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IDOLUSTER Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light at Home Use

IDOLUSTER Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light at Home Use

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of IDOLUSTER Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light at Home Use.

  • PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING KIT with LED LIGHT ‘-IDOLUSTER teeth whitening kit include a distinct Red &Blue LED teeth whitening light and 3 pcs 35% Carbamide Peroxide teeth whitening pens, which can whiten our tooth more effective and fast. And the desensitizing gel pen can secure enamel, help to eliminate sensitivity. Professional teeth whitening kit whiten your teeth in a safe method.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN for SENSITIVE TEETH ‘- For sensitive teeth, our desensitizing pen which include Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus can help remineralize teeth, secure our enamel. We likewise adjust distinct traffic signal treatment technology to reduce the discomfort of sensitive teeth throughout teeth whitening.
  • TAKE PLEASURE IN ALMOST INSTANT RESULTS ‘-The teeth whitening gel with 35% Carbamide Peroxide can quickly remove stains from coffee, wine, tea,and smoking cigarettes. The teeth whitening light tray speed up the treatment. Lots of people experience whitening after the very first application.
  • EASY TO USE ‘- Our red and blue light teeth whitening light tray is very convenient and fits easily into any mouth without the requirement to boil and mold ahead of time. And the teeth whitening pen with tip brush can quickly apply whitening gel on any teeth you wish to mke it whiter. It can likewise completely match the locations where teeth whitening strips can’t cover.
  • CONTINOUS USE for 2 WEEKS to GET BRIGHT WHITE SMILE ‘Use it by guideline for 2 weeks to get amazing outcome, if you are not pleased with the outcome, please call us for a complete refund. We wish to fix all your problelms, please do not hesitate to call us.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on IDOLUSTER Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light at Home Use.
Are you tired of uncomfortable, unpleasant, or pricey teeth whitening choices such as teeth whitening strips, moldable trays, and long dental treatments? Are you fretted about teeth sensitivity throughout teeth whitening? Concern IDOLUSTER Teeth WhiteningKit Professional teeth whitening kit in the house use, all you require in one kit. Offer you a bright & beautiful smile. 1. Approximately 15 shades in only 15 minutes a day. Our teeth whitening gel include 35% carbamide peroxide can quickly remove yellow staining and surface area stains from tea, cigarettes, coffee, wine, and soda. And our effective 16 X Red & Blue LED light help to speed up teeth whitening within every15 minutes. Offer you bright and pearly smile in a brief time. 2. No sensitivity. No pain. Our teeth whitening light tray include 4 Red LEDs for an unique function to reduce sensitivity. And the blue desensitizing gel can help to secure our enamel. 3. Easy to use.The teeth whitening gel pen with brush can quickly apply whitening gel on any teeth you wish to white. And the LED tray is compatible with smart phones like iPhone and Samsung. You can whiten your teeth anywhere, anytime. 4.Buy with self-confidence.100% cash back ensure ensures this kit will be your best option for a pleasing no-risk purchase. 5. Idea: In order to get the best outcome, please do not use nicotine, tea, coffee, and red wine throughout thetreatment Rinse the tray with cold water( the warm water might harm the tray). WHAT’S INCLUDED: (1) Red & Blue LED Light tray (compatible with Iphone/Android/USB) (2) 3PCSx2ML Teeth Whitening Gel Pens (mint flavor) (3) 1PCSx2ML Desensitizing Gel Pens( 4) User Manual( 5) Tooth Color Contrast Card. Attempt it, you will see the distinction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on IDOLUSTER Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light at Home Use.

Question Question 1

The Teeth Whitening Led Light Include Red And BlueLight We Know The Blue Light Can Speed Up Whitening Treatment. Then The Red Light Functions For What?

The traffic signal has actually been shown can promote cell activity, alleviate pain, reduce sensitivity. So it can effectively secure sensitive teeth.

Question Question 2

How Long Should A Session Be?

The guidelines state 15 minutes a day, the light will shut off instantly.

Question Question 3

What Are The Wavelengths Of The Leds?

The blue light’s wavelength is 480 ~520 nm, can effective speed up teeth whitening; the traffic signal’s wavelength is 600 ~700 nm, can enhance cell activity, avoid sensitive.

Question Question 4

Where Should We Apply The Gel, On The Teeth Or On The Tray?

we used the gel on the teeth. Due to the fact that we believe it can attain better result and conserve more whitening gel.

Question Question 5

We Required To Order More Of The Gel, Where Do We Do That?

You can buy our idoluster teeth whitening pen. More discount rates can be gotten by purchasing idoluster teeth whitening gel pens and idoluster teeth whitening kit together.

Question Question 6

Does This Light Have A Connection Compatible With Samsung S9?

Yes, It comes with 3 different plugs and a USB plug.Include a type-C plug.

Question Question 7

Will This Product Likewise Whiten Teeth With Veneer?

IDOLUSTER teeth whitening gel can whiten the color of the tooth surface area, likewise whiten the veneer. You can provide it a shot.

Question Question 8

Do You Offer Wholesale?

Yes, we do. Please call us through e-mail to get more information. Our support e-mail address is support@idoluster.com. Thank you.

Question Question 9

The Blue Light Only Remains On For About 30 Seconds, Then The Red Light Remains On.We Are Wondering If It Is Not Working Properly?

Dear pals, if the blue and traffic signals are not on constantly for 15 minutes, it is that the whitening light has actually malfunctioned. Please call our client service group: support@idoluster.com, we will change a new product to you as quickly as possible.Please do not hesitate to call us for any issues. Thank you.

Question Question 10

How Frequently Is It Recommended To Use This Product?

Daily use.

Question Question 11

Does It Only Work On The Front Of Each Tooth?

we apply it to all of our teeth, back and front. we even apply it to our bridgework. No issue.

Question Question 12

Where Can We Buy More Whitening Gels?

You can browse” professional teeth whitening pen by IDOLUSTER” to find it. However we are sorry it’s out of stock now, and will bring back next week. You Can buy it next week. Thank you.

Question Question 13

Can You Buy Additonal Whitening Tubes?

Yes. They are doing promo now. Buy KIT secure free whitening pens. It’s actually a affordable offer now.The promo ends on October 23 rd

Question Question 14

Which Pen Includes Flouride?

the blue gel pen include fluoride, and likewise include Calcium and phosphorus?which can effective secure our enamel, avoid sensitivity.

Question Question 15

Where Is The Product Made?

China.Tried it and it s bad quality.

Question Question 16

We Are Twisting The Cap And The Gel Isn’T Coming Out. Exists Any Other Action We Are Missing?

Twist more, it takes a few rounds.

Question Question 17

What Is That Gel? Ingredients? And Made In Where?

There two sort of gel in this kit. Transparent gel is tooth whitening gel, its main part is carbamide peroxide, can effective remove stains on the teeth. And the other blue gel is desensitizing gel, its active ingredients are potassium nitrate, sodium fluoride, sodium monofluoro phosphate, the potassium, f There two sort of gel in this kit. Transparent gel is tooth whitening gel, its main part is carbamide peroxide, can effective remove stains on the teeth. And the other blue gel is desensitizing gel, its active ingredients are potassium nitrate, sodium fluoride, sodium monofluoro phosphate, the potassium, fluorine and phosphorus inside can effectively secure our enamel. This kit is made by a Chinese factory that has actually gotten FDA accreditation. Thank you for your question.

Question Question 18

What If The Light Is Not Switching On At All When Linked To Iphone?

Let the seller know. They are very easy to work with.

Question Question 19

What About Purchasing Extra Desensitizing Pens? We Found Gel Pens However Can not Find Desensitizing.?

we only utilized the desensitizing pen a number of times, so we never ever required a replacement, however it appears like Idoluster does not offer them beyond the kit. we see that other there are other business that use a bundle of two or three whitening pens and a desensitizingone simply browse “desensitizing gel for teeth whiten we only utilized the desensitizing pen a number of times, so we never ever required a replacement, however it appears like Idoluster does not offer them beyond the kit. we see that other there are other business that use a bundle of two or three whitening pens and a desensitizingone simply browse “desensitizing gel for teeth whitening” and you’ll see them.

Question Question 20

How Long Is The Cable For The Light?

the cable television length of the USB port is 29.9 inch, the cable television length of the iPhone port is 35.8 inch, and the cable television length of the Android port is 36.6 inch. Manual measurement with some variance. Thanks.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on IDOLUSTER Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light at Home Use, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We always wished to attempt to whiten our teeth. However we have actually sensitive teeth and gum so we are having a hard time to find a gentle and effective teeth whitening solution. This kit comes with an unique traffic signals and by doing some research we found that this specific wavelength was actually effective to reduce sensitivity and pain. And it works. It comes likewise with 3 pens to whiten so it’s a lot and 1 pen must suffice to get the whitening outcome we desire. There is likewise a desensitizing gel pen that strengthen your teeth after the treatment and likewise reduce the pain. We believe it’s one of the very best part of this kit. Due to the fact that the most essential is to keep your teeth healthy after all. The mouth tray switches off instantly after 15 minutes so it’s actually convenient, you do not require to use a timer. And it needs to be plugged to a mobile phone of usb so no requirement to get battery. We actually advise this kit to individuals who wish to get bright smile however without harming their teeth or feeling pain.

The actually amazing product we purchased. Here is a few steps we follow:1. Clean our teeth initially; 2. Wipe the water on our teeth; 3. Open the liquid gels and put it on our teeth; 4. Link the light with our phone,and the light is on; 5. Put it in our month, the very first time we are not familiar, however the second time more efficiently. 6. After 15 minutes, the light is off instantly. 7. Clean our teeth once again. If you feel uneasy, thete is blue liquid gels in the boxbox. It’s very great of the seller that they offer different connection with the light. You can link it with your phone, power band or your phone, even your watch its deserving to be discussed that there is blue gels for sensitive teeth. Great. Actually deserving product.

An actually excellent teeth whitening kit. Product was very easy to use and more significantly it did make our teeth whiter after very first use. We are very pleased with the outcome now. And will continue to use it as we wish to keep getting gleaming results.

We are absolutely pleased. This is a before image, and then a photo after only two days. We wear t believe we will go the whole two weeks since it may be excessive. We will see. We would advise this a thousand times over. Terrific cost and imo as excellent as going to the dentist for it.

After using daily for 7 days; we were showered with compliments, remarks, and questions regarding what kind of dental treatment from the dentist we were going through. We followed the easy guidelines that were included w/the plan. We connect it to our phone so we can walk around if requirement be. For me, the very first 2-4 treatments didn’t appear to do much of anything. However by the time we finished the treatment on day 6-it resembled taking a look at a set of brand new white teeth in the mirror. By day 7 we were extremely pleased w/idoluster & totally offered on the product. (we did experience some gum sensitive after using for 7 days; so we did take a break from using & used a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth for a few days– assisted considerably and enabled us to complete the idoluster 2-week strategy.

We are 2 days in and discover a distinction. About 2 shades white. We are big hot tea drinker so we require this to keep our teeth white. Functions better than crest strips we believe. We did those about 2 months earlier, and they worked, however needed to keep each one in for an hour at a time. We got 2 shades white in 2 days with those, however for 2 total hours. This is 15 minutes. We accomplished the exact same whitening in less time, plus its more affordable than crest whitening strips. As long as the cost does not increase to the other whitening kits, and remains at this cost, we will buy this for the rest of our life. Great to see a product that is this proficient at such an affordable cost.

We can not state anything incorrect with this device it is amazing. We genuinely love it. Other rivals have you pay 80-100 dollars however not idoluster they provide you a fantastic product for a fantastic cost and it works completely when we plug it into our iphone for those that like teeth whitening this is where it s at likewise if you examine their website out they have a device that works like a waterpik that s the next thing we are seeking to buy and attempt.

What??. We can’t even think this ourself. We utilized this two times. Then we discovered what this did for us. We brushed our teeth, flossed, swished, scraped tongue. The typical daily routine and then we utilized this product however only the lights. We did not use the bleach since we are not prepared for it and that’s not why we purchased it. We were intending to help our declining gums and recover them quicker. Uncertain just how much this assisted because consider we are doing other things too for the gum recession. What surprises us is that this light eliminated all germs in our mouth. No early morning breath still 3 weeks later on. Gone as if it was never ever there. There is no longer gunk on our tongue that requires to be removed like before. We put a mix of xylitol and erythritol granules in our mouth, chewed and swished for a few minutes and then utilized the light for 15 minutes. This mix is not new to us or something that we have actually never ever done before. Xylitol and erythritol are sweet “sugars” that the germs in your mouth can not absorb so it eliminates them in this method making them anti-cavity. The only thing that was new here in this routine was this light. Love this light.

We weren’t sure about this product, since we had a number of stains in between three teeth that had actually veneer placed on them. The dentist was never ever able to eliminate these stains and other whitening systems didn’t work either. Simply after 3 treatments, the stains are disappearing. There is likewise a de-sensitizing gel that comes with the kit, however our teeth have not been sensitive after the treatments. The seller is very communicative and useful. We would buy this once again without doubt.

We encountered idoluster on since it had respectable evaluations and we have actually attempted other teeth whitening products with very little outcome– plus the time and effort and unpleasant strips do not actually interest me. This product was easy to use and comes with everything you require– 3 pens and a desensitizing pen (that we found we actually do not require). You look type of amusing using the light thing– plugged it into our computer system– however it’s very easy to use and you simply rinse it off each time. We have actually only utilized it for 2 days however can inform a distinction currently. Thank you idoluster.

Evaluation upgrade: we are so happy with this purchase. We have actually been using it for a couple weeks now and there is a considerable distinction in the color. We are so happy with our results that we even bought one for our mommy and our partner. The only thing we would alter is to include a little bag to make it much easier for taking a trip and storage, although that is insufficient of a con to reduce the score. Up until now so excellent. We have actually utilized it as soon as and we can currently see a distinction. The product packaging is actually streamlined, the flavor of the product doesn t actually have a taste. The one thing that would make this even better is if it came with a little bag you might store everything in, it would make it easy for travel. Fortunately we have a little bag we can use so we can take it out of package, however we believe one made by the business would be actually great. Anyhow, if you re looking for an excellent kit this would be theone We browsed lots of others and several evaluations and we are so happy we picked this one.

Formerly, we composed: it’s had to do with two weeks, and we have actually gone from a ’14 shade’ (second from the worst) on the shade guide card to a ‘7’. We would need to state that the distinction is dramatic. So happy we purchased this product. Now, after only about 3 weeks, all however one of the blue lights quit working. Very frustrating. Update: we reached out, and the business ‘made it right’. They sent out a replacement kit, and a number of weeks later on, it is still working, and our teeth have actually never ever been whiter:-RRB-.

Got our teeth about three shades whiter in a week before a wedding event we remained in. We utilized it every day for 15 minutes and didn’t have any issues with sensitivity.

The kit was well packaged, has everything you require to whiten your teeth, likewise include a remineralise gel pen. The guideline was easy to follow. Simply make certain your tooth are dry out, then brush the whitening gel on your teeth, put the mouthtray in your mouth. We like that we can use our phone throughout the whitening processure, the light will shut down itselft after 15 minutes. Only 2 times use, we can see the distinction, and our teeth are 4 shades lighter in a week. Actually like this product, will absolutely buy it once again and advise to our pals.

We were taking a look around for teeth whiteners and this one captured our eye. It had high evaluations and the cost appeared sensible. Nevertheless, we were still suspicious of whether these whitening issues actually worked or not. We have actually utilized this product for a week now and we love it. In like 3 days, we saw clear results and we have actually hardly consumed the product. We are believing it’ll most likely last us for 6 weeks, which is an actually long period of time. Likewise, we have pretty sensitive teeth and this does not injured at all. This is actually easy to use, particularly with all the battery charger choices. We use it best before going to sleep:-RRB- take pleasure in.

We have actually been a coffee drinker for years and smoked for a very long time so our teeth are pretty yellow and we truthfully never ever believed we would have white teeth once again. After getting the idoluster kit we were actually amazed to see our teeth whiten a whole shade (according to the included guide) after simply a single use. We are now on day 3 and every day our teeth get a little whiter every day. We are seriously pleased and we can’t wait to see what the results will appear like after two weeks.

We utilized to whiten done through our dentist office which was very pricey and left our teeth painfully sensitive for a number of days. We desired something that would provide us comparable results however not as pricey or extreme. We actually liked this kit since we can use it at our leisure. The kit includes a desensitizing pen you can use to brush on your teeth after treatment to help with sensitivity. This choice has actually shown to be much more economical than our dentist office and simply as effective.

We like how it s small and can be utilized along with your phone. We discovered a minor modification on our front teeth color it s whiter than we anticipated it would turn. Great product durable. Does cause sensitivity so use the blue gel right after the preliminary treatment.

We were fretted as whitening strips trigger us extreme pain after 2-3 usages. This whitening system works amazing and there is zero pain. We are on treatment 5 in 4 days and there is a very unique whitening of our teeth. Did we discuss zero sensitivity.?. 1/6th the expense of snow, exact same results.

We love it. It’s amazing and we can see results after the very first use. We are going to advise this to all our pals and anybody looking for an excellent theeth whitening kit, this is the one.?????.

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