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How To Get White Teeth?

How To Get White Teeth

Having white teeth and flashing that smile can help boost a person’s self-esteem and confidence levels. Moreover, it can also help enhance the personality of an individual. However, the problem with most whitening solutions is that they are often costly. So, here are several affordable ways on how to get white teeth and remove stains.

Perhaps, one of the best known solutions for teeth whitening would be bleaching. However, even if it is effective, it is necessary to take caution when it comes to using bleach since it can also cause teeth sensitivity. If you want to help clean your teeth, it is helpful to go ahead and chew on raw vegetable. Sugarless gum can also be helpful in cleaning the teeth if it is chewed after every meal.

Peroxide mixed with water and used as a mouth wash after brushing can also help in whitening the teeth. Moreover, if you brush your teeth with baking soda, this will also cause teeth to whiten. After brushing with baking soda, rinse with water to clean out the mouth. Minimizing intake of beverages, coffee, tea and other staining drinks would also be effective. In case this is unavoidable, using a straw can lessen the effect since the liquid will bypass the teeth and gums.

Make sure that brushing is done twice a day and that the toothbrush bristles are not worn down. Other methods in how to get whiter teeth would include eating certain types of food, like raw sweet potatoes, apples as well as carrots. It is even possible to use a walnut tree bark and rub it in your teeth to whiten it.

The inside part of an orange can also provide a nice white shine to the teeth once it is rubbed. Using mouthwash is also a good way to keep teeth white since it will eliminate any stains right away.

Using a home mixture of baking soda, lime as well as salt can also prove to be effective in keeping the teeth white. Make sure to add drops of lime to the mixture so that the citric acid will not ruin the teeth enamel. By simply applying the paste, it is possible to maintain the shine as well as the white colour on teeth.

Another food item that will help to get whiter teeth is strawberries. These can be eaten in large quantities or regularly and they will help in preserving the whiteness of your teeth.

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