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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dr. George’s Dental White Gel.

  • Ideal 15% Carbamide Hydrogen Peroxide strength
  • Product is produced totally NEW
  • Cap is NOT sealed. Cap is right away connected as quickly as bottle is filled.
  • International Consumers: Please be encouraged in advance of any taxes or charges you might sustain upon shipment, as we are not accountable for these charges.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Dr. George’s Dental White Gel.
Teeth Whitening Gel – Newly Made in USA

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dr. George’s Dental White Gel.

Question Question 1

Does This Product Come Sealed?

Dr. George’s Dental White Mint Flavored Gel did be available in a sealed plastic wrap.:D

Question Question 2

In A Previous Question It Was Stated That This Product Came Sealed, Mine Did Not. Is This Normal Or Should We Be Returning It?

The product is not sealed.The cap is right away placed on the gel after the bottle is filled.Since the kit has a syringe that you can use if you like, the flip top cap is twist off likewise.The product is categorized as a cosmetic and per the FDA requirements it does not need to be sealed.

Question Question 3

Does This Work For Crowns?

The product only deals with natural teeth.

Question Question 4

Are You Expected To Use It 3 Times A Day For 20 Minutes?. The Guidelines Suggest To Remove And Apply About 3 Times To Make It A Total Of 20-60 Minutes A Day?

Yes, 3 times a day for 20 minutes. Although we generally do it 30 minX2. It works.

Question Question 5

For Those Of You Who Mix It With Your Toothpaste? How Do You Mix It?

we simply put half toothpaste and half gel on our toothbrush.

Question Question 6

Does It End?

It truly does not have an expiration date, he produces them by batch.He typically states 2 years is a great time to use it and change it if it is older.It might simply lose its strength.It will last longer if you keep it at a constant cool temperature.

Question Question 7

Can We Use This Gel With Other Kits?

It appears affordable that you might replace this gel for any other whitening gel utilized in a teeth tray.All include peroxide and need to be interchangeable. Follow timing instructions that come with the gel you are using.

Question Question 8

Can We Use Our Retainers With This Rather Og Getting A Mouth Tray?

invisalign-type retainers– yes

Question Question 9

What Are The Precise Ingredients As Noted On The Bottle?

Carbamide Hydrogen Peroxide, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Water, Carbomer, T.E.A, Flavor.

Question Question 10

Will This Cause Pain For Very Sensitive Teeth?

It will trigger some pain. All whitening ingredients do. This does whiten well we simply do not use a lot since we do not like it on our gums. we have sensitive teeth too.

Question Question 11

Has Anybody Utilized This Product To Bring Back Crown/ Bridge Color Work Which Has Been Stained By Food/ Drink?Thank You?


Question Question 12

What Does The Tea Stand For?Is This Gel “Healthier” Than White Crest Strips Or What Is The Advantage Of It Rather Than Those.?

Triethylamine, which is utilized to reduce the surface area stress of a liquid when it is liquified.The gel is not healthier, it is more powerful and works better than Crest white strips.

Question Question 13

How Much Is The Delivering To Germany?

Delivering expense will depend upon whether you select Basic or Expedited.Standard is around $2500 You are likewise accountable for the import tasks and BARREL taxes.

Question Question 14

How Much Is Delivering And Duty To Uk?

Shipping is typically around $2138, however you as the customer are accountable for the import tasks or BARREL taxes.we are unsure just how much they are.

Question Question 15

Is This Product Safe For Individuals With Veneers?

we personally would not advise this product with individuals who have veneers or any whitening products for that matter. Veneers need unique cleaning, and a non-abrasive material.

Question Question 16

Does This Gel Whiten Teeth That Have Turned Dark Yellow From Years Of Smoking And Taking Medications?

As long as they are your natural teeth, it will whiten them.

Question Question 17

Can This Be Utilized With Our Glo Brillance Device?

we are not specific. we have actually only utilized it with the trays that come with the whitening gel.

Question Question 18

What Is The Portion Of Hydrogen Peroxide?

Sorry we took so long to respond.It does not provide percent on bottle, however component list is as follows; water, hydrogen peroxide carbamide, propylene glycol, glycerine, carbomer, T.E.A., andflavor Products are expected to be noted by portion so it need to be second greatest. we utilized to get this at Walgreens, however they ha Sorry we took so long to respond.It does not provide percent on bottle, however component list is as follows; water, hydrogen peroxide carbamide, propylene glycol, glycerine, carbomer, T.E.A., andflavor Products are expected to be noted by portion so it need to be second greatest. we utilized to get this at Walgreens, however they have actually dropped it.

Question Question 19

Could We Use Our Retainers Rather Of Trays?

we have retainers (at 50) and have actually utilized Dental White effectively in them in a very quick pinch, nevertheless retainers do not cover your teeth fully like the trays do. we would advise the trays for regular use.

Question Question 20

Does This Product Cause Sensitivity?

we have actually not established any sensitivity however do not use the gel on the back teeth, only noticeable front teeth. we did have some irration on the rear teeth.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Dr. George’s Dental White Gel, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Dr. George’s dental white mint flavored gel works precisely as explained. We enjoyed a you tube video where a girl (who has remarkably white teeth) reveals you how to do makeup. In the video she goes on to state that she utilizes this product to keep her teeth so white, so we purchased a bottle. We have retainers currently that we use nighttime, so we simply sprayed a little of the clear gel into them and slipped them on our teeth. We only put the whitener in the front of the tray, since experience has actually revealed us that teeth with fillings can be conscious the bleaching representative and make them injure. It states to leave it on your teeth 3-10 minutes. Do not surpass.) minutes. This is a 6% solution which is strong and works. We have actually utilized it as soon as up until now, as saw an instant distinction. No more crest white strips for us. We are offered on dr. George’s dental white gel. This bottle will last for a long time. Our whole family will be using it. We would approximate we utilized 1-1/2 tsp for both trays total. A little goes a long method. So if you are soda, tea, or coffee drinker this will help to whiten your smile once again. You can ‘paint’ it on your teeth with a q-tip or utilized trays or use your own retainers. Do not brush your teeth right before use. We hope this evaluation has actually assisted you. If it has, if you would “like” our evaluation, we would value it. Thank you.

Love this product. We have actually only been using it for a week today and can currently see enhancement. We will certainly buy once again, that’s if that bottle ever runs out.

We began using this a couple years ago and it’s now our go-to whitening when our teeth are looking a little dull or before a big occasion. We have a mouth guard we use in the evening. We line squirt a small line of gel along the guard/front of tooth side and spread equally with a q-tip. We use any extra gel to apply straight to our teeth before placing on the guard. In some cases we leave it in for 10 minutes, other times we have actually slept with it in overnight. In any case works, it simply depends upon when we are doing it and what we have going on. We get up with quickly brighter teeth.

Have actually been using this product for 10+ years. We love it. Our dentist has actually likewise commented how well it works and has actually not harmed the enamel on our teeth. We would have stopped right away. Use it 2x month simply for upkeep at this moment.

This whitening gel is amazing. We have actually been using it for 3 days now and we can currently see a noticeable different in the whiteness of our teeth. We have actually always utilized whitening products on our teeth given that we have actually had to do with 15 years old, and some of the otc ones draw. This one without a doubt is our absolute favorite and we have actually informed numerous pals and family about it. Will continue to buy routinely. Thank you a lot dr. George.

Have actually utilized this brand of teeth whitening gel for 15 years or two. This is the second bottle. We use it overnight in trays made at our dentist – from custom molds of our teeth – every 4 to 6 months to remove minor blueberry and tea stains. There is some tooth enamel sensitivity in the early morning however it disappears within an hour.

We bought this product after the terrific jaclyn hill reccomeneded it on her youtube channel. The very first time we utilized this product we observed a distinction. Excellent product for an extremely low cost. Do not lose your cash on teeth whitening from your dentist office and even crest whitening strips (which do not work). We will most certainly be redeeming this product.

Began using this for a few days up until now, 2x for 30 mins a day and we kinda see a distinction currently. We are beginning to straight apply the gel on our teeth initially and then cover it with our molded mouth guard, since when we do not it leaves spots of white on our teeth. It might simply be that our mouth guard isn’t formed all right to hug our teeth however its better having it go where it’s expect to so it can take complete effect.

We like this since it does not burn our gums, however still whitens. It’s the only thing we have actually attempted that will do that. However we still have one much deeper stain that it does not do excessivefor Still, we would advise it.

We had actually invisalign so we have plastic trays we oversleep every night, and we use them when we whiten our teeth. This stuff works. We have sensitive teeth, however we can still use this stuff for 30 ish minutes as soon as a week or two with no extra sensitivity.

We have actually been using dr. George’s for 4-5 years now and we get compliments all of the time on how white our teeth are. We get asked all of the time how we get them so white. Individuals never ever think it’s a home whitening kit. In truth, we went and had our teeth professionally lightened, and our teeth hardly got any whiter. This is the absolute best stuff on the marketplace and we will never ever change to another whitening product. We use it as a whitening treatment while we are putting our makeup on and likewise as a toothpaste topper two times daily. The results are instant. We even got our other half hooked and now he utilizes it as a toothpaste topper two times a day too.

We love this gel. We only left for 3 minutes without a tray. Excellent all fingers and rubbed the product in our teeth and we currently see the different. We didn’t get the sharp stabbing pain we typically get with strips which was our main issue. Delivering stated it would use up to 8s days however we purchased thursday and got it on saturday. ++.

We have actually been using dr. George’s dental white for years. No requirement to get the pricey bleach from your dentist. This gel works with trays if you have them however you truly do not even require the trays. You can put simply some straight on your teeth with a q-tip, your toothbrush, or your finger. Individuals enhance us on our teeth all the time, and it’s since we use dr. George’s dental white.

First few utilizes we didn’t discover much however after a week our ‘whiteness’ appeared to start developing and getting whiter daily. We can safely state this removed the majority of our coffee staining and simply years of tooth age in about 2 weeks of nighttime use. Enough shades that most everybody we understand discovered.

This product lightened our teeth with the very first application. We utilized it overnight in our retainer and awakened with a brighter smile. Large container will last a long period of time.

Jaclyn hill sent us and we love this product. Whitens right away and remains white for months.

We have actually been using this product for years and we always get asked what do we do to keep our teeth so white. Easy to use and does not taste bad at all- the customers that stated it did, should likewise dislike the taste of mint toothpaste, since that’s what it tastes like. You can apply it with your trays and then shower or place on your makeup while it works (30 minutes for us). It leaves your teeth feeling truly clean.

The consistency is a little thick, so does not enter our teeth trays very efficiently. Rather it’s rather clumpy and we move it around then with a q-tip. After 3 days in a row teeth are whiter and aren’t sensitive at all – typically they are very sensitive.

Most preferred teeth whitener. Very low-cost and works astonishingly fast. We would select this over and over after before investing all that cash on crest whitestrips.

This is a terrific product and we love using it to cheer up our smile. We will blend it in on top of our toothpaste and will brush and it works what appears to be quickly. We do have very sensitive gums/teeth and this did not aggravate them one bit.

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