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Colgate Optic White Advanced Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate Optic White Advanced Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Colgate Optic White Advanced Teeth Whitening Toothpaste.

  • Teeth Whitening Toothpaste That Deeply Whitens for As Much As 4 Shades *
  • Consists Of Hydrogen Peroxide, Dentist Recommended for Teeth Whitening
  • Colgate Patented 2% Hydrogen Peroxide Formula Whitens Teeth Inside and Out
  • Fluoride Toothpaste Formula to Safeguard Versus Cavities
  • Enamel- safe Teeth Whitening, Safe for Daily Use

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Style Call: Whitening Toothpaste (2 x 4.5-Ounce Tubes)Colgate Optic White Advanced Sparkling White Toothpaste deeply whitens for approximately 4 shades. * This teeth whitening toothpaste includes 2% hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening component shown to deeply whiten beyond surface area stains. This vegan toothpaste is great for daily use, enamel-safe, and the fluoride toothpaste formula offers protection versus cavities. Get a brighter, whiter, bolder smile with Colgate Optic White Advanced Sparkling WhiteToothpaste * when brushing two times daily for 6 weeks

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Colgate Optic White Advanced Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Teeth feel clean and breath is fresh after every use.

You can find smaller sized tubes of this toothpaste in the big box and supermarket for method more cash than this deal find. It’s the exact same terrific toothpaste, however in a bigger tube. It does help whiten stains from teeth. After numerous months of use our teeth are whiter. The flavor is refreshing. We would advise this product.

We consume coffee everyday and our teeth were actually beginning to get yellow. We have actually been using this toothpaste for two weeks now and it works. You can see a big distinction.

This is one of the few tooth pastes that does make our teeth look whiter and brighter after brushing. Our teeth feel clean and our breath refreshed after brushing. Its not very foaour so it might not appear like its working in addition to some other tooth pastes, however after you rinse and appearance in the mirror, you’ll see a distinction. The only issue is that if use it routinely, we establish small sores inside our gums. We believe its a sensitivity to the hydrogen peroxide thats in the paste. Every cost days we simply require to change to a different paste.

It takes some time, however it works. We much choose using a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash over using trays or movies. We never ever follow through with the latter. So this colgate optic white advanced teeth whitening toothpaste helps keep our teeth white (less yellow.) and conserves our peace of mind as we do not require to hassle. We simply brush our teeth like normal- no extra waiting, no extra tools, no extra jobs. We have actually attempted lots of whitening tooth pastes- they all appear to have “whitening” on their label, however there is only a couple we actually like for it. This optic white advanced by colgate is one that we always gofor We use it a minimum of when a day, typically in the early morning. In some cases mid afternoon. We have actually utilized it during the night, however we have a number of other tooth pastes we like to use as this one makes us feel a bit thirsty which then makes us wish to consume a lot of water- and great deals of water at bedtime = getting up. How we understand that it helps. Well, we consume coffee daily- a recognized staining representative. While our teeth are not blazing white like one would get from a dental professional we do get compliments on having white teeth. Second- and this is a biggy- we use a recommended dental wash during the night that can and does make our teeth turn a grayish black color, particularly along the gum line. Our hygienist recommended using a whitening toothpaste in addition to a whitening mouthwash in the early morning. The coloring can be sweated off when at the dentist, however it is great to simply proactively look after it in the house. That is another reason we mostly use the whitening products in the early morning given that we use the other during the night. For me, it takes a little longer to get results (state if we have actually been slacking), however it deserves it. If following instructions of 2x a day (and include their mouthwash), the whitening effects come quickly. It is a white paste, a little minty. Refreshes breath. Has fluoride to help battle cavities. Hydrogen peroxide for whitening.Vegan Gluten free, sugar free. Enamel safe, and safe for daily use. We definitely believe it deserves the shot.

We have actually utilized this toothpaste (colgate optic white) two times a day for 2 weeks now and we believe that maybe our teeth have to do with a half a shade whiter. We do not smoke however we consume a great deal of coffee, so our teeth are typically a gently stained. This toothpaste has actually assisted preserve the shade of our teeth and certainly stopped additional staining from happening. Please remember, that this toothpaste will not whiten in any dramatic method, such as teeth ‘bleaching treatments frequently do. Anticipate moderate results only from this toothpaste. The fresh fragrance flavor we have, is a bit minty with simply a tip of cinnamon flavor, which we actually like. We have actually seen it doesn t make our mouth foam up excessive while brushing like other sort of whitening toothpaste. We likewise put on t gag as much which is a big plus for us, brushing has actually ended up being less of a task and more pleasurable given that we have actually attempted this toothpaste. We advise this product to anybody looking for a ‘whitening toothpaste that does something, nevertheless moderate. If you are looking for something that will offer more dramatic in the house whitening, attempt colgate s optic white overnight pen. Our teeth revealed noticeable whitening from using every night in half the time as this toothpaste. Without any unfavorable effects, simply a brighter, whiter smile.

We had some work done on the left side of our mouth (ugly, nasty work). The dentist utilized a range of prescription antibiotics, etc on that side and they stained our teeth. We enjoy to state that the work he did turned out simply fine and we figured we would simply live with the stained teeth till our nextcleaning However, then we got this toothpaste and we figured it can’t harm. The taste is fine and, let’s face it, it’s toothpaste so it’s what we anticipated. Because half of our mouth wasn’t stained we had a respectable gauge to see if this did anything. For the very first few weeks we were a little dissatisfied since we could not see any distinction. However then the stained side gradually began getting closer to the color of the non-stained side and after about 4 or 5 weeks we could not discriminate. Given, my own was an uncommon case however if it can cut through the chemicals that the dentist tossed at our teeth we are particular that food and coffee do not stand achance We will continue to use it to keep our teeth as white and bright as they can be.

This toothpaste lets us whiten while brushing our teeth and to do it slowly enough that we will not get sensitivity once again. Anyhow, we are delighted with the colgate optic white which is identified as “enamel safe. “we didn’t wish to quit coffee or tea however was dissatisfied with the darkening of our teeth. When we attempted teeth whitening strips last year, those were too strong and we wound up with sensitivity. It took us months to overcome that. Simply to be on the safe side, we got some “bring back anticavity fluoride mouthwash” which the dentist had actually recommended after our earlier issue with sensitive teeth. It solidifies the enamel which counters sensitivity.

We are regular colgate tooth paste user. We wished to offer the optic white a shot and get our teeth whiter. We utilized the toothpaste for numerous days, however found that it made our teeth more conscious cold. Yes it did whiten our teeth a bit, however we found it too strong for our teeth. We simulated the mintyflavor Our child utilized it and had no issue with sensitivity and yes, it did make her teeth whiter after using it for 10 days.

Colgate optic white advanced formula works its progressive however does whiten your teeth and the very best part is your not costs more of your tough made cash on whiteningproducts You can do your daily brushing routine and whiten simultaneously. Fantastic toothpaste cleans and whitens your teeth plus refreshes you re breath what more could you ask for.? extremely recommended.

It is without a doubt her favorite. We like it too however primarily we leave it for her given that anything that motivates a teenager to brush her teeth ends up being hers by default.:–RRB-.

Umm. Very little to state here. It’s toothpaste. We do not actually like any toothpaste. However it works and it’s what grown-ups and kids need to do. So we do it.

Fantastic product. Love it.

This is going to be the only toothpaste we use from now on. It tastes terrific. It has a percentage of peroxide. We use a teeth whitener from “smile titan” which has actually worked incredibly to whiten our teeth. So just how much does this toothpaste help to whiten? it’s tough for us to inform since we use that other product. All we can state is it’s the best tasting toothpaste we have actually utilized, and it has peroxide (the exact same chemical in the teeth whiteners) so we are going with it.

We have actually always been fans of colgate toothpaste and was very delighted to see if the claims of,” teeth whitening toothpaste that deeply whitens for approximately 4 shades” might be real. We utilized the toothpaste for about a month and have actually not seen any extreme modifications in the color of our teeth. We like the flavor and it refreshes our breath. Now, our partner has a completely different viewpoint. He states that while brushing his teeth, he feels a warm feeling in his mouth. He feels this is very disturbing; however he didn’t comprehend that there was hydrogen peroxide in the paste. As soon as he understood, he comprehended what was going on in his mouth. Nonetheless, it’s not his preferred toothpaste. The toothpast has a colgate patented 2% hydrogen peroxide formula to whiten teeth inside andout It likewise has fluoride to safeguard versus cavities. It likewise mentions that it is enamel-safe for daily use. Well, it should be doing something, since our hubbies last dental see revealed no cavities and the dentist matched on how clean his teeth were. So including this to our routine with flossing provided a fantastic report at the dentist.

We are eagerly anticipating colgate s claim of our teeth whitening considerably after 6 weeks. We might use it. Although we put on t have cigarette smoker s teeth, we do have teeth which have actually delighted in coffee and red wine. The use of it is absolutely nothing remarkable. It tastes and seems like any toothpaste we have actually utilized. The distinction remains in the whitening. This advanced version has 2% hydrogen peroxide, while its brother or sister renewal utilizes 3% hydrogen peroxide and its other brother or sister stain fighter utilizes micro-polishing. So we are thinking this is the least strong of the lot. It does not taste like hydrogen peroxide, we enjoy to state. So, for a moderate however beneficial whitening toothpaste by an old brand colgate, offer this a shot. Anthony trendlanthonytrendl. Com.

Incredible toothpaste. Love the reality that it s a whitening toothpaste. We wouldn t state the flavor is all that magnificent, however it s a manageable mint kind of taste. We primarily simply appreciate maximum whitening and this stuff appears to do the task actually great. This pack includes two complete sized tubes boxed up together. Bargain for the priceoverall we would advise it. And need to last a great long period of time. States not for kids under 2 years of age- and need to only use small quantity for 2-6 and ensure trey put on t swallow it. Essentially we certainly only use on our partner and ourself and our kids use a kid paste rather as it s not like kids require a whitening paste anyways (and they completely still consume great deals of toothpaste at 2-5). In general we would advise it.

We got this toothpaste through the vine program and we bought it for our husband. Our husband is consumed with whitening toothpaste. He usually utilizes colgate radiant optic white. So when we saw thisone We understood he d wish to attempt it. He likes it. He s been using it for about 2 weeks now. We understand it states results after 6 weeks. However, he had great results from the radiant optic white and given that it s the exact same brand. He s confident. Great, strong minty taste. Makes your whole mouth feel clean even after a couple hours. It s not simply for whitening. It s likewise antwe cavity. He likes the reality that it was available in a 2-pack. We would extremely advise.

Great for teeth whitening. While we didn’t see our teeth turn 4 shades whiter we certainly did see a whiter shade. The flavor was a relatively generic mintflavor When brushing it sort of lathered which we didn’t love, however it s not awful. It likewise is not rather as thick as our regular toothpaste. One thing to note is that it was a little extreme for our sensitive teeth. It increased our tooth sensitivity, so it might not be the most gentle choice for those who have weak enamel or sensitive teeth like me.

We have actually hesitated to attempt a whitening toothpaste previously. We are 73 and tend to stick with whatever we have actually utilized in the past. However we was very shocked, the mint flavor is better than the other toothpaste that we have actually been using and our teeth are shade whiter currently. We have actually had whitening strips to use while we sleep however we were frightened to use them, the toothpaste is a lot easier for us to use.

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