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Cosy Life Teeth Whitening Pen

Cosy Life Teeth Whitening Pen

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cosy Life Teeth Whitening Pen.

  • Effectively Remove Stubborn Tooth Stains ‘Do you wish to have white teeth and a glossy smile?Cosy Life teeth whitening pen can effectively and quickly remove years of stains triggered by coffee, tea, soda, cigarette smoking, wine andmore It s a simpler method to whiter teeth.Enjoy you sweet and big smile.
  • Gentle for Daily Use ‘Our teeth whitening pen with 35% Carbamide Peroxide which is much gentler for teeth whitener.It s a perfect method to carefully remove stains with no sensitivity and painless.
  • Convenient & Travel Friendly ‘Cosy Life teeth whitening pen is small enough and makes it so easy to bring while you have a travel. It s convenient to use to whiter your teeth at any time and anywhere.
  • Easy To Use ‘The teeth whitening pen includes a twist bottom and a soft brush tip.Easy to get gel and carefully paints each tooth.Brightens your teeth a few shades whiter with 2-3 weeks successive use.It’s an excellent tooth whitener for you and no requirement to go to the dentist for costly and extreme chemical whitening treatments.
  • Smile Brilliant ‘Our teeth whitening pen offer fast results, your teeth will whiten about 4 ~ 8 shade lighter after 2-3 weeks!Keep your bright and beautiful smile together!Make your teeth shining!

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Cosy Life Teeth Whitening Pen.
Useful Tips Please twist the pen more for the very first time Prevent consuming or drinking for 30 minutes after use. Please store our product in a location which is out of kids’s reach. If you feel aching after use, rest for a few days before using once again. Terminate use upon continual pain or inflammation. Product Includes Teeth Whitening Pen– 3 Teeth Whitening Pen.35% Carbamide Peroxide.Removes Years of Stains and Brighten Your Smile.Safe & Gentle Teeth Whitening.CompactDesign Travel-Friendly.Fast Results.Easy to Use.Affordable No Sensitivity Read more Read more FAST WHITEN YOUR TEETH Professional quality whitening gel pen supplies fast results and help whiten teeth as much as 4-8 shades with successive use.Effectively remove years of stains without unpleasant or sensitivity. CONVENIENT & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY The compact design makes it so easy to bring while you have a travel, it s convenient to use to whiter your teeth at any time and any location. MAKE YOU SHINE A easy method to make you have white and healthy teeth.Takes only minutes a day, keep your bright and beautiful smile together! Read more

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Cosy Life Teeth Whitening Pen, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We typically do the crest white strip however it began getting costly. This pen is in factbetter We utilized it two times two days in a row due to the fact that we were going on a little holiday with the fam and we are so pleased. We didn’t have it on as long as we need to however you can absolutely discriminate. We consume alot of coffee and tea so you can absolutely see it on our teeth. We love it. Takes 1 time to see the distinction.

These assisted a lot more than we anticipated. We havetried other products and they burned our gumsbut this didn’t burn at all. And most importantly, ithelped. We consume a great deal of coffee and tea and our teethshow it however this truly lightened them. L’ll absolutely keep these on hand.

We need to state, we were not very sure that we would use such a product for our teeth. However, we needed to buy this after checking out a lot of excellent evaluations. Now after using this for a while, we concur with the evaluations and would advise this product to anybody who is not happy with their teeth coloring. This works like a beauty.

Our teeth were not very white before. Our buddies often appeared not very friendly. They frequently joked with us and made fun of me. Our buddy recommended us to buy this tooth whitening pen, which showed effective. Those buddies who teased us before have been asking us how our teeth turned white. Should we inform them?.

This teeth whitening works so well. After braces our teeth weren t the whitest and this product truly made them lookbetter We utilized it for a week and currently saw results.Amazing 100% advise.

Perfect thing. Very excellent and like photo. The material has excellent and professional sensation that we believe it is can remove the stain from our tooth. This product can helps us to clean tooth simpler and make our tooth withe than before. So we believe perhaps it s can conserve our cash due to the fact that we put on t requirement to go to see dental medical professional any more if we use it in along time.

No damage to the teeth, very comfortable, teeth do not feel pain. The crucial is low rate, very ideal for individuals who have no self-confidence in their teeth, the effect is truly great, extremely recommended.

We have utilized this product numerous times, we believe it’s okay. Make your teeth slippery and affordable. There are three in a box. It’s easy to bring if you go out, and we do not believe the teeth are sensitive after use. Yes, everybody can attempt it.

Gotten on time, the plan is very cool, it works well, the tooth whitening pen has a twisted bottom and a soft brush tip, it is very easy to clean teeth, up until now there is no issue, it is easy to use, easy to bring, and the quality is great.

Take care of them, cosmetically and hygienically. We have simply begun to use this product and acquired itoour teeth have begun to yellow due to age, coffee and tea. We have our teeth cleaned up two times a year and we trwe are very pleased with the results and use it with our daily whiteningrinse. It has genuinely made a distinction.

This tooth whitening pen is truly excellent. We smoke at common times, so our teeth are little yellow. Using this pen has reasonably apparent effect, generally due to the fact that it is easy to run, practical, and does not have too complex treatments. An easy one can whiten teeth instantly. Great.

Nowadays, we use it every night before we go to sleep. Now our teeth are very white and there is no pain. When they see our white teeth, they are shocked that they are so effective, affordable and worth purchasing.

Excellent product. It works. And the pen style is easy to use and storage. Very excellent rate if you compare it with going to dentist for whiting.

Terrific product we encourage everybody whose teeth are yellow this product is simply for you to whiten them.

This tooth whitening pen truly didn’t dissatisfy me. Our teeth were a little yellow before. After using it when, we felt apparent modifications and turned white. We advise it to you.

Excellent product. It works. And the pen style is easy to use and storage.

Amazing. Lastly a product that works. No sensitivity and easy to use.

So easy to use and does whiten our teeth.

We like this tooth whitening pen quite. Before our teeth were our schoolmates’ laughing points, often we felt a little inferior. Nevertheless, our sis recommended this product to me, which was amazing and convenient to use. Our teeth ended up being white in an instant. It deserves advising to our buddies around me.

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