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  • Native land: India
  • 100% vegetarian

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Size: Pack of 2 – 200 GramColgate Tooth Powder has a powerful formula enriched with calcium and minerals that can make your teeth as much as two times as strong.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Why Is It Made In India And Not The United States?

Since labor is less expensive in India than the U.S. Colgate figures that it is less expensive to pay employees $1.00 an hour rather than $2400 an hour in the U.S. They make more of an earnings.

Question Question 2

Why Is It Not Originating from The United States Of A? Can We Be Sure It Will Not Taste Cool After Going Thru All This Mayhem Simply To Order Colgate Tooth Powder?

we do not know why it comes from outside the U.S. Great question.It appears much like the “old” Colgate tooth powder and tastes simply as great.

Question Question 3

What Are All The Ingredients With This Product?

Ingredients noted on a can acquired around May 6, 2017: calcium carbonate, sodium lauryl sulfate, flavor, sodium monoflurophosphate, sodium saccharin.

Question Question 4

How Do You Open It? The Small Flip Top Lid Pops As Much As Expose A Plastic Piece Covering The Powder, However You Can’T Punch Through It. What Am We Missing?

When the pointed tool was hot, we pressed it into the plastic and walla a great round hole. Do not make it too big as you desire simply a percentage of powder to come out at any one time.

Question Question 5

Does This Contain Artificial Sweeteners?


Question Question 6

Is This Usda Approved?

no USDA approvel on the can. American toothpaste does not note USDA aprovel either as it is not by meaning a drug. American toothpaste has a ADA (american dental assosiation) aprovel noted on it. This is an excellent product, can likewise be found in ethnic groceries that accommodate Commonwealth imigrants.

Question Question 7

We Purchased This.How Do You Open/Puncture The Hole Under The Flip-Top Cap?

It’s been over a year given that we purchased it however we believe we needed to use a brief strong knife. Crazy huh? The product itself is great, however will not buy once again due to the fact that of the insane lid. When we were a kid our Grandma had tooth powder that had a metal lid with holes (like talcum powder). They ought to return to that. Simply twist the lid It’s been over a year given that we purchased it however we believe we needed to use a brief strong knife. Crazy huh? The product itself is great, however will not buy once again due to the fact that of the insane lid. When we were a kid our Grandma had tooth powder that had a metal lid with holes (like talcum powder). They ought to return to that. Simply twist the lid to open/close.

Question Question 8

How Do We Open This Container?

There is a lid at the top which opens.

Question Question 9

Is The Delivering A $3.00 Flat Cost Or $3.00 Per Unit?

A flat cost.

Question Question 10

Can Somebody Please Inform United States The Component List?

we provided as a gift, so could not inform you ingredients, however our papa is 96 years old, utilized it most all his life and still has original teeth.

Question Question 11

Why Can’T We Even Get The Stupid Container Open? Aaaaagh.?

That’s why we do not buy it any longer. Too tough to get the lid open.

Question Question 12

Do You Get 2 – 200 G Cans Or 2 – 100 G Cans?

Yes, you will get 2 pack of Colgate Tooth Powder 200 g each

Question Question 13

Is The Powder White Or Red In Color?

The powder is white.

Question Question 14

What S The Container Made Of? We Are Attempting To Decrease Plastic In Our Purchases. Thank You.?

This Container is made of Aluminium

Question Question 15

Does This Tooth Powder Taste Very Sweet?

No, it does not have genuine sweet taste, it is having peppermint flavor.

Question Question 16

Can The Product Packaging Be Recycled? What Is It Made from (Plastic #)?

The product remains in a metal type container with a plastic lid.When they delivered the product it was crammed in a bubble envelope.

Question Question 17

Is This Wheat-Free Or Gluten Free Or Certified As Not Made In A Factory That Processes Wheat?

The plan states (in English) that it is 100% vegetarian.

Question Question 18

Does This Actually Clean Your Teeth? We See It Makes Our Teeth “Feel”Clean We Wished to Know- Does It Really Remove Tartar And Stains?

Tooth powders in basic are proficient at avoiding tartar and stains, however absolutely nothing will actually remove tartar other than scraping.For stains you require a product which contains peroxide.

Question Question 19

Does This Product Have Triclosan? Numerous Consider It A Dreadful Chemical.?

The noted ingredients are: calcium carbonate, sodium lauryl sulphate, flavor, sodium monofluorophosphate, and sodium saccharin.It likewise shows that it has flouride (1000 PPM max) when packaged.we will let you search for these ingredients to see whether any of them consist of triclosan.

Question Question 20

What’S This Product’S Rack Life?

If it kept sealed and dry it ought to last for years.It is a dry powder.By the method it is exceptional for whitening teeth.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Colgate Tooth Powder, these may be helpful for better understanding.

The individuals freaking out about this product being ~ foreign ~ requirement to get their heads out of their asses. It tastes and carries out fine. It will not turn you into a were-indian.

We love this a lot. We love every aspect of this old timey product. We have actually been on the hunt for effective toothpowder. Or paste. Which does the task, and does not taste like spearmint. We can not stand mint tastes and most toothpaste are very extreme and extreme to me. We specified where we actually could not stand it any longer, and stopped brushing entirely. However. Then we recognized that wasn t the very best method to deal with it. So. We attempted numerous pastes and powders over the last two years. Most of them ultra costly and no fluoride, and so on Toothpowder’s with clay. Toothpowders with xylitol, etc. We weren t very satisfied with any of them. Envision our surprise when we found old made colgate tooth powder on. For cents. We remembered this stuff from waaay back. We bought it, recieved it, tasted it. And never ever recalled. We were suspicious of fluoride before purchasing this, however this tastes so terrific that we put on t care. Our teeth feel clean as whistle. It s very satyisfing to brush with tooth powder, and particularly thisone It s the absolute best we have actually utilized. The flavor is wintergreen which, for your information, is not a mint (wintergreen is a plant. However it is not in the mint plant family. Look it up). It tastes precisely like white lifesavers, which are our preferred flavored sweet given that youth. The flavor is complete, however moderate in your mouth. No burning or destroying. Like you ve consumed wasabwe. As you brush. It smells more extreme than it tastes. The bottles last forever. These are such an exceptionally good deal. We purchased our powder about 5 months back. And we use a lot in our mouth. It s still got about half left in it.Love It s a fantastic relief to find a method to brush our teeth where we can delight in the process.

We are so happy with this product. It took a little effort to pierce the safety seal and even more goal and coordination to spray the powder over our damp toothbrush. And now that we have actually that mastered, this toothpowder gets our teeth clean with very little foam which we always disliked. We like that it has fluoride in it, and we like the possibility of recycling the tin once it is empty. For the cost, it is uses excellent value also given that it might last a year with everyday use.

We utilized this product when we were a kid in the usa. Over the years we have actually thought of it and wanted that it was still offered in the usa. Much to our surprise we were able to acquire it through. This powder removes the tea stains from our teeth and leaves them whiter than any bleaching product ever could. It likewise leaves them sensation as though we simply got our teeth cleaned up at the dentist and we use a electric toothbrush. We love the taste and had actually missed it for many years. We are happy that we can now acquire this product.

It appears a number of you do not understand that a product such as this has not an expiration date on the tin, however the date of production. Ours stated production date of april 2016 and yes its here july2016 There are not the laws in india to publish expiration date however the factory that makes colgate puts the production dates on the cans for the merchant to know how old the product is when equipping the racks. Our two tins of colgate tooth powder got here simply fine no rust, package was small and absolutely nothing was incorrect with it. Yes they are sent out from india, a nation where running water and sinks for some of the population are not available. Tooth powder such as this, and other makers of tooth powder do extremely well in nations like india. This tooth powder and a glass of water is a fantastic method to brush your teeth particularly if you are loading an emergency situation bag for your automobile or home or do a great deal of backpack or day hiking. We utilized our tooth powder for our emergency situation bags. Everything is fine with the two tins, the odor is good and we have no grievances what so ever. It did take some time to get them, we wish to state around 3 weeks. However its not a bad product. Ours had no rust and absolutely nothing incorrect with it whatssoever and yes you are expected to put some into the bottom of the lid and dab your brush into it and clean and dry the lid before you change it. This can normally one would get one every 6 months if she or he were strickly using this to brush their teeth.

Waiting for anxiously for our tooth powder and it lastly got here from china. In our old age our mouth and lips are very conscious toothpaste and mouth wash. This old colgate tooth powder with few chemicals is gentile on the mouth and lips. Putting this best beside our old spice in the medication cabinet.

Looked for years for this preferred from our youth and lastly found on. Took a long period of time to get here, given that it ships from india, however deserved the wait. Makes our teeth feel extra clean and polished. Flavor is the very same as we kept in mind from youth.

The date on the bottom of the container is the production date. We believed it was the expiration date and called the seller to which they notified us it was undoubtedly the production date. Feel confident your product is okay and you have 24 months beyond that date to use it. To use the product, use scissors to poke a hole through the hole at a loss cap, under the flip-top. You can shake some powder on the palm of your hand, then dip your moist toothbrush in the powder. We like this due to the fact that it does not consist of fluoride and is light-weight for travel. Plus it’s classic. Small cans, great for backpacking and luggage, no concern of damp spills. Made in india, delivered from india. Gotten here in about 2 weeks, well included. We dip our neem, licorice and miswak chew-sticks in this and brush our teeth as soon as daily. The remainder of the day we simply use the chew-sticks alone for tooth brushing (they are antimicrobial). The powder will not scratch your tooth enamel with abrasives.

For many years we would check out and became aware of tooth powder, however had actually never ever seen it here in the usa. We saw that tooth powder was still readily available, so we wondered and believed we would offer it a shot. In addition to pleasing our interest we had an interest in it due to the fact that it is available in a metal can (recyclable) instead of a plastic tube (more plastic waste). We believe this is excellent. As a tooth care product we do not see any distinction in between it and the toothpaste we have actually been using. It gets our teeth clean. No cavities on the x-rays at our last dental examination. We do keep in mind that while it has a little a mint flavor it’s not very strong. So if you choose a milder mint flavor this may be for you. Using it takes some practice. It’s a powder in a metal can, and the cap is sealed. Obviously you’re expected to poke a hole in the cap and then spray or spray powder onto your damp toothbrush. Wow, best of luck with that. We are still dealing with getting our strategy right. It’s getting better, however often we wind up with tooth powder on the sink. We talked with a pal from work from india, and she stated they likewise spray it on the brush, using a spoon. So we might attempt that.

The flavor of this tooth powder is excellent. We desired something that didn’t been available in an unrecyclable plastic tube. There are other alternatives out there, however this is the only one we might find with fluoride. In the damp environment in which we live, it was a bit challenging to shake out of the hole in the cap, however we took the cap off and shook it into another small reusable container with a lid and now we can quickly spray it on to our (bamboo) toothbrush.:-RRB- and it works simply as well as regular toothpaste.

Our relative is obviously a servant to her younger practices. She utilized this product several years ago (all right, all right 60+) however she enjoys this product. States that it’s the only thing that makes her teeth feel clean.

The flavor of this powder is very light and enjoyable, it does not foam up as much as toothpaste or gel, and it cleaned our teeth better than toothpaste or gel. We are very happy with this purchase. We dislike minty toothpaste. The flavor of most tooth pastes and gels is so strong it makes our eyes water and it lathers up and makes us gag. However this toothpowder does the task of cleaning our teeth without the elements of tooth cleaners that we dislike. Took a minute to open the product as we weren’t sure how it’s normally done, however it has a turn up top (which we regrettably broke however it still works fine and keeps the powder in the container). We required to poke a hole in the location where the powder is expected to come out, which we did quickly with medium pressure from a screwdriver.

We bought this toothpaste powder for backpacking, and might not be more happy. It has a fantastic minty fresh taste, foams much like regular toothpaste, and simply a small quantity (like 20 grains of sands’ worth) matches a normal quantity of toothpaste. We are delighted to take this on a long walking; it’s perfect for being able to conserve weight and still have fluoride (unlike most toothpaste tablets). We saw that a great deal of one- star evaluations pointed out that they got an ended product: the container states clearly that the date on the bottom is the * making date * and that the product is great for 24 months after manufacture. So yes, your container will have a previous date on the bottom (mine stated october 2019 for powder gotten in march 2020), however it is great for two years past that date.

This powder is jt like that of our more youthful years, however we hadn t been able to find it anywhere til the amazon search directed us to it. Every bit as great as paste however without the plastic tube. Super for fire camp, leisure outdoor camping, and keeping individuals from swiping it in the neighborhood restroom. We wished to reduce the trash we make and this powder — that has fluoride — belongs to the action in its metal recyclable container. (all the bits and tabs are sans fluoride which is irritating when you have sjorgrens and require it like plants require co2.) we will acquire it as long as we are able.

Seventy years after it was a sponsor for the mel blanc radio program, with it’s tagline, “do not take the chance with your love,” its marketing still dealt with me, and we took the chance on colgate tooth powder. We anticipated it to be a novelty, at best; a revolting lot of mint-flavored rock sweet, at worst. Rather, what we found was that this cornstarch-fine powder is our new preferred oral hygiene product. This stuff leaves our teeth feeling cleaner than any toothpaste we have actually ever attempted before, triggers no problems with sensitive teeth, and one time (forgive us for confessing), due to pipes issues, we even went a day without brushing, and our teeth still felt relatively clean throughout the day. We would not suggest attempting to recreate that situation, however it was an impressive perk.

We were happily shocked by the flavor and quantity of suds you get with this powder. It is a bit challenging to pierce the inner seal under the cap however be guaranteed as an outcome it gets here well sealed, so that is good and safe. Thoroughly use a sharp thin knife (like a pastime knife) to make a v in the seal then press the v inward. We purchased this for backpacking, simply a little in a small shallow ziplock baggie and you are great to go. Tap your bristles on it and that’s all you require.

We keep in mind tooth powder however we thought about it as old made, something left over from the anxiety or ww2. We began using an aggressive tooth power to combat tartar that was salt, cinnamon, baking soda and it actually removed noticeable develop on our lower teeth however it can be harmful with an electric brush utilized daily. Colgate powder is now our regular product. No lathering, moderate tasting and does not leave our mouth with an unusual taste. We will not use paste once again.

We purchased this primarily to clean silver utensils and ornamental products. We were asked to bring silver cleaning powder while in india. When we asked store owner for silver cleaning powder, he handed us colgate tooth powder. It appears it is incredibly popular in india as a sliver product cleaner. It does excellent task and is easy on hands.

Fantastic fluoridated tooth powder. Leaves our mouth sensation much fresher than any toothpaste ever did. Yes, it ships from india. Took only 17 days to get from new delhwe to maryland. Okay at all. And for those who state it’s inefficient, getting it on to the toothbrush: the plastic cap has a circular location under the lid where you can punch a small hole to provide simply a bit. Not inefficient at all.

This is the very best toothpaste we are lucky that we looked for it when us and our relative were speaking about if they still made the powder toothpaste like we had as kids. It cleans excellent and has a longer lasting fresh taste and odor like toothpaste utilized to have before all the ingredients that you can not comprehend like television ones have.

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