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Idol White! The Best Teeth Whitening Supplement

Over time, most of us don’t realize that our teeth are getting yellow or brown, rather than the bright white that they once were. But, as the years go by and the food we eat, the drinks we drink, and perhaps the tobacco we smoke, all take their toll, a product like Idol White can really make a difference in how your teeth look and how confident you feel.

Teeth whitening have become very big business in recent years, with some dentists now specializing only in helping people get whiter teeth. But, before you spend a fortune with your dentist for this procedure, you might want to try it at home first.

What Is Idol White?

Idol White is considered one of the best teeth whitening tools for use at home. It brightens the teeth and eliminates the yellow stains, which automatically elevates the confidence and self-respect of a person.

Teeth sparkle and it lets people save money and time, as regular dentist visits can be prolonged. The whitening system is applied within seconds with the help of a pen applicator.

The Basics Of Idol White

Idol White is a gel that is packaged in small applicator pens. Two applicator pens are included in every package of Idol White, and a package of Idol White is meant to provide the user with enough products for about thirty days.

Idol White is considered to be unique in that it does not require the usage of plastic bleaching trays or similarly uncomfortable items. Most retailers that sell this product emphasize its travel convenience greatly, claiming that Idol White enables you to stick to your teeth whitening routine wherever you go.

Idol White Ingredients Are Safe And Effective

There are 3 active ingredients in Idol White, which are all considered safe and effective whitening agents by the American Dental Association. They are commonly used in professional products: hydrogen peroxide, carbomer, and sodium hydroxide.

Idol White’s gel base consists of pure water, glycerine, peppermint oil, and sugar-free sweetener. Glycerine is commonly found in toothpastes and enables the gel to stick to your teeth until you rinse it out. It also has antibacterial properties.

What Is Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth whitening pens are modern day teeth whitening products that can be used easily regardless of where the person is. A lot of people consider this technology highly effective and convenient, not to mention affordable; a whitening pen pack costs twenty dollars to eighty dollars per pack and is widely available in stores as well as on the internet.

Teeth whitening pens are mainly used as applicators of a teeth whitening gel that is stored inside a plastic tube. The whitening gel inside the pens contains 35% hydrogen peroxide which eliminates food and drink stains on the inner dentin layer of the teeth, giving the best whitening effect on the teeth.

Upon application of the whitening gel on the teeth’s external layer, the hydrogen peroxide in the gel is absorbed deeply in the teeth, deep enough for the substance to reach the teeth’s inner dentin layer where drink as well as food stains are effectively removed.

Keep in mind though; that teeth whitening pens should not be used more frequently than what is prescribed because too much hydrogen peroxide may result in damaging the teeth’s enamel, effectiveness varies depending on different factors like age, eating habits as well as brushing habits and frequency.

Using a teeth whitening pen has a lot of advantages, first it is very easy to buy or acquire since a lot of stores and online shops have it; second, it is very affordable, for twenty dollars, you can easily achieve the confidence of flashing those pearly whites; third, these products are easy to use, convenient and they are effective, you can see results even after only one week of use; and lastly, teeth whitening pens are very convenient to use and you only need a minute to apply the whitening gel to your teeth, which is great for people who are looking for quick and affordable ways to get perfectly white teeth.

Although it is usually advised to brush your teeth before using teeth whitening pens, some people who are in a rush can simply go ahead and use the whitening pens, and the fact that it is very simple and easy to use makes it a must have for a lot of people.

Keep in mind that it is still important to brush your teeth because the brush and the toothpaste are effective in cleaning away any food that get stuck between your teeth after you’ve had a meal, a teeth whitening pen helps you get that mega watt smile and confidence.

How Does The Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen Work?

Idol White is small pen for whitening teeth and by that it gives shame to every other product on the market today (at least in my opinion). Some product corrodes your teeth with chemicals that they include meaning that a prolonged usage can really damage your teeth and make matters even worse.

Well, idol white teeth whitening pen only ads a layer of whiteness, meaning there is no direct contact with your teeth and there is no risk of your teeth getting damaged in any way. By using this simple yet effective method, it is one of the most popular products there is and for a reason.

Is Idol White Safe?

Idol White has gone through years of research, so individuals can be assured their teeth are protected. It is made from high-quality materials, which isn’t always the case with other products available. Many times, store-bought bleaching trays or products deal with quality issues. This isn’t what people want to experience.

This product is safe. It doesn’t take long to dry, which means it can be used at any time or place. This means professional results can be achieved at home, so smiles are whiter and brighter. Plus, the time released recipe is considered to be efficient and light. There is no mess.

5 Major Benefits Of Using Idol White Dental Whitening System

Idol White dentist whitening system is currently the easier remedy for yellowish teeth and other teeth discolorations. You can apply it at home or anywhere you are, after brushing your teeth. It is definitely cheaper than going to a dentist to get a teeth whitening treatment. Read on to find out more benefits.

  1. Idol White makes teeth sparkling white by removing stains. You can use it 2 times daily or according to the instructions accompanying this product.
  2. Idol White is safe to use. It contains no harmful ingredients; people with tooth ailments may use it without any danger of side effects.
  3. Idol white is easy to use. You can use it even between busy schedules because it will not take much time to apply it. You just need less than a minute to paint the gel on your teeth.
  4. Idol White comes in convenient packaging. It is in a no-mess, pen-like dispenser that makes it so ideal to carry in your bag or pocket anywhere you go.
  5. Idol White is very affordable. With its reasonable price you can forget about the dental procedures that take long hours and big expenditures.

Adding to the benefits is the free of charge programs like free trial, free refills, and other offers. Only Idol White can offer such lifetime benefits.

If you are looking for a quick teeth whitening remedy to your yellowish teeth, consider trying the dentist-recommended Idol White. It is in gel form which is soft to the teeth and pleasantly tasting to the mouth. Try Idol White Control Now.

Getting a dentist whitening is no longer a big problem today with Idol White. You can easily buy it by choosing your preferred packaging and filling the forms in your favourite Idol White online store.

You will be one of the satisfied customers after using Idol White teeth whitening system because you’ll emerge with teeth gleaming with whiteness like a celebrity.

How To Use Idol White – A Guide

Some people may have concerns that playing around with gels in the mouth may be an awkward thing to do and it may be time consuming. If either of those things occur then you may be less likely to persist with using the item – another project down the drain.

Well, as it happens, the process of applying Idol White couldn’t be easier and couldn’t be quicker. Unlike some forms of whitening gels you don’t need any sort of mouth guards to help you apply the gel and you don’t have to wait for possibly an hour for the gel to start to work. Using strips can also be rather an awkward performance.

How To Use Idol White – The Actual Process

First, you do what you do normally when cleaning your teeth. Twice a day you brush your teeth in the normal way. Ideally, you should also use a floss to provide extra cleaning power. Then, it’s time to use the applicator.

You unscrew the cap and give the applicator a slight twist which releases some of the gel in the tube. Then while carefully looking at the mirror you identify the precise areas which are going yellow and which need whitening.

Slowly and carefully, you apply the tip of the applicator to those areas. The length of the pen makes it easy to reach even the most inaccessible of your teeth. It’s like using the applicator to draw on your teeth and your hands don’t get in the way of what you can see in the mirror.

Unlike most other whitening gels, it is possible to pinpoint precisely where to apply the whitener to work on specific stains. You don’t have to swab a whole tooth.

The application need only take a few seconds. One of the special features of discovering how to use Idol White is that you quickly realise that the whole process can take little more than a few minutes. The Idol White gel will have done its stuff in 30 seconds or so. After that, you can rinse your mouth out with water.

One of the beauties of Idol White is that because you are applying it for such a short time this process drastically reduces the chances of accidentally getting some of the gel on your clothes. It is never a good idea to get any form of whitener on your clothes.

Another advantage of carrying the gel around in a pen is that you can take it almost anywhere without having to mess around with containers, tubes or mouth guards. So, you could use it in hotels, planes or trains – if you wanted to.

Learning how to use Idol White couldn’t be easier. Making it so easy increases the chance of you persisting with the process, which is good news for your teeth.

Is Idol White Right For You?

There are a few significant benefits to using Idol White over other products, including the fact that this is a pen that is easy to use rather than strips or a tray, and that it applies in seconds.

It also allows you to get professional results at home without the stress, embarrassment, and expense of seeing a dentist about whitening your teeth. This product is made in the United States, so you know that it is safe, and when you order now, you will receive a free lifetime supply of the product so you can always ensure that your teeth are as white and youthful looking as they can be.

Should You Purchase Idol White?

It is always a wise idea to look into the background of various internet wonder products before making any purchases. Although you can never be completely sure of these products effectiveness until you try them, a good amount of research can help you to make a smart decision.

In particular, Idol White seems to have generated truly effective results. Countless reviewers have asserted that Idol White worked for them, and the products endorsement by the Kardashian sisters does say something for its integrity.

You should always approach the purchase of a product like Idol White cautiously. However, if you have used other teeth whitening systems and none have been effective thus far, then Idol White might be worth a try.

Money Back Guarantee

Of course, like in many other products, the company offers a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply return the product within 90 days. But if you want to get your full money back less the shipping and handling fees, you have to return it unopened and unused.

Idol White is definitely something worth trying if you ever dream of having white sparkling teeth. The company claims that you will see professional-looking results. Your teeth can go up to 8 shades lighter and brighter as long as you use the product continuously and you follow instructions.

Where To Buy Idol White?

If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to whiten your teeth, Idol White has to be one of the best products to go for. Not everyone will like using a DIY method like Idol White and some will prefer to go to the dentist for whitening treatments. But if you can’t afford it and you want something reliable that has worked for others already, I’d recommend Idol White.

If you’re wondering where to buy Idol White you can try it from the official website, it comes with a free trial. The free trial offer is limited so give Idol White a try now and see how Idol White will work for you. Go to the Idol White website now to try it.


With many competing products, Idol White stands out from its competitors by offering a simple, safe, and easy to use system that can be done at home, without the need for expensive visits to the dentist.

The company’s mission is to deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers. If quality and value are important to you, then you will want to take a serious look at Idol White.