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Herwiss Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light - Powerful Blue LED Teeth Whitener

Herwiss Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light – Powerful Blue LED Teeth Whitener

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Herwiss Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light – Powerful Blue LED Teeth Whitener.

  • PROFESSIONAL TEETH TREATMENT: The gel is made from premium quality ingredients with no sensitivity. Slip- free tech to safely and conveniently fit over your teeth.
  • TEETH STAINS REMOVER: Removes difficult set-in stains from coffee, wine, tea and smoking cigarettes for noticeable effect, get a brighter smile in simply few treatments.
  • EASY WHITENING: Simply 30 minutes of treatment daily can change your smile and enhance your face. For best results, please long-lasting use.
  • VALUE BUNDLE: Sealed box comes with 14 pouches of 2 strips (upper and lower), enough for 14 daily applications. The strips mold to the shape of your teeth and come off easily.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply peel the white strips from the support and location securely over the surface area of your teeth. Mint Flavor helps to remove halitosis.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Herwiss Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light – Powerful Blue LED Teeth Whitener.
Experience the power of light-activated teeth whitening and utilized with a top quality gel or strips in the comfort of your own home or anytime anywhere Whitening Your Teeth And Spark Your Captivating, Beautiful Smile For An Effective and Safe Treatment With Herwiss LED TeethWhitener BPA Free and medical-grade soft silicone mouth tray to avoid inflammation. Contains 16 bright LEDs supply cold blue light, extensive and professional effects. Amplifies the effects of any business Teeth Whitening Gel or WhiteningStrips Weapon safe design, fantastic enhance and speed up the whitening process. 3 adapters for iPhone, Android phone and USB, never ever require batteries and extra trays. (**************************************************************************************************************************** ) up whitening results, get rid of the stains trigger by coffee, tea, wine or cigarette. EASY TO USE. Action 1:Simply brush your teeth; Action 2: Apply gel on the tray or straight on your teeth, 1-2mm density; Action 3: Put the tray into mouthand keep it in location; Action 4: Put in the accelerator light that is linked to your phone or power bank,and start treating your teeth; Action 5: Each treatment takes20 minutesand lastsfor a week: Step 6: When ended up, disconnect the cable television, put the trayout of your mouth(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )clean it with water. WarmingTipsWhitening light should be utilized with teeth whitening gel, strips or pens(All NotIncluded )and shined onto teeth to enhanceand accelerate teeth whitening results.Forsome Android phones, when using the led whitener kit, you require to switch on the function of OTG Connection.- Setting- other settings- OTG Connection

FrequentlyAsked(****************************************************** ):(******** )
Here are afewfrequentlyasked questions andanswers onHerwissTeethWhiteningAccelerator (************************************************************************************************************************* )-PowerfulBlueLEDTeeth Whitener.

QuestionQuestion 1

How Typically Do YouUse ThisWhitening Tray?

Everything depends upon you,for start, if you’re using the teeth whitening gel, eachtreatment is to lighten about20 minutes a dayfor(**************************************** )- 14 days. You would use it two times or three times a week if teeth sensitivity.After this,for upkeep the whitening, one or two times a monthfor10-20 minutes as required.

QuestionQuestion 2

Will ThisTeethWhiteningLightWork WithCrestWhiteStrips?

Yes, the whitening kit works wellwith any whitestrips, the business likewise offer the strips individually.

QuestionQuestion 3

Does ItMakeTeeth Sensitive?

The light does not trigger any sensitivity, however periodically the real gel or stips can trigger teeth sensitivity.

QuestionQuestion 4

How Do YouCleanThe LedAcceleratorLight?

It’s easy to clean, simply secure the adapters to the left or right of the sink.Make sure it is not plugged in to phone or powerband, washwith a drop of soapand water, carefully rinse bewaring not to get the adapters damp,and then completely drywith fabric.

QuestionQuestion 5

Does It Include Gel?

No, however tooth whitener gel is ok. we got theCrest whitening strips to usewith it(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )they worked fantastic.

QuestionQuestion 6

Does ThisLight Include(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )Any Gel OrStrips?

No itdoes not comewith gel or strips

QuestionQuestion 7

DoesThe WhiteningDevice Do BothTheTop AndBottomTeeth AtThe Very SameTime?

Yes,both topand bottom teeth, you can useGel or(**************************************************************************************************************** ).

QuestionQuestion 8

WhichTeethWhiteningGel Do You Advise ToUse With ThisProduct?

Any gel or strips, even teeth whitening pen would be recommended, however we believeAuraGlowTeeth(******************************************************************************************* )Gel isbetter

QuestionQuestion 9

Does ItMakeTeethSensitive?

we have not had the issue, you do not require to keep the strips onfor so long when you use this light, which is greatand helpsfor sensitive teeth.


How ToUse This Product?

Apply the whitening gel to the teeth traysand put on teeth. Place theWhiteningLight that is linked to your phone or power bank,than put the tray into your mouth and keep it in location. we use minefor10-15 minutes sessions at a timeand the results are amazing.

QuestionQuestion 11

What Nation AreYourStrips Produced?



How Typically Do YouUseTheWhiteningKit?

It depends, as marketed, eachtreatment takes20 minutesand lasts for a week.

QuestionQuestion(************************************* )

Do We(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )TheMouthpieceWhileTheWhiteningStrips Are On OrAfter WeTake ThemOff?

While on.


Will WeGet The ImmediateResults?(******************** )

Some see results after simplyone session, others take longer.


Is This GlutenFree?

Yes, the 3D white strips is gluten free.


Can YouUse ThisDevice WithTheWhitening Pens?

Yes, you can usewith pens, strips or gel.


How Typically Do YouUseTheWhiteningKit?

It depends, as marketed, eachtreatment takes20 minutesand lastsfor a week.


What IsThePercent OfHydrogenPeroxide?

It is only a light tray.


(***************** ) Is It Needed To(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )The Gel WithTheTray AndLight? Can WeUseThe Light ToWhitenThe TeethWithoutThe Gel OrStrips?

Yeah, utilized itwith Whitening gel,and wow, bright teeth once again. Not only the gel, It will workwith a whitening pen, strips.


Where Do We UpTheGel?Teeth? OrTray?

You put the gel in the mouth guard


See our insights( based upon our own experience after acquiringand using the product, or based uponsome research work) onHerwissTeethWhiteningAcceleratorLight-PowerfulBlueLEDTeethWhitener,these may be helpfulforbetter understanding.

This is an amazing product. It comeswith a little card you can hold up to your teeth, so you can track your whitening progress. This appears to be an affordable an amazing method to whiten your teeth professionally while paying very little cash to do so.(******************** )(***************** )These strips were boughtfor our21-year-old granddaughter. She has been using frequentlyand appears to be happywith purchase.

Fastand easy outcome.

Omg. This whitening strips work.All the evaluation helpsfor our purchase due to the fact that they hold true. Currently reordered. Will certainly advise to buddiesand households.

Muchbetterthan paying$50 & work simply as well.

We extremely advisethese white strips, they work well. Customer service is beyond expectations.

(***************** )Simply gottenthese last night &,” sorry crest, we love another”. We saw an amazing distinction, 2-3 shades, afterone use. This is a need to have product.

They work well however hard to place on.Better to dry your teeth then put on.

It deals with me, our teeth end up being more white.

It s ok.

There is no pain when utilized as directed. It stick well to your teeth, its easy to use and easy to tidy up, simply brush your teeth after removingand the sticky part comes rightout

We did thisfor a week(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )moved two areas up in the whiteness chart. 2×15 minutes a day was what we were goingfor however did a minimum of 1x 15 minutes. We enjoywith this kit.

Have utilizedthese beforeand gotten excellent results.

Ok- sothese do work- they definitely whiten, nevertheless, when you pull them off all the whitening gunk stays with your teeth so we need to brush later on. It s not an unbearable hassle, however itdoes different the rivals in such a way. They did a terrific task whitening though.

WowOne useand thesecwork truly well.Very pleased.(******************** )

(***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )in addition to the costly brand names.

Worked welland easy to use.(******************** )

Easy to use.Work like a beauty.

Love the rate works fantastic.


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