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Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush.

  • BEST WHITENING RESULTS – Go Smile’s scientifically tested and distinct whitening system is taking the world by storm. With the most convenient strategies and best results, it’s never ever been much easier to get the beautiful smile you have actually always desired. Now, with Go Smile’s patented BLU, getting the very best results with brushing and whitening is easily packaged in one device.
  • WHITENS, BRUSHES AND MASSAGES – A triad of dental care is housed in one sophisticated device to bring you the very best lead to all significant locations of dental care. Whitening, brushing and rubbing your gums is now included in a structured system that takes only minutes a day. Set the mouthpiece in location and run the 2-minute timer; release Smile do the work for you.
  • WHITER TEETH, FASTER – Unrivaled effectiveness in teeth whitening offers the very best results possible in a brief time period. Within 1 day of using Go Smile’s new BLU system, you’ll start to see results. After simply a few days, you’ll start to see that sophisticated smile emerge that you have actually always dreamed about.
  • INTEGRATED TIMER – With a convenient timer that notifies you when brushing is done, you’ll always make sure to meet the American Dental Association’s suggestion for optimum dental health. Set the mouthpiece to 2 minutes for cleaning & whitening or 5 minutes for boosted whitening.
  • Includes: Bristle mouthpiece, soft mouthpiece, BLU sonic motor, whitening toothpaste, charging base, wall battery charger and cable.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush.
The Future of Brushing Presenting Go Smile’s newest technology that enables you to brush, massage and whiten your teeth, hands-free. This contemporary marvel provides the very best results possible in the most convenient format you have actually ever seen. For those that wish to establish the brightest and most beautiful smile, BLU provides its patented design that goes to work while you’re on-the-go. Simply position the flexible rubber mouthpiece around your teeth and release Smile do the rest. In simply minutes a day, you’ll attain spectacular results that will have you questioning why you have not welcomed this technique earlier. Elegantly Radiant Results Ever questioned how those Hollywood super stars have such perfect smiles? They know the secrets of the very best whitening products and use them daily. With the very best performance history around for supplying red carpet smiles, Go Smile is at the leading edge of the most innovative and effective whitening innovations. Funneling the powerful sonic developments that supply extraordinary results, those results have actually now been included into the most basic and most effective whitening tool yet. With medical trials backing amazing results, its never ever been much easier to get the smile you have actually always desired. Go Smile Functions for You While you tackle your daily activities or early morning routine, Go Smile is fast at work providing amazing results. While placing on your makeup, getting dressed or preparing lunches for the kids, you can be brushing, whitening and massaging. Easier and more effective, BLU marks the relocation of the savoy and health mindful specific prepared to take brushing into the future. What’s more, the integrated timer enables you to take your mind off of brushing completely. Stay free to do what is very important, look beautiful and stay unbound. The Keys to Oral Health While looking fantastic is at the top of our list, promoting fantastic periodontal health is similarly essential. Go Smile has your back. We have actually established products that keep you healthy and have you looking fantastic. A sophisticated, white smile is only as excellent as your oral health. For this factor, the rubbing function that we have actually contributed to BLU helps promote blood circulation to the gums. This is a main technique in promoting periodontal health and a suggestion from the American Dental Association for optimum oral care. Integrate that with the amazing results you’ll get from our patented whitening toothpaste (included) and you’ll be on your method to the brightest smile you have actually ever had.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush.

Question Question 1

This Can Be Utilized Simply For Brushing, Correct? Exists A Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitener That Can Be Utilized With This? We Attempted Zoom And Almost Lost Consciousness It?

Yes, this can be utilized simply for brushing. The kit comes with a Foaming Whitening Toothpaste that does not trigger any sensitivity. Our Teeth Whitening Gel likewise works and does not trigger any sensitivity.

Question Question 2

Would This Fit In A Kid S Mouth?

The size of this brush is not particularly designed for a kid’s mouth, nevertheless, GO SMILE simply introduced a kids BLU SonicToothbrush Examine out our site to shop:-RRB-

Question Question 3

How Long Is The Charging Upload Time?

we simply leave mine plugged in all the time.Charger quit working after 3 months

Question Question 4

Does It In Fact Brush Or Simply Vibrate?

This brushes. The sonic vibration throughly brushes teeth and gets all the little locations a normal toothbrush can’t reach.

Question Question 5

How Do You Set The Timer?.?

There are 3 settings Press button when 2 minute timer on gentle vibration for brushing Press button two times 2 minute timer regular vibrationfor brushing There are 3 settings Press button when 2 minute timer on gentle vibration for brushing Press button two times 2 minute timer regular vibrationfor brushing Press button 3 times5 minute timer no vibration simply light begins for 5 minutes of whitening and killing germs Blu light.Hope this helps

Question Question 6

How Do We Remove One Tray And Change With The Other. It Is Truly Stuck On There And We Don’T See It In The Guidelines?

It manages. Because it is silicone it fits firmly on the post. we could not get it off the very first numerous shots believing that we would break the unit, once we eliminated it and began using the whitening head, it chilled out a bit.

Question Question 7

How Long Do The Mouth Pieces Last And Where Would We Order A Replacement.?

The mouthpiece of the BLU does not deteriorate in time and will last for years with normal use.

Question Question 8

Does It Work Well For In Fact Brushing Your Teeth?

No it does not, the bristles are method too brief and made of soft plastic.

Question Question 9

Exists A Size For Kids (Like 5 Years Old)?

we wear t know

Question Question 10

Can This Be Utilized On Braces?

Yes. All GO SMILE products have actually been shown safe to use on all guy-made dental repairs. They will not strip or hurt your bonding, veneers, porcelain crowns or other dental work. Yes. All GO SMILE products have actually been shown safe to use on all guy-made dental repairs. They will not strip or hurt your bonding, veneers, porcelain crowns or other dental work.Let us know if you have any other questions, and as always, speak with a dentist for recommendations on your particular scenario if you have any questions or concerns.Warm Regards, GO SMILE Customer Servicecustomerservice@gosmile.com1-877-876-4537

Question Question 11

Does It Feature A Battery charger? We Saw One Evaluation That Recommended It Does Not. Likewise, Would It Work On Uneven Teeth?

Yes toboth we recieved a battery charger and personally we wiggle the toothbrush side to side and in circles to make sure that it gets everything.

Question Question 12

Will Any Whitening Toothpaste Work With This System?


Question Question 13

What Comes Inside The Box?

The battery charger with wire and the “toothbrush”. we are not happy with my own as it quit working 2 months after we got it and it will not charge.

Question Question 14

Any Discuss The Charging Problems. One Customer States There’S No Battery charger, One States Their’S Broke After Two Weeks.?

This device wont last, mine only lasted a week. Its a fraud, it can t whiten teeth any more than a whitening toothpaste

Question Question 15

Would You Consider This An Excellent Traditional/Electric Toothbrush Replacement?

No. 1) If you have a large mouth the mouthpiece does not reach all your teeth.2) The mouthpiece vibrating alone does not supply enough pressure to brush teeth clean. No. 1) If you have a large mouth the mouthpiece does not reach all your teeth.2) The mouthpiece vibrating alone does not supply enough pressure to brush teeth clean.3) You can change the piece around in your mouth to get some scrubbing pressure however it does not remain on enough time to supply sufficient brushing to all locations of your mouth.

Question Question 16

Does It Whiten Composites Or Veneers?

It Whitening teeths and burst teeths

Question Question 17

Do You Need To Use The Toothpaste That Includes It Or Can You Buy Whatever Kind You Want?

Go Smile has the compatible toothpaste (GS343) readily available on: https://www..com/dp/B07 PF1KNZ4

Question Question 18

Does It Feature A Battery charger? We Saw One Evaluation That Recommended It Does Not. Likewise, Would It Work On Uneven Teeth?

It does come with a battery charger. And there suffices area in the mouth guard to accomadate misaligned teeth. As we have actually mentioned in a previous response nevertheless, we are not pleased with the results, for the rate we paid.

Question Question 19

How Does This Work For Cleaning And Whitening Your Bottom Teeth?

It works fantastic on top and bottom, nevertheless, mine quit working after 3 months.

Question Question 20

How Does The Base Battery Charger Hold Up. We Purchased A Different One Of These And The Base Stopped Charging After Three Months.?

Mine did too

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is amazing. As a top-level quadriplegic, having others brush our teeth is one of the greatest daily problems we face. (due to the fact that it’s almost difficult to brush somebody else’s teeth, so we understand with our caretakers. Still. )today was our very first day using this product. To price quote a lame vanilla ice song, we are connected.

This cleaning and whitening device remains in a league of its own. After the very first time we utilized it, we were impressed at how it seemed like we had actually simply left the dentist. We have sensitive teeth, however our teeth and gums felt immediately cleaner, healthier and more powerful. We likewise love that it s hands free. Despite the fact that it whitens as it brushes, it has a choice for simply whitening too. We use this function with our whitening gel and do jobs around your house. We extremely suggest this product.

We love this. We are using it two times daily, on top of our brushing routine, and our teeth have actually never ever looked so excellent. We have actually not had any concerns with sensitivity. We use the smooth mouthpiece and lathering toothpaste after we brush for 2 minutes, and our results were clear within about 4 days. We are heavy coffee & red wine drinker. Would suggest this to anybody.

We have actually only utilized the product two times as we simply got it, so we can’t speak with the whitening abilities yet. However we actually like it up until now. We have an issue with power tooth brushes as the vibrations normally offer us a headache. We do not get that with this brush. It is super easy to use and enables us to multitask while our teeth are being brushed for us. The “toothpaste” confined with the brush is intriguing, tastes fine however it isn’t like other “pasty” tooth pastes, it’s a lot lighter and bubblier.

Truthfully, we are very stunned. To start with, we checked out the evaluations of these things, from numerous brand names. We went with this brand due to the fact that they are somewhat more understood than some off brand. We have actually checked out things like “it does not work” or “it does not reach your gums” or “works better if you wiggle it around. “so lets simplify. To start with, it does 100% come with a battery charger. Does not look like it, due to the fact that when you open it up you see only the unit and 2 mouth pieces. In this case, you need to remove that foam and under is a usb cable television, power plug (usa), and the base. Sitting the unit on the base, is somewhat magnetic, the light turns red when its charging. So, pulling it out of the product packaging, it smells. Like, of cleaning stuff for product packaging. So we put it under the sink with scolding hot burn your hands water, and cleaned it. Odor gone. Next, we chose to use it with our own toothpaste. Toms fluoride free. If you are fan of toms, high 5. Anyhow, we used a generous assisting of our toms toothpaste on each side of the mouth cup. Turned it on, and put it in. Instantly we recognized that “biting” the unit, would be useless. You need to let your teeth sort of float in the cup rather of biting down hard. We likewise found that as some mentioned, wiggling it around works fantastic. Itdoes How do we understand its working? due to the fact that our toothpaste which is the thick stuff you would generally use on a og toothbrush, started to foam up and do its believe much like with normal brushing. It even began leaking out of our mouth much like with a toothbrush. Now us personally, we have not brushed in years. We understand nasty right? however we are paraplegic ready to go on 4 years, so we have not actually left your house either other than for physicians visits and physical therapy when suitable. So this is the very first time we have actually done any sort of brushing in years. Nasty we understand. Nevertheless, as we stated, happily shocked. Why? due to the fact that our teeth nor gums, reveal no register bleeding. There was some dark gunk developed on the unit after which was dark brown, however we believe this simply may have been some very long time grit stayed with our teeth? as it was likewise on the within where you require a mirror to see. Since taking a look at us teeth after very first use, and they look method better than before, and we do not see any indications of blood. Even getting water in our mouth to swish and get out anything left after using the unit. Usually for us, after brushing with an og toothbrush, even the softest ones, we would bleed. This unit did not make us bleed. Which is a substantial plus. We can’t wait to continue to use this product as it actually streamlines brushing. A great deal of individuals grumble “however it does not brush your tongue” well many people who are anal about brushing their mouths, do not brush their tongue, they ditch it. So you are gon na need to do that action anyhow. As far as whitening, we do not know, our tom’s toothpaste we have now is “rapid relief sensitive” and we will get whitening later when we have actually returned in the groove of having a clean mouth.

Even after one day we might discriminate in the sensation of having fresh, clean teeth. On day three, we believe this will be essential to preserving a healthy mouth for the rest of our life. Yes, we likewise use our sonic toothbrush later on however this technique gets to locations that the brush simply might not. The fantastic sensation as we brush our tongue on the back of our lower teeth is exceptional. And it appears that our teeth are starting to whiten currently. We are delighted. For me, this is an effective time-saver that we will use every day for the rest of our life.

This is a terrific, ingenious product that works. To brighten your smile using contemporary technology. We are using it in addition to our daily brushing & flossing routine to take our dental hygiene to the next level. Thanks to the seller for a high quality buying experience. Recommended.

We like that you can simply pop the toothbrush in your mouth turn it on and continue walking your house doing other things. It appears to have a two minute timer that will turn off when done. Appears to clean extremely well and get all teeth very uniformly. In fact purchased a second one for our boy due to the fact that he kept taking mine.

We currently have actually utilized a sonic toothbrush for years, and love them as far as simply feeling our teeth and gums are cleaner. And, our dentist states to keep using the sonic toothbrush. And, so this teeth whitening toothbrush/gum massage device you simply appear while you’re doing something else. We inform you it does not go for very long. We normally press the button 3-4 times to do itmore The device isn’t heavy to have hanging out of your mouth for 10 minutes. It’s sort of big, however not actually heavy. Not unpleasant. We have no concept if there’s any science behind whether these supply the very same kind of sonic cleaning that the toothbrushes do. The seller didn’t supply any clinical research studies with the product. It’s got a lathering whitener product that you use with it. We are uncertain if our teeth are any whiter or not.

Our teeth appear smoother and more sparkly after each use. We sanctuary t experienced any sensitivity and that is a plus. This is an outstanding buy.

We purchased this due to the fact that we check out that it was much easier on the gums/teeth. Our gums have actually been declining for a while now and our teeth injure each time we brushed. We attempted the softest brushes and the sensitive tooth pastes. Absolutely nothing worked. So we purchased this and attempted it. It was strange initially, now we love it. The foam does not have any flavor (a plus) and the bristles are not too abrasive. We leave it in for the complete 2 minutes. We have actually observed that the product removes some stuff that we utilized to need to floss to remove. The charge does not last as long as we would like however in general we suggest this product to anybody who has sensitive teeth and brushing hurt. We now clean longer and more comprehensive.

Our kid is 14 and autistic this device is basic for her to use and does a terrific task. Her brother or sisters believe they require one now. Fantastic product.

Got the product in the mail 2 days earlier and could not wait to begin. The product packaging was very professional and included easy to follow guidelines. In the few days given that we have actually been using it, we have actually observed our teeth getting brighter and brighter. We make certain in a number of month even our kids will discover our new, more confident smile.

Been using this for a number of days now. We need to state we are pretty pleased. We wear t believe we will enable this to change our toothbrush. Trigger we persist that method. However we like it.

We like actually like this. It looks like something that will actually operate in the long term offering you results if utilized daily. Brought another one for our buddy who likes their white teeth. We make certain they’ll love this lol.

It s a terrific product however if you are going to buy it you require to comprehend that a regular brush along with it is essential??????. Likewise absolutely nothing to do with the product or the seller however it was so frustrating.

This is the greatest transformation in teeth whitening ever. We use it everyday and our teeth are as white as snow. The base stopped charging after only 3 weeks. Any ideas on what would make it last longer????.

We have actually been using this for about a week and we need to state that we actually like it. We like the easy to use teeth tray. Likewise we can see a modification in our teeth color.

This works. We are going to conserve a lot cash. No more laser whitening stores and we can do our own retouch. We suggest this extremely.

Go smile blue actually works. One week in and we can see a brighter and whiter smile, will continue with it.

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