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EverSmile WhiteFoam On-the-Go Clear Retainer Cleaner for Invisalign - Dentures

EverSmile WhiteFoam On-the-Go Clear Retainer Cleaner for Invisalign – Dentures

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of EverSmile WhiteFoam On-the-Go Clear Retainer Cleaner for Invisalign – Dentures.

  • ONE OF A KIND – The only wearable aligner cleaner. Functions under aligner buttons & accessories
  • WHITENS TEETH – Slowly whitens teeth with no tooth sensitivity
  • REFRESHES BREATH – Eliminates 99.999% of germs that trigger foul breath & dental caries.
  • EASY TO USE – No soaking or washing needed. Simply use & go.
  • USE Throughout The Day – Whiten while you correct all day to get that perfect smile.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on EverSmile WhiteFoam On-the-Go Clear Retainer Cleaner for Invisalign – Dentures.
EverSmile WhiteFoam is an oral care advancement for cleaning clear aligners and clear retainers. WhiteFoam is used throughout the day and works by utilizing hydrogen peroxide to not only clean and eliminate odor-causing germs however likewise to whiten teeth under and over accessories. Perfect for clients with aligner funk developing from wearing aligners 22 hours each day that likewise desire whiter teeth. Without WhiteFoam – Dirty Aligners Clients undergiong orthodontic treatment with clear aligners alter their trays every one to two weeks. As quickly as you start wearing your new aligners, germs start to grow in the low-saliva environment of your trays and produce smells and possibly trigger dental caries. These germs likewise cloud up the aligners making them appear yellow and dirty. In addition, aligner accessories or buttons can end up being stained with time, making your teeth appear yellow and identified in addition to youraligners One of the main benefits of wearing unnoticeable orthodontic devices is that they are unnoticeable and EverSmile thinks you should not need to jeopardize. The above uses to clear retainers also. And considering that retainers are normally changed every 6 months, the quantity of funk or accumulation in them can end up being frustrating. Read more With WhiteFoam – Clean Aligners & White Teeth With EverSmile WhiteFoam, your trays (or retainers) and teeth are secured by a patented, low dose hydrogen peroxide formula that both eliminates germs that trigger foul breath and dental caries along with whitens your teeth at the same time. WhiteFoam eliminates 99.99% of germs consisting of E. coli, staph aureus, action mutans, and strep pneumoniae, safeguarding your teeth and keeping your breath fresh. In addition, WhiteFoam is able to permeate and whiten beneath your aligner accessories or buttons, guaranteeing that your teeth are not stained or splotchy when your treatment is completed. Who states you need to wait up until you’re done aligning your teeth to get whitening? WhiteFoam is likewise terrific for anybody who has sensitive teeth and had problem with whitening products in the past. Since WhiteFoam is only a portion of the strength of hydrogn peroxide in products like whitening strips, you will experience essentially no tooth sensitivity and can use easily throughout the day. Read more WhiteFoam is as Easy as 1-2-3 Apply 1/2 to one complete pump of EverSmile WhiteFoam to both bottom and top trays. Spread foam equally with your finger to cover all locations of the trays. Location trays back into mouth and spit out excess foam. Use as directed by your dentist or orthodontist. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on EverSmile WhiteFoam On-the-Go Clear Retainer Cleaner for Invisalign – Dentures.

Question Question 1

It States That You Don’T Required To Soak, Indicating That You Don’T Need to Soak Your Invisalign? Does It Eliminate Germs Too? No Requirement For The Bride-to-be Tablet For Soak?

That’s right. Since you are, in effect, soaking your aligners with WhiteFoam 24/ 7 as you use them. WhiteFoam consists of Hydrogen Peroxide which eliminates bacteria and whitens your teeth at the very same time. WhiteFoam is indicated as a complete replacement for tablets and other Invisalign cleaningproducts If you do feel that you w That’s right. Since you are, in effect, soaking your aligners with WhiteFoam 24/ 7 as you use them. WhiteFoam consists of Hydrogen Peroxide which eliminates bacteria and whitens your teeth at the very same time. WhiteFoam is indicated as a complete replacement for tablets and other Invisalign cleaningproducts If you do feel that you wish to soak your aligners also, WhiteFoam is likewise terrific for soaking.

Question Question 2

Is This An Aerosol? Can You Bring It On An?

It s a pump quite like the pumps on bottles of liquid soap turning it into foam when you press. So it s not aerosol, however we put on t know existing FAA guidelines.

Question Question 3

Can This Product Be Utilized On Honest Co. Clear Aligners?

Yes, all clear aligners, retainers:-RRB-

Question Question 4

The Box States Not To Use Peroxide Products For Durations Longer Than 14 Days, Any Longterm Effects From Using This As A Daily Cleaner?

Thank you for yourquestions We advise taking a break every 14 day in case sensitivity happens. Our product has a very low dose of hydrogen peroxide 3.8% and we have actually not seen any long term effects when utilized as explained.

Question Question 5

Is This Product Hsa Qualified?

we put on t believe a product like this is qualified.

Question Question 6

Will This Make The Retainers Entirely Clear And Back To Like New Condition?

our invsaligns retainers stay clear. we truly like this product as it keeps the retainers fresher.we provide a quick rinse and brush then store with the invisalign foam. we do not have the develop the dentist needs to wipe.

Question Question 7

What Are The Ingredients?

our company believe it is the peroxide that is very important. PS. our teeth are substantially whiter considering that using this

Question Question 8

Is White Foam Gluten Free?

Yes, WhiteFoam is gluten free.

Question Question 9

Should This Be Applied On The Beyond The Retainer Too?

we never ever have put it on the outdoors however we expect you could.Mine remains clean with simply using to within

Question Question 10

How Long Does One Bottle Last When Utilized To Clean Aligners?

When we were using it two times each day for both upper and lower aligners, it lasted roughly one month. we didn’t use much and utilized our finger after one spray to spread out the foam throughout the whole tray.

Question Question 11

Rate Is $1999 In Cvs. Even More Affordable With Discount Coupons. Why A Lot More With?

The listings are used as value loads:-RRB-

Question Question 12

We Have Bruxism And Need To Use A Mouth Guard At Night, Does This Product Clean Those?

Yes.You can place on the mouth guard throughout the day and during the night apply then location guard into mouth and spit out any excess foam.

Question Question 13

Does This Product Whiten Accessories (Buttons)?

EverSmile WhiteFoam does whiten accessories. Since WhiteFoam is a low portion hydrogen peroxide, the effect is progressive and needs use two times each day. However, this likewise suggests you can use it frequently with no inflammation enabling your teeth and accessories to concurrently whiten all day.

Question Question 14

Does This Product Truly Correct Your Teeth?

The EverSmile WhiteFoam keeps aligners clean and eliminates germs while likewise slowly whitening teeth.

Question Question 15

Where Is This Product Made At?

EverSmile Products are Made in the USA.

Question Question 16

Do You Still Need To Brush Your Aligners Before Using Eversmile On Them?

we do not brush our aligners

Question Question 17

Can You Use This On Non-Clear Night Guards Planned To Avoid Teeth Grinding?

Can’t see why not

Question Question 18

Does It Whiten Dentures?

we utilized it on retainers. genuine teeth.we hesitate we do not know the response to your question.It DOES whiten teeth

Question Question 19

How Do We Include It To Our Cart To Purchase?

Below the cost, click one time purchase. Then scroll down and click package that states contribute to haul.

Question Question 20

Can We Transfer To Another Smaller Sized Container For Travel?

The product would require to be given from the WhiteFoam Bottle as it will not foam appropriately otherwise.We do provide the 25 ml Size for Travel – https://www..com/gp/product/B07 VH1QQS2Please let us know if you have any other questions:-RRB-

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on EverSmile WhiteFoam On-the-Go Clear Retainer Cleaner for Invisalign – Dentures, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our child’s invisalign were gross and stinky and she was so ashamed by it. In the beginning we believed she simply wasn’t brushing and cleaning them like the orthodontist informed us too. However then we looked online and found this eversmile foam and it resembles night and day. Her invisalign appearance brand new. And they do not smell. Seriously a win-win. Anybody with invisalign must attempt this.

We re order this product all the time. This time nevertheless we got a malfunctioning product– the pump wasn’t working so we returned for a refund. Not only did provide us a credit for our return however eversmile sent us a new box free of charge. So it’s not about the concern you have with a business, it’s how they fix it that counts. Thx.

If you’re looking for a product to whiten your teeth while you use your invisalign retainers, this is not that product. Nevertheless, it does a great task of ensuring the aligners do not have a nasty odor from daily use. Another benefit to this is it makes brushing the trays a lot simpler. We could not think how quickly all of the gunk brushed away. We are on our second bottle and we would definitely advise this to anybody. We apply a liberal total up to our trays every night before bed and spit out the excess for those of you questioning. If you definitely need to whiten your teeth, we would advise attempting out the black diamond charcoal powder, crest whitestrips, and/ or whitening toothpaste/mouthwash. No one stated whitening your teeth would be easy. It will take some work.

We got tired of carefully scrubbing our sdc aligners every other day to get all the gunk off, then began using polident, which did definitely nothing. After a few weeks of using that, we were frightened to see our teeth starting to yellow, and our aligners were not remaining clean at all. We got the white foam and soaked our aligners as soon as, and they cleaned up so a lot. Now, we simply spray a pump in before we put them back in each time and have actually seen a substantial distinction on all fronts. The aligners are continuously clean and fresh- our mouth has an enjoyable minty flavor throughout the day, and we put on t see plaque accumulation like we utilized to. Our teeth have actually stopped yellowing and began to go back to their normal white color currently. Everything the product assured to do, itdoes We are very happy with this substantial uptick in oral tidiness. We will continue to use it for the period of our treatment.

This product is a should have for invisalign users. Not only will this stuff help to keep your trays clear (truthfully soaking them in hydrogen peroxide while you consume and brush works better, simply tossing that out there), however it truly does keep your teeth super bright white. Not in an unusual, ross from good friends type of method either. Seriously, buy this product. Beware in high elevation locations though. Went to the mountains and had some leak take place, however no big deal. Buy it.

We purchased this for our upcoming invisalign treatment and we are presently in week 5 of it. We use it two times a day, as soon as after we consume breakfast before we leave for work however during the night after we consume supper. We have actually not experienced any sensitivity that some of the other customers declared. We still wash the trays with soap and then brush them to keep them clean previous to using the foam. We have actually seen our teeth getting a little whiter however absolutely nothing too significant which is fine as we still have 28 trays to go then retainers so it more to keep our teeth under the accessories the very same color as the exposed tooth which it seems like its working. We must get about 5 weeks out of each bottle as we changed the quantity we put in the tray to reduce the quantity we spit out after we put the tray in. We will absolutely be purchasing more of this in the future as we continue our treatment then after for the retainers due to the fact that the trays feel better with this product in them then without.

We use this stuff in our clear right aligners – top photo is existing (tray 5, 10 weeks in) bottom photo was before/first tray. This stuff does whiten. Very slowly. However, we put on t use this daily however we do use it frequently enough to see results we think. So that s cool ?? it tastes horrible. Which is why it gets 4 stars.

This stuff works. We have actually had invisalign for a few months now however continuously brushing the aligners draws. And they still put on t even appear spick-and-span after you brush them. We got our very first bottle from our orthodontist for free and the aligners were actually cleaned up immediately. They appeared like when you initially get a new set. As for teeth whitening, we have actually been using it for about 2 months now and there s been a progressive whitening effect, more than simply using whitening toothpaste like we generally do. We specifically see it working along the edges of our teeth. Certainly advise. Worth the cost to not have humiliating aligners.

We didn’t recognize we would require a product like this, however it has actually been a blessing. We use it in the early morning time as we are consuming our coffee and our invisalign stay clear and fresh up until we alter them. Shh. We began consuming black coffee throughout the day with our invisalign in. We understand, we understand. We are not expected to do that. However this product has actually assisted with any staining that would have or might have taken place. Our teeth are white and the invisalign are clear. We advise whitefoam clear retainer cleaner.

We are so grateful we found this. We almost didn’t buy it due to the fact that of the cost – it s rather costly. It works truly well though, both at keeping our invisalign clean and clear and our teeth are whiter too. We simply occurred to google how to keep invisalign from yellowing, (we have actually been having trouble with yellow aligners despite the fact that we were carefully cleaning them) and this product turned up. What a distinction this makes. We believe this even works better than white strips have on our teeth. We saw a distinction after day one.

We love that there is such a product – the taste is terrific, and it makes us wish to use our invisilign more understanding our teeth are whitening also, what an excellent concept. We would state the whitening element is very little, however we make certain with continued use, they’ll get brighter and brighter – we are going to put our “retainers” in now, we almost forgot.

This foam doesn t whiten our teeth, however it helps keep our invisalign trays from turning brown. We consume coffee while wearing our trays due to the fact that you need to keep them in all the time. Our trays were getting pretty stained by day 5. This helps keep them clean and helps avoid discoloring. Not perfect, however it does help. It likewise refreshes breath. We sanctuary t found anything else that works as great. A little expensive.

Functions better than some powders or tablets out there. Does keep retainer whiter and breath fresher. Still require to use a soft brush or fabric to clean the exterior and rims, and it might leakage throughout taking a trip however in general an excellent choice.

Fantastic product for keeping your invisalign clear from staining. We like the included benefit that the mint taste is terrific and it helps whiten your teeth if you apply right before you put them on.

Delicately minty and not too sweet, absolutely peasant taste. We use it generally before bed, 1/2 pump per tray (spit out excess after putting aligners, less waste with half pump). The whitening is not dramatic for the teeth, however considering that our teeth are caught in aligners for 23 hours each day it keeps them from staining, and gently lightens up (we make certain it would whiten better if we utilized each time we put our trays in). We see a guaranteed distinction in the clearness of our aligners versus not using it, we will 100% buy this once again, we love the insurance coverage it provides me.

We just recently got clear aligners and was having a hard time with the “plastic funk” that came out of our mouth. A good friend recommended us this product. She began using it with her unnoticeablealigners She informed us that she utilizes this product to clean her retainers. All we need to state that using this product has actually benefited our teeth. They look a lot whiter now. It is a non abrasive foam with an enjoyableflavor We extremely advise it.

Had a problem with our order straight from the provider, we bought on before. They were very handy and send us 2 free bottles within 3 days. We like the foam as it keeps the invisaligns cleaner than other products, as a teeth whitener this foam is arguable. Like the taste, no more getting up with dragon breath. We will most definitely keep buyin as long as we have our invisaligns and advise it to anybody.

We purchased this for our spouse who is wearing invisalign and this product was recommended by his physician. He wants it had more of a whitening effect, however does state it keeps the trays fresh through the wear time. He utilizes this foam along with an anti-bacterial solution recommended to him also to soak the trays in. He states this absolutely includes an extra advantage and will continue its use.

Love how it cleans our invisalign and keeps them fresh that s why we offered the product 5 star s. The only thing we want they would alter would be the pump dispenser. We work for an airline company so we loaded the cleaner in our overnight bag due to the pressure up in the air half of the bottle dripped all over our bag. It would be great if you might twist it open or near prevent this issue so we attempted it on another flight it did the very same thing essentially lost the whole contents of the bottle needless to state we can t travel with the cleaner so no stars for the bottle.

We feel that the eversmile white foam invisalign cleaner deserves the cost. It’s easy to use and and we like the capability to leave the foam in the trays while you are wearing them to help whiten your teeth. We experienced no sensitivity and the foam has a good moderate mintyflavor We will keep using this product throughout our treatment with the invisalign retainers.

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