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GENIUSLabs Teeth Whitening Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of GENIUSLabs Teeth Whitening Kit.

  • THE SMART TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM: The best whitening science in a convenient and user friendly kit which includes our Smart LED Teeth Whitening light mouthpiece tray, and (3) teeth whitening gel pens with special ingredients to help formula comply with teeth and whiten more effectively than other kits.
  • LASTING CLINICAL RESULTS – Tackle and remove years of stains triggered by coffee, wine, tea, cigarettes. Our professional and high-in-demand dental whitening system that supplies quality and lasting results.
  • PAIN-FREE WITHOUT ANY SENSITIVITY – Our ingenious technology and premium quality gel formula warranty that your teeth will experience maximum whitening effect without sensitivity or pain.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE – When you link the LED light mouthpiece tray to power, the device will instantly switch off after 15 minutes for ideal whitening results. There are no hazardous adverse effects to the teeth, gums, braces, and veneers. Use daily till you attain your preferred results.
  • 100% FULFILLMENT WARRANTY – For any factor you are not pleased with this Teeth Whitening System, please let us know and we ll immediately refund 100% of your cash or send you a new replacement.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on GENIUSLabs Teeth Whitening Kit.
Instructions Clean teeth before using. Action Two: Apply a thin coat of whitening gel to the surface area of your teeth preventing your gums. Action Three: Place LED mouthpiece and link to source of power. Step 4: Wait 10 minutes and then brush teeth as soon asmore Step 5: Enjoy your whiter brighter teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on GENIUSLabs Teeth Whitening Kit.

Question Question 1

Is It Expected To Get Hot?

Mine gets exceptionally hot after 3-4 minutes plugged into our Android phone (Motorola).

Question Question 2

Can You See Results The First Time You Use These?

You can see right away the outcome after 1 use only

Question Question 3

Will The Extra Saliva Effect The Results?

we brush the gel on the mouthpiece, not our teeth. Then when we spit the majority of the gel stays on our teeth. we have utilized it for 2 weeks and like the results. we do it for 15 minutes 2-3x/ week.

Question Question 4

How Long Should A Session Be?

we are likewise puzzled about it, the guidelines in printed insert that comes with the kit doesn t discuss whenever at all, the guidelines in the description in this page states 10 minutes, and the guidelines in the sixth picture of this page states 15-30 minutes. Furthermore the guidelines state that the LED light will autom we are likewise puzzled about it, the guidelines in printed insert that comes with the kit doesn t discuss whenever at all, the guidelines in the description in this page states 10 minutes, and the guidelines in the sixth picture of this page states 15-30 minutes. Furthermore the guidelines state that the LED light will instantly switch off however it doesn t.

Question Question 5

How Lots Of Sessions Of Whitening Can You Get Out Of Each Pen?

Have Not made it through the very first one yet and we have had it considering that June 4.

Question Question 6

Is This The Real “Snow” Brand Called Product We See Promoted In Other Places?

we are not exactly sure

Question Question 7

How Lots Of Days Of Use For Complete Effect?

we have been using it for 1/2 hour every day and we can see a small lightning.we expect if we keep this up it ought to make a distinction soon.we do consume a lot of coffee and tea and that might be impeding our progress however we love our coffee and tea excessive to provide up.

Question Question 8

Does Rhis Work With Usb A (Like A Usb Power Brick) Or Usb C?

It comes with a USB C connected with 3 other USB converters in package.

Question Question 9

Where Can We Buy More Teeth Whitening Pens For This?

yes, they they can be found in 3 packs

Question Question 10

What Does The Plug In Port Appear Like?

Like the phone plug for that device.

Question Question 11

We Can’T Get Much Of The Gel To Come Out Of ThePens Am We Doing It Wrong?Either Manner In Which We Twist It It Simply Clicks, Absolutely Nothing Actually Occurs. Help.?

Inspect to see if you can remove the tip or part that you twist.If not, call the business and let them know one vial is faulty.

Question Question 12

How Lots Of Sessions Does It Take To Lighten Your Teeth?

After one use your teeth are noticebly whiter. we have not utilized it daily yet like the guidelines stated >

Question Question 13

Can You Buy Extra Whitening Tubes?

Yes. we believe they re $16-$24 if we keep in mind properly.

Question Question 14

Can You Buy A Second Tray Simply The Tray Rather Of Another Whole Kit.?

we would state no since the kit includes the whiteners and accessories. You can purchase the whiteners independently. If you purchase another brand with the tray only, simply ensure it s not battery ran since that s simply cash down the drain.

Question Question 15

It Appears like It Would Be Much easier To Line The Tray With The Whitener – Is This A Better Alternative?

we have attempted that choice in the past and choose to paint on the solution.we found the trays nasty.

Question Question 16

Do You Offer Refill Whitening Gel Tubes To Use With The Led Tray System?

we have purchasedrefill pens for the LED tray. The site clearly reveals they refil pens and states its for the LED tray.

Question Question 17

How Long Can You Safely Use This?Our Instructions Don’T State How Long To Use It.Just To Keep On For Preferred Length Of Time?

we are likewise interested to findout The guidelines in printed insert that comes with the kit doesn t discuss whenever at all, the guidelines in the description in this page states 10 minutes, and the guidelines in the sixth picture of this page states 15-30 minutes. Furthermore the guidelines state that the LED light will we are likewise interested to findout The guidelines in printed insert that comes with the kit doesn t discuss whenever at all, the guidelines in the description in this page states 10 minutes, and the guidelines in the sixth picture of this page states 15-30 minutes. Furthermore the guidelines state that the LED light will instantly switch off however it doesn t so we are puzzled.

Question Question 18

Anybody Else Getting Crazy Hot From Led?

Yes, mine gets hot after 3-4 minutes (plugged into our Android phone)

Question Question 19

Can You Buy Refills For This System?

Yes, they are readily available on their site.

Question Question 20

Kit Featured A Card For A FreePen When Going To The Website It Requests For Order Id. Where Can We Find The Order Id?

you go to your account and bring up that order, the number exists

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on GENIUSLabs Teeth Whitening Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

First Of All, the product packaging was very good. The external box was perfectly designed and was made of a good thick cardboard that had a great deal of rigidness to it. Inside package you will find a tray holding all the whitening products (three transparent tubes with a brush like applicator, the led light whitening tray, and an adapter for the teeth tray that permits you to plug it into a phone or an usb outlet), a guideline brochure, and a card with the business’s site and a redemption code for a free product. The product carried out well and was super easy to apply thanks to the brush like applicator. Our only gripe is that the adapter for the light tray didn’t have a cable television for micro usb-c gadgets. That was quickly fixed by the usb adapter nevertheless. In general, we would extremely advise this product for your tooth whitening requirements. It fasts and easy to and has more than enough tooth whitening gel for numerous treatments and provides noticeable results after simply one.

We are so delighted with this product and how well it works for whitening teeth. We were thrilled when it initially got here since the product packaging was so good – it wasn’t lightweight like the other ones we have attempted and might inform it was going to be of quality. We opened it and found the applicator brush, the led mouthpiece – everything existed. We liked using this since it only takes 10 minutes out of your day to do compared to the strips that take 30 minutes and is very unpleasant. This fasts, painless, and so easy. And it works super well. It works and effective. We likewise value the applicator brush which permits you to apply it completely to your teeth without getting it on your gums. We would 100% advise to those looking for a much easier and quicker method to whitening their teeth.

We love the brush style applicator of the peroxide. We were able to apply the peroxide to the locations where we desired unlike the tray whitening technique. We got a bit on our gums by error however it does not injured as much as others. Simply alone, without the light, the pens will whiten the teeth a lot however the light accessory speeds up the whitening process. It links to your phone or computer system usb so you can multi-task while whitening your teeth. The box is even made from a thicker material so getting it a little damp will not totally damage it like normal boxes. Great for storage. In general, we would absolutely advise this product.

We are very satisfied with the product packaging, the plug alternatives and how compact the product is. It comes with 3 gel whitening pens, instructions, a bonus offer gift card and the whitening tool. We were relatively worried attempting a teeth whitening kit due to how sensitive our teeth are (we have attempted the crest whitening strips and we remained in a great deal of pain.) so we began very gradually by doing 5 minutes two times a week and worked our method as much as 10 minutes two times a week. We are seeing a big distinction in our teeth and dealing with getting our hubby one too.

We have attempted rather a few at-home teeth whitening kits, and they were all a mess. We have utilized the strips (they fall off), we have utilized the enormous trays filled with goop (we wound up consuming the majority of it), and this was the very best one we have attempted. It is super easy to use, the tray is small (those bigger trays injure your jaw.) and the results are incredible. We discovered instant results, while with others we do not see any distinction at all. For anybody aiming to whiten up their teeth in the ease of their own home, we would absolutely advise this product.

We have attempted lots of whitening tools throughout the years, and we need to state we liked thisone It was easy to use, affordable, and it lightened well. We didn’t appear to likewise get sensitivity from it, so we are thankful. This was very easy to use, and it was well worth it.

We have attempted several brand names of over-the-counter teeth whitening and we lastly found one that we love. This is fast, effective and easy to use. We likewise believe it’s an great value. We are on one week of using this and currently see shades whiter in our teeth. We were very hesitant since of the bad results we have had in the past from other brand names, however genius labs does it for us. We love that they have different adapters so you can do your treatment on the go however plugging into your iphone or computer system usb. Extremely advise this and will use once again.

Off very first look, we would think about this as a low-cost knock off of other reliable brand names. Happily shocked by the ease of use of this product. We have utilized whitening strips in the past and we were never ever pleased with it, considering that the strips would not get perfect protection of our teeth and would mess with our gums. With the pens included we get the perfect application, and it only takes 15 min/day to do the job. Would extremely advise.

We have been using this product for less than a week and we have currently seen amazing results. We never ever recognized how yellow our teeth were till we put our side by side pictures together. Our teeth have not been sensitive which is likewise a substantial plus.

The product packaging was impressive. It included the gel pens, the bleaching tray with the led light and a redemption discount coupon for a free month supply of the gel pens. The very first application which we did for 15 minutes as we multitasked on facebook was sensational. It was good to lay back on our couch, and we set the timer on our mobile with the led bleaching tray plugged into it and and ignore it. We would have forgotten if the timer did not go off to advise us the 15 minutes was up. The experience was very comfortable, since the gel pen made the application easy to apply and we did not experience any sensitivity or bad taste. Even our hubby who is not quickly impressed by anything, seen along with me, that our teeth had currently raised a shade with the very firstcleaning Now he desires his own kit. We have been using the kit for 5 days now and we could not be better. The rate is right, the efficiency is sensational and the application deserves it. This is now our go to produce, when the coffee stains end up being excessive. Thanks genius.

We can t use crest strips since we have sensitive gums and recently we have been observing our teeth aren t as white as they utilized to be. They aren t dreadful however they re simply dull due to our love of red wine. We liked this kit since you can paint the whitening gel straight onto your teeth (pro tip: do some brief suck ins of air with your lips parted to help dry your teeth before using the gel). We use the light for 30 minutes each time & we have seen results with using it every day. We will likewise state this system is pretty safe one night we were insane exhausted and put this in right before bed then mistakenly dropped off to sleep. We most likely had the light in for an hour or hour and a half before we awakened and our teeth were fortunately fine, zero problems. We like that it has numerous plug accessories consisting of the lightening cable nevertheless it does not work with the iphone 11 pro for some factor. It worked completely with our x however on the 11 the light turns on when plugged in for about 5 seconds & then it shuts off. We believed it was the light itself however we plugged it into a usb adapter & it works completely. So while it s a little troublesome now to rest on the floor (as we are doing now while composing this) it s achievable specifically at the rate point.

We might inform a small distinction even after the very first use. One of our most preferred elements about this whitening kit is that it doesn t burn. We have sensitive teeth and gums, so it s difficult for us to find a whitening technique that doesn t wreck our gums. We likewise love how easy it is to use. You simply paint the serum on your teeth, plug the cable television connected to the mouthpiece to your phone as a source of power, and leave it in for 10-15 minutes.

When you search for uv tooth whiteners a great deal of comparable looking products appear at the $25 rate point. However we discovered that one of the criticism of those is they are battery power and holding the battery compartment in-between your teeth ends up being fish tank, so we were drawn to this one, not only since its less weight on your mouth however likewise the charge cable would indicate we wouldnt need to be purchasing teeny small batteries ever week. We were satisfied with the construct quality. The mouth guard is made out of a very soft rubber material that is very comfortable even after 15 minutes. The witner is the only kind we have found that does not trigger sensitivity and we apreciate the brush tip and system that you rely on apply whiterwith Most of all, the action realy works. Its been years considering that we attempted to whiten our teeth and only two applications took our teeth from gross to the normal lookingzone We believe a few more applications and we will be super white. This procuct is absolutely wortth the cash over its more affordable rivals and if you buy this we do not believe you all regret it.

We are satisfied. We have been using this for 3 days now and can currently inform a distinction, specifically on one tooth that had some whiter spots (from a protective filling from an injury) where our tooth had yellowed, however the filling had not. Hasn’t injure our teeth, which are currently sensitive. So easy to use. Comes with a micro usb (completely connected to cable), iphone and usb c type adapters and plug in adapter (all detachable) so that you can connect the preferred one to the cable (which connects straight to the led mouth piece and is not detachable) and plug in to your phone or straight into a usb port. Cable might have been made longer by a foot. (it’s ~ 2 feet long.) waterproof casing around the part of the cable that connects to the mouthpiece is exceptionally valuable for easy clean-up. Three pens, guidelines (though it does not state the length of time to keep the solution in your mouth – we use it for 15-20 minutes), a teeth color guide and a code for free pens is included. The leds do get a little warm, however not unpleasant, at all. Box came a little smashed, however everything within was perfect. Fast shipping. In general, very, very happy.

We were very delighted with this job right from the start. The pre-filled applicators, and led mouthpiece are all included. This system is good since you can deal with whitening your teeth for simply 10 minutes daily while doing your hair, or makeup and it does not leave a big mess. When you apply the whitener to your teeth with the pre-filled applicators you do not get the gel on your gums which is a plus. It likewise does operate in simply 3 applications. We extremely advise this product. We utilized to do a number of different kinds of whiteners from strips to large mouth guards that left us relaxing and drooling for as much as 30 minutes. This is a good, cleaner effective product.

We did have a little a problem with the product burning our upper lip. When we published our very first evaluation we right away was gotten in touch with by the business with a deal to make things right. We responded that we wished to offer it one more attempt. Sadly we found it simply did not work for us. However with that stated, we still provided it 4 stars since of how great their customer support was. They right away provided us a credit. If you are looking for a teeth whitening product, their customer support alone ought to make you wish to attempt this product.

We have utilized this product only 2 times and we can see a distinction (we are cigarette smoker and coffee drinker). Our company believe our teeth are at least 2 shades whiter. Sadly we did refrain from doing before and after pictures. We have utilized other whiteners and it took a month or more to see the exact same distinction. We are more comfortable and smiling a lot more at work. It is very easy to apply and we do not need to use the mouth piece as long as we did with a previous whitener. We are thrilled to see the number of shades whiter our teeth gets.

We wished to attempt a teeth whitening kit due to the reality we required one, and did not wish to pay outrageous costs for going to a dentist. This plan appears to be what we were lookingfor So we chose to offer it a shot, and we are thankful we did. The guidelines are easy to follow. As long as you are thorough and device according to the guidelines, you will absolutely see results. We have only been using this for a week and we can discover the distinction. A minimum of two shades whiter in one week. Please do not be reluctant to attempt this product out, it does work and in our viewpoint hand over fist better value then white strips or really going to the dentist. Extremely recommended.

We have only used this as soon as, so we are not exactly sure how well it will work. We currently had our own trays from the dentist which we will use and we had a light from another business which we will use. However the ease of painting this on the teeth we found good and you can be very particular and walk around porcelain veneers you might have and conserve whitening gel that method. If you do not have your own trays or light this kit appears to be complete. We will use it and upgrade our finding regarding whitening ability. Our teeth are currently near the top of the chart so it is a retouch so that all teeth will match two veneers as they utilized to all be the exact same color. We are distressed to know how well it whitens since some of the rival product we have found to do less than an outstanding task.

Cons: teeth have a dull pain after using, whitening gel has a bad taste, timer does not workpros: easy to use, all power alternatives for usb connectionswe have been using this product for a few weeks and we are seeing some moderate results up until now. It’s easy to apply the gel and the usb c connection deals with our phone with no problems. We attempt not to put excessive gel since we are not a fan of the taste when it strikes our tongue. Easy simple use and we will keep at it to get the very best results we can. The only con for us is that our teeth are sensitive about midway through the treatment, and it lasts for a while after we are done. The guidelines likewise state not to exceed 10 minutes and that it ought to instantly turn off, however mine does not shut down till we disconnect it. We are not exactly sure if there’s a health threat of reviewing that time, so we began setting a timer when we start. It’s good to be able to whiten our teeth in your home however we might stop if our teeth continue to have pain. In general, we would still advise this product.

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