth whiteners, why not attempt, exact same thing. We love them. Will buy these once again and once again.

Functions great. Easy to use at all. Helps to dry teeth initially.

Similar to crest strips. Some white identifying however had that with crest strips too. Too prevent peroxide burns on gums do moist your teeth before application. Your saliva will help safeguard your gums a little. Each time we burned ourself with crest was due to the fact that we dried our teeth initially.

These whiten actually fast. And the whitening gel stays with your teeth, rather than being sloshed around (like with the leading brand of whitestrips), which we believe contributes to their efficiency. Do take care not to position the strips over your gums unless you desire your gums lightened.

Functions fantastic, better than others we have actually utilized. Great white teeth.

Very stretchy and fit perfectly over teeth. Like others have actually pointed out, ensure to dry your teeth before positioning. We observed an enhancement at the very first use. We will certainly buy this once again.

It works, and you’ll get the very best results when using this regularly. Our only issue with it is that it leaves our teeth feeling very conscious temperature levels particularly when consuming things like ice cream. This is an issue that all teeth whiteners appear to have however. Actually great product for the rate.

We are always getting compliments on our white teeth so it works for us.

1 shade whiter after only 1 use. We can’t think how quick these work. We have actually utilized white strips for years, however never ever actually observed a distinction. After using these simply 1x, our teeth went from a 5 to a 4 (shade guide). We are intending to get to a 1.

Had a hard time initially, however you need to correspond with these strips.

Began observing a distinction in teeth whitening in a number of days. This product does work.

Functions fantastic and quickly. Keep in mind not to consume and consume things that stain teeth while whitening and for a while after.

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