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Causes of Teeth Staining

Causes of Teeth Staining

Causes and Types of Teeth Staining

With every celebrity’s grin showing a couple of white teeth, possessing excellent whiter teeth never ever seemed so suitable. It’s no surprise that demand for dental care brightening solutions – coming from costly power teeth whitening up to the more reasonably priced over-the-counter home tooth whitening through using Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes rather than standard cigarettes. So, before you jump in to the bleaching bandwagon, the idea is suggested that you receive all the information.

You must find out the grounds behind your teeth’s discoloration and match them to all the therapies before making a choice. There are reasonably priced choices to tooth whitening so it’s crucial that you lay out the alternatives. Lifestyle and diet which include using tobacco, over-consumption of coffee, sodas, as well as other dark-coloured food and drinks can certainly leave exterior unsightly stains on the external surface area of teeth.

Non-vital teeth are the type that have been subject to root canals or possess terminated roots due to injury or perhaps decay. They will discolour due to the fact there’s no longer any blood circulating for the teeth.

The pure nicotine in cigarettes increase the risk for brownish staining upon tooth surfaces plus inside the pits and grooves of teeth, making them harder to eliminate through brushing, however, with Green Smoke Reviews, you get rid of stains and there is no smelly breath as well.

Dental components, for example amalgam corrections or even teeth fillings, sometimes throw a gray-black coloration to the teeth, or produced appropriately, corrode as well as stain. Diffused whitened spots on the teeth define fluorosis; yellowing, pitting from the teeth enamel, or in critical situations, brown staining.

It’s an intrinsic dental blemish brought on by excessive ingestion associated with fluoride. This specific problem usually means that you’re not just brushing your teeth using fluoride containing toothpaste; you’re also using natural vitamins with fluoride or even drinking fluorinated water. White-coloured places are normally attributable to orthodontic treatment options, including braces for your teeth, which may characterize de-calcification or even de-mineralization.

In case you have orthodontics, you can’t carefully brush everywhere within your teeth, hence they get de-mineralized and appear as white coloured places that will turn out to be poor in strength and the majority are prone to decay.

Hypo plastic staining or perhaps flaws within the tooth teeth enamel appear as yellow or brown leafy spots, or even ugly pitting. This intrinsic dental stain is attributed to infection or illness that disrupts the deposit of minerals to a tooth while it’s being formed, resulting in deformation.

Tetracycline stains occur evenly on all the teeth; ranging from yellow gray, yellow-brown to blue-gray when tetracycline antibiotics taken during teeth formation. Green Smoke prevents teeth discoloration as well.

The Causes Of Teeth Staining And The Foods That Can Cause It

There are foods that ought to be avoided when it comes to maintaining healthy white teeth. There are even foods and beverages that can erode the enamel as much as any other food containing natural acid. Here are all of the foods and beverages that can stain the teeth and should be consumed appropriately:

1) Tea

Tea can cause discoloration of the teeth more than coffee can stain it. There are also studies that prove that some herbal teas contain substances that can potentially strip the enamel of a tooth along with staining it. For iced tea and other carbonated drinks, you may use straw to reduce staining the teeth.

2) Energy drink

Sports drinks are also acidic beverages which contain chemicals and vitamins which can erode the tooth enamel. It also contains food colouring which makes it easier to stain the teeth once the enamel has been stripped off.

3) Sauces

Food sauces especially those rich ones are some causes of teeth staining aside from being acidic such as tomato sauce and curry sauce. Some sauces have ingredients that are also known to be natural food colourings. You may consider lighter sauces or perhaps brush and rinse your teeth after every meal.

4) Wine And Alcoholic Beverages

Highly acidic red wince may cause discoloration of the teeth as it contains chromo gens and tanning. Just when you thought that white wine is safe, think again as this is more acidic and has more potential of staining your teeth.

5) Soda and Carbonated Beverages

Some carbonated drinks are even found to be as acidic as battery acid and contain flavourings that also have the ability to strip off tooth enamel.

6) Fruit Berries

Berries are one of the fruits which can cause stains on the teeth due to its highly pigmented molecules. Some examples of these are blackberries, blueberries, cherries, and pomegranates. Although some highly pigmented fruits seem to be of lighter colours, their acid content can still harm the tooth enamel. So make sure to brush after eating a slice of a blueberry pie.

7) Sweets And Candies

Candies contain food colouring that can stain your teeth just like popsicles and chewing gums. Although the colouring may not be permanent but consuming this too often and gnawing on hard candies may damage the teeth and cause discoloration. So always rinse and brush after eating or chew sugarless gum to take off the food colouring and additives.

Teeth Whitening Sensitivity Causes and Solution

Teeth whitening can be painful, therefore, understand this teeth whitening sensitivity causes will make you feel painless when you get teeth whitening treatment. There are some people are sensitive to whitening agent in teeth whitening that feature with Hydrogen peroxide. When they are sensitive into this active agent, they will start experience ache in teeth whitening procedure and feeling discomfort when they are eating or drinking with hot or cold temperature. However, you should not worry because this sensitive pain usually comes with short time.

There are simple ways to prevent you experience painful teeth whitening sensitivity, that know the peroxide level and application time. With at-home teeth whitening product that you can find in market, it is better for you to choose product with lower level of peroxide level.

If you try a product, and feel pain when using it, stop the use and consult with your doctor immediately. They will recommend you the appropriate product for you. Next is application time. The longer application time, there will be higher potent in experience teeth sensitivity. The level for peroxide at least about 5 to 6% and it should be shorter rather than 10 minutes for safe use.

If you feel sensitive teeth whitening pain, you can soothe your pain with these tips. First, brush your teeth before you doing teeth whitening, not after you get teeth whitening. Brushing teeth after whitening will open the pores with dentin exposed and make higher sensitivity. This also damage your teeth enamel. Use desensitizing gel that purpose to calm teeth nerves when you have teeth whitening.

Apply the gel about 10 to 30 minutes before you bleaching with dental trays you use for whitening. Rinse your mouth clearly with water after bleaching or use Ph-rebalance mouth rinse. Do not leave whitening trays longer than it directed just for having better result. It just damages your teeth and enamel. Limit acid when you have whitening period treatment. Take anti inflammation can be medicine solution for you.

Causes of White Spots on Teeth

One of teeth problem is mild fluorisis. This is white spots which appear on your teeth. Fluorisis is a condition in which white streaks or spots appear on your tooth. Fluorisis is a condition in which tooth enamel is damaged due to the excess of fluoride intake usually happen since you are very young age. This is because when you are still young age, the teeth are not fully developed. The result of mild fluorisis is the brown stains on the surface of teeth.

Often at the early stage, the patches are not visible; however the brown stain might appear whiter than the tooth remainder. Your dentist can treat this fluorisis and suggest teeth whitening.

A quality dentist can suggest the suitable treatment to your kids if they have fluorisis. However, it is important for you as parent to keep monitoring what they eat because certain type of food can cause fluorisis as well. This is particularly for kids below 8 years old. Fluoride is important to make the teeth white. But with excess of fluoride, it can cause fluorisis. Fluoride can be found in tap water, certain bottled waters and vitamins and all toothpaste. The precise amount of fluoride is important for teeth.

Visit your dentist to check your youngster’s fluoride level

One of the causes of fluorisis to children is because they tend to swallow the toothpaste while brushing their teeth. Your dentist or trained observer can detect the mild fluorisis by looking at the white spots on the teeth enamel. Moderate to severe fluorisis can affect the front teeth or incisor. Consult your dentist to know what you should do to deal with your children’s fluorisis.

When the fluoride level is not proportional it means the person’s having incredible tooth decay. Although fluorisis is a problem which happens on aesthetic or anterior teeth appearance, people who have it mostly feel not confident about their appearance. Fluorisis cause is mottling and teeth staining which occur both on incisors and cheek teeth. Mottling can be seen as yellow, brown or black stain on teeth. They appear as horizontal spots on teeth.

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