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EverSmile OrthoFoam Braces Cleaner & Tooth Whitener

EverSmile OrthoFoam Braces Cleaner & Tooth Whitener

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of EverSmile OrthoFoam Braces Cleaner & Tooth Whitener.

  • ONE OF A KIND – The only brushable braces cleaner that whitens teeth– consisting of under brackets. Can brush usually by including foam to any fluoridated toothpaste.
  • SCRUBBING BUBBLES – White foam effectively cleans and separates plaque around dental brackets, braces and wires. Keep those easily-stained ceramic braces clean & white.
  • WHITENS TEETH – Slowly whitens teeth working under braces with no tooth sensitivity. Prevent those white squares when brackets are eliminated.
  • REFRESHES BREATH – With bubblegum flavor that kids take pleasure in. Swishing with OrthoFoam is an easy method for kids to enhance their hygiene on-the-go – even when they can t brush.
  • CAN BE USED DAILY – Gentle formula does not trigger sensitivity- can be utilized separately with brushing, as a rinse, or in trays, or it can be contributed to toothpaste throughout a regular brushing routine. Choices allow kids to do what works for them.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on EverSmile OrthoFoam Braces Cleaner & Tooth Whitener.
Believe Oral Hygiene is difficult With Braces? Reconsider. Getting kids to brush and floss effectively can be a genuine challenge, and with braces even more so. Moms and dads typically stress over safeguarding their kids teeth– and their financial investment. OrthoFoam looks for to make oral hygiene for kids as easy and fun as possible so that they complete treatment with their brightest, healthiest, most confident smile. OrthoFoam s patent-pending solution can be utilized in a variety of methods: in addition to toothpaste throughout daily brushing, by itself with a brush for included cleaning, or as a rinse on events when brushing might be hard. OrthoFoam is available in two sizes– 25 ml and 50 ml for on-the-go use any place your kids might be. OrthoFoam s versatility is designed to suit your kids lives, making orthodontic treatment a breeze. Oral Hygiene is Fun and Easy WithOrthoFoam OrthoFoam has 3 easy methods to clean: Brush with EverSmile OrthoFoam for 60 seconds. Rinse with EverSmile OrthoFoam for 60 seconds. Pump EverSmile OrthoFoam into trays & apply for 3 minutes. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on EverSmile OrthoFoam Braces Cleaner & Tooth Whitener.

Question Question 1

Can You Use The Product On Metal Braces?

Yes. we have metal braces. Makes them sparkle.

Question Question 2

Both The Braces And Teeth Get Cleaned Up?

You still need to brush your teeth and braces as normal. It’s generally flavored hydrogen peroxide.

Question Question 3

Where Is This Toothpaste Made?

OrthoFoam is made in the USA.

Question Question 4

Ingredients In This?

Water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, PVP, PEG, sodium lauryl sulfate, sucraiose, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, etidronic acid, bubblegum flavor (propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, ethyl butyrate, ethylacetate, n-Aourl acetate, benzaldehyde).

Question Question 5

Does This Actually Functions? What Does Precisely Do To Your Teeth? We Are Not Pleased With The Description?

To be honest we truly didn’t see any distinction with our teeth or braces And Im still using it as in plans you get two however for sure we are not gon na reorder it and its type of expensive.

Question Question 6

Wouldnt Rhis Whiten Your Teeth And Leave The Location Under The Braces Neglected?

It does not have the very same whitening power as your dentist would have. So you’ll be okay

Question Question 7

Does It Get Gunk Off Retainer?

Never ever attempted it for that.Soak your retainers in peroxide for a few hours.

Question Question 8

Will This Remove Yellow Stains From Clear Rubber Bands? We Have Ceramic Braces However Its The Rubber Bands Around Each Bracket That Stains Yellow.?

While OrthoFoam does help lighten bands, it might not return them to their original color, depending upon the band s material.

Question Question 9

Does It Include The Mouth Trays?


Question Question 10

Does It In Fact Make Your Teeth Whiter?

The EverSmile OrthoFoam slowly whitens teeth working under devices with no tooth sensitivity or mouth discomforts:-RRB-

Question Question 11

Exists Another Flavor Than Bubble Gum That Functions For Braces?


Question Question 12

When You Get Your Braces Off Does It Leave A Yellow Stop Where The Bracket Was At?

Im not taking our braces of up until next year.

Question Question 13

Aside From The Flavor, What Is The Distinction In Between The Orthofoam And The Whitefoam?

The OrthoFoam is a braces device cleaner that whitens teeth. Can be contributed to any fluoridated toothpaste & brush like normal with a cleaning booster.- the WhiteFoam is a foam wearable aligner cleaner.

Question Question 14

Where Can You Get The Trays?


Question Question 15

When You Get Braces Off Does The Bracket Under Leave A Yellow Stain When Using This Product?

No your teeth are white

Question Question 16

How Lots Of Ounces Is This?

Each bottle is 50 mL/ 1.69 fl oz

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on EverSmile OrthoFoam Braces Cleaner & Tooth Whitener, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Fantastic product. We have the ceramic braces which tend to get blemished a lot easier than metal braces. After simply 1 use we have currently observed a substantial distinction. We use this product consistently. 5 stars for sure.

We have truly sensitive teeth and it hurt using other products, like whitening strips. We have been brushing with eversmile orthofoam before bed for months and no increased sensitivity or pain. Our teeth have slowly ended up being whiter and whiter and we have observed our breath is regularlybetter We love how this product keeps our sensitive teeth white and makes our mouth so easily clean and minty fresh. We even found this and other eversmile products in cvs. Now we brush with orthofoam and keep the whitenfresh spray in our work bag, so convenient.

We dislike that ortho foam is so costly however we have plastic retainers and we had clear aligners and this stuff is amazing. It keeps our teeth white and has kept us from getting cavities. We use it in our aligners each night after we brush now before bed. We choose the bubblegum flavor over the mint.

Our teeth and braces appearance and feel clean and a little foam goes a long method. We just recently went to the dentist for a check up and they informed us that our braces and teeth were spick-and-span. We want it was a little more affordable however our company believe it deserves it.

Functions truly well particularly on ceramic braces and white crowns/caps when they turn yellow or off white this is the only thing that helps turn tbem white once again.

We became aware of eversmile from one of our trainees and purchased it for our 13 y/o in braces. We believe it’s terrific that something like this exists to help get below the wires and she appears to like the flavor.

Actually assisted with cleaning our braces and entering into areas we could not reach with our brush. We have observed a little whitening up until now however anticipating the outcomes.

We have had the product for about 2 weeks and we are pretty happy with it. Not too keen on the bubblegumflavor They need to perhaps have better tastes for adults.

We have 2 teen kids with braces and they like this product for cleaning them. It tastes great and does the task.

We got this foam for our child since the orthodontist recommended it. She brushes her teeth pretty routinely however we might see yellowing below the braces. It’s only been a couple weeks however her teeth are night and day. She likes the flavor too.

Functions exceptional and cleans stains around the braces on the teeth. It taste like bubble gum so that eliminates it a little for us as it makes us gag a lot however it works so we attempt not to let that push us away. Def advise.

We like this product. We might discriminate when we utilized the product the very first time. It does make a distinction. We use it after we brush our teeth with toothpaste and often use without it. Our mouth feels revitalized. This product does have a minor sfter taste to it however absolutely nothing to bad.

Suggest it. 100%.

Me encanta. Es inmediato el resultado, sientes cómo limpiar al instante, el sabor es de chicle (a mwe us gusta) creo que lo hubiera comprado mucho antes swe lo hubiera conocido, necesito comprar más. Ya lo siento indispensables.

This product is terrific for cleaning braces and does whiten teeth a little. It s easy to use and tastes great. We brush it on after we brush our teeth for the very best results.

Precise description and quick shipment.

Liked it. Simply a little pricey.

We love this stuff.

Gets all of the stuff out of our braces. Cool flavor however you can taste the peroxide. Easy if you can t get to brush your braces right now and desire something to hold you over. For the rate it need to be a larger bottle with more supply.

Fantastic product for a teen with braces.

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