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Colgate Optic White At Home Teeth Whitening Kit - LED Blue Light Tray

Colgate Optic White At Home Teeth Whitening Kit – LED Blue Light Tray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Colgate Optic White At Home Teeth Whitening Kit – LED Blue Light Tray.

  • Whitening Kit Includes: 1 LED Light Teeth Whitening Tray, 1 Charging Case, 20 teeth whitening gel vials (2.8 mL each with 9% hydrogen peroxide) for 10 Day Treatment
  • Rechargeable tray utilizes an LED teeth whitening light with blue light technology to trigger hydrogen peroxide and remove approximately 10 years of stains
  • Use for simply 10 minutes a day, for 10 days, to get results like professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your home
  • Enamel safe and designed for no teeth sensitivity. No requirement to cool the serums
  • Easy to use, fastest at-home whitening treatment * for 6 shades whiter teeth

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Style Call: Whitening Kit with Advanced LEDColgate Optic White Advanced LED Teeth Whitening Kit resembles getting a professional whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home. Enamel safe and designed for no sensitivity, our development technology can remove approximately 10 years of stains from your smile. LED blue-light activated hydrogen peroxide can offer 6 shades whiter teeth in simply 10 minutes of daily use for 10 days. It s the fastest at-home whitening treatment * you can get, making it an alternative to whitening strips and traditional teeth bleaching kits. *( based upon lab research study, using each system as directed vs. a completing blue light activated teeth whitening treatment) 9% hydrogen peroxide whitening serum vials Ingredients: water, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, sodium saccharin 0.09 FL OZ (2.8 mL) per vial

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Colgate Optic White At Home Teeth Whitening Kit – LED Blue Light Tray.

Question Question 1

Can Battery Charger Run With 220 Volts Or Only 110 Volts?

The Battery charger is designed for the 120 volt plug/socket. Charging the unit on 220 volts will harm the device. We hopes this helps. We value your question, have a fantastic day.

Question Question 2

Can This Be Utilized By More Than 1 Individual? Are Serum Refills Available?

Thank you for your question. This kit is designed to be utilized by one individual, as the mouthpiece is not indicated to be shared.We do offer serum refills at Shop.Colgate com which can be utilized for retouch and to keep the whitening in time. We hope this information was valuable.

Question Question 3

Does It Make Your Teeth More Sensitive?

While private results might differ, our LED Whitening Kit must not trigger sensitivity to your teeth. We recommend attempting it for a few days and seeing how it works for you. You can always offer us a call if you experience any undesirable feelings. We value your question, Thank you.

Question Question 4

Can You Likewise Use On Bottom Teeth?

The mouth tray is designed for both top and bottom teeth to at the same time go through the treatment.

Question Question 5

Can This Be Utilized Safely On Crowns?

Our Optic White LED Kit is safe for daily use and will not harm crowns or any other dental remediations. Please not that it will not whiten them either. We always recommend speaking with your dentist pre-purchase so you can get an excellent concept what product is best for you when a dental remediation treatment has actually been done.

Question Question 6

Can You Likewise Use On Bottom Teeth?

The mouth tray is designed for both top and bottom teeth to at the same time go through the treatment.

Question Question 7

Exist Any Favorable Evaluation For The Whitening Kit? We See Favorable Evaluations For The Whitening Pen Under Evaluations For The Kit However Only Unfavorable Evaluations?

You might filter which product you want to see in the evaluations. You might likewise examine out genuine evaluations from individuals at the bottom of this page: https://shop.colgate.com/collections/teeth-whitening/products/ teeth-whitening-led-device-kit.

Question Question 8

Can This Be Utilized If You Have A Crown?

This product might be utilized and will not harm the grown however will not whiten it either.we like this product.

Question Question 9

How Frequently Do You Required To Repeat The 10 Day Treatment?

We recommend that you start a new treatment after 3 months of ending up the previousone If you did not reach the wanted results with the very first treatment, we recommend that you speak with your dentist so they might encouraged you if its appropriate for you to start a new treatment before the 3 months.

Question Question 10

Do The Effects Last?

Results might differ depending upon the individual and their everyday lifestyle. If you want to keep your smile bright, we recommend beginning a new treatment after 3 months of ending up the very firstone We likewise recommend that you include our Optic White Oral Care products to help keep your smile bright for a longer time period.

Question Question 11

The Video Said To Trigger The Serum By Switching On The Light For 5 Minutes, However The Directions Don’T Reference This AtAll Do You Do This Or Not?

When you put the serum on the top and bottom part of the tray, you ought to turn the light on by the pushing the power button and start the treatment.

Question Question 12

What Is The Return Policy On This Product?

If you acquire it from then we recommend that you call them straight if you want to return it. If you are disappointed with your purchase for any factor, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to ask for a complete refund (less shipping and handling charges, if any) if the product was bought straight from the Co If you acquire it from then we recommend that you call them straight if you want to return it. If you are disappointed with your purchase for any factor, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to ask for a complete refund (less shipping and handling charges, if any) if the product was bought straight from the Colgate site. If you require more help, please reach us at 1-833-862-9251

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Colgate Optic White At Home Teeth Whitening Kit – LED Blue Light Tray, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Today we are midway through our whitening with this product and wished to publish our response. We simply took a look at our before and after images and wow we truly see a distinction. We whiten our teeth as soon as a year and we normally use the strips. We took a look at our teeth a few weeks ago and believed they were looking a little dull so we chose to offer this treatment a shot. It’s absolutely different than the strips we normally use. Here are our ideas:- we find whitening strips pretty effective and they are much easier to use. They are super easy to apply and more comfortable to use (despite the fact that you do need to use them longer). -this product you use for 10 minutes vs. Half an hour (white strips). We simulate the much shorter quantity of time. -this product you need to put the gel in the tray (and the gel is difficult to get out of the little tubes). We like that you simply stick white strips on. With this product we fret about the product finishing all our teeth similarly. There is more clean-up with this product. -taking a look at our midway results we need to state that this product might be more effective than our precious white strips. We imply wow our teeth look remarkable. Nevertheless, white strips likewise do a respectable task by the end oftreatment -most white strips are less costly. -this product is 10 days rather of 20-30 days (white strips). -this product triggers zero sensitivity. We have actually had sensitivity to white strips in the past. We normally use the gentle ones which are little better however often still make our teeth harm or feel sensitive. Our teeth have actually not had any response to this system which is a big plus. We believe this is an excellent option for a whitening product. We would suggest it. We likewise believe white strips work fantastic. In general, different individuals’s teeth react in a different way to products and these are simply our ideas. Hope they help. P. S. We will publish our last images when we complete our treatment.

We have no concept why these individuals composed a bad evaluation.? did they put the tray in their mouth in reverse and spray the gel on their ears?. This system works. Great. Plus, if you leave it in your mouth for 1/2 hour (that’s three areas, for those individuals who could not figure it out) it works even better and you get more for your $. This thing works fantastic. However you need to have a brain.

This is an excellent whitening alternative. Does not whiten as excellent as images however still assisted a little. The taste of the gel is okay. It does not trigger teeth sensitivity.

Have actually not provided it s to the individual. It s a birthday gift.

Excellent product.


We will cut to the chase, we utilized colgate s tooth whitening system for the recommended period (one, 10 minute session a day for 10 days) and after which we did see a noticeable enhancement however since this kit does not include a color chart, we can only approximate that our teeth have to do with three shades brighter. The whitening tray felt comfortable in our mouth an the gel had little to no taste. One last thing, we remain in our fifties and the enamel on our teeth has actually reduced with age so it is our guess that more youthful individuals will more than likely have better results.

If you do not wish to pay lots to a dentist to whiten your teeth, this kit is a good alternative. It’s easy to use, tastes fine, and absolutely lightens your teeth to a more natural color. Excellent buy.

Appears to be working up until now easy to use and feels ok in the mouth however be prepared to drool.

We liked everything about it. Very easy to use and have amazing results.

This is a starter evaluation which we will upgrade as soon as the 10 day program is up. Initially look, this is a very expensive set. We charged up the blue light (which didn’t take long, the set comes with the battery charger, wall plug, everything you require), and was prepared to go. There are 20 small serum tubes that come with the pack, one for your bottom teeth and one for the top teeth for each of 10 days. Product packaging overall is both smooth and strong, makes us seem like we are opening a very high-end product. Directions are clear and easy to follow – basically simply put the serum on the mouthpiece, top and bottom, and put the mouthpiece in for 10 minutes. It ll beep at you when you re done. Rinse the mouthpiece before you start – it s waterproof so very easy to clean before and after use. Update: we are on the fence about whether we would duplicate this. The results were excellent, our teeth are absolutely a few shades whiter, however the process was a little hard. It is easy to use however was sadly agonizing for us. The serum provides a light burning experience on our gums at the starting each time we use it, however it ultimately fades throughout the 10 minutes. The very first day we absolutely pressed the mouthpiece into our teeth too difficult and it injured our gums – you truly only require to carefully bit down to keep it in location. When the serum is smushed onto your gums, simply have it in location so the light shines on the bottom and top and you re excellent to go. Due to the fact that of our gum inflammation, we needed to take a break for a couple days after the third day, and once again after the sixth. Our teeth are still whiter despite the fact that we didn’t do all 10 days precisely in a row. Something that we have actually had take place a couple times is where it begins stinging in one particular area a lot, to the point where we almost needed to remove the device early it was so agonizing (however we didn’t). When we do lastly take it out, that part of our gum is bright white and completely numb. After about 15-20 minutes it reverses to our normal pink, however the very first time this occurred we were freakedout Unsure if it takes place if we perhaps have a small cut on that part of our gum, or if the mouthpiece presses too hard versus that one part, or what. However if this takes place to you know that it disappears. Likewise, we went 3 days on a single charge – it passed away midway through our day 4 s 10 minutes since we didn’t check out the guidelines. It states to charge every night, however we would state you re most likely safe every 2 or 3 nights. It draws though to have it pass away in the middle of a treatment session since that serum is currently all over your teeth and it would take so long to charge back up once again that it s not even worth waitingfor Don t make that error. In general, we like the product however it took some time (and pain) getting utilized to it. Possibly our gums are simply sensitive or something however know this.

We have actually yellowed teeth from drinking black tea every day and chose this would be an excellent product to attempt. Given that images are typically taken at our family events, we believed the timing was perfect previous to thanksgiving thisyear And we were happily shocked that we might see considerable enhancement after only the second application. And this is while we continued to consume tea. In truth it works so well and quickly that we chose to stop for now and conserve the rest for future applications when we wish to whiten our teeth before going to another family occasion where images are being taken. The only unfavorable is that it isn’t very comfortable to have this in our mouth for such a long period of time (a minimum of it appears like a long period of time before the beeps informing us it is done). However we think that is to be anticipated.

Evaluation of whitening kit with tray: we have actually utilized the crest whitestrips in the past. This colgate tray system is a massive enhancement in ease-of-use. How it works-you get 20 tubes of 9% hydrogen peroxide. Simply capture one tube for the top and one for the bottom. Switch on the led light and insert in mouth for 10 minutes.Easy -the very first time we utilized it, we drooled on ourself a bit. It takes a little experimentation to figure out how to still swallow some saliva with the tray in your mouth. By the second use, we had no drooling issues. You should anticipate to swallow a percentage of hydrogen peroxide with each treatment however. Pros-unlike whitestrips, the tray remains firmly in location quickly. You can’t talk with the tray in. You can take the tray out of your mouth briefly although you might drool on yourself doing so. -a 10 minute treatment is brief and sweet with very little influence on your day. -outstandingly packaged with the 20 tubes nicely arranged in a convenient box. -the charging case is strong and well designed with air shaft to enable for drying. Cons-the tray will not get to your back teeth/molar location. For me, the tray covers about 8 front teeth. So if you have a broad smile or are celeb, you might wish to use a system that can cover all your teeth. Does it work?yes, absolutely. About midway through the 10 treatments, our teeth were currently noticeably whiter. Tips- the guidelines state to do one 10- minute treatment daily however there is no factor you can’t do more daily to accelerate the process. We did 2 treatments daily with no issues. The only constraints are needing to charge the led’s (~ 2hrs) and any tooth sensitivity you may have. -each treatment is 10 minutes however you might attempt extending this time. The led’s last well beyond 10 minutes per charge. There is a great deal of hydrogen peroxide gel per tube and it likely still has benefits beyond 10 minutes. We were able to do about 15 minutes before our drool began to end up being a problem. -in order to attempt to cover some of the back teeth that the tray does not cover, we move the tray left and right to spread some of the gel onto the back teeth. Unsure if this works or not however if you require some more protection, you can attempt it. Other-currently there are no properly priced refills readily available on. The least expensive method to get refills is simply to buy another one of these kits.

We are cigarette smoker and coffee drinker, and while this did not turn our teeth bright white, it definitely assisted whiten our teeth more than simply traditional brushing. Its fairly easy to use and perfectly packaged and laid out to quickly follow a 30- day program. When you line the groves on the mouth piece with the whitening gel, then put it in your mouth and after 10 minutes, a timer will go off. We found that the mouth piece fits well, however not always comfortable. After 10 minutes, our mouth swimming pools with saliva and taking it out is a little an unpleasant process. It charges by usb, so any computer system or wall outlet will suffice to charge it complete and it will last a while in between charges. Its definitely pricey, however an excellent product if you desire that extra white in your teeth. If you are non-smoker or coffee drinker, you might see it evenmore We were not able to find another set of gel whitening tubes readily available different from this bundle. If we wished to do it as soon as every 6 months, as it stands, we would need to buy the entire kit once again. So it would be great to prevent the expense in the future, ideally they will use simply the whitening gel alone.

As a kid we had some medication that turned our teeth yellow-colored. We have actually attempted for years to find a solution to lighten the yellowing as it’s noticeable. In the past we have actually attempted crest whitestrips, however they were so agonizing as the chemical in them went straight to our nerves. Hesitantly we attempted these and was happily shocked. The private gel applications that you use daily are truly easy to use and the mouthpiece is comfortable to have in your mouth for thetreatment Results: at the end of the treatment we might see that the yellow staining had actually lightened a bit. Not truly enormously (as you can inform from the image) however it was noticeable to me. We believe we have actually relegated ourself to the truth that we will never ever have those pearly white teeth that you see in the publications, however it deserved a shot to attempt and excessive some of this yelllowing in our teeth. Our dentist has actually used to put veneers on the front teeth to cover the staining however we are uncertain we wish to do that.

The kit with the light tray does work to remove stains and lighten teeth however it is uncomfortable and undesirable to use, like any effective technique for whitening teeth that surpasses toothpaste and toothbrush. The gel triggers some gum inflammation and sensitivity at the base of mu teeth, so we can’t use it for a complete 10 minutes or perhaps every day. About 7 minutes every other day still made a noticeable distinction. No, it is not as effective as professional teeth whitening, however it is very convenient and is likewise an excellent value in contrast.

After using the colgate optic white advanced led whitening system for 10 days, we have actually observed such an amazing distinction in our smile. Each use you might see it get a shade lighter and brighter. The application process if very easy and the guidelines are easy and to the point. The gel was easy to give into the tray with no mess or leaking. When on teeth, there was no sensitivity at all throughout or after, this was a substantial reward. The convenient timer beeps midway through which is great to let you know you are almost done. Such a fast and easy method to get professional whitening in the house and with fantastic results. We are very delighted with our experience using the colgate optic white advanced led whitening system and will most absolutely be purchasingmore We would extremely suggest this product to anybody thinking about a whiter smile.

We might see a clear distinction in the color of our teeth after using this product, despite the fact that we weren’t anticipating a substantial modification. This is from somebody who consumes coffee daily. We have actually attempted the strips before and this is muchbetter The strips make our gums sensitive, taste ugly, and are difficult to place on, however this removes all this. The flavor is fine- minty, like the colgate toothpaste. The only thing is you require to keep in mind to charge it. We are rather absent-minded, however it’s absolutely nothing that isn’t quickly repaired.

This is the very best teeth whitening product we have actually ever utilized. We saw a distinction after three days. It is super easy to use. Pressing our the liquid from televisions is the hardest part however otherwise it is so easy. We have actually never ever seen results like we have with this. This is the very best product. Should buy this. We have sensitive teeth and it didnt hurt one bit, even keeping them in the full-time. Extremely suggest. Paradise sent out.

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