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Fire & Stone Dab N Go Teeth Whitening Pens

Fire & Stone Dab N Go Teeth Whitening Pens

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Fire & Stone Dab N Go Teeth Whitening Pens.

  • Made in USA|Gluten Free|Dentist Approved|Vegan|No GMO|No Hazardous Ingredients|All Natural
  • Removes years of coffee, tea, smoking cigarettes, dip, wine and soda stains
  • Safe and Easy to use in your home – Enamel Safe Formula
  • Dental Results without the Dentist Rate
  • Accurate Paint Brush offers you precise control of the whitening gel so you can put the gel precisely where it is required and not on your gums

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Fire & Stone Dab N Go Teeth Whitening Pens.
DAB N GO Teeth Whitening Pens are brush-on tooth whiteners that are a kind of over the counter at-home teeth bleaching product. Only 5 inches long. These pens include 44% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel. They break down and remove stains on the surface area of teeth anything from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking cigarettes andmore Pen includes 30+ teeth whitening treatments and gel is available in a cool, mint-flavor for a fresh smile after each use. Easy to use. Get quick results on the go. How To Use ACTION 1 Rinse mouth with water and wipe teeth dry. ACTION 2 Twist the bottom of the pen clockwise till a percentage appears onto the brush. ACTION 3 Hold a large smile and apply gel thoroughly to teeth while preventing gums. ACTION 4 Let gel dry on teeth for 10 minutes then rinse mouth with water. Read more Safe and Easy to use in your home – Enamel Safe Formula Fast & Easy application. Whiter teeth in 7 days. Use two times daily (consecutively) for maximum leads to less time. Read more DAB N GO Pen KitDark Sands Activated Charcoal + DAB N GO (2 Pen Action) LUNAR Ultimate Teeth Whitening System + BONUS OFFER Dark Sands Activated CharcoalQuick Whitening Results Activated Charcoal Clean 16 X LED Accelerator Effectively Remove Stains Pain FREE Advanced Formula When it pertains to the most recent in teeth-whitening pens, DAB N GO has got you covered. Desire a brighter smile? Our advanced formula will whiten your teeth 4 to 8 shades whiter in simply a few applications. Integrate it with Dark Sands Activated Coconut Charcoal to see even better results. Read more Frequently Asked Questions How does it whiten? -When using teeth whitening pens to your teeth, the bleaching gel works to break down the enamel and lighten the teeth. What do the pens include? -Teeth whitening pens include bleaching gels that includes carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Is it safe? -Definitely. Our products are natural. No GMO.Vegan No HazardousIngredients What are the negative effects? -May reduce tooth enamel, which might briefly increase tooth sensitivity and moderate inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth, especially the gums. Tooth sensitivity frequently takes place throughout early phases of the bleachingtreatment Both of these conditions typically are temporary and vanish within one to three days of stopping or finishingtreatment Who should not use teeth whitening pens? Customers with sensitive teeth, declining gums or have sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide. Will it whiten false dental work? -No. It WILL NOT whiten false dental work of any kind. Read more

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Fire & Stone Dab N Go Teeth Whitening Pens, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is simpler to use than using white strips in our viewpoint and this is why. We didn’t need to line the strips up completely onto our teeth and the gel enters into the fractures of your teeth with the pen. We had yellow in between our teeth with white strips. Dab pen enabled us to paint it on quickly and go.

Dab n go was quickly provided to our home. It came with very clear and easy to use guidelines. The gel went on terrific with no residue. We would extremely suggest this product for an ‘out of the dentist office’ whitening experience.

We bought this simply a number of days ago and right away got it. Ran straight to the restroom and attempted itout It works. Within 10 minutes, we really saw a distinction. Can t wait to see the ended up results after we are done with the entire treatment.

We are coffee fan to state the least, with over 20 years of coffee stains to show it. We consume 2 pots a day to paint the image. We bought this whitening pen on an advise from a buddy who was very honest in stating our teeth were yellow. Oops. After painting the whitening gel on we can taste a good mint however most significantly the coffee stains are fading quickly. Why didn’t we buy this long back? thanks dab and yes we are still consuming our coffee so we will be purchasing more.

The photos state everything. Take a look at our before and after. Amazing product. We are customer for life. We have had numerous compliments and notification that we are smiling more.

Dab n go really works. Very easy to use. We can see whitening by day three and have not had any tooth sensitivity. Fast shipment. Extremely suggest this product. We will be reordered quickly.

Even after simply one day of use, there’s a big distinction. This product does precisely what it states it will. If you’re desiring a quick whitening, this is the method.

We attempted one of the popular kits here on that has the whitening light and tray. It struck our gag reflex whenever and we simply could not do it. We didn’t believe that we would be able to whiten our teeth. One last effort to whiten lead us to the dab n go whitening pens. No gag, no sensitive teeth, and a whiter smile. Perfect.

In fact our teeth are pretty white. We do what we can to keep them looking good. Ive end up being a little to hectic so attention to our teeth has not been much of a concern. However we are beginning to see our coffee early mornings and wine nights are leaving staining. We are day 4 of attempting this pen. Im a requirement results fast individual so “dabbing” it 3x day and rinsing with peroxide. It’s a great thick gel so sits tight, and we simply keep in our handbag. We didn’t get any tooth sensitivity. Going to be watchful and keep using after consuming & thrilled to see just how much whiter we can get them.

We love the benefit and efficiency of the product. The easy steps done throughout our a. M. And p. M. Routine work and effective. The tooth whitening pen with its paint brush applicator is brilliant. So happy with the results. A should have.

When we saw the evaluations, we were hesitant, believing perhaps all of the terrific evaluations were paid or something. It turns out that this product really works. We utilized it two times a day for a week up until now and after simply a couple if days, we notifications a big distinction in the look of our teeth. The stains are gone and they appear to still be getting whiter and whiter. Excellent product, no sensitivity.

Our teeth are very conscious both hot and cold. Our dentist informed us that our enamel is used down. So we are very reluctant to attempt whiteningproducts We consulted our dentist and he provided us the thumbs-up to attempt it gradually. We have utilized one complete pen and experience zero sensitivity and our teeth are now 4 shades lighter. This is the very best whitening product. Attempt it for yourself and see.

We have ended up being addicted to teeth whitening and a beautiful white smile. We love that you can take the pens with you. So we whiten when a day and our teeth stay perfect white.

We bought the dab n go recently and all we can state is wow. What a distinction, ive utilized numerous different whitening products with little success. This thing works terrific. We saw quick results and am intending on bought once again.

Excellent product. Easy to use. Currently beginning to see results after day 3 of using.

What we truly liked about dab n go was how quick and easy it was to use. Our hubby and we had a contest visiting whose teeth would look the very best after using this product. We have utilized other whitening products before, however we were surprised about how quickly our teeth were noticeably whiter. Our hubby never ever utilized whitening products, so his outcome went beyond mine times 5. He won. We have sensitive teeth and we did not experience any sensitivity, which was such a relief. Thank you dab n go for this development.

We have attempted other teeth whitening pens before, however this one has the very best flavor ever. We were so stunned when we began using dab n go. We believed it was going to be a total headache. Rather, it s been an enjoyable minty experience whenever. We will certainly suggest this product to our buddies. Plus it works and no sensitivity.

This whitening pen is amazing. It s very easy to use – simply twist the back end till a bit of product gets on the brush (it doesn t take much.) and paint it onto your clean & dry teeth. It only needs to sit for 10 minutes and it rinses quickly, and we saw results after our very first use.

Super fast shipment. This worked as great if not better than the whiteners we have gotten at the dentist at a portion of the cost.

We bought these since we are always on the go and we require benefit. We like that we can simply toss it in our handbag and use it while we remain in the cars and truck. Easy to use, has terrific whitening power, and the flavor is minty. We have been using for a few days and we can see a distinction for sure.

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